Best Clash Royale Decks With Pictures for All Arenas

Best clash royale decks 2017

Hello, Friends, I’m going to share with you the best Clash Royale decks of 2017 for different clash Royale Arena levels. There is Total 1 to 11  Arena’s in clash Royale and beyond it, there are different Leagues in this Android and iOS game.

As you guys know each card in clash Royale has different abilities. Each card in this game is unique in itself. You must be thinking how to win a battle in clash Royale. You can win any battle in clash royale if you follow the strategy and clash royale decks listed below. Follow these clash Royale cheats to increase your trophies. These Clash royale tips and tricks will surely raise up your trophies.


Note: You can search free tournaments in Clash Royale just go into custom tournament search box. Search for letter A-Z or numbers 1-10 you will able to find free tournaments.

Latest PEKKA challenge Deck clash royale: – Easy 3 crowns wins, Unbeatable deck

I am clash Royale player too and I love Clash Royale.

Latest Triple Elixir Challenge Decks with Strategy

If you want to win triple Elixir challenge then this deck is best. This one is top x3 Elixir deck i.e Miner, 3 Musketeer, Giant, Graveyard, poison, The log, Fireball, and mIrror Deck. How to win triple Elixir challenge? The answer is given below.

Strategy: –
– Use miner+graveyard+poison to attack.
– Use 3 Musketeer against tanks like Golem, Pekka,
– Giant skeleton as a Tank and also to finish armies.
– Fireball and the log against 3 Musketeers, wizard, goblin gang etc.

best triple elixir deck clash Royale

Best Golem deck for triple Elixir challenge check the pic and copy this deck enjoys. Follow Golem tank decks strategy.

clash royale triple elixir deck

You can also use Giant skeleton deck to win triple elixir challenge.

triple elixir 3 musketeer deck

Triple Elixir challenge Updated with the latest and best clash Royale decks. Cannon Cart Triple Elixir deck will be updated soon.

triple elixir golem deck

Best Clash Royale Decks of 2017 (From Arena 1 to Arena 11)

Arena 1  Decks for clash Royale

Beginner Decks for Clash Royale also known as Newbie decks for clash Royale. It is very important to choose a right deck from the start to grow up quickly and to reach the highest trophies level in future. You can say it is just like future planning. There are few cards that are unlocked in the starting of the game that can be useful to upgrade to make your future higher level decks. Those cards are Giant, Musketeer, Mini Pekka, Archers, Goblin Barrel, Valkyrie, Goblins, and Knight. These are the best Arena 1 cards of clash Royale.

Clash Royale arena 1 deck

Here is the Giant deck of Arena 1 includes Giant, goblins, spear goblins, knight, arrows, bomber, fireball, and Skeleton army.

Strategy – Giant work as a tank and bomber support it from behind.

Giant – It is a very strong tank card of clash Royale because it takes very less elixir. Best card of Arena 1 doesn’t forget to include it in your deck. Giant has the best combination of poison, Night Witch, Witch, Wizard, Cannon cart, Electro-wizard and battle Rama.

Arena 2 Decks for Clash Royale

When you Reach Arena 2 some good cards will be unlocked like Balloon and Tombstone.

clash royale arena 2 deck

You switch to this deck in Arena 2 if you are not satisfied with Arena 1 deck. Goblin barrel deck of Arena includes 2 Prince, Baby dragon, goblin barrel, skeleton army, Arrows, Balloon, minion, and fireball. Later you can use a mirror with Goblin barrel for dual Goblin barrel.

Strategy – Direct attack either with the prince of with balloon backup by a baby dragon and supported by arrows and fireball.

Balloon– It is the best card of Arena 2 do not forget to include this card in your deck. Best combination of Balloon is with lava hound. Another best balloon combination is with a lumberjack. balloon+lumberjack or baloon+lavahound. In low Arena, you can use a balloon with Giant, poison, and arrows.

Arena 3 Decks for Clash Royale

On Reaching Arena 3  You can use defense card Cannon in your deck.

clash royale arena 3 deck

Again you can switch to this New deck in case you want to change. Balloon deck of Arena 3 includes Knight, fireball, bomb tower, giant, bomber, spear goblin, balloon, a baby dragon.

Strategy – Giant as a tank supported by a baby dragon and bomber + balloon at opposite tower if opponent drops his army for defense otherwise use balloon same side.

Best card of  Arena 3 is Bomb tower it is a very strong defense card. If you hate elite barbarians then Killer card for elite barbarians. The best combination is with Tornado, Valkyrie, arrows, and Pekka.

Arena 4 Decks for Clash Royale

Hog Rider and  Inferno tower are strong attack and defense card of Arena 4. Hog Rider is high damage attacking card and Inferno tower is a very strong defensive card. Try to include both of them in your deck when you reach Arena 4.

Hog Rider – Hog rider has the best combination of a fire spirit, zap, The log, fireball, Poison, and arrows.

