Tips to Create High Quality Backlinks for your website or Blog

Quality backlinks

Google loves those websites which have a high number of relevant pages linked to them and they rank that site higher than the others. But link building ( getting quality backlinks ) is much difficult to survive a Google updates like Penguin.

About Organic Backlinks

They are the ones that are created naturally by the social profiles, websites, nd blogs that refer to your site just because it has complete content on a topic and also include a link back to your site as a reference.

  • Organic backlinks helps to get liking by search engines.
  • This is a practice to getting known to the audience of a site that you have no access to.
  • It will increase your popularity in your niche and help you in getting known as an authority figure.

How to Create High quality Backlinks ?

I will suggest you to Write excellent and unique content .Wikipedia, the only reason for people and sites including blogs linking to it is that, it has rare ,to the point and complete content. Your Site content has to be Epic and Detailed. We also have to keep in mind that detailed and complete content can be summarized. try to summarizes it as much as you can , so that your visitors will like . Provide high quality pictures and videos.

Alexa ranking-

Alexa ranking has more benefit to your website than link building, Low Alexa ranking to a record will attract bloggers to your site in list of posts like Top 10 bloggers based on Alexa, etc., and will also give you a genuine backlinks .

Guest Posting –

Guest posting only for link building is severely a crime in the eyes of Google, but genuine guest posts including a link that is relevant to the topic, inside the post is a great source for backlinking.

Relationship Blogging –

Building relationship with bloggers , content writers and with authority bloggers in your connection can have benefits in creating orgnic backlinks. Try their blog, and visit their favorite social media site too. Grab their attention by commenting on their posts,tagging them and asking for help.

When it comes to thanking them, thanks them personally. Send them short email if they are not active on social media sites . In this way you can come under their reach, and you can build a relationship with them that will result in an exchange of links. I have also many good blogging friends among whom is Khitij CEO of ,  , Ibrahim CEO of and i also own Techcarnival.

Create a unique app or software tool –

You must be thinking how the app can help you in backlink stuff . Well i will suggest you if you have a unique app you can become popular with it and there is many sites and people who love to get conntected with you . I will write more tips to create backlink in future example reverse guest posting and other stuff .

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