Searching Tricks For Information on Google That 99% People Don’t Know With Pictures

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In this article, I will tell you some searching tricks on google that you never heard before.
I am sure that you do not know, What is the right|correct way to search on google for any kind of information?
What is the use of these “-” and  “~” symbols in searching?
What is the use of these symbols on search phrase?
Nowadays technology becomes very advanced, and this Advanced technology with super fast Internet speed, using search engines now you can find Any kind of information quickly. In the few seconds, we can find recipes quickly and can make a different kind of food with different taste.

I mostly write about SEO ( search engine optimization ) but I am sure that you will find this article very interesting and useful. While looking for deep knowledge of SEO and online marketing, keyword research, backlinking tools, Google  Trends, Online marketing, backlinking, site rank checker. Facebook, and other things I came across this article. I found this very interesting so wanted to share these searching tricks with all of you. So, you can reach the right information you wanted to search. I am not sure all the tricks will work on other search engines as well but I am sure about they will work on Google.

We need effective methods of searching on a search engine to find the right information. It is very difficult to know what we need to search for when we are not having full knowledge of the subject. Example People face a lot of difficulties when they need to search for an answer to any Maths question. Yes, I would like to tell you it is very difficult to search maths solution on search engines. Finding results of Boolean algebra simplification questions is very difficult if you are weak in Boolean algebra.

1. Search between Either this or that (Either this| or that)

Sometimes we are not sure that the information we remembered is correct or the keyword we need to start our search will give a right result on search engines. By using ‘|’ this special symbol you can separate keywords for the same topic and you can also use keyword OR  Instead of the special symbol ‘|’ i.e is used for OR. Then it is very easy to choose the result that makes the most sense for our search. example Harry Potter | book, John or WWE, WWF | undertaker and so on.

Example Harry Potter | book, John or WWE, WWF | undertaker and so on.

about search query or search engines

2. Searching using synonyms to find the right result

The English language is full of synonyms and same words can have different meanings which make search engines AI to give the wrong results. Sometimes this can be very important and convenient when we doing online research on the specific topic. If you want to find sites on a given subject you want rather than those subjects that include a specific phrase. Add this “~” symbol to your search keyword to find right site with your category example is given below.

Example, if you search for the keyword healthy you can search “healthy ~Diet” then you will get results on the principles of healthy diet, cooking recipes of a balanced diet, as well as healthy eating and dining options.

how to search

3. Searching articles within sites you want to read

Sometimes you read a knowledgeable article on an Internet on any site and find yourself wanting to reread the same article on other day or wants to share it with your friends online. The simplest way to find the same article again is to search within the site name it belongs to And To do this first type the address of the site and then a term or keyword or the entire phrase from the article you want to find, the result will show up quickly.

searching methods on google

4. Use of asterisk in Searching

When we forget one keyword, term, phrases, or numbers we want to find what we are looking for in actual, you can use the powerful “*” symbol in such cases. You Just need to use this in the place of the phrase, number or word you cannot remember anymore, and I am sure search engines will able to find what you are looking for in actual.

search not found on google

5. When lots of words are missing from the phrase that you want to search for

If it is more than 10 line phrase and you cannot remember more than a single key word from that phrase, try to write AROUND + the approx number of missing words between the first and last word of the phrase. Example: – Twinkle AROUND(3) star or Baba AROUND(4) Wool.

search maths solutions

6. Use of time frame in search

Sometimes we urgently wanted to search for events that occurred during a certain period of time and we know the time and event. To do that you can add a time frame to your search term by using three dots between the dates of the event. For example, if you want to find out the history of the British rule in India in the 20th century, we can search for “British rule in India 1900-2000.”

12 ways to search information

7. Searching for a URL or TITLE

To help find the keywords or term with the name of an article you want to search, you can type like Intitle:YourKeyword before the search keyword, without any blank spaces between them. In order to find the words from a URL, you can use Inurl:YourKeyword.

google search algo

8. Finding similar websites

If you have found something you really love to watch online and want to reach similar sites for that you can type in “related:” and then the address of the website, again type without a space between the keyword and site. example

how google search algorithm works?

9. Search in order you want to search for i.e Whole phrases

Framing the search keyword within “quotation marks” is the easiest and also most effective way to find out something specific and in the exact same order you typed it in for the search.

For example, if you type in the keywords Let me be your hero baby quotation without quotation marks, the search engine will give the results wherever all these terms appear in any following order on a site, So they can be in Any order.

If you type “Let me be your hero baby” within quotation marks then you will get only those results where these words appear only in the order you typed them for a search. This is the best way to find out the lyrics of a song on word wide web when you only knew one line from the whole song.

searching tips

10. Remove Unimportant search words

To remove unimportant search words i.e the words that you do not want to search for any query, then simply you can write a minus operator before each one of them. For example, if you want to search for a website about interesting computer games, but you are not looking to buy those games then, you can simply write the following query: God of War -Buy.

Searching tricks

11. How to search anything with Pictures

Yes, You can search for anything on Google and other search engines with Pictures. For that, You need to type the search keyword and then in the end type With pictures. Example, How to make a drone with pictures. This query will give result about making a drone with pictures.

12. If you know programming languages then you know the use of “&&”

Same like in trick first i.e about OR (symbol “|”) this time I  am going to show you the use of And symbol “&&” in searching information on Google. Why I am writing  Google everywhere because I am not sure all these tricks will work on every search engines but on Google I use them myself. I am mastering SEO so this is one of my Job to know more about search engines. You can use “&&” example Taj Mahal && Lucknow. This search query will give result related to Taj Mahal in Lucknow.

14. You can also do step by step search on Google as well

For that, you need to type queries like how to make Aeroplane step by step with pictures.

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