How to Move Unity Desktop Launcher Position from Left to Bottom of Screen Ubuntu 16.04

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The latest version of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS also includes a long-awaited feature for what people were waiting from long ago that is “Change Unity Desktop Launcher Position from default left to the bottom”. Now you can finally move the position of Unity desktop’s launcher easily to the bottom of your desktop screen. It is not locked anymore only on the left side in Linux Ubuntu Latest version 16.04. However, to use this amazing feature there is a requirement for a terminal command or any Any other sources software/tools. You will not find it in Ubuntu’s normal System Settings window but you can move it easily with the help of simple command.

Despite this new feature for users, the Linux Ubuntu Unity 7 desktop environment is still restrictive in other terms. You can only move your unity launcher bar of Ubuntu to the left side of the desktop screen or to the bottom but not to the right or top of your desktop screen. But at least most people prefer bottom as in windows and it also gives wider look on the screen and it is stepping in the right direction.

#1 Method one: You can Run and use Terminal Command to change the position of ubuntu unity 7 launchers.

This will only be required a single terminal command from admin. And you do not need to worry–even in the case, you have never used any terminal command before this one. You can also run this command in few seconds with the help of simple copy and paste method.

First, you need to open a terminal window of your Linux Ubuntu 16.04. To easily open this, You need to click on the Ubuntu icon at the top-left corner of your desktop screen and open the Dash and then simply search for the “Terminal”, and finally press Enter. You can also use shortcut keys to open terminal just type ctrl+alt+T and you are done.

Either Copy and paste the following command or type it by yourself into the terminal window and then press Enter to finish. Yes, The Unity launcher will immediately appear at the bottom of your desktop screen after typing this command. Even you do not have to reboot your system or log in/log out.

The command is written below inside [] copy it and paste into a terminal window by using right click. You cannot use a ctrl+v shortcut to paste commands in terminal but you can use right click to paste it.

[ gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom ]

And I would like to tell you Ubuntu will remember your settings. So you will never have to run the same command again and again. From now onwards the launcher will always appear at the bottom of your window screen when you sign in.

It is easy to move back the unity launcher back t its original position left the side of the screen again. So do not worry about it and run the following command instead: –

[ gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Left ]

#2 Option Two to change the position of Unity Launcher: You can intall and use Unity Tweak Tool: –

Unity Tweak software Tool for unbuntu is a third-party software tool or application that allows users to easily control unity launcher and many other hidden Unity desktop features. Unity tweak tool has quite a few options you can easily configure, from the icons animations to user workspace behavior, And only a few of them are exposed in linux Ubuntu’s interface.

To download and install unity tweak tool, open Software application included with Ubuntu, and search for “Unity Tweak Tool” to install.

Now, Launch this application and click on the “Unity tweak tool Launcher” icon, you will find it under Unity.

Click on the “Bottom-right” of Position in Appearance heading. Also it is easy set back unity launcher to the “Left position” from here. With this tool unity launcher of ubuntu will immediately move to that side of the screen you selected.

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#3 Option Three: Change the Setting with Dconf Editor to change the position of Unity Launcher: –

You can also prefer to use the Dconf Editor app to change position if unity launcher of ubuntu linux 16.04 instead of using the gsettings terminal command. Well, There is no real advantage of doing it. This way it is quicker to run terminal commands. But it is just another option for the same. You can use any of the option given above choice is yours.

Well if you prefer this method then here is the “guide how to install dconf editor in ubuntu 16.04”.
To easily install and use this tool. First open your Software application and then search for the “Dconf Editor” app, and finally install it.

secondaly, Launch “Dconf Editor” app and move on to the location com -> canonical -> unity -> launcher.

finally Click on the “launcher-position” in the right pane of your screen. Set it to the “Bottom.” of your screen. You can also set position back to “Left” whenever you want.

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Yes, It would be really nice if Ubuntu provide any easy method to control this option. The default System Setting tool–likely under Appearance pane. But this option has not yet been added to linux Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus when it launched. It is unlikely, it will ever be added because you can do anything on linux easily. Well, Ubuntu users finally have officially supported methhod to move unity launcher towards the bottom of the computer screen, so it is hard to complain too much now.

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