Top 14 Best Prank Web sites On Internet 2017

How to Do Online pranks with friends? Do you want prank ideas? How to make your friend fool online or April fools pranks? Online most fun loving sites of 2017, Sites like Shady URL, Fake update, WhatsFake, GreatBigStuff, ShipYourEnemiesGlitter, GIFdanceparty, Nyan, ShitExpress, Catfacts, Peter Answers, News of Future, Geek typer, Crashsafari, and JIbjabMessages. Most Funny web sites of 2017. Here the list of best sites to watch and download anime/cartoons online.

Top 14 Best Prank Web sites On Internet 2017: – Best online pranks sites, Most funny sites online for pranks and fun, We welcome you back again today we would share top 14 best prank websites on internet 2017. That will blow your mind because all of them are awesome and can be used in the month April. So use these websites in April to make your friends April fool. I Know you will love this article spinner sites for sure so. I would like to suggest you also check these best torrent sites of 2017. You can share this prank on WhatsApp(SPY WhatsApp) with WhatsApp(WhatsApp Group Link collection) friends.

Top 14 Best Prank Websites On Internet Of 2017:-

1) Shady URL

I think Shady URL is one the best trolling website rolling over the internet. Here you can enter the URL of any website and then generate a unique URL which will direct you to the same website but, the amazing part is here the newly generated URL will be much more frightening and suspicious to anyone you send it to. If you love video games then here is the best multiplayer Android games link of 2017.

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2) Fake Update

This website is best trolling site displays the update screen of Windows, Android and iOS phone. This screen not the real update screen but a fake one which you can use to prank your friends.


3) Whats Fake

Using this cool website, you can have many fake conversions which will look just like an original WhatsApp chat.


4) Greatbigstuff

This website allows you to order any regular things to anyone, such as alarm clock, pin, paper etc. But, these things are not in their regular size yes you read it right. They are actually huge in size.


5) ShipYourEmemiesGlitter

Using this cool website, you can send glitter bomb to any friend you wish to. Whoever friend receives this will surely be pissed off.


6) GIFdanceParty

This website shows you to create your own gif dance party this sound really cool. This you can share with your friends. This website is for desktop only so please don’t try to open with your smartphones.


7) Nyan


What does this website do? It only adds the URL of any website here and it will add Nyan cats. Now send this new URL to anyone of your friends and sit back and watch the fun.

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8) Shit Express

This website allows you to send shit YES it’s shit to anyone and at any place on the Earth. Also, Here you have to choose which animal’s shit you wish to send to your friends.


9) CatFacts

Use this website to send the new amazing facts about cats to your friends. Small, you can decide the number of facts to be sent at a time. This is another great trolling website rolling over the internet.


10) Peter Answers

Here you have to enter any question on this website, it gives out really funny answers which can troll anyone of your friends. The theme is nearly like Siri (iPhone) but the difference lies in its answers.


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11) News of Future

In this website, you can find the expected news of the near future. It is a very funny and useful website you must try it once.


12) Geek Typer

This website is very much similar to other typer. Here you have to simply type any it will look like green letter. Use this website and start trolling friends around you.

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13) Crashsafari

Here you have to send the link to this website to anyone and crash the web browser of any mobile or a PC.


14) JibJab Messages

Using this cool website, you can add many hilarious GIF’s and messages to your selfies. These selfies are really funny once they have been edited using this cool website.


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