Top 13 Best Torrent websites to download HD movies, games etc

Best torrent websites 2017: –  There are different torrent websites to share different paid apps, software and movies for free of cost. so here we will discuss on best torrent sites for games, best torrenting sites for movies, best torrenting sites for TV shows, Best torrenting sites in India. All these torrent websites use BitTorrent, uTorrent or other torrent application or software to download movies, software, applications, files and TV shows. Searching for a right torrent file with good quality is very difficult task nowadays there are many fake torrent sites. Even there are sites which have malware’s and virus to access your private information or to harm your computer. There are even apps to watch movies online like Dropbox all are available to download for free of cost. People love torrenting and downloading paid apps, software and movies for free.

top 10 torrent websites 2018

Is It illegal to Download Files from Torrenting sites?

This is the most common question which comes in your mind, torrenting sites can be used to do both evil and good stuff. It lets you download all sorts of torrents from torrents websites, but there is also a risk of being fined and even imprisoned.

Some people have an awesome understanding of the disadvantages of downloading torrents files to their personal computers, but downloading copyrighted movies, music, software, games and other copyrighted files are not safe. It is against the copyright laws in many countries and regions. In such cases, it sometimes ends with that person required to pay a large sum of fine imposed on them or threatened that their internet services might be discontinued that means they cannot access the internet anymore.

If you want  HD movie files, you’re recommended to rent, watch in PVR or buy movie DVDs and then free rip DVDs to MOV, AVI, MP4 and any other recommended media formats and devices acceptable formats. Some regions and countries have legalized DVD ripping for legal and personal use according to DVD copyright laws.

Most Popular Torrent Sites in India 2017

So the question is which torrenting sites are the most popular in 2017?  The Pirate Bay comes out as the best of torrents once again in 2017. Since several torrents sites have shut down this year so Topbestlist also reveals some newcomers in our list. With the end of and KickassTorrents, two of the largest torrents websites in the ranking disappeared. The Pirate Bay is in the lead and at the top once again, which is closely followed by RARBG and ExtraTorrent, all these three torrent sites gained many new visitors in recent months of 2017. The unofficial Torrentz known as is the highest newcomer is at fifth place of torrenting sites. TorrentProject is also doing very well nowadays.

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This amazing torrenting site has been around for quite a few years already but never made its place into the top ten before. Finally, Rutracker and 2 big torrents sites also deserve to mention in this list. Both sites have huge traffic to get rank in the Topbestlist.

top 10 best torrent sites 2018

1.  Torrentz2 –

I love Torrentz because Torrentz is not a torrent actually. It is the search engine. Torrentz indexes torrent files from different websites and have more than 35,000,000 files in their database. It is one of the oldest torrents in the present era. Website ranks #1 to all the keywords related to torrents. That’s why it is first in among best torrent websites 2017 edition list.

Visit Torrent: TORRENTZ2
ALEXA RANK: 203 ( Check Now )

2. The Pirate Bay –

Due to some legal issues this torrent site has been banned several numbers of times. Therefore it has to change its domain name continuously. It is the king of torrents but due to legal troubles, domain hopes and ISP blockades it goes down. But being one of the best torrent sites 2017 and still, it receives billions of page views every month.This site provides torrent also a magnet link which means you can download the file via peer to peer network  But there is sad news is that is has been taken down by Sweden police.

3. Kickass Torrent –

Kickass is the most popular torrent nowadays. It was launch in 2009. Now it’s become one of the most popular torrent sites in the world. It offers the facility to download files from various categories like Android applications, movies, music, software, anime, nd others.It has an excellent library of torrent files.

ALEXA RANK: 174 ( Check Now )

4. Extratorrent –

Extratorrent is as popular as Kickass and Torrentz with millions of visitors per day. The main feature of Extratorrent being best torrent sites is that they offer an Easy search feature for torrent through their categories But right holders called out Extra Torrent is as one of the top 5 Best torrent sites of 2017. I too very often use this torrent site for downloading latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

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ALEXA RANK: 358 ( Check Now)

5. IsoHunt –

Isohunt is one of the most surfed torrents by those who download heavy files. Heavy files correspond to Games, Software Setup, Iso’s, etc. After being shut down on 17th October of 2013 by MPAA Isohunt has been resurrected and now the site has millions of page views a day.

Visit Torrent: IsoHunt
ALEXA RANK: 1995 ( Check Now)

6. Bitsnoop –

Bitsnoop is basically an extension of BitTorrent. It has largest BitTorrent indexes, claiming to index a massive 25,437,061 torrent files at the time of writing.

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Visit Torrent: BITSNOOP
ALEXA RANK: 2709 ( Check Now)

7. OpenBitTorrent –

There is no doubt that open BitTorrent is one of the best torrents sites in 2017. You must be thinking how to run all these sites in India as torrent sites are blocked in India. To unblock torrenting sites and use them smoothly you need to use VPN software to change your VPN and then you can use these sites easily In India.

Visit Torrent site : OPenBitTorrent
Alexa Rank: 370,516

8. Rarbg

This one is also one of the favorites and best torrenting site of the year 2017. There is also to check top 10 menus on the website so that you can easily find high seeded torrents files. In my views, this is the best torrenting site ever. This site support games, software, movies,  music, serial season. It gives full HD high quality or 720p is also available.

Visit Torrent site: Rarbg
Alexa Rank: 248
Alexa country rank: 157


This torrenting website is to download Latest movies. High-speed torrents download with best picture quality. There is also a choice variant to download 720 or 1080pixel or above. There are no local low-quality files present on this site. Virus free. You can also check the details of the Movie including ratings, ranking, summary, and type.

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Alexa Rank: 266
Alexa Rank in India: 78
VIsit Torrent site:  check now

10. Rutracker

I will not suggest you use this torrenting site in India because files on this site can be in different language except English because this is a Russian website but still this one is one of the best torrents websites.

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Alexa site rank: 297
lexa country rank: 23
Visit site: check now 

11. KickassTorrents

This is one of the tops and most popular torrents sites and it was created in the year 2009. This website once encountered domain blockades and troubles But now it goes on with surprising and fast page views. Files provided by kickass torrents: Anime, Movies, Softwares, lossless music, Tutorials, TV shows, cartoons, games, Mods, applications, Tools, books, etc.
Features: you can give reviews and comments and also you can read comments of others.
Visit site: Kickasstorrents
Alexa Rank: 
lexa ranking India: 946

12. TorrentDownloads

Torrents Downloads is a latest and popular torrenting site. From this site, you can download latest, hot, trending and most popular Hollywood movies of 2017 for free of cost. Now, it has 700,543 movie torrents with 30 subcategories in total.
Torrent files included are music, anime, software, Movies, TV shows, games, apps and other.

Visit website: TorrentDownloads
lexa Rank: 3,886 worldwide
Alexa Rank in India: 469

13. TorrentHound

TorrentHound is also one of the popular movie torrent websites. It does not show pop-up adds But there is a disadvantage that this website does not come with categories, such as Softwares, Movies, applications, TV Shows. All different kinds of files are together in a single category. There is search bar option to find the file of your choice.
These files include software, Movies, apps, games, tv shows, music, anime.

Visit Website: TorrentHound
Alexa Rank: 
Alexa Rank in India: 

I believe above sites are the best torrenting web sites and you can download games, movies, iso files, software, mobiles applications, android games apps, mods etc very easily from above-mentioned torrent websites. we will keep on updating our list, so keep on visiting us and if you have any queries or suggestion for our website so please do not forget to leave a comment for us and thanks for visiting our site. is working hard to bring the best information for you. we have data mining software, data mining engineers working with our 24*7  with our website.

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