Inferno tower – Inferno tower is very powerful defense card against the golem, Pekka, giant skeleton and giant.

Arena 5 Decks for Clash Royale

Zap and Furnace are the most favorite and strong card of Arena 5.

clash royale arena 5 deck

Prince deck of Arena 5 includes Musketeer, prince, barbarians, giant, bomb tower, minions horde, arrows, and balloon.

Strategy – prince and minion horde combination is famous you can use this combination on Arena 5.

Zap – Zap can be used with any deck it is an anti-army card. zap has the best combination of hog rider, elite barbarians, prince, and dark prince.

Furnace – It is a fire bowl which used to spawn fire spirits after every 2 minutes.

Arena 6 Decks for Clash Royaleclash royale arena 6 deck

Golem deck of Arena 6 includes Golem, Witch, tombstone, skeleton army, tornado, Valkyrie, fireball and baby dragon.

Strategy – Golem Witch combination is famous with a baby dragon, Valkyrie.

Battle Ram, Golem, The log, Mortar, Elixir production, Miner, and Tornado are all strong cards. You can unlock them on Arena 6 all these cards are on the list of best cards.

Arena 7 Decks for Clash Royalearena 7 deck clash royale

Elite barbarian deck of Arena 7 includes elite barbarians, Inferno tower, Valkyrie, fire spirits, zap, arrows, princess, and Witch.

Strategy – Elite barbarians combination with Valkyrie is famous + arrows to support them. I also prefer to use rage with this combination.

Best cards of Arena 7 are Elites barbarians, Royale Giant, Princess, Electro wizard, 3 Musketeers, Mega minion.


Arena 8 Decks for Clash Royale

arena 8 deck clash royale

Lumberjack deck of Arena 8 includes lumberjack, prince, Giant, fireball, zap, Valkyrie, Witch, and bomber.

Top favorite card of Arena 8 is Night Witch, Lumberjack, Clone spell, Bats, and bowler.

arena 8 deck clash royale

The log Deck of Arena 8 includes Inferno tower, baby dragon, Giant, The log, Spear goblins, Electro wizard, skeleton army, and Musketeer.

Night Witch – It is the current favorite card of the majority of clash Royale players.

Arena 9 Decks for Clash Royale

Best card of Arena 9 is Dart Goblin, Goblin gang, Bandit, and Executioner.

arena 9 deck clash royale

Goblin gang Deck it is the alternative to skeleton army and used by most of the clash Royale players.

Arena 10 Decks for Clash Royale

You can unlock Cannot Cart at Arena 10 this new clash Royale card is Awesome. I will mention best Cannot Cart deck in my post.

arena 10 deck clash royaleThree Musketeer deck also is known as 3 musketeer deck of Arena 10 and above includes miner, 3 musketeer, knight, skeletons, minion horde, zap, fire spirits, Elixir production, and knight.

Arena 11 and above Decks for Clash Royale –

These decks given below will work for every league in clash Royale. Total Leagues in clash Royale are –

  • 1 -Challenger 1 League Deck
  • 2- Challenger 2 League Deck
  • 3- Challenger 3 League Deck
  • 4- Master 1 League deck
  • 5- Master 2 League deck
  • 6- Master 3 League deck
  • 7- Champion League deck
  • 8- Grand champion League deck
  • 9- Ultimate champion league deck

Guys below is a lot of decks but the main point is to stay with one deck and keep upgrading it. Upgrade the deck which suits you the best I tried switching decks but if you switch you will keep on switching to the last tips are to stay on one deck only.

free chest clash royale

Here is Best Electro Wizard, Night Witch Deck and Bandit deck with Bandit, ice golem, poison spell, goblins, battle ram, and zap.

electro wizard deck clash royale

Are you looking for Best Hog Rider Deck? This deck has a knight, tornado, princess, the log, missile, goblins, and ice spirit.

princess deck clash royale


Best Princess Deck, Ice Golem deck, mega minion deck, and tombstone deck.

hog rider deck clash royale

Best Lightning Deck, Best baby dragon deck, and best elixir production deck.

night Witch deck clash royale

Top Giant Deck, best miner deck, and best fireball deck.

clash royale arena

Best Graveyard deck, best executioner deck, best poison deck and best tornado deck.

clash royale best deck

Best Lava hound Deck in clash Royale sometimes called as best Inferno dragon deck and Best balloon deck also known as a Lavaloon deck.

best lava hound deck balloon deck inferno dragon deck lavaloon deck

 Skeleton army deck, Best Best GiantZap Deck, Best Goblin Barrel Deck, Best Battle Ram deck, Best Bat deck, best Elixir production deck.

legendary card clash royale

Latest Best Canon Cart Deck for clash canon cart deck clash royale cannon cart

Each deck has its own unique tactics and strategy. You also need to observe opponent cards and strategies during your battle. There are some common combinations which most of the players use in this game. Combinations are Hog Roder or Elite Barbarians with Zap, Fire spirits, Arrows or minion horde.

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