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How to Listen to YouTube videos with Screen OFF 2017:- Hello Youtube lover if you also love to watch online youtube videos due to JIO? then you all are like me. As we all know youtube is the most famous online streaming website. But the problem arises when we want to perform multiple tasks while watching youtube videos as this is not possible with the youtube app . So we had its alternate solution that is mentioned below. Without wasting any more time let get started.

Enjoy Listening to YouTube videos with Screen OFF 2017:-

1. FireFox Browser and Chrome

This method is quite easy. Here you have to simply copy the YouTube videos URL to your clipboard (the video which you would like to play with screen OFF). Next Step is to open Firefox browser on your Android smartphone, paste the video URL and now goto options and select turn on desktop mode and if are using Chrome then just simply goto option and select Request desktop site. And that’s it. If you turn OFF the display, the video should play without any issue.

If you are more comfortable with smartphone while surfing Youtube and dream to listen to YouTube with screen OFF on iPhone or iPad, then your dream come true as you can use the same method with the Safari browser. That’s, copy the favorite video URL and paste in YouTube mobile site on Safari browser. Now successfully play the video and go to your home screen.But, the video will stop playing now the solution for it is if you swipe up to bring the control center and tap on the play option in the bottom left and that’s it. The audio will start playing back again and now if you turn OFF your screen, the playback will continue playing.

2. Xposed Module

If you are one of those lucky and strong heart person ones who has rooted Android smart devices with Xposed framework install, then it’s time to earn benefits of it. YouTube videos Background Playback is a quite simple and easy for the Xposed module that allows to play YouYube videos in the background, and it also continues to play that perticular video even if you turn OFF your mobile screen. The Xposed module is stable and the best part of it is it’s updated every month, so by any chance if YouTube brings a new update to disturb the service, the module find its solution on its own.

You can also use other third-party android apps like (OG YouTube, ListenOnYouTube, Firetube, etc).

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3. Black Screen of Life (Most recommended)

If you are excited to know which method did I used to listen to my YouTube videos with screen OFF well it was this app that works for me.

So, there are dozens of apps on playstore that all are capable to play YouTube video in the background, but where this app gains extra marks is it lets you play YouTube videos inside the YouTube app with screen OFF yes read it out correct. Just like you want it to be as perfect as this.

Want to know the way it works is — when you block the proximity sensor ( found usually near to your front camera). This app simply turns screen black while everything that being playing on your Android keeps playing. This also even works perfectly when you, turn your phone screen facing downward. Even when the phone is in the slip pocket. I found this method to be best since it saves a lot of battery life. And it does exactly what it meant to say.

Sad to say, this app is currently not available on Google play Store, but don’t worry you can download it from its official website 🙂 .

Download from website

4. Playing videos with Awesome Pop-up Video (Android)

This app will help you when you are performing multiple tasks and want to watch youtube videos too. Then this app comes in use called Awesome Pop-up Video. We suggest you check out the free version of awesome pop-up video app first, then after that move on to paid version. Both versions of awesome pop-up video app work in the same manner and will play your favourite video in a pop-up window.

1: Firstly Go to YouTube using any browser on your Android smartphone.

2: Then search for the video you want to play in the background and copy the URL of that video.

3: Now simply Paste the URL into the app and tap the icon on the right.

4: After this Close, the app and your video will immediately appear in a pop-up window that something cool.

Awesome Pop-up Video
Awesome Pop-up Video
Price: Free


It’s time to sign off but before signing off we would like to conclude entire article in short. All the method mention above works successfully without any issue and difficulties. We highly recommend you to go with black screen of life as this app. As it’s personally used by me and it works awesomely great. Rest of them also work up to the mark. Use all the methods one by one and comment below which method you like the most. Thanks for visiting please subscribe to our website and also bookmark our website . This is the most updated website if you are intrested in technews and tricks. We always welcome our viewers . If you have any queries regarding this post ” how to watch youtube videos offline ” please leave comment for us . We will catch you soon . You can also email us on our email address or you can message us on social media like facebook , google+ etc

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