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Increase Adsense CPC: – Cost per Click in short CPC is the most important factor which affects directly to your Google Adsense Earning. It doesn’t matter your are YouTuber or Blogger if you are using Adsense then this post can help both. Recently some of my blog readers asked me about the CPC (cost per click) he/she receives for each click from Google Adsense. He is getting very low something around 0.01$ per click that is why he was upset. He asked me for help to check his blog and suggest some strategies to Increase CPC. I researched his blog and found out the reasons for low CPC for his blog. So Today I will share the secrets with all of you about how you can increase CPC for your Google Adsense Account.

If you are New you Must be Thinking What is CPC in Adsense?

CPC is a short form of ‘Cost Per Click’ in average on Your Blog Adsense. Example, you get 0.03$ on one Ad click and 0.07$ for another Ad click, so your average CPC is (0.03$ + 0.07$ )/2 =  0.1$ earning. CPC is an another very important factor in Google Adsense that decide the total performance along with CTR (Click Through Rate) and ECPM (Effective Cost Per Mile).

I suggest you to try all the possible methods to increase Adsense CPC to maximize the blog Earning. Yes, Increasing the CTR will also increase the revenue, but when CPC is low with high CTR you will not get that much.

Example, instead of getting 5 clicks at 0.04$ CPC ( 5 x 0.04$ = 0.2$), try to get 2 clicks at 0.5$ CPC which is 2 x 0.5$ = 1$. Even with less CTR, you will get more earning because of High CPC. Therefore, HIgh CPC is better than high CTR. So this article is all about how you can increase Adsense CPC to easily make more money with your website or Blog.

How to Find High CPC Keywords for Google Adsense with Pictures

Follow These Steps to Increase Adsense CPC

1) Concentrate on High CPC Keywords, topic and niche for higher revenue

All Articles doesn’t show the same types of Adsense ads on them. The reason is the Adsense shows the Ads related to the articles. Adwords Advertisers bid more money on particular keywords based on Trends. Try to find out the high paying keywords in your blog Post or you can also include them in each of your blog posts. Google Adsense robots scan your Blog content before displaying ads on them. If Google bot finds out the valuable keywords and good traffic on your blog and useful content for their Ads, then Google will serve and show high-quality ads on your blog. Obviously, high-quality Ads will increase the CPC of your Blog and you will earn more from Adsense.

This does not mean that you have to only write about high paying keywords in each article. It is important to Get search engine traffic ( Organic Traffic) to your blog. Getting Traffic on high paying keywords is very difficult for Ordinary blogger because there is more competition. You need to Master SEO or need to become popular Blogger before focusing on only high paying keywords.

You write whatever you want, but research high CPC keywords and include them in few places of your article.

This like an advertiser and trending topic of multimedia example Patanjali is famous in India nowadays. What they are advertising on Television and other popular websites. The example you are writing about free items in your post, then possibly you get less CPC because none of the advertisers will pay high payout for free stuff from which they can’t make money. Always Keep in mind!, advertisers who are advertising through Google Adwords which display ads in all Adsense approved blogs. They need visitors reach their selling page through advertisement and able to sell the product through it.

Top 500 Low cpc Adsense list 2017 | Block these to Increase CPC

2) Use both Images and Text Ads on your blog.

Many people don’t like image Adsense ads in their blogs because they want Adsense ads to show like a link. So that people will easily click on a link like Adsense Ads. But in my experience, the multimedia and image ads help a lot in increasing CPC. If you are using Text only ads on your blog, Change them into an image with text Ads. You able to surely observe the difference in CPC in the next two weeks. I experimented this several times and on several places then I decided to use text and image ads together. It is true Google highly recommends Text and Image Ads on contents.

Reasons for using Imae Ads on your blog.

  • The Image ads are likely to be clicked by the user, therefore, it makes High CTR on your Adsense.
  • All famous product owners and Advertisers like to show their products and brands as an image or rich media, Therefore it results in high-quality Ads and increases Adsense CPC.
  • I prefer Only one image ad to be shown at a content instead of showing 3 to 4 text ads on each post. Image Ads result in good CPC Ads.
  • Therefore, More Adword advertisers will target your blog ad slots directly if you allow showing text and image ads together.

