How to Hack Windows Password within Seconds

Hack Windows Password

How to Hack Windows Password within Seconds: – Do you also forget regularly your Windows PC Password like me? and your Windows PC gets locked? How panic and tensed you feel that time? You might have tons of GB’s important and personal data stored on your Windows PC. and this all situation is been under Password protection. Then all this situation can be handled very easily and your Windows PC would be unlocked with few second through How to Hack Windows password windows PC within Second method.

Yes, you read out it was completely true. It’s possible to Hack Windows Password Protected PC. Here you have the advantage to unlocking victim’s Windows PC Password without knowing the current/present one. The best and safest part of this method is your and victim DATA IS COMPLETELY SAFE without any issues? and as well as it’s secure. Today Topbestlist is going unhide the biggest secret how to crack any password protected Windows PC within few seconds just follow easy short Step given below.

So the proper preference is to go together with the second one. Is it an illegal interest? yes, it is illegal to hack a person laptop. however again, this tutorial is to assist any individual or assist your self, each time your computer receives locked, You misplaced your password, otherwise, you need to open someone’s password covered windows computer or whatever fruitful purpose at the back of it. but, To hack home windows PC, you will be furnished through a few paid tool that we’re giving up right here definitely unfastened. in any case.

If you forget your home windows login password, or need to change your password without knowing the modern-day or old password, then this academic is operating flawlessly for you. here, we’ve posted a detailed manual on the way to release or Hack Password covered windows 7, eight, eight.1 and windows 10 laptop/PC the usage of a unfastened device supplied by means of us.

How To Hack Any Password Protected Windows PC Within Seconds

Before learning how to hack the password of Windows PC, we would like you to download and install a tiny windows application software called K0N-B00T. To download the given software checkout below links (FREE)

Download Kon-Boot

Learn what is Konboot application?

Konboot is specially designed in such a way that this application has the power to bypass the authentication for both Windows and Mac Passwords.

How does Really Konboot work?

It works by using the technique called “Intercepting the Function” calls passed between system & BIOS and temporarily changing the contents of the Windows kernel at the time of booting. Konboot then allows you to enter anything random as the password or leaving password box empty during the login session. The very next time when you start the computer without Kon-Boot, the original password will be recovered back, the temporary changes will be discarded permanently and the system will behave as if nothing has happened before.


  1. quite simple and easy to use (compared to other tools)
  2. power to bypass login authentication boot screen.
  3. uses compact and occupy less space
  4. Temporary change in kernel during boot

Major Requirements:

  1. Pendrive or sd card
  2. Windows XP/vista/7/8/8.1/10
  3. Kon-boot application

How to Use Kon-Boot To Hack Windows Password: –

We are using windows 7 64BIT Password Protected PC

Step 1. First of all, Please make sure to DETACH All Unnecessary USB DRIVES Except the TARGET USB for KON-BOOT application.

Step 2. Plug-in the USB drive to your laptop/computer USB port.

Step 3. Quick Format the USB.

Step 4. Extract the downloaded file (Download)

Step 5. Open to Kon-boot and search for kon-bootUSB folder.

Step 6. Now Select the usb_install2_NEEDADMIN.bat file and RUN it as ADMINISTRATOR.

Step 7. You need to simply click ‘OK‘ every time to continue.

Step 8. Then, Konboot will automatically detect your USB pen drive itself.

Step 9. And again automatically it will make all necessary changes in USB as required.

Step 10. All done get ready for action.Now Plug-in that Kon-Boot Installed Pendrive/USB to the Windows PC which you want to hack or unlock it.

Step 11. Now Insert that Kon-Boot Installed Pendrive or USB to the victim Windows PC which you want to hack or unlock.

Step 12. Configure the BIOS settings of target PC.

How to Open BIOS: Hold and press [Shift] then turn off the victim system. 2. Press and hold the F2 button then press the power button. DO NOT TRY TO RELEASE the F2 button until the BIOS screen is displayed.

Step 12. Now, Select USB as the 1st boot device.

Step 13. In the next screen after step 12 You need to hit the ENTER button.

Step 14. As soon as the Login to Windows screen appears, simply type any random stuff in the password box or Simply leave the password field blank and now you will be able to access victim windows PC.

How To Change Victim’s Windows Profile Password?

Follow the simple steps given below for better result.

Step 1. Plug-in USB, Boot with Kon-Boot (As done on above method)

Step 2. Navigate to Control Panel on your victim PC.

Step 3. Choose “User Accounts and Family Safety

Step 4. Now choose “Create a new account”

Step 5. Simply Create the same account and set the permissions (Administrator).

Step 6. Now Disconnect Kon-Boot and Give restart command to the computer to restore original Windows authentication function.

Step 7. After successful Restart, Select your new User Account the account which you have created in step 4.

Step 8. Again, Browse to Control Panel

Step 9. Choose “User Accounts and Family Safety”

Step 10. Target select the target User Account (the one you want to change)

Step 11. Hit “Change the password” option

Step 12. Enter the new secure and secret credentials for the account and click “Change password” option

Step 13. Success achieved you are done.

How to Protect Yourself From This Kind of Konboot Attacks?

This is our responsibility to teach you How To Protect yourself from Being attack by konboot. Yes, it’s solution exits So Here we are sharing two best tools to encrypt your personal data and protect your Windows PC from konboot attacks.

  • Use Syskey
  • Configure a BIOS password

Conclusion: –

So, this another cool collection of some tips toward hacking tutorial. But this time we gave solution how to be safe from konboot type attacks. We hope our this article will help you to login into your Windows PC when you have no idea about your current password. and didn’t want to lose data while recovering your password. Then hack windows Password within second comes to rescue.

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