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Best Blog Submission Sites 2018: This list can make any blogger happy as we all are looking different ways to increase Google page rank, backlinks, and SEO, for their websites or blogs.

We are here to provide the best list of top 110+ free blog submission sites with article blog submission directories sites where you have the advantage to submit free links automatically/ manually of your websites or blogs.

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Best Free Blog Submission Sites 2018:-

Well, We only provide quality content and these all free blog submission directory sites are top directories for accelerating your website or blogs free of cost without paying any penny. These Top free blog submission directory sites offer some major stuff like blog URL(Uniform Resource Locator) submission, blogs submission or any articles submission. This all will help you to get fast and huge backlinks. So, without wasting your time you should take submitting your blog and take advantage within few seconds.

All these websites are extremely useful for each blogger as these websites are SEO friendly. These websites target your blog or website so that they receive one way incoming or inbound links from these blog directories and, as a result, your blog or websites gets ranked higher within few months for SERPs through these quality backlinks providing websites.

Make sure Many Free blog submission sites don’t ask or require you to register or sign up for URL submission or backlink. Some of the directories do ask for a reciprocal link from you.

Types of Blog Link Submission

The main three types of blog link Submission are as follows:-

  1. Search Engines Sites 
  2. Blog directories sites 
  3. article directories 

Types of Blog Directories:-

The list of “blog submission sites” is mixed with 3 types of websites and they are.

  • Free blog-directory-Completely free blog link submission presents here.
  • Partner blog-directory-Reciprocal link required (a backlink) to the site.
  • Paid blog-directory-They charge you some reasonable amount for premium directory submission and the best part of this type of submission is they don’t ask for a reciprocal link and are fast.

We do agree there are tons different directories available on the internet and think to focus on them is few of them are not listing blogs for free of cost. But, no worry there are thousands and thousands of such blog submission directories that accept free submission without any pain on the pocket.

Some Useful Tips on How to get your blog listed with these Free blog directories Sites?

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Websites, recognize your website keywords carefully. What category and type they belong to and fill rest of the details.

On registering your blog site on www. I will suggest you do not use arbitrary keywords and phrases in the description of your blog. Your blog will not get noticed anywhere with that.

Are you wasting your time on those websites that have no connection with your search terms, so just go for those sites which will cover the picture of your search keywords.

Don’t  allow any of your visitors go away!

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Make your content readable and understandable and it should be for the users not for the search engines. Google consider those articles bad activity which is written for search engines and automatically those content lose their ranks on google.

I will suggest you be different from the other bloggers and writers. And, make certain that your blog is up to date, functional and is full of the published articles before posting it on any blog directories.

They are not just ideas they true SEO that you need to keep in mind before you start any blog in these blog directories.

More Details:-

You can learn more by reading About and FAQ parts of any blog directories. You need to follow their rules, and if you follow the rules then only they will allow you to post in their directory.

just like that Google indexes different web pages and keeps them under the keyword terms they belong to, blog directories follow the same rule so write content which suits your directory.

So, to reach most of the audience you need to follow all these rules of blog directories submission. Yes, They will surely help your website to rank up faster on google and other search engines. This will help you to reach first pages of google within a month. You can also reach the first page of google within day if you website is most updated and have unique content. If it has many backlinks and submitted to the right directory with right keywords and terms. If you are posting content as you websites belongs it example if it is a news website you are posting latest news.

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Submit your blog or website to best and high PR  search engines (PR10-PR3)

