Top 10+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking and Programming

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Top 10+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking/Programming:- If you want to become government certified ethical hacker then these best 12 youtube channel will let you to learn ethical hacking and programming. Here you ca learn online without investing a penny. This youtube channel are only for educational purpose please don’t try to misuse them.

Top 10+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking/Programming

#1 Thenewboston | Learn Programming YouTube

Thenewboston youtube channel has over 4300+ videos to learn from and more than 1.5 million subscribers all over the world. Usually, this youtube channel focusses on programming languages. Thenewboston videos provide the tutorial for hacking too. The name who manages this youtube channel is Bucky Roberts and teaches about coding through the videos. His coding videos are easy to learn and understand.

#2 Derek Banas

This 2nd rated youtube channel Derek Banas has over 550k subscribers and a collection of 790+ videos as of now. The way he explains the concept of programming in a single video that makes the video quite interesting. Trust us you can choose this channel for learning programming.

#3 ProgrammingKnowledge

This is one of the best channel to check for programming video’s tutorials. No doubt programmers can learn a variety of programming over this channel. Videos tutorials provide several android tutorial to C++, Java, python, etc. Major part of this channel is it has over 305.5k subscribers and over 1109 videos to refer on it.

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#4 Hak5 | YouTube Hacking Channel

Remember one most important thing that there are two channels treading with the same name prevailing on YouTube. One channel has a massive collection of subscribers of over 297k subscribers while on other hand channel has merely 11.2k followers. Buth if we talk about collective video both channels collective have over 1659 videos. This channel has collected all the popularity due to its outstanding quality of videos.

#5 totally focusses on web designing and development concept. This channel tells you about several languages like JavaScript, jQuery, etc. The videos provide pieces of notes and clearly explain the process of becoming a professional web designer. It has over 273.5k happy subscribers and over 130 videos to be checkout.

#6 Treehouse

The main motto or aim of this channel is to educate its viewers about coding stuff. Basically, Topics of coding varies in C, python etc are included in its educational videos. It also provides the viewers with simple advice and live interviews. It has over 135k subscribers and a total of 390 videos.

#7 Penetration Testing in Linux

Here comes with a huge number of followers 26.5k and has a total number of 367 videos at the present moment, it is one of the most popular channel in its well-cleared category. The main aim of this channel is tested the penetration level of any website, account and secure network etc. Although you can learn various tips of hacking accounts, websites, etc.

#8 Dedsec

This youtube channel name Dedsec has a combination of several penetration testing, hacking tricks etc. It has over collection of 20k happy subscribers and over 90 videos with a clear variety of content to learn.

#9 Open Security Training

Open security t channel delivers a concise knowledge about ethical hacking tricks and techniques to its over 18.7k happy subscribers with the help of 300+ videos at the present moment.

#10 justprogramming

Ethical hacking tutorial: This channel on YouTube is quite popular as they have over 17k happy subscribers and a collection of more than 347 videos. These videos can teach you about decompilation, reverse engineering, buffer overflow attacks etc. Learn ethical hacking and become the best hacker.

#11 Vivek Ramachandran

This Indian YouTube channel has over 9k excited followers with a range of 220 videos. They focuses on teaching and learn ethical hacking skills to its viewers and subscriber. So Tech lovers go and find this channel to be quite interesting and educational.

#12 CEH v8

What CEH stands for ? It’s Certified Ethical Hacker. This channel is a preferred by those who wish to appear for CEH Ethical Hacking examination course. CEH exam provides you with a government approved certificate as an ethical hacker.

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