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Read this Article to know more about Android and to download the best Android launchers. Here you can Download most popular Android launcher like iOS launcher, apex launcher, Nokia z launcher, Launcher Lab, Microsoft Arrow, Action Launcher, Google Now, Go launcher, Smart launcher 3, Nova and much more
. Android operating system is the best operating system own by Google Pvt Ltd you can download these android launchers from Google Play Store.

Top 10 Best Android Launchers of 2017

If you are bored with your default Android OS launcher then I will like to suggest you that you can change the look of your device. To change the look of your device you need to download different launchers. Here is the list which will help you to choose your favorite Android launcher.

1. Apex Launcher

Best Launchers for Android 2018
Apex Launcher is one of the best Android launchers among the list, This launcher has smooth performance and supports extra great level of customization.
It creates a difference of standard from other Android Launchers.

But, what about its Pro version has the fantastic Apex Notifier service, that pushes notifications to a widget on your home screen. Therefore it features a lot of new things.

  • Scrollable docks.
  • Folder and app icon customization.
  • Backup and restore.
  • Great transitional effects.
  • Infinite and elastic scrolling.
  • Smooth home screen gestures.
  • Sortable app drawer.
  • Customizable grid and home screen size.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requires: Android v.2.1 or above.
Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
Developer: Android Does
Price: Free

2. Nokia Z Launcher

Top launchers for Android 2018

Nokia z launcher is Simplest yet most innovative android launcher I have ever seen before. It is my personal favorite and best android launcher. I would have placed it at the top. But due to the use of Apex Launcher has development and custom ROMs, This was the reason I make it number one launcher. However, for those who don’t have any interest in development and custom ROMs, I would suggest it is best android launchers ever to use by me.

Here is what it can do for you smoothly:

  • Gives premium look to your smartphone
  • Adapt – It learns to promote the right stuff at the right time
  • Scribble – Scribble a letter to find what you want
  • Launch – Apps, contacts, or websites
  • Gestures based launcher.
  • Easiest to Use
  • Price: Free
  • Required: Android 4.1+

3. Launcher Lab

best Android Launchers 2018

What about Launcher Lab launcher it provides one of the best and coolest interfaces on Android screen. It supports almost ultimate customization. It provides the facility to design home screen with various editing tool like the image, home screen widgets, weather, Yappieee Wallpaper, text etc.

People from all over the world upload their customized themes and you can pick anyone suitable for you and that too free yuppie. This has truly cool feature.

  • Customize home screen with spin style option
  • Switch seamlessly from portrait/landscape.
  • The simple yet effective way of customization.
  • MIUI type interface.
  • Good User Interface compared to others.
  • One of the best home-screen app.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requires: Android v.2.1 or above.

Launcher Lab - DIY Themes
Launcher Lab - DIY Themes

4. Microsoft Arrow

Top Android launchers 2018

Now Microsoft has entered into the android market with the huge bang. Microsoft has launched its first ever android launcher call Microsoft Arrow which is best and simplest launchers. The best part about arrow is its unique design and a Quite fast response is the key point with this launcher.

  • Other unusual features are hidden
  • Center of attraction.
  • Customizable app icons and drawer.
  • Fastest scrollable docks
  • Covers and Shutters.
  • Quickdraws.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requires: Android v.4.0 or above.

5. Action Launcher

Most popular Android launchers 2018

If you are tired of your slow smartphone then this launcher is just developed for you guys. This is one of the fastest and Best Android Launchers ever. It allows you to access various functions easily through the menu.

  • Easy backup/restore supported.
  • Fastest scrollable docks over other launchers.
  • Covers and Shutters.
  • Infinite and elastic scrolling for smooth control.
  • Change themes instantly with a Quick theme.
  • QuickDrawer and Quickbar.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requires: Android v.4.1 or above.

6. Line Launcher

What is Android launcher?

The line launcher is basically a messenger but has launched its launcher too. Line launcher allows you to do many customizations. Line store provides icons, ringtones, New wallpapers calendar etc.

  • Comes with memory booster and battery saver options.
  • Highly customizable home-screen / app drawer.
  • Over 3000+ themes that are free to reach.
  • Advance “Comprehensive Search”.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requires: Android v.4.0.3 or above.
LINE Launcher
LINE Launcher
Price: Free

7. Google Now

Free Android launchers 2018

If you are a regular internet user then I would suggest, you must go through it once. Google’s own stock android launcher has been updated and is now up for grabs as soon as possible.

  • You’ll get more traditional widgets.
  • One of the best Android launchers.
  • Google voice search is integrated.
  • Fast and reliable launcher for Android smartphones.
  • Updated frequently to get fix bugs.
  • Tremendous reputation in the play store.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requires: Android v.2.1 or above.
Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

8. Go Launcher

premium Android Launchers 2018

Go Launcher was one of the oldest launchers any Android users ever heard about. This is the Best Android Launchers for the advanced users and for the beginners too.


  • Infinite scrolling for the mobile experience.
  • One of the oldest yet best Android launchers.
  • Widgets like weather, clock, and calendar widgets are packed.
  • You can quickly mutate app drawer.
  • Apps can be sorted by Type, date, and frequency of use.
  • Astonishing transition effects.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requires: Android v.2.0 or above.

9. Smart Launcher 3

list of Best Android launchers 2018

Smart Launcher is that only one launcher, which has always been in high demand. There are most of them which fade with increasing time. This is among best Android launchers just because of its innovative features that it has.

  • Clear Interface.
  • Lockscreen Notifications
  • Smart Dial feature brings easiness to callers.
  • Flat Screen detection ( when you keep it on a flat surface, the screen automatically turns off )
  • Minimalist design approach.
  • Price: Free
  • Requires: Android v.2.2 or above.
Smart Launcher 5
Smart Launcher 5

10. Nova

Nova Android launcher 2018

Nova Launcher is one the Best Android Launchers 2017 you will ever see in launcher app. The Nova and Apex launcher both, following below are the two 3D launchers and 3D Animations, Wallpapers are a part of this launcher.

  • Infinite scroll
  • Easy backup/restore feature.
  • Easily scrollable docks.
  • .Fantastic scroll effect.
  • Hide apps within the drawer.
  • Distinct folder icons.
  • Custom grid options.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requires: Android v.2.2 or above.
Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free

 These were top 10 android launcher that I used personally before making this top 10 launcher list. All the launcher works great. We would highly recommend you to use once all the above launcher and comment below which launcher do you like the most.

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