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Mini militia tricks

Recently, Many Mini Militia Beginners asked us questions about Mini Militia tips and tricks. So we will provide best and fair tricks to win like a pro. How to make a high score in Mini Militia? If you want to make high-score in Mini Militia follow these tricks. These will be 100% improvement in your game after following these tricks. Mastering mini militia takes time for a newbie because it takes the time to learn to handle Aim and jetpacks.

The mini militia has always been a favorite multiplayer game of every game. It is so addicted that you would have spent several days in playing Mini Militia game. Before you read full post answer these questions asked below.

– Are you a beginner to the Mini Militia?
– Do you want to become a pro gamer in the mini militia?
– Do you want to master Mini militia?

Even the small tricks and changes in your games will make a huge difference in your overall score. These tips will work on Android and IOS or whatever OS you will use to play. This tricks and tips are for those people who hate mini militia mods and hacks. Yes, there is not much fun using mods.

Mini Militia 4.0.11 Latest Mod with Pro Pack: Unlimited Ammo+Nitro

Everything About Mini Militia Tips iOS and Android Game

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia also known as DA2 Mini Militia is a free 2-dimension shooter game released on iOS and Android devices. The game was first released for iOS (iPhone) devices on 5 of April year 2011 and later on Google Play for Android devices on 18 of March year 2015. There are different playing modes in the games like a Training mode, Survival mode, Multiplayer mode, Playing Mode, and Mini militia online mode. Developers of Mini Militia are Appsomniacs LLC.  Platforms, where Mini Militia can be played, are Android and iOS it can be also played on other devices using emulators like Bluestack( android emulator for windows). This game can be played in Singleplayer mode or also Double player mode.

How to play Doodle Army 2 (Mini Militia) with friends from home online

Mini Militia Tips for Beginners or Newbie

  • Never get into a combat with a Pro player who has high scores and experience you can score more by killing the less experienced player. Sometimes high score players are also hackers.
  • Sniper Rifle and a shotgun is a great combination for a newbie to avoid close combats.
  • Do not go into combat when you have low ammo, a piston which does not make a powerful impact on enemies.
  • Always, Reload the weapon before starting the battle.
  • Avoid using hideouts if you cannot escape from the bomb.
  • Keep the fly power known as jetpacks, boost (blue bar) full whenever possible, it will be useful to escape from a battle.
  • Avoid getting in the middle of the battle which is been carried out by other players and try to kill them both from distance with using a bazooka.
  • Committing suicide is a better option when your health is low rather than donating the points to the other player by getting killed.
  • Try grabbing powerful weapons like double machine gun, shotgun, rifle,  AK47, sniper, and a rocket launcher during the combat.
  • Shield with a machine gun or revolver would make a great defense as well as offense.
  • There is no advantage in getting into a battle with hackers, you will just give away points.
  • Replace your weapons ASAP if there is low ammo in case you get into battle, try to get closer and use a melee attack or grenade.
  • Switch to Melee attack ASAP if it is a very close battle as the weapons may be ineffective.

Follow Mini Militia Tips and Tricks to be a Pro Gamer

  1.  Crouch down( sit down) when the opponent throws a grenade closer to minimize the damage.
  2. Leave a gas grenade (green bomb), proximity mines(sensor bomb) at the place where everyone respawns and try to remember those places. It will kill all the other players instantly who respawn at the same spot giving you extra points and increase your score without doing much.
  3. In close combats try to leave grenade instantly.Mini militia cheats
  4. If you see the red arrow mark that will indicate that enemy is nearby. Keep throwing grenades in that direction of the enemy.
  5. When you are surrounded by so many enemies. Throw grenades nearby and suicide with the help of it. Don’t allow them to grab points.Mini militia tips
  6. Crouch down(Sit down) when you have to shoot the opponent, makes less of your health vulnerable to bullets of militia trics
  7. When you die and you are about to respawn. Keep the jetpack pad(controls) dragged up and continuously tap on the melee(hand attack) button when points table is shown. This will keep you from dying even kills opponents with the help of melee while you Militia latest tricks
  8. In case health is low and your opponent throws a grenade don’t move back or you will be moving with the grenade and will surely die instead move upward or forward opposite to the grenade direction.
  9. Use Melee button(hand killing) while flying to fly or move faster. This gives you an extra thrust while flying. But remember to keep your gun aim in the same direction you are moving in.
  10. Buy Pro Pack if you enjoy playing mini militia online. This will cost you $1 but unlocks many features of the game. Or you can download Mini Militia Hack from here for Free of cost!.mini militia tips and tricks
  11. Most of the gamers do not enhance their weapons from the store. Add-ons from the store provide you extra upgrades like Gas bombs at the start, more accuracy for your battle points. Head over to Settings>Store to buy them.Mini militia tricks and tips
  12. In settings>configure> 2x Zoom will provide more view to the maps like sniper will have 2x zoom + 8xzoom=10x zoom. Not many players know about this.
  13. EMP guns and grenades can also blast the proximity or sensor bombs from distance.

mini militia fair tips

During Game Play Tips Doodle Army 2 Mini militia

Follow these Mini Militia tips and tricks for iOS and Android to win the game easily.

  • When the game starts or you respawn, do not run into a battle to kill someone. First make yourself fully equipped with good weapons.
  • Run opposite or upward to the direction of Bomb thrown to avoid it.
  • Place sensor bombs in respawn places also in bushes.
  • Reload your weapons when no one is around or behind small hideouts like walls.
  • Best Weapon combinations for the mini militia is rocket launcher with machine AK47, a shotgun with a sniper, Sniper rifle with the cutter.
  • Always try to keep two guns in hand.
  • Try to attack other players who are battling will be at low health. It will be Easy to kill them.
  • Shoot into Bushes and throw grenades into bushes before passing through them. There may be players hiding inside them.
  • You can kill a person easily with Shield by using the melee attack(hand attack) button on the screen.
  • With perfect block using a shield, you can even protect yourself from saw cutter, grenades, snipers, and missile.

We all hate players who lag and kill us without knowing. We face such a enemies every day in Mini militia. Sometimes they move very fast like a Quick silver or Flash and sometimes they get stuck in the air you can’t kill them and they won’t move. Do hit satisfying bullets to them sooner or later when you find them stuck somewhere. When these players get out of lag thing they will die giving extra points to you. Keep moving to avoid laggy players kill you do not stay at one place.

Best Weapon Combination for Mini Militia tips

Close Range best weapons– Shot Gun and Flame Thrower very useful in tunnels and hideouts.

Medium Range weapons – M4 (5x) and AK47 (4x) useful to attack while running away from the opponent.

Long Range weapons – Sniper Rifle, Rocket launcher,  Saw Cutter, and Rifle. You need to learn the above tips to use them.

Dual Revolver is a very powerful weapon if you have nice aiming skills.

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So these were some of the famous Mini Militia tricks and tips most of the pro players use these tricks to stay on the top. Try implementing them in your game and watch your score and ranks grow quickly. Comment here to tell which one of the trick is your favorite. In case you have any tip or trick you can share it with Topbestlist it will get updates with your name and profile link.

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If you have not downloaded this game yet then you can download Mini Militia from Google Play for Android devices link is given below.

Mini Militia -
Mini Militia -
Price: Free

Download Mini Militia for iOS devices below is the iOS( MAC app  store link) for the game

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia
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