A Huge Collection of Guest Posting sites where you can submit a blog post

Top 15List of 15 Best Search Engines to Submit your Blog or Website Free.
1Google Add url             ***[Alexa Rank-1] [Page Rank 10]
2Yahoo!  Site Submission   [Alexa Rank-4]  [Google Page Rank 9]
3Bing Link Submission        [Alexa Rank-24] [Google PR 8]
4Gigablast Add url              [Alexa Rank-22K] [Google PR 7]
5Scrub The Web Add url     [Alexa Rank-2.8K] [Google PR 6]
6Entire Web Submit a site   [Alexa Rank-3.7K] [Google PR 6]
7What U Seek Add url         [Alexa Rank-29K] [Google PR 6]
8ASR Add Website               [Alexa Rank-2.7K] [Google PR 5]
9Boitho Submit Site   [Alexa Rank-7K] [Google PR 5]
10Infotiger Add url                 [Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
11. Amidalla Add site              [Alexa Rank-70K] [Google PR 5]
12.Acoon Add url                     [Alexa Rank-66K] [Google PR 4]
13.SonicRun Free Listing         [Alexa Rank-20K] [Google PR 3]
14.Spiffy Search Add url          [Alexa Rank-75K] [Google PR 3]
15.Secret SE Lab Submit Blog               [Alexa Rank-140K] [Google PR 3]

Add free URL of your blog or website to these Top 15 Free Blog directory sites ( High PR: PR8-PR4):-

Top15List of 15 Best and Free Website/blog Submission Directories
1.Open Directory Submit  Blog url      *** [Alexa Rank-560] [Google PR 8]
2.Subjex Submission         [Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]
3.So Much  Add site                        [Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]
4.Amfibi Web Search Submit url      [Alexa Rank-13K] [Google PR 5]
5.A1 Web Directory Submit link      [Alexa Rank-15K] [Google PR 5]
6.Scoobe Biz Submit site                 [Alexa Rank-17K] [Google PR 5]
7.Info Listings Directory submit link[Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
8.WilsDomain Blog addition  [Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
9. Blog Top List                       [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
10. add your blog [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
11.Blogrific add your blog  [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
12.Submit Biz Add your Web            [Alexa Rank-25K] [Google PR 5]
13.Blog Hub Submit a link                 [Alexa Rank-25K] [Google PR 5]                    [Alexa Rank-35K] [Google PR 5]
15.Link Centre Add url                   [Alexa Rank-13K] [Google PR 4]

Please Note: The Alexa Rank mentioned for each entry may not match with today’s(current) or latest Alexa Rank, but these have been rounded off. So,that it gives you the estimation idea that may be close enough to the actual rank and as we all know Alexa Rank is never a constant figure and they always change more frequently compared to the Google PR

Top 10 Best Blog Directory Sites List:-

  1. Best of the Web Blogs
  2. Technorati Blog Submission Directory
  3. Blog Catalog Link Directory
  4. Super Blog Directory Submission
  5. BloggerNity Link Submission
  6. Bloggapedia Blog Directory
  7. Blog Directory 4 u
  8. Globe of Blogs
  9. Blogarama Blog Submission Directory Site
  10. Blog Hints Directory Submission
  11. Blogged Directory submission
  12. Blog Universe Blog Link submission

Top 10 Article Submission directories Sites:-

  1. Google Knol-A Unit of rich knowledge(from Google) with [ Alexa rank:1] and [Google PR 7]
  2. eHow –How to articles, and more. with [Alexa Rank-149] and [Google PR 7] 
  3. Squidoo –Write about Lens(articles) on anything. with [Alexa Rank-211] and [Google PR7]
  4. ExaminerWrite ALL about local News.  with  [Alexa Rank-806] and [Google PR 7]
  5. SeekingAlphaFinancial market analysis with [Alexa Rank-1312]and [Google PR 7]
  6. Associated ContentYahoo! Group Content writers community with [Alexa Rank-1332]and [Google PR 7]
  7. Suite 101 – writer’s network and Online Magazine with [Alexa Rank-2K]and [Google PR 7]
  8. The Free Library –News, writers, books, articles community with [Alexa Rank-4.7K] and[Google PR 7]
  9. eZinearticles – Rich Quality Article Submission Service with [Alexa Rank-234] and[Google PR 6]
  10. Hubpages –Creating Hub pages (articles). Content writer’s community with [Alexa Rank-321]and [Google PR 6]
  11. ArticlesBase – A Free article directory with [Alexa Rank-790]and [Google PR 6]

7 More blog Submission Sites directory where you could add or submit your blog for free:-



We hope that all the topic were touch in deep detail and there was no problem in submitting your blog to Free Blog Submission Sites 2018. If you face any kind of problem while submitting your blog or websites do comment below or email us for help.

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