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Top 5 FREE Windows Software:- As we all know Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. Windows users have a huge selection of free software to choose from. Wouldn’t you agree? After several search, we have maintained a top 5 free windows software that everyone should have.

So, on this post, I compiled the 5 free Windows Software I think everyone should be using which can make your daily computer activities easy.

Top 5 FREE Windows Software:-

1# Antivirus

The first one is an antivirus. I’m the type of person that doesn’t use an antivirus, because I’m an idiot. But I’m just comfortable formatting frequently. So… I’m okay with it. But for most people, who are not stupid, you should run an antivirus. My two favorites are AVG and Avast. There’s a site called AV-TEST, they’re an independent site that tests antivirus really extensively and then they update their ranking list. So, in terms of the free ones, AVG and Avast are always near the top. With the current builds, Avast does a better job at detecting current malware, but AVG is slightly less taxing on your system. You really can’t go wrong with either of them, I prefer performance, so if I had to choose, I’d go with AVG. If you’re wondering, Microsoft Windows Defender isn’t perfect for detection and when it’s running, there’s a measurable performance hit.

2# Ditto

Next up is a clipboard manager called Ditto. These are apps that kinda store all the stuff you copy using Ctrl-C. So, if you copy a selection of text, and then later on you copy more text, Ditto stores it all into a clipboard manager. This is really useful for essays, development, and just about anything. If you’ve never used one before, install it. They’re very lightweight and pretty useful.

3# F-Lux

Alright, next up is F-flux. It’s a program that adjusts the color temperature of your screen, based on the time of day. So, during daylight hours, your screen looks completely normal, but as the sun sets, the blue hues get reduced on the screen, which makes it more comfortable for your eyes. It’s really a little weird at first, because stuff looks really warm and orange but you will get used to it. And once you do, your computer usage at night is just easier on your eyes. Personally, I can fall asleep more readily after using the gaming laptop that’s had f.lux running.

4# Uninstallers

For this part, we need to talk about the app CCleaner. It used to be amazing, like, it seriously belonged in top 3 apps for Windows but Windows 10 has gotten better and better at cleaning up its own mess. At this point, unless you really know what you’re doing with it, I don’t recommend CCleaner anymore especially with cleaning registries. Nowadays, a registry cleanup can mess things up pretty bad. The thing is, CCleaner also came with a good uninstaller, but since I don’t recommend CCleaner anymore, we gotta find a separate uninstaller program. My favorite one right now is IObit uninstaller. It’s pretty simple, the UI is good, and it just does what it says it does. It cleanly uninstalls your applications.

5# Text Editor

The last app is a text editor. So, instead of using a super basic, like Notepad that comes with Windows, there’s something called Notepad++. It’s basically an amped-up version of Notepad. A lot of features are geared towards developers, there’s syntax highlighting, and you can have multi-editing but a lot of the features are awesome for regular people. You can zoom in and out of your document, and my favorite is that you can have different tabs open. I use a text editor for a bunch of stuff in my life, and Notepad++ is awesome for it. Some of you guys might be developers, and you’re using things like Sublime and Atom, but for the average person that isn’t a developer, Notepad++ is solid.

And that’s about it. If you learned a thing or two, feel free to let us know through the comments below.

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