Top 5 Best Cartoon Maker Tools: Create your own Cartoons

Today, I am going to share with you best cartoon making tools to help you to create own cartoons or Comic books. Kids and students asked me many times how to create own Cartoons. Cartoons is a total fun and entertainment that can make anyone smile around you. Everyone probably enjoys cartoons in some form example Action Animes like Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tale, One piece, Baruto: Naruto Next Generation and more. School Children Enjoys Cartoon much more than a Adults who love animes. The fact is, Adults and Children both of them Enjoy Cartoons. Therefore people want to create their own Cartoons to express their Expression. These 5 best free cartoon making tools or software is for Students and teachers. You can even grab anyone Attention and put an impression on anyone by creating your own cartoon or comic.

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How to create Cartoon character and Scenes Easily: –

With the help of Latest and Advance technology, you do not need to draw cartoon characters. You can easily click your own picture and then can convert it into any cartoon character. Same goes for the scenes click the picture of your house and can convert it into cartoonist style. Now there is a tool to create your own Avatar, anime characters by using your own real time digital images. Cartoonize is my favorite and I love Cartoonize.

1. Cartoonize: – Create your own cartoon character in a single click.

Cartoonize own photo or picture

Make Cartoon character of Yourself and Convert Your Photos and Pictures into Cartoon effect using this free website Online. This website helps you to create a cartoon of your picture You can easily Cartoonize your photo in a single click. It is very-very simple and totally free of cost! You also need to simply select your picture from the “Choose file button” or “Choose URL button” on their home page, and in the second step. you can choose the cartoon effect you want to use for your image. You can also download this software on your windows computer, phone or even on iPhones.

2. Befunky: – Convert your photo into painting style cartoons.

photo to cartoon

If you do not want to make total cartoon then you can use BeFunky for creating painting style cartoons. It is not good as Ccartoonize but it is okay if you want to use different style cartoons. You need to mail your photo and then there is a cartoonist who will convert your photo into a cartoon character.

3. PicturePeople: – This tool converts your picture into cartoons

Cartoon creator

It is another amazing cartoon maker or cartoon creator online tool to easily make your own cartoon characters. The main reason to use these cartoon converter apps is that they are less time taking process. You do not need to hire artist or cartoonist for your comic story, animation, animes etc.

4. Kusocartoon: –

anime maker

It is Another free online software to convert any picture into a cartoon character. create your own cartoon Avatar easily within seconds. It is simple for the animation process of your own cartoon character. The amazing part of these tools is that they also make Cartoonize your background.

5. ToonyPhotos: –

Toonyphotos is one of the best Online Photo to Cartoon Converter. It is one of the best cartoon photo Editor that transform any photos and complex pictures into cartoon drawings or comic illustrations easily. Cartoonize anything you want using Toonyphotos online converter.

How To Create Own Animes and Cartoons using Softwares 

Editor’s note: I would be glad to help students and children. so that they able to create their own cartoons comics. Kids and my younger brother asked me several times to develop a cartoon or tell me something so that he can do so. Therefore I am writing this article mainly for them. These comics can be published in school magazines, Mass media, newspaper and so on.

1. Chogger

Comic maker

  • Learn About Chogger: Cartoon Maker
    Chogger is very simple, but fun and useful cartoon creation tool so far. It allows Developer to import their own Images and pictures to publish in a Cartoon comic.
  • Steps To Use Chogger website:
    Click on the link provided by us above and visit Chogger’s website to start. After website loading click on the green “Build a Comic Now button” on the top left of the computer screen. Then the Chogger Cartoon Strip Creator window will automatically open up in a pop-up. First, You need to choose a layout for your cartoon. You can add images by using add images option on the left side in Chogger creator. You can download images by searching on Google, By capturing pictures, By drawing your Own character and uploading it. Choose method the method you want to use, edit the image first using the tools to the left of the creator, and then click the “Add Images”. Now You need to drag and drop your image to your desired location whatever location you want in order to add it in your cartoon.

The final step to create your own Chogger comic: –

  • Now Add text to your Cartoon comic by clicking on the text bubble icon on the top left of the computer screen. Choose the type of box or balloon you like to add there, then simply use drag and drop wherever you wish to show up in your comic. After drag and drop use the text tool, you can resize the box, can select format, and in last edit the text for it. Now Finally, Edit the layout or simply add a new panel to your Cartoon comic by clicking on the WindowPane on the top left of the computer screen. You can Repeat the process of adding Images and text until you are satisfied with your Cartoon comic, and Finally, click on the green “Finish” button on the top right of the Computer screen. Write comic a title, Comic description, comic hover text, and tags if you want, then click on the “Publish Comic”. Chogger Tools will provide you a link to the Cartoon comic you just created. So that you can share Your cartoon comic with others.
  • You need to Register on Chogger so that the creation of a Cartoon comic will also display your name.

2. Make Beliefs Comix

comic maker

  • About Make Beliefs Comix: Comic Maker
    Make Beliefs Comix is a Cartoon comic creator tool that allows to create and print simple comics with a stylish and classic look.
  • Steps to Use Make Beliefs Comix website:
    Click on the Link above and then visit the Make Beliefs Comix website to create a cartoon. After website-loading click on the “Start Here button” to start. Now Comix Creator tool will open automatically. Below is the comic panels, you will able find everything that you can add to your comic, such as Comic Characters, Different objects, and Background scenes, thought balloons box, and Your panel prompts.
  • Click on these icons to Select them after they appear in the selection window of the screen, Now click them again to add them in Cartoon comic.

