Top 10 Best RAM Cleaner Apps and Optimizer Apps for Android 2017

Best RAM Cleaner Apps

Top 10 Best RAM Cleaner Apps and Optimizer Apps for Android 2017:- Are you all fed up of a heating problem, or your smartphone hangs quite frequently due to full internal storage, cache memory or Extreme RAM usage then Here is the perfect solution for your problem. Android is a multitasking Operating system that is capable of performing several tasks at same time. Due to this many Android devices face a heating problem and hang problem. When any task is performed on Android device core of device gets heat up due to lots of task load on them. This lead to heating of smartphones. So we need to clear RAM frequently and to make this task easier we have listed Top 10 best RAM cleaner apps and optimized Apps for Android 2017.

Top 10 Best RAM Cleaner Apps and Optimizer Apps for Android:-

#1 Clean Master


You must all have seen Clean Master ads while browsing the internet. Clean Master spends a lot in an advertisement this RAM cleaning is widely used by many Android users. Some Smartphones manufacturers provide Clean Master as pre-installed RAM cleaner. This Multi-featured app not only performs RAM cleaner task but also with a storage cleaning cleaner, anti-virus protection, and an app manager. You can also protect your private information and some personal data on your Android device by using the AppLock which is one of the best features of this app. The most used and popular features of this app are CPU cooler, Automatic improvement of your game speeds, Junk File Cleaning, Antivirus service, Memory Boost, Autostart Manager which avoid apps from autostarting in future again that helps out in auto closing them.

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#2 CM Security AppLock AntiVirus

CM Security

Many of Android user must have already heard a lot about CM Security RAM cleaner Android app. This is one of the most popular RAM cleaners for Android users which is already loaded with a bunch of extremely useful features that will blow your mind. Some of the most exciting features of CM security are the scanning of the pre-installed app, Anti-Theft tool and scanning of the newly installed apps to keep your phone safe from the dangerous virus such as malware, trojan, etc. You can also protect the personal files on your Android device by Advance locking System that lock everything of your choice using the CM Security AppLock.

#3 AVG Cleaner


AVG Cleaner performs best when it comes to Junk data and files eat up activity a lot of memory of your smartphone device. As we are the Android user you need to clear your RAM time to time for the better performance of your Android device. AVG Cleaner proves to be your best RAM cleaner among its rivals. It cleans up all your junk files/data and enhances RAM to improve the performance of your Android device.

AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner
AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner
Price: Free

#4 Clean RAM Memory

clean ram

Half the battle is won when name speaks itself, this RAM cleaner ranks on the 4th position as this RAM cleaner is one of the best RAM cleaner apps. This app also does the similar job as above mentioned apps that are cleaning your RAM memory and enhance the performance of your device.

Clean RAM Memory
Clean RAM Memory
Developer: TempleDroid
Price: Free

#5 RAM Booster

ram booster

One of the best RAM cleaner apps in the list is RAM booster with compact size, with this app you can easily clean both RAM and cache memory. Extra Feature of this app you can also easily clean temporary memory and your SD card. Removing junk, infected, duplicated files is also possible. It speeds up your high graphics games performance and your User Interface. Finally, you can also boost your overall Android device performance. All this stuff makes your Android Device life to great extent.

RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Free
RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Free

#6 APUS Booster | RAM Boosters


Android devices can handle multiple tasks at the same time and easily switch between apps. Hence, this always leads to running apps in the background without even disturbing you about its presence. It is almost next to impossible for you to close down the processing of every background app manually many times. Now here comes life saver APUS Booster that cleans up all the running apps in the background and increases RAM for the performance speed of your Android device.

#7 Fast Ram Cleaner

fastest ram

Yes, There are some other applications too which are known for the same purpose. But, this application helps in managing your RAM memory efficiently and fast. Other features of this app process manager, battery saver and more.  This Android App provides you the stats related to your CPU usage and RAM.  It is one of the best Android RAM cleaning application which you must have in your cell phone.

Fast Ram Cleaner
Fast Ram Cleaner
Developer: GenieApps
Price: Free

#8 360 Security Lite


This app focuses on several fields such as antivirus, battery saver, speed booster, and Android optimizer app. It manages several deep functions like increase battery life, clean junk files, memory space and background apps. As this app is truly designed specifically for smartphones having memory(RAM) less than 1 GB. Basically, it consumes approx 4 MB space in the device. This app is featured with intelligent antivirus and cloud scan system to protect the device from various dangerous viruses.

#9 Du Speed Booster


First of all, DU Speed Booster has Over 200 million people Download and successfully running on the Android device. As DU Speed Booster is a powerful RAM cleaner app. DU Speed Booster is basically a junk cleaner app like other that not only removes unwanted, duplicated and useless files from the Android device. But also boosts its performance to a great extent. The app has a feature to fix phone heating problem(Cool down mode). That is quite similar to Clean Master, DU Speed Booster also features an antivirus facility feature.

Other powerful features of DU Speed Booster app are mentioned below:

  • App manager
  • Performance optimizer and Network speed test.
  • Smart charging mode, App locker function.

#10 Turbo Cleaner


Last but not the least Turbo Cleaner is another top RAM cleaner Android app available free on Playstore. Turbo Cleaner features as popular game booster tool and improvement of device performance which makes the smooth and fast performance of high graphics games. This app focus on free up of RAM used by apps that you are not in using at real-time.


We hope after installing and using these Best RAM cleaner Apps for your android devices will make your android devices performance to extreme next level. As well as it speeds up high graphics gaming performance too.

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