Best sites to learn Ethical Hacking to become a certified ethical Hacker online

learn ethical hacking

Best sites to learn Ethical Hacking

Actually, there are such sites which teach you the basics of Ethical hacking for Free of cost. has a lot of videos available on YouTube There are many websites which provides free PDF books regarding everything I would prefer start reading books, pdfs instead of watching videos for a beginner. I have links to lots of sites providing free tutorial videos, PDFs, ebooks regarding CEH, CCNA, ccnp, cyber security. Udemy though it is a premium site you will find some of the hacking course free and Cybrary is a great site to learn networking as well as hacking.

Top 10+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking and Programming

YouTube channels are the encyclopedia for everything with the help of youtube channels you can learn to hack. You will get most out of it if you know how to dive in it. Many premium courses of other sites are uploaded here. So go and try to get them there. Hackthissite This is an amazing site to learn as well as practice hacking. I highly recommend you to go through this site and stick to it. You will learn a lot from these sites also Hackaday, Hacksociety, Hackinthebox, Breakthesecurity, Hackingloops, SecTools , Happy Hacker, From DEV, Learn Hacking, Packet Storm Security, Metasploit , EvilZone Hacking Forum, Edx Coursera Udacity Future learnerLynda And torrent-u.

Warning:- This information is only for educational purposes only.

Free Ethical hacking Course for Limited Period of Time

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced! Just visit this link, enroll for the course – “The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced” & you are ready with a paid course for FREE. This course is an MOOC(Massive Open Online Course ) provided by UDEMY for 195$ but you will get it here for free for a limited period of time.

Benefits of taking this Ethical Hacking course online

The benefit of taking this course is that paid courses are a lot better in terms of quality & quantity than any free course. Also, you will get a CERTIFICATE of completion by Udemy as soon as you complete the course. You could generate the certificate on Udemy website itself. You can add this certificate to your Linkedin profile or wherever you wish.

Programmers can easily create .exe files to hack into any system

If you’re a programmer thou and you know various coding languages you can create .exe files that could exploit program vulnerabilities and transfer them with some social engineering.

How Ethical hacker Hack wifi password

I would like to tell you if you want to hack wifi then all those wifi hacking apps you saw on playstore are fake and scams. You want to hack into WPA-PSK. you’ll have to bypass the encrypted key by gaining control over the whole network. In some way or other because it is almost impossible to decrypt it from a 4 way-handshake encryption process.

You’ll have to gain access to particular files where the encrypted key is stored. Then overwrite those files to gain access to the network. If overwriting isn’t possible, then you’ll have to at least figure out a way to crack the encrypted password. Which is just a little away from being impossible. You’ll need a lot of software tools, networking knowledge and skills to go through all this. The rooted Android device isn’t going to be enough !

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