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ISS Street View-: Google Maps and NASA launched a new ‘Street View’ feature to allow the general people to explore the ISS (International Space Station), using pictures of space captured by astronauts. It is the latest technology news Google’s Street View developers team worked with NASA at the Johnson Space Center (Houston), Texas and Marshall Space Flight Center (Huntsville), Alabama to design gravity-free methods of collecting the imagery using DSLR cameras and other working equipment there at International Space Station. (Source: Google Maps)

ISS is Made up of 15 connected modules that float 400 kilometers above Earth surface. The International Space Station acts as a base for exploration of space. that makes possible future missions to the asteroids, Moon, and Mars.

Google Street View now allows you explore the ISS (International space station). This gives us chance to explore all of its 15 modules, who will likely never get to visit the ISS.

The new imagery gives permission to walk through the different modules, Google will also provide explanations for the equipment you will encounter during your journey. First Google Street View, I hope it will expand in future. using this feature you can move throughout different modules.

One of Space X’s Dragon vehicles was parked at the space station,  therefore you can also watch how cargo gets delivered to the space station.

How ISS street view help other by exploring space using google maps?

Scientists can easily collect data on the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and land surface. They can conduct experiments and studies that are not even possible on Earth.

These include: –
-monitoring of human body reacting towards microgravity.
-solving mysteries of the immune system of different living beings.
-studying cyclones, storms secrets to alert populations and government.
monitoring marine litter – the increasing amount of waste found in our oceans.
The ISS design is not bound by any gravitational pull and that means you need a full 360-degree view. Google’s controls sometimes make it difficult do so. It cannot face this kind of experience.
Now with Street View launches Now anyone can explore ISS give it a try yourself click here.

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