The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1998X and 1950X Review With Pictures

AMD Threadripper review

You will be Surprise on hearing that AMD’s is about to launch 16/32 cores Ryzen 9 Monsters. These monsters have the name “Threadripper 1998X” and “Threadripper 1998” AMD processors. Since we know AMD can change the naming scheme of its processors any time they want but the specifications will remain the same. AMD Threadripper 1998X has 3.5/3.9GHz of super fast Base/boost Clock speed. Where as Threadripper 1998 is having only 3.2/3.6GHz of boost and base clock speed which is less than TR-1998x. Both of them have TDP 155W as same as TR-1997x which has 4.0 GHz clock speed. In comparison to all of them, THreadripper 1976x has 3.6 GHz base and 4.1 GHz boost clock speed which is fastest among all with TDP 140W. You can also check out about AMD Vega RX 56 and RX 64 Graphics cards from here

Threadripper AMD
Click on the picture to check comparison between AMD Threadripper Ryzen family

Yes, we had the great fight and battle to a lot of high frequencies in the early 2000s. Nowadays, The company that can make or create processor performance at the best is a great advantage over the other processors. No one wants hot chips in their devices everyone wants performance. With the Good architectures in the newest devices, everyone wants speed and cooling. Everyone wants the computers that scaled better in most of the features.

Now there are a Core Wars between processors: So here is the question that how many CPU cores with high IPC you can really fit into a consumer processor? You will be surprised after reading the answer that AMD is crossing the limit of 10 cored and pushing the new record that is 16 cores with its latest Threadripper processors. Threadripper processors got awesome reviews and that puts them on the top of war in cores.

AMD Threadripper specification

AMD is supplying Threadripper into the hands of its customers which is almost identical to Intel’s biggest chips. For home users. On AMD Threadripper, you can do a task like Gaming while streaming anything online, you can also host game servers, and other stuff too. It simply means video production or increasing computer throughput using fewer FPGAs or GPUs mixed in with networking and fast storage. The idea behind it is that if any user has anything that needs to be completed with that he can also use their computer to do another task at the same time and also have a usable amount of CPU grunt for another task, DRAM to power it all, PCIe slots, and storage. Threadripper has very high performance-density as compare to other CPUs that makes it one of the best processor.

Threadripper Advantages

  • TR has more cores.
  • IT has more PCIe lanes at the same price.
  • With lower turbo but a higher base frequency.
  • TR also a slightly more power for similar platform costs.

TR Ryzen 7 was trying to get market share from Intel’s over high-end desktop (HEDT). The Threadripper is designed to rise above and it is for super high-end desktop (SHED) market share. In core counts in today market AMD is releasing TR and selling 28 cores TR CPUs for a $10000 only. By bringing large power numbers difference, higher core count parts with reasonable IPC, and frequency. With these features, AMD is crossing the line between prosumer, enterprise, and consumer. To challenge AMD Threadripper Intel announced that their Skylake-X platform will be releasing out in the market with 12, 14, 16 and 18 core within next few months.

AMD Threadripper 1950x vs Threadripper 1920x

Looking for AMD Threadripper 1950x vs AMD Threadripper 1920x?

AMD recently launched their newly designed CPU Zen, micro architecture in 2017. Threadripper was implemented into the famous Ryzen series of AMD CPUs. With this launch, you can understand that AMD is challenging the high-end desktop market of Intel first from its best technology. There are three members of the famous Ryzen 7 series all of them had eight cores with the hyper threading technology, and they are best for the price and high performance for sure, achieving very high performance which is comparable to Intel’s processors at only half the price for sure.

In his Next step, AMD brings out the famous four Ryzen 5 CPU which is competing for the price against the Intel quad core i5. In the same price Ryzen, 5 had twelve thread which is triple in Core against Intel’s i5 processor. AMD Ryzen 3 won the markets at a cost $120 against the Intel Core i3s by supplying double the cores. AMD’s EPYC version legally launched into the market which is offering up to 32 cores for its customer at a low price.

AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper family in short know as Threadripper which is famous AMD processor. All these CPUs have the same design as the AMD series EPYC processors family. The first two famous CPUs of AMD Threadripper are the Threadripper 1950X with 16 cores and Threadripper 1920X, with 12 cores which are then followed by the 8 core Threadripper 1900X. LGA-style TR4 socket contains 4094-pins can fit the parts of these processors. This socket looks same as SP3 socket of EPYC but cannot be used as an SP3 socket for EPYC family.

