Top 17 Best Smartphones in the world

Top 17 Best Smartphones in the World- Here we are back with a new list of best smartphones in the world that cover all the major feature of the latest technology introduced and some extra and improved built camera, music and etc features. These are the best smartphones that we search according to their performance, camera, OS and etc features.

Top 17 Best Smartphones in the World

1. Google Pixel XL


This smartphone stands 1st in our list. This is the newly Launched phone by Google. Topping the best smartphone list it’s a bigger, stronger and longer-lasting version of it. This phone covers all the major feature that makes it on the top of the list.

2. Google Pixel

This smartphone stands 2nd on our listI’m sure this is definitely one of the most integrated smartphones in the market that Google has ever brought out of their bandwagon.

3. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

This smartphone stands 3rd in our list a bigger battery, RAM and screen capacity are all the things this bad boy brings to the smartphone battle against Android.

4. Apple iPhone 7

This smartphone stands 4th in our list. Bringing out the best apps and ecosystem together is what Apple does best on their path-breaking smartphones.

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5. OnePlus 3T

This smartphone stands 5th in our list. The best phone you can buy under the 27,000 price segment. Perfectly overtake the OnePlus 3.

6. OnePlus 3

This smartphone stand 6th in our list. The most surprising and amazing underdogs of 2016 are definitely here to stay with its great performance and streamlined design.

7. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This smartphone stand 7th in our list. A larger screen and a larger battery backup with great feature.

8. Samsung Galaxy S7

This smartphone stand 8th in our list. The Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s way of showing that we can definitely see a brilliant and great quality camera on a smartphone than others.

9. Apple iPhone 6S

This smartphone stand 9th in our list. The last generation of the iPhone was pretty much relevant than this feature. Features like 3D Touch and a super fast processor take it much ahead of the competition than others.

10. Apple iPhone SE

This smartphone stand 10th in our list. Although it didn’t see much traction in the market, the SE is still the most powerful and most beautiful ‘compact’ phone out there when it comes to iphone.

11. Moto Z

This smartphone stand 11th in our list. Motorola phones are always a delight and enjoyable to operate with their nearly close-to-stock Android feel. Also, the added modularity is a plus point.

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12. HTC 10

This smartphone stand 12th in our list. Touted is one of the biggest launches of last year, the HTC 10 is a decent phone nonetheless about it.

13. LG V20

This smartphone stand 13th in our list. One of the most underrated phones of 2016 unluckily. The LG V20 has a genius shortcut screen with all features when the phone is kept locked.

14. ZTE Axon 5

This smartphone stand 14th in our list. This is not a common option phone, but the value for money this smartphone offers is mostly unparalleled options.

15. Samsung Galaxy Note5

This smartphone stand 15th in our list. While the latest variant Samsung might have exploded its way out, the Note5 is still a great phone to own. Some extra plus features that roll out to be amazing.

16. LG G5

This smartphone stand 16th in our list. One of the first mainstream modular phones with a camera that does more than just the trick or a click. Best part of this phone is it’s camera

17. Blackberry Priv

This smartphone stand 17th in our list. Built for the corporates use, not made for all the fancy stuff surely.


We are sure that you must have loved our best smartphones list in the world. If you have any suggestion about any other smartphone that must be added to the list, then do comment below. So that we can update our list.

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