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Clap Clap to Find your smartphone: – As in this fast moving world. We are messing up with our smartphone due to lots of workloads. Many smartphone users forget where did they leave their smartphone after use. Believe me, it’s very difficult task to find our lost smartphones but, We found an android app that will find your smartphone. You can find your phone as simple as by just clapping. Download the free android app from play store and add external super powers to your mobile.

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Clap Clap to Find your smartphone:-

If you also have friends, brother and etc who Always hide your mobile for fun or due careless you lose your smartphone regularly at home or office. and always waste your important valuable time. But now don’t waste your Time in finding it. Just keep clapping and find your smartphone with this amazing android app named clap to find.

Clap to find is an android app available for free on play store that makes your task easy to find lost mobile by just simple clapping. It’s Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes offers you another additional functionality. You have freedom to Customize the ringtone and volume or time for which the alert plays.

How Clap to find app works:

  • Download clap to find apk from below
Clap to Find
Clap to Find
Price: Free
  • Install and launch the app
  • Now configure according to your need.

Have a look on:

–Customizable sensitivity
–Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes
–Widget for easy enabling/disabling
–Auto adjusts sensitivity based on Android device
–Low battery usage
–Pause clap detection when not needed eg: in office hours
–Customizable time for which the alert plays
–Quickly clap 3 times to configure and get started
–Customizable ringtone & volume
–Auto-start app when phone is put on silent

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What’s New:

With each and every new version Clap to find is improving the app for a better user experience 🙂 . The company hopes you will like it as it’s improving day by day.
With the new version, you can stop the app alert without entering the complex steps of unlocking the device and tapping on the app notification. On app alert, you will simply stare the screen and tapping on it stops the alert.
New languages are added Hindi, French, Indonesian, Spanish and Portuguese localisation.


Final words to this app just simply enable the app and free yourself from the stress and tension of finding your phone. Now your smartphone will tell you where it is by ringing , flashing or vibrating you just need to Clap and only clap to find it.

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