AMD TR 1920x vs TR 1950x


AMD Ryzen SKUs
TR-1950X32/164.0/3.6+200*32MB4 x 266660180 W$989-$999
TR-1920X24/124.0/3.5+200*32MB4 x 266660180 W$789-$799
TR-1920**24/123.8/3.2?32MB4 – Ch?60140 W?
TR-1900X16/84.0/3.8+20016MB*4 x 2666*60180 W*$539-$549
Ryzen 7-1800X16/84.0/3.6+10016MB2 x 26661695W$489-$499
Ryzen 7-1700X16/63.8/3.4+10016MB2 x 26661695W$389-$399
Ryzen 7-170016/83.7/3.0+5016MB2 x 26661665W$319-$329Spire
Ryzen 5-1600X12/64.0/3.6+10016MB2 x 26661695W$239-$249
Ryzen 5-160012/63.6/3.2+10016MB2 x 26661665W$209-$219Spire
Ryzen 5-1500X8/43.7/3.5+20016MB2 x 26661665W$179-$189Spire
Ryzen 5-14008/43.4/3.2+508MB2 x 26661665W$159-$169Stealth
Ryzen 3-1300X4/43.7/3.5+2008MB2 x 26661665W$119-$129Stealth
Ryzen 3-12004/43.4/3.1+508MB2 x 26661665W$99-$109Stealth


New Socket, New Motherboards

AMD is now launching the X399 platform with Threadripper to give better features that are similar to Intel’s High-End desktop (HEDT) platform. The large TR4 socket of TR and all of its pins availability provide a quad-channel memory with two DIMMs/per channel, with up to 60PCIe lanes for add-in cards (SSDs, Video cards, NICs, etc). These super motherboards currently support the 2-TR CPUs launched today where one more CPU to be launched at the end of the month, and another CPU features that have been leaked but not announced officially (Have an unknown release date).

The socket of TR is totally different from the previous AMD sockets which are showcasing how much they improved till now. Instead of PGA socket along a simple latch system to give enough force between the pins and pads, this LGA TR4 socket has three Torx screws that need to be removed in the order given– one from the left and two from the right. The bracket of socket quickly flips open, along a little tray – Then this little tray has the CPU. All of these TR CPUs will come in a small tray and not required to take out of the tray.

Now we know the screw holes for CPU coolers are different Because of the size of the CPUs and design of the socket. We know each of the CPU is currently geared for 180W and AMD CPUs wants liquid cooling to cool down its processors.

AMD Threadripper CPU VS intel i9

Additional Review Notes

This review does not have Skylake-X gaming data which was hard to get and out of control. When reviewing SKL-X it was showing up some issues, therefore it needs to sort out later. We got some more data by using more stringent cooling setup and the latest BIOS.

AMD’s configuration: – 

  • It has 48 lanes from the CPU to the PCIe slots.
  • having 4-way SLI/CFX action (16/16/8/8).
  • With 12 lanes CPU to M.2 slots for 3-way x4 NVMe.
  • support 4 lanes to the chipset.
  • The chipset has two gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Support PCIe x4 slot.
  • and PCIe x1 slot.
  • also PCIe x1 for WiFi.
  • SATA ports.
  • There is USB 3.1 Gen 1.
  • and USB 3.1 Gen 2.
  • and USB 2.0 ports.

We are expecting the present the X399 motherboards to cost vary between Rs17999-Rs49999, It will depend on their features.


Threadripper is mainly a consumer focused product launched by AMD. Intel’s Core i9 7900X that is a 10-core processor of intel that is equal to Threadripper. Threadripper customers might want Xeon enterprise and workstation that is prebuilt in many systems nowadays.

Intel said exactly the same thing which surprised many customers. The wording was the same that Core i9-7900X would be the best competitor for Thread ripper’s release. Most of the people expected them to suggest some form of a cheaper 2P option for its customers. On following them up as to why they did not suggest the same thing to rise. As we saw the Enterprise team are giving more attention to EPYC series, and not the Threadripper. There is a cheap 2P system which is one of the reasons which is not there in any new systems.


The Battle
AMDTR-1950X32/164.0/3.4+20032MB4×266660180 WRs66999
Inteli9 7900X20/104.3/3.3+20013.754×266644140 WRs65999
Inteli7 6950X20/103.5/3.0+50025MB4×240040140 WRs97999
AMDTR-1920X24/124.0/3.5+20032MB4×266660180 WRs53999
Inteli7 7820X16/84.3/3.6+20011MB4×266628140 WRs39999
AMDTR-1900X16/84.0/3.8+20016MB4×266660180 WRs37999

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