How to Automatically Add Watermark to Images in WordPress 2017

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I will recommend you to follow these Steps to add watermark to images in WordPress (WP) online. Most of the people who use WordPress look for watermark creator WordPress plugins and keep looking for other useful WordPress Plugins to add watermark on photos, Best WordPress Plugins to add watermark on pictures, and Top WordPress plugins. Some people also look up for Latest WordPress plugins. In my list, I am sharing WordPress plugins which are very useful to add watermarked images on WordPress (WP). These plugins, automatically put a watermark in your images.

If you are Blogger, Web developers then these plugins can be very useful for you. Watermark Maker WordPress plugins are very popular nowadays. These WordPress plugins are very useful for photographers and photography websites. You can add watermark for free of cost. Use these watermark creator online WordPress plugins to add a watermark.

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How to Automatically Add Watermark Images in WordPress:- 

Watermarking Image protects your right plus also increase your online popularity, adding watermark to every image is very difficult but when it comes to WordPress it become very easy due to flexibility of WordPress, WordPress plugins can do everything for you by using simple free watermarking WordPress plugin you can easily watermark all images you upload to your website, all image files are automatically watermarked as they are uploaded to library.

Top 4 methods to Automatically edit Watermark to pictures in WordPress:-

#1. Easy Watermark For WordPress

Easy watermark is totally free WordPress plugin available with best features. It helps you to add image watermark to your uploaded images, it working is very simple and eye catching features is it’s completely free available in WordPress plugin directory, But, not to worry you can Simply download it from below link.

Easy Watermark
Easy Watermark
Developer: BracketSpace
Price: Free

Highlighted features of Plugin:-

  • Text color, size, and rotation can be adjusted.
  • full support for transparency feature.
  • gif files, jpg files, and text can have opacity set (from 0 to 100%)
  • Possible to remove watermark by restoring the default original image.
  • watermark jpg, png or gif images.
  • text watermark is created using TTF fonts
  • all built-in image sizes can be watermarked like thumbnail, medium, large and full-size as well as all additional, sizes registered by plugins or themes itself.

Step to use Easy WaterMark:-

  • Install and activate Easy Watermark plugin on your WordPress site/blog,
  • Now Go to Settings and select Easy WaterMark
  • Now on this page, you can select options like Watermark type, Backups, image type & Auto watermarking, make settings according to your basic requirement


  • If you are finished with a selection of Text watermark Type now you have to navigate to Text Tab to set its settings and if you have image watermark then navigate to image tab to set image watermarking settings.
  • Now on this current page, you can select different features like image, text or opacity and many other options are also available as shown in below image, Remember you must set it according to your requirement.


  • Now you have to save all settings and navigate to a new post and then upload n a w image and see the difference between them.

Always keep in mind that this plugin adds watermark to your original uploaded images, so if you need to save original images first then allow backups in plugin setting for restoring in future (if you want) otherwise it would be impossible to recover.

#2. Let’s Learn Adding Watermark to Images Manual Method:-


If you want to automatically add watermark to each and every uploaded image, Easy Watermark gives you freedom as a manual option.

The very first process you need to do is to navigate to Settings then select Easy Watermark and check twice to make sure that the check box that is next to Automatically add watermark to images is successfully unchecked.

Now after this is done you can go to Media » Library. You will need to switch(select) to the list view to see the Add Watermark option next to each image in the library.

#3. Watermark Reloaded Plugin: Watermark Images on WordPress


Watermark Reloaded plugin also allows you to watermark your each and every uploaded image. Here you get the option to create watermark with different fonts, colors, and size. Apply those created watermarks to your different image sizes like large, medium, thumbnail, full-size. You can also set the position the watermark wherever you want on the image customize within Watermark RELOADED plugin settings. Watermarking settings are easy to understand and simple to use that provide you with quick preview option of how your watermark will look like on the uploaded image. Download the plugin from below.

Watermark RELOADED
Watermark RELOADED
Developer: Sandi Verdev
Price: Free

Want to Upgrade Watermark RELOADED to Pro version:-

watermarking Reloaded PRO features:

  • text watermark with an outline.
  • image watermark.
  • many more amazing features.
  • text watermark with variables.
  • watermark background color.
  • use upload time option there to turn off the watermarking easily.
  • watermark opacity.

#4. Image Watermark

Image Watermark plugin allows you to automatically add watermark images uploaded to the WordPress Media Library(WordPress blog) and bulk automatically add watermark previously uploaded images too.

Image Watermark
Image Watermark
Developer: dFactory
Price: Free


  • Set watermark transparency and opacity.
  • Image backup functionality available.
  • Option to freely remove the watermark.
  • ImageMagick and GD Library support.
  • Flexible adjustment of watermark position.
  • Watermark images already uploaded to WordPress Media Library.
  • Set watermark offset.
  • Set image quality from high, medium and low.
  • Get option select from 3 methods of applying watermark size: scaled, custom or original
  • Disable right mouse click on the images
  • Select image format progressive or baseline
  • Watermark image preview available.
  • Bulk watermark facility – Apply watermark option in WordPress Media Library actions
  • Protect your images from copying via drag and drop feature.
  • You can easily Disable image protection for logged-in users in this.
  • .pot file for translations included.


We hope you must have found this article useful. As it was very difficult for the blogger like us to write some same text on every uploaded image. Now, these all above plugin will automatically add watermark to you each and every uploaded image. Isn’t quite simple and easy. Stay connected with us for such more updates like this.

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