How to Enable Windows Laptop Tracking Feature

Windows Laptop Tracking

As you all are already aware of Android and iOS devices have a tracking feature that allows you to track device remotely, did you know that there is a quite similar feature for Windows as well? Before you get out of control, let me clearly tell you that this feature does not yet allow you to perform some actions like remotely locking or wiping your Windows device. Here is how to enable the Windows laptop tracking feature follow the steps given below

Please kindly Note: I tried this method on my laptop running Windows 10 Pro, and it works perfectly fine. 

How to Enable the Windows Laptop Tracking Feature:-

Before we indulge to find out how to enable this tracking feature, it is important to note that tracking feature works only on devices that have an enabled GPS chip, a cellular connection, or any other means that can help the device determine its current location. Once that is noted down correctly, you can follow the steps given below.

  • At Start, you will have to make sure that the location services for your windows device is completely ON(Activated). For that, open the start menu and search for “Location privacy settings.”

  • After Selecting this, you will be able to check whether the location of your device is Activated(ON). If not activated, Then click on “Change” under “Location”, and toggle this setting on.

  • As soon as the location service is Finally ON, open the start menu once again, and, this time, search for “Find My Device.”

  • When you go to this setting, click on “Change”, and toggle the setting on.

  • Now that all the required settings are turned ON on your windows, you can view your devices on Microsoft’s website. Here, switch to the “Find my device” tab to view your current windows device’s location.

  • The very next screen should look something like the screenshot given below.

Enable Windows Laptop Tracking Feature

Now that you realize how to track your pc, or another suitable windows device for that matter, you can worry a touch less approximately dropping it. With Window’s laptop tracking feature, you may effortlessly locate its place remotely. This appears like a very useful function to me. What are your thoughts on this? Do permit me recognize within the feedback phase under.

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