How to play Doodle Army 2 (Mini Militia) with friends from home online

Host and play Mini militia online with friends

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia has launched a new CUSTOM button in their latest update and it is now available for users. Now You can play mini militia game from your home with friends via an internet connection. You can even set the time limit of the game and can block anyone like hackers, pro pack players. Even you can put a password on your hosted room and can share the password with friends so that they can only join in the game by using a password. You can also put a limit on a number of players allowed in the room.

Editor’s Note: – Doodle Army 2, Many people asked me how to play mini militia online with friends from home. So I thought I need to write full step by step procedure for that and then I can share with them online. I know most of the people knew how to do it but still, there are people who are new to the game and don’t know how to do it. Thanks for Loving MiniMilitia Android & iOS Game.

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Step by step procedure to host mini militia game online for friends: – Doodle Army 2

First, Connect to the internet first through wifi or data pack. Use high-speed connection like 3G, 4G, and Wifi to avoid lag in the mini militia game.

1. Now, click on and go to Multiplayer button option After opening the game.
Then check the picture below this window will open up.

how to invite friends mini militia online

2. Go to custom button option from there ( on above screenshot it is the 3rd option)
Then the new window of custom server games will open up, It may look different in your game but it doesn’t matter.

how to host mini militia online

3. Click on any server option between them and remember the server name you open up.
Now, just like below screenshot on the bottom right corner you will find ‘HOST’ option Just above the Back button.

By clicking on the host option you can host a new game under the server you previously click on. While hosting you can write name and password by click lock button of your hosted room. Then you can share that server name like Olympus 250 and your hosted room name under Olympus 250 like I hosted with the name TopBestList and I put the password mini militia. I will share this information Olympus 250> Topbestlist password mini militia with a friend and he can join the game under Olympus 250 server. Similarly, when someone shares the information with you, he will tell you Server Name>room name> password( or no password)

doodle army 2 mini militia online

You can also join any room under any server and can ask your friend to join the same by sharing information. Everyone allowed to see the number of players in the room with name points just like in the offline game and also battle ground.

Commonly asked question About Mini Militia online

  • How to host mini militia game online?
  • Follow the method in this article to host doodle army 2 online.
  • How to play mini militia online with friends?
  • To play mini militia online with friends you first need to host the game online, follow the steps given above.
  • How to invite friends to play mini militia online?
  • You need to send server name, your hosted room name, and password if used in the room to your friends. 

Conclusion: Doodle Army 2, If you face any difficulty in playing mini militia online with friends you can ask us for help. We will surely help you out with our best effort and contact you as soon as possible. You can also make a request for us for anything else you wish for and thanks keep visiting Topbestlist for best news related to Mini militia and other latest games.

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