The AMD Radeon Vega GPUs Review: RX Vega 64 And RX Vega 56


This Article is for all the PRO GAMERS who want to know more about Graphic cards (AMD OR NVIDIA). Yes, We have seen and knew the architecture of all these GPUs. We have seen all the frontier & teasers and waiting for more. And we’ve also seen the specifications and features. We know now The AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 is finally going to release: The actual hardware is going to launch for 56 is on 28 August and 64 is already out yesterday. Today is the AMD’s shining moment and it is their first time in over a year of hard work to come back in the high-end video card market. I think it is right to say that everyone is eager to see what AMD can actually do their best for the GPU front.

Yesterday was the launch of the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and just Vega 64 in short form. It is Based on a fully enabled Vega 10 GPU and the Vega 64 have two physical variants: liquid cooled and air cooled. The air cooled card of AMD Vega 64 has a traditional blower-based design for GPUs and it depends on their SKU. It is also available in AMD’s traditional RX-style shroud or a brushed-aluminum shroud for the Limited Edition version.

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The Vega 64 Liquid Cooled card is larger in size, more powerful and needs more power. To maximize cooling performance, It is utilizing an AMD Radeon R9 Fury X-style external radiator as part of a closed loop liquid cooling setup of this version. You actually won’t see AMD using this card up too much because AMD is considering the air cooled AMD Vega 64 to be their baseline. It is the best vega GPUs for gamers. Yes, AMD has put together quite a stunner in this AMD monster. You can also read by post About AMD Threadripper 1998x, 1950, 1998 and more.

AMD Vega 64 and 64 liquid is already out on the market and AMD Vega 56 will launch on 28 of August 2017

RX Vega AMD vega graphic cards
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I would like to say that today is the launch of which you all are waiting eagerly. The AMD is going to shine with a high-tech backup in the video card marketplace with Vega series. AMD Vega video cards need to be launch out in the first-half of the year 2017. So, there is a launch of the Vega Frontier Edition cards with Vega family. It was certain that no one was expecting the launch at the start of this year. Since we know few of Vega’s latest architectural functionality was not even enabled at the moment.

AMD’s is now focusing on the products promotion and on the products sampling has been erratic with the launch. We only had the AMD Vega 64 in the market since Thursday of this week which is a big question. That means we have only 4 days to completely evaluate the other stuff. On Thursday evening AMD informed everyone that we’d receive the Vega 56 on Friday, August 2017. They are focusing their promotion on Vega 56 more than the Vega 64.

The reason behind it is simple I will explain at the end of the paragraph. But first I do not think that AMD knew if it could have Vega 56 samples ready for the showdown. They are ultimately playing down their best foot forward toward success. All the company and expert believes that the Vega 56 will do a better job against the GTX 1070. No one is believing that Vega 64 against the GTX 1080 graphic cards will able to stand.

Which is better between RX Vega 56 VS RX Vega 64 or RX Vega 64 liquid?

If you want to in both Vega products which are the better one then of course Rx Vega 64 is better in most of the features than RX Vega 56.

Also having its embargo lifted today but it is not actually going to launch until August 28, 2017.  This cut-down AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 version of AMD. This card has awesome features like lower clock speeds, fewer enabled CUs i.e 56 out of 64, lower power consumption and a lower cost than their competitors. AMD has put up the bulk of their marketing muscle behind These monsters.


AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 liquid VS Vega 64 Vs Vega 56 VS R9 Fury X
RX Vega 64 LiquidRX Vega 64RX Vega 56AMD R9 Fury X
Stream Processors
[64 CUs]
[64 CUs]
[56 CUs]
[64 CUs]
Texture Units
ROPs Comparison64646464
Base Clock
1406 MHz1247 MHz1156 MHzN/A
Boost Clock
1677 MHz1546 MHz1471 MHz1050 MHz
Memory Clock
1.89Gbps HBM21.89Gbps HBM21.6Gbps HBM21 Gbps HBM
Memory Bus Width
8 GB8 GB8 GB4 GB
Transistor Count
Board Power
345 W295 W210 W275 W
Manufacturing Process
GloFo 14nm or
TSMC 28nm?
GloFo 14 nmGloFo 14 nmGloFo 14 nmTSMC 28 nm
GCN 5 or GCN 3?
[GCN 5]
[GCN 5]
[GCN 5]
GPU Comparison
Vega 10 or Fiji?
Vega 10Vega 10Vega 10Fiji
Launch Date
Which is latest?
 Cost Comparison$699*$499/599*$399/499*$649


What’s new in AMD Vega 64 and AMD Vega 56?

As far as these SKUs(stock keeping unit), AMD is eagerly looking forward to taking over NVIDIA’s in long-standing gaming championship, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. If we compare both in performance and pricing department, AMD expects to give a tough fight to bring NVIDIA’s cards to a draw match, if not selling out with a victory for Red Team. Overall this concludes we’ll be able to see $500 Vega 64 set as a rival against the NVIDIA GTX 1080, while if we compare the $400 Vega 56 it slightly goes up against the NVIDIA GTX 1070.

As we all are aware of interesting past year and a half. With new design chips called “finite capacity”, AMD’s decision to focus its aim on the mid-ranking market with the new series named as “Polaris series” that clearly meant that the company effectively give up the high-end video card market to NVIDIA once the latter’s GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 were launched in market.

This clearly states that for the past 15 months approx( 1yr 3months), NVIDIA totally had free run of the high-end video market. AMD’s started to focus on the mid-range market to win with boom back. The market share meant that AMD will be getting the high jump on NVIDIA in this market by the release of Polaris ahead of NVIDIA. And wonder happened their market share has recovered some. However, it’s a steady fight in opposition to the dominating NVIDIA and one that’s been made tougher by essentially being invisible to the few excessive-stop customers and the many window buyers. that could be a problem that ends these days with the release of the Vega 64.


As we have explained full review on the Vega 64 and Vega 56. So without any further delay, let’s drill into AMD return to the high-end video market with their High-tech Vega architecture, mainly Vega 10 GPU, and the Vega 64 & Vega 56 video cards.

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