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Today I will share 10 methods to easily speed up WordPress Website Performance:- Many people asked me how to increase WordPress website performance. Performance of your WordPress website can be increased by making it faster. Check what Google Page insight says about your WordPress website. If Google Page insight and Alexa shows your WordPress website is slow then use these methods to speed up your WordPress website. You must be facing slow loading on your WordPress dashboard section or on Your page load and do not have any clue how to solve the speed issues of WordPress (WP)? then this tutorial surely helps you out to solve these issues easily. You can also solve slow backend issue on WordPress sites which hosted on dedicated servers with many resources and data, You can solve slow sites issue lagging issues on WordPress using these methods, You do not need to hire developer or freelancer to solve slow, lagging issues on your WordPress sites just go through the below methods and steps to make your WordPress site faster and speedy.
Everyone knows Mostly front-end i.e designing part of most of the websites works fast but backend i.e coding part lag and sometimes causes too much trouble like permanent lag or site crash issues, so do not panic and start solving all these issues one by one.

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Check these Steps To speed up WordPress Website performance:-

1. Good WordPress Hosting: – Good hosting Improve WordPress website speed.

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I think at this point you should be very careful while choosing WordPress hosting service for your website as it plays an important role in website performance. If you plan to choose shared hosting provider then go for Bluehost or Siteground take the extra inch measures to optimize your website for performance at its level best. However, on shared hosting, you simply share the same server resources with many other happy customers. This means that if your neighboring website gets tons of traffic, then it can affect the entire server performance in which it will turn your website slower.

2. Try Optimizing your site: – Optimization of WordPress sites helps a lot in speeding up.

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Sometimes it’s important to optimize your database as it can speed up a website , this is a simple task and very easy as well as helpful for long-term blogger websites, Here WP-Optimize WordPress plugin will make your work simple. Simply install WP-Optimize WordPress plugin and run it, now it will remove spam comments, auto drafts, revision, PingTrack and other things that can slow down of the website. After successful optimization, you are going to see some major difference in performance.

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3. W3 Cache Plugin: – This is an amazing plugin to speed up any WordPress site.

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I personally will highly recommend you to download and install W3 cache plugin to speed up Wordpress website front end with one disadvantage it can lag your backend. To speed up Wordpress website speed we enable everything this plugin that it offered but many bloggers don’t exactly know what these options are going to do. Some of the options may have slowed your backend is Object cache, You have to fix this issue just go to W3 cache plugin setting and uncheck Object cache and save settings, you will notice a huge difference.

4. Fewer Resources and More Consumption: – Keep fewer Resources on Your WordPress site to clean up RAM.

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WordPress alone cannot handle our website that is why we need plugins and themes to design our website more creative and dynamic. Yes, Adding more plugins to our website increase our website functionality but it also increases resources consumption on our website. So it is a most common issue with your plugins and themes that you face daily, an easy method is to find a plugin which is causing lag on your website is by deactivating all plugins one at a time and comparing the results each time. If you do not want to lose the functionality of that plugin then you need to buy a paid plugin or have to get more resources to speed up your site again.

Update your site daily with latest themes and plugins so that your site will get index by Google this will also help out in speeding up, old versions of plugins will also make your site to lag if your plugin or theme developer has stopped updating them long ago then try to use another alternative plugin or alternative themes instead of that one or hire a Web developer to keep everything updated on your site.

5. Optimize images

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Do you know WordPress has a popular image optimizer plugin called that will drastically reduce the file size of an image, while not reducing quality.

This plugin can reduce the pain of manual image compression and incredibly save lots of time that can be used in writing article.

The main thing to be noticed about this plugin is its free plugin called WP-SmushIt which will do all the above-described process within seconds, as you are uploading them.

#6. Limit Post Revisions

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Yes, Post revisions occupy space in your WordPress database. Some blogger believes that revisions can also affect some database queries run by plugins. If the plugin doesn’t specifically exclude post revisions, it might slow down your site by searching through them unnecessarily.

But, for this kind of problem, we have a perfect solution. You can easily limit the number of revisions that WordPress keeps for each written article. Simply add this line of code given below to your wp-config.php file.

define( ‘WP_POST_REVISION’ , 4 );

This code will successfully limit WordPress to only save your last 4 revisions of each and every page or post and will discard older revisions automatically.

7. Add LazyLoad to your images

alternatives to Lazyload plugin WordPress

Lazy loading makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth. LazyLoad is the process of having only the images. Lazy load plugin replaces all your gravatar images, post thumbnails, post images and content iframes with a small placeholder and loads the content as soon as when the visitor scrolls the page. This plugin also works with text widgets.

Install the jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin.

8. Use CloudFlare

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CloudFlare is a CDN that stands for Content Delivery Network. But I think CloudFlare is most popular CDN that is used by many bloggers. As CloudFlare speed up WordPress website performance.

If you are installing and running, CloudFlare, along with the W3 Total Cache plugin, is really a strong combination of plugins(they integrate with each other) that will greatly improve not only the speed but the security of your website too.

#9. Reinstalling WordPress

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If you fail several times but and any of the methods didn’t work for you. Then don’t get panic just try to reinstall WordPress files but be careful try this when you know how to do that in right way, otherwise you may lose your important data. Make sure to Create backups before doing anything.

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