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If you’ve got a phone and a face, you’re probably searching for the proper selfie app – one thing that’s fun, flattering, and capable of wowing your friends. The selfie quality has been well utilized by app developers, as they need to be churned out some nice apps that create selfie-snapping a fair a lot of fun expertise. There are a lot of sensible selfie apps on all the platforms and also the good issue is alongside being a good selfie app, they’re a good photo editing app too, which implies you’ll be able to snap a selfie and get to edit it on the go. depending on what you’re when there are many choices out there. thus we’ve curated a listing of ten of the most effective selfie apps that provide you with an array of visual effects.

Top 5 Selfie App for Android

1. Retrica-

Retrica is a full-fledged app for selfie lovers and even for photograph editing enthusiasts. The app even if not marketed as a selfie app could be a nice selfie app. The app has several fans owing to its nice interface and lots of options.

Selfie app

The great options from the Retrica app include 120+ filters (along with real-time filter), watermarking, collage maker, timer and more. The app is a must check up on if you would like an all rounder photo editing and selfie taking app.

Developer: Venticake inc.

Compatibility: needs android 2.3.3 and up

Availability: (Free) Retrica Google Play Store

2. YouCam perfect – Selfie Cam-

The YouCam perfect Selfie app is a nice app for all you selfie lovers out there. alongside nice selfie taking options, the app additionally comes with nice selfie editing tools to urge you the proper selfie you wish. The app is feature packed and there are a variety of fascinating options like beautifying effects, face reshaper, object remover, stylisation and talent to beautify all the features of your face.

Selfie app

Compatibility: android 4.0 and up,


Availability: (Free) YouCam perfect Google Play Store

3.  Selfie Studio-

The Selfie Studio app is aimed toward all the selfie lovers out there and also the app uses the front-facing camera, thus if your device doesn’t have one, you won’t be able to use the app.

Selfie app

The app allows you to brighten up your face with colors you’ll be able to select and there are different varied options to higher the experience like silent shoot, automobile reverse, volume key shutter and a lot of.

Developer: Vinghom

Compatibility: android 2.3 and up

Selfie Camera App: (Free) Selfie studio Google Play Store

4. B612-

Selfie app

This is created by the team behind the popular Line messaging app, however you’ll be able to use it while not signing up for any price. the concept behind B612 is to create selfies look a lot of slick than usual. it has over forty filters designed to be used with faces. It will even create video clips that are 3 or six seconds long.

Get app: B612 iPhone; B612 Google playstore

5. Candy Camera-

Candy Camera app is one of the higher rated apps on the Google Play Store and it’s another nice selfie app. The app allows you to take selfies and see real time effects on them and there are over hundred filters within the app.

Selfie app

There are lots of editing options furthermore along side beautification, blemish removal, make-up options and a lot of. The app is free with some in-app purchases, we tend to certain you wouldn’t actually need.

Developer: JP Brothers

Compatibility: android 2.3.3 and up

Availability: Candy Camera Google Play Store


Top 5 Selfie App for iOS


1.  PIP Camera-

If you would like a lot of slightly surreal special effects for your selfies, PIP Camera is one of the best selections. All the filters are of a pic-in-pic style, permitting your face to appear within a bubble, or a glass bottle, or on a film snap that someone’s holding.

Selfie app

Get app: PIP Camera iphone

2. Perfect365-

As with the one above, the newer Perfect365 desires to allow you virtual facial surgery. It permits users to vary their eyes, lips, and also the form of their face.

Selfie app

Along with that, it’s twenty makeup and sweetness tools to boost or swap out your liner, eyeshadow, or lipstick. within the app there are daily makeup and fashion tips.

Get app: Perfect365 iphone

3. Picr –

Picr is a unique picture taking app, that has the flexibility to surprise you in a very great way. The app asks you to require an image everyday and creates a unique personal moving picture for you based on your pictures.

Selfie app

The Picr app on iOS allows you to set reminders for taking footage everyday or maybe each month. The app comes with distinctive options to urge you the right selfie. The app allows you to produce videos along with your footage and lets add your own text and music to those videos. There are more options and all these options are obtainable at no cost on the App Store.

Developer: Marcus Rumbohm

Compatibility: requires iOS 7.1 or later

Availability: Picr app Apple iTunes Store

4. Selfie Cam App-

Like with PIP Camera, Selfie Cam App is all concerning fun additions to and cute decoration for your photos. The app has things like cartoony glasses, pop art hairdos, and a bunch of different stuff. the sole issue is that it’s numerous in-app purchases for every particular set of options.

Get app: iPhone

5. Frontback-

Selfie app

Frontback takes two photos at the same time – one from the rear camera and one from the front. That adds in an interesting part of your reaction to what you’re up to. There’s the choice of taking a five-second reaction video instead of a self-pic.Other options include geotagging, public posts, and captions.

Get app: Frontback iPhone


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