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Hello guys, when I first started using Alexa I got amazed this site used to show our rank changes on daily basis. I able to check my rank daily and able to analyze my most common Search Engine optimization mistakes. Then I thought there must be more similar sites like Alexa and I started searching for them. I got amazed when I starting using all these sites like Alexa. These sites help me out to compare my site traffic against other sites. It helps me out to compare my website with other popular sites. I able to analyze my mistakes, Monthly traffic, Backlinks, annual traffic and what common mistakes I am doing.

List of websites Similar to Alexa

Alexa is a website that helps you in improving seo of your page. It measures your page traffic on the basis of daily traffic, monthly traffic, annual traffic. It also suggests and shows rival websites.Shows number of backlinks of your website. There are also other features of Alexa which are not free you need to try 9 days paid version of Alexa to enjoy those features and I assure you that it will surely improve your website rank. Well, I own Topbestlist and I worked so hard to create backlinks for my websites. I post everything I came through in this hard work to help all of you. so why we need top 10 websites like Alexa well answer is simple and you know it. It is only for analysis purpose.


If you want to see top backlinks checker tools visit this article. You can also check out this article to know how to make high-quality relevant backlinks for your site. Social Media also play important role in any business and SEO check out this post to become famous on Social Media sites. Do not follow these mistakes in your social media sites marketing if you are a businessman. If your site is on WordPress do not forget to check out these fastest WordPress themes as a blogger to make your site rank up fast.


Similar web well I think it will help you out if you have more than one website and if there is a lot of rivals website. With the help of the similar web, you can compare all the websites all together including your website. it helps you to know where your website stands on as compared to other sites. it also helps you to find out how other websites are getting traffic and how you are getting traffic. what is positive about your website and where your website lacks by comparing them with your rival’s website. I compare my website Tech Carnival and Topbestlist with my friend website Techlad.in and Crackout.in I able to know that my friend is getting only organic traffic search engine but I am having better bounce rate in topbestlist .


Well, paradox seo will help you to improve seo of your website. there is also WordPress plugin available for it. It fixes website’s seo problems and also gives tips to improve your website seo. ParadoxSEO is an amazing website to check out SEO and These searching tricks on google. I will recommend you to visit PARADOXSEO.COM and learn more about SEO. This site will surely help you out to learn new things about SEO.

#3 GOOGLEadplanner : –

Well, it is just like Alexa. It is Alexa alternative most people also work on google ad planner .googleadplayer is now known as Google display planner. Google ad planner is also amazing website to help you out in placing type of google AdSense advertisement on your site. There are some low CPC sites which will also help you out to increase your Adsense earning check them out. I will recommend you to use Googleadplanner it is one of the amazing sites of Google. Well, I believe Google is amazing in itself.


Just like google ad planner quantcast tools provide information about a website’s traffic and audience demographics/interest. In the end, whatever tools you use depends on your desired outcomes. If you are looking to gain competitive intelligence on websites, tools like Compete and Hitwise are good choices. From a media buyer’s perspective, DoubleClick and Quantcast will probably provide the most relevant information.


I do not find it very useful but WOLFRAMAALPHA grabs its data from Alexa and will display the actual traffic estimate as well as an adjustable time series if you hit “show more” or “show history” (do not recall the actual button names). I have always wondered why Alexa refuses to show actual estimates but allows WOLFRAMAALPHA to do it with their data…If you want something else then yes, I suggest you use Quantcast.


It provides an amalgamation of ranking, twitter conversations about the site, social bookmark data, and it will attempt to discover the technologies at use. well, if you want to be Successful in Online Marketing then check out this amazing article about SEO. QUARKBASE.com is famous site analysis tool which is in actual a site itself. It is famous and It features help out SEO specialist in many aspects.

#7 COMPETE : –

It is not bad and also helps in seo and analysis of any website. As compared to other sites like Alexa I put compete on #7 but it doesn’t mean that Compete.com is not a good site. It helps out to check your site rank, Inbound links, outbound links, country traffic, world traffic and much more. Compete will surely shock you out if you use all these sites together. You will able to become SEO expert if you able to understand the use of these sites.


It is not popular but I believe it is one of the best for seo analysis and traffic analysis my personal recommendation. Siteprice.org is one of the amazing sites to check the price of your size, do get serious with the price they mention your site will surely cost more than that. It is just some average value of your site which is based on traffic, backlinks and other analysis. Siteprice.org shows up your site price in dollar. This site also shows up your Alexa world rank.


Well, you can also go for it. It is just another best alternative. I hope you enjoyed reading full article this time I will not waste your time in telling you to exactly the same thing. Well, I used up all sites and they are different to Alexa in some of the services and tools. But what makes them similar to Alexa is their usability in SEO. ADclarity.com is famous in itself why not to check it out by yourself? Most of the people use the sites mentioned in this post in India to check up their site rank. India is a country with many religion, with so many different people and so on.


Informer Amazon is an amazing website for traffic and audience analysis. Most of you are familiar with this site and you all knew what makes it similar to Alexa. This site is famous between bloggers as well as web developers. Amazon is the name that is famous in itself, therefore, most of the people are familiar with this site who are in SEO and blogging.  I am not saying non-bloggers also knew about this site, they surely knew about amazing but they never thought that Amazon also runs this type of service.

I am Syed Ali and I am assuring you that you will never waste your time by reading my post this post is about top 10 websites like Alexa. I wrote this article after proper research and also with my personal experience so if you have any questions and want to know more about blogging and web designing contact me on Facebook or WhatsApp. Well, I am a lover of Android games like mini militia, the clash of clans, world cricket championship 2, 8 Ball pool, Frontline commando d day. Minecraft, shadow fight 2,
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