How To Make Your Own QR Code Free Working 2 Methods

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How To Make Your Own QR Code Free Working 2 Methods: – While Browsing different website we mostly come across QR code. Let’s know what is this QR code and how it’s created. We all must have seen QR code whether it’s across your notebook or maximum on every product now-a-days. QR code is a modern system to uniquly identify your product.

Your smartphone can be used as a Quick Response code scanner. It take less than a minute to convert QR code into some useful information such as URL of your website or blog, any specific product information etc. Mostly QR code watcher think of making QR code is difficult task/job. But let me clear your doubt it’s not difficult to create QR code

How To Make Your Own QR Code for free. QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a Two-dimensional Barcode. QR code is totally different from Barcode QR code can hold information in the horizontal direction as well as vertical direction. In This Article, Topbestlist will show you two different methods to create your own QR code for free. A QR code stores all the information in dots that are black and white dots. Besides the black and white dots version, you can also create a colorful QR code too.

How To Make Your Own QR Code Free With Google: –

1: Simply browse to the given link

2: Now Type the URL of your choice i.e Your Favourite website or blog then click on Shorten URL button. As shown in the Screenshot Below.

3: Now Click on details you will get your own created Quick Response code.

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Do You Know Google’s QR code generator is limited to encoding URLs only. If you are willing to encode other information such as contact information or other using the QR Code as a dialer, you will have to use other services as mentioned below.

Best Sites To Create own QR CODE For Free online:-


This is one of the best sites where you can download your own created QR Code in many different formats such as EPS, PNG, and PDF. You get an extra advantage that’s  embedding your code directly on a website by clicking the “Embed” link and that’s it.


This website has some special and extra feature. If you trying to create a color QR code then UniTag QR generator will surely help you in this situation. Most important part It’s free to use for all services.


This website is as simple as reading this article. Here just enter your text of your desire, an SMS, your URL or vCard contact information. Now the magic begins the QR code will be generated automatically of your choice. Just simple hit “Download” button to download the created QR code image. One extra advantage you can also have option to embed the QR code directly on your own website/ blog and use it as official.

Additional Information: Tips By Topbestlist How To Make Your Own QR Code Free

Advice No 1. Create QR Code after shorting your favourite URL: Generally QR codes are generated using long URL that is unreliable and more complex. So, use URL shortener sites such as or to shorten your url before generating the Quick response code.

Advice No 2. Size of your QR code must be large enough to be detected easily (or scanned) without any problem and as well as under various conditions including scanning from a long distance or using old fashion camera phone , low light or low resolution.

Advice No 3. Quiet Zone: The border play an important role around your QR code that popularly known as the quiet zone. The quiet zone is basically white or a light color. Quite Zone of your QR code should be at least 4 times width of the modules of your created QR code.


These all above are working perfectly. Each website has its own some special feature that turns your QR code more attractive. You can check our QR code that we created from above mentioned QR code free generator website.  We hope you must have liked our this article. Do share and comment below if you know some more similar website.

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