3) Using Too many Adsense Ads with the low content result in Less CPC

if you are using all three AdSense ad blocks with less number of words article on your blog then surely low CPC. Only use all 3 slots on your blog if your site has enough content to change these ads blog into valuable keywords ads.

If the articles on your website are short and it is not having rich keywords in their post, then Google robot AI will surely struggle to show high-paying, relevant and eye-catching ads for the visitors surfing your website. At the end, you will only get low CPC click which ends in low overall revenue.


4) Monitor your Higher CTR Ad with Custom Channels

I will like to tell you Channels are very important for Monitoring Adsense CTR. This will give you clear ideas of which Ads slots is performing well on your Blog. Measuring of ECPM ( Effective cost per mile), CPC, CTR, and earnings of each ad block on your website is important. I will suggest you Create custom channels for each ads slot in your website and also helps in monitoring the performance of two weeks. Monitoring Helps a lot in placing right ads slots which help to increase Adsense CPC.

How does Monitoring help in increasing Adsense CPC?

  • You can Remove the low-performing Ad slot from your website ( Decide by Monitoring CTR and final earnings of the blog). Now, Google will serve better ads to the other two ad slots left which are also performing well, so you CPC and earning will increase.

5) First Ad unit in the HTML Code Serves better ads on your Website

You may be having one ad in the header and another one inside the content of your post. So now which ad will load first on your website? Obviously, The ads in the header load first because that is in the first place of the HTML code. Google Adsense serves high paying and high-quality ads to first ad slot on the web page of your website for example header ad. By using the FIrst Ad in the HTML helps and increase Adsense CPC without many efforts.

Is the header Ad getting good CTR or not? you need to monitor that stuff. In case ad block inside the content is getting more clicks (gives higher CTR) as compared to header ad, But still, Google Adsense will serve good ads in the header of your web page. Therefore you wasting your click here on this point.

Google suggests to Adsense user that put your important ad slot inside a div tag of HTML code. Click to see what Google help page here says about div ad slot. Google Adsense robots will serve a better quality ad to the ad block inside a div tag in HTML code of web page. I will suggest you Use div tag to the good performing Adsense ad block. The ad block performing better according to the custom channel.

6) Do not try to use Accidental, Fraud and Useless Clicks on your website

Do not think you can easily make more money by clicking your ads yourself using different IPs, asking your friends, relatives, and others to click on your ads. Google can easily catch this fraud and will disable your Adsense account. When your Adsense account gets disabled you cannot take a single penny of your earning from Adsense. Also, you cannot apply for Google Adsense again.  Just by clicking on ads and then immediately closing the advertisers’ page will be notified to Google. Google give concern and care to their advertisers and take strict actions against fraud activities of other Adsense users. Accidental, fraud tricks will not increase Adsense CPC but will surely decrease it and also your earning.

Make sure that Adsense ads look like advertisements on your blog or website. Visitors are genuinely interested in those ads and then click on the ads to visit the advertiser’s page purposely. I will suggest you do not play with your theme and expect accident Adsense ads clicks. You cannot survive at all with accidental, fraud and quick closing ads click in a long-term race with Google AdSense. This definitely affects the CPC, when your blog visitors converted well by advertisers with quality clicks, then you may get quality high paying ads.


Three months ago my earning was 33.59$ which was too low.

how to increase Adsense CPC

Here is the current earning of my website exactly after 7 months, It is around 550$ monthly with just a single website.

tips to increase Google Adsense CPC

How I able to make more money than you? read the points given below.

  • Keep producing Good high-quality content on your website.
  • I will suggest you. Write for yourself and your blog readers, not for money.
  • Also, Generate good traffic from search engines this surely helps a lot in making more money.
  • Do not’ put all the ads slots in one place of your web page.
  • Do not try all the money making tricks at the same time on your website.
  • You can Experiment the ad positions on your website but do not overdo it. Otherwise, Google will think you are doing for bringing clicks.
  • Finally, do not motivate yourself in blogging only for money purpose and do it as a passion.

Be a better blogger for your readers, and also for other bloggers. This will also benefit you, And you surely can become a successful blogger in short period of time.

Feel free to leave valuable comments for us and keep visiting TopBestList for more information about Adsense blogging.

In the end, I will wish Good luck to all TopBestList readers. If you face any difficulty in reading and understanding “how to increase Adsense CPC” then contact us.

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