The final step to create your own Make beliefs comic: –

  • Note: you can scroll through different objects by using the red arrows icon below the selection window of Comix. You can also change the number of panels and panel color at the bottom right of the Comix Creator tool. Now, Use the toolbar on the left of the Maker to delete, flip, scale, move or to bring the objects in the front of the Cartoon. After completing your Comic locate the “Print or Email button” on the left of the Computer screen and save your Cartoon.

3. Strip Generator

comic creator

  • About Strip Generator: Cartoon Creator
    A free cartoon maker but having premium features website that Provides you a facility to easily create your own comic strips with little Creative knowledge. All you need to make an amazing Cartoon is drag and drop trick. Its basic version of Strip Generator only requires a sign-up on Their website.
  • Steps To Easily Use Strip Generator:
    After creating an account and activating the confirmation link that will be sent to your email by Strip Generator, Now find and click on the Create a new strip on Website. Just Go to the Frames button and then select the Scene/template you want to use for your Cartoon Comic. Yes, You can easily change the view of your Scene/template by zooming in and Zooming out, By moving the red box on the right side of the computer screen, or by clicking on the hand icon below the zoom and dragging the icon. You can easily change the border frames by clicking the Edit Frame option available, Now select the new frame, and then drag the frame to make it smaller or bigger as you want.

The final step to create your own Strip Generator comic: –

  • You need to Add comic items, Your characters, or text in the languages you want (use speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and the story titles) to your scene/frames. Now on the right side of the screen, you can easily drag and can fix the text size. The same thing goes for characters and the items, as by clicking on icons you can easily rotate the icons, You need to adjust their size, You can also flip them upside down, or can change the opacity of items and blurriness easily. When you are done, click the Finish icon, Make your Cartoon strip title and give it, and publish the comic. You can also link your Cartoon comic strip to your classroom blog and social network website.

4. ToonDoo

create own comic

  • About ToonDoo: Comic Creator
    ToonDoo is a Anime comics creator that allows selecting between Different art to create completely original Anime Comics.
  • Steps To Use ToonDoo website:
    First Click the link given above to visit ToonDoo’s site. Once you reach there, locate the red-button( sign up for free) on the top right of the computer screen. Yes, you will able to sign up for ToonDooSpaces and verify your account, note that it is not free of cost. Thus, this guide is focusing on regular Toondoo account. So click on the Sign up for Toondoo icon on the computer screen. You will be directed to a sign-up page that asks for a unique username, strong password, and your email ID to verify; enter these things first and then click the Register for registration. After the registration process, you will be automatically redirected to ToonDoo’s comic creator Login page; now Log in with your username and password of your ToonDoo account. And will be directed automatically to ToonDoo’s home screen. You need to put Mouse over the Tools tab and click on Create Toon to start cartoon creation.
  • First, you need to select the layout you want for your comic. Then the ToonDoo Creator will open for further editing. At the left side of the Creator, You will find the option to select props, images from your gallery, backgrounds, texts, characters, special effects, and clip art. At the bottom of the Comic Creator, you are able to clone, flip, shrink, enlarge, rotate, delete, layer, and lock images in your comic. You are also able to create your own avatar, and upload images from the Google or from your computer, add doodles to your comic.

The final step to create your own ToonDoo comic: –

  • Use all these new features to add your text, images of your choice, and stylish effects to your cartoon story until you have created something you are proud of. Then put the cursor over the ToonDoo Start here tab in the top left of the computer screen and click on Save button. You can also keep your cartoon private from others if you want to publish in the school magazine, or you can also share it with your friends, or share it with the whole world! Then finally add a title to the story, add a description, and add tags and click on Publish comic.

5. Witty Comics!

comic book creation

  • About Witty Comics: Anime creator
    Witty Comics! is free of charge, very easy to use comic strip creator that allows you to create short comics with two character dialogues.
  • StepsTo Use Witty Comics website:
    First, you need to Click on the Join button and create a new account on witty comics. Email and Password will be sent to your Master email account, use that username and password to sign in. You are now an important cartoonist of the Witty Comics website but you need to create one to earn popularity.  Click on the Make A Comic button and select your comic characters and the scene of your choice. Then you need to write the narration of your first comic character in the form of shouting, whispering, thinking of something and saying. Repeat Again the same process for your second comic character. Keep Following the same steps for the next two-pictures of your story, then select the title of your Story, and finally, save your comics.

The final step to create your own witty comic: –

  • It is a very easy platform that helps in creating interactive role-plays and improve communicative skills of the students, students can utilize it to make their innovative dialogues and express them in the front of their whole classmates.

Commonly asked questions and answers about cartoon maker

  • How to Convert photo to the cartoon in one click? Ans: using the website listed here you can convert easily.
  • Give me the best Free Cartoon maker online site? Ans: Cartoonize is the best online cartoon maker website.
  • what is the best cartoon avatar maker political and politics? Ans: You can use Cartoonize with political images.
  • How to Cartoonize own photo online? Ans: using Cartoonize website you can convert a photo into cartoon picture.
  • what is the Free comic maker online website of 2017? Ans: Chogger is the best comic maker website of 2017.
  • Among them which is a Free anime maker online website? Ans: You can use Anime images to give anime look to your cartoon.

Now You easily create and design own cartoon comic using this technology.

Using cartoons in the classroom is a way to attract student’s attention towards yourself. You able to discover their cartoonish creative style. It also allows other people to express their creative side and story making and story writing skills. I will suggest you use these 5 best free cartoon making tools for students and teachers in order to utilize cartoons, Anime comics as effectively anywhere in the world.

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