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List of Free Best and top VPN App for Android to hide your IP Address and location and you can also open blocked sites. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is technology that helps you to add an extra level of security while you browse the Internet without compromising the privacy of personal information, even whilst using public WiFi networks. They can be used for many reasons but few main reason is to hide your location and to hide your identity. They can also be used to bypass or access the blocked videos in a particular region or country.

This is the list of working VPN apps to download from and to hide your Facebook last name. It contains a number of different type of servers so you can connect to any server or any country at any time to overcome restrictions in apps and website, with these apps you can manipulate website such as Netflix.

How do VPN Algorithm works?

It works as a mediator between the two computers privately and securely over the internet.  When we open a URL on a Web Browser, the request is sent to the VPN server. The server then acts as an intermediary, requesting the web page from the site and sending it back to you. The server can only see the VPN server and not the actual client requesting a service. Virtual Private Network is something developed for good purpose, the main reason was to share files with each other easily. But later on, Hackers starting to use VPN for themselves to hide their location to hack into anything. Some of the local people also starting using VPN software for themselves to hide their location and do something which is illegal for them and against the rules.

Virtual Private Network is something developed for good purpose, the main reason was to share files with each other easily. But later on, Hackers starting to use VPN for themselves to hide their location to hack into anything. Some of the local people also starting using VPN software for themselves to hide their location and do something which is illegal for them and against the rules. Using VPN some people watch out porn sites in India and some people access the torrent site. Some students illegally access Facebook and other social media sites in school using VPN apps. The same goes for office employees and colleges, I would like to tell you this is against the rules.

Best and Top VPN App For Android 2017

Here is a list of both free and paid VPNs that can be used in any Android devices

1. Open VPN: –

best VPN apps

At the same time, the open VPN crew produces a greater user-friendly free option in the form of private tunnel – which offers best features in free version. And among the different alternatives here use OpenVPN tech to get the process completed, it’s well worth attempt to install an OpenVPN server on a home machine.

You’ll need to invest some cash if you need to make use of extra money than the two connections protected with the server setup, but this is a proper VPN. Set up its server well, connect with it with the open client software program. You will not simplest encrypt your network visitors, however, advantage access to your private home community.

To download this app [click here]

2. Express VPN: –

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With express VPN, you’ve got a power of almost one hundred exclusive locations around the sector. The service is also generally reliable and available excellently 24/7 customer support. Together with help for 256-bit encryption and the capacity to have two simultaneous connections.

The Best and top VPN App For Android is straightforward to use. It offers a list of different locations with which you connect and works pretty properly, allowing you to connect within seconds and show your basic speed info. There’s additionally a display widget for short connections, and you can take the free benefit of express VPN for twenty-four hours. After that, you have to spend $13 consistent with month, $60 for six months, or $100 for a year.

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3. Pure VPN: –

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This Best and top VPN App For Android has greater than 500 servers working in 101 nations, and it has a self-controlled network, so there aren’t any third-parties involved. It supports 256-bit encryption, offers 24×7 support. you can also have 5 simultaneous connections at a time.

The android app is quite straightforward to handle. you can browse based on your chosen location, simply pick out the quickest server available. You may also set a reason for your online activity, whether you want to play movies, share documents, or look for better security and anonymity.

you initially get 2gb of free data whilst you sign up, later you have to pay the vital fee. Subscriptions are currently priced at $10 per month, $ 45 per six months, and $50 for a year, but those fees are a special provision at the time of writing.

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4. Tunnel bear: –

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Tunnel bear has a genuinely very easy interface to handle in android it’s possibly the most friendly free of cost VPN you will discover for mac, windows and mobile platform.

It is also one of the Best and top VPN App For Android, with a clear global community of tunnels to connect to, you can access to a no of location in the free version. It has only a single limitation that you can’t access Australia and India nodes in a free version much like other Best and top VPN App it promises high-end encryption and a complete security of your location. However, you can only use 500 MB of data for free in free version once in a month so it’s better for occasional use for comfortable surfing.

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5. Hotspot shield free: –

Popular VPN APPS 2018

It’s been around for a while and has something of popularityhotspot shield free is a cracking loose VPN but suffers a few quite heavy drawbacks that are required to contribute to its preservation.

However, hotspot shield developer anchor-free has lately made steps to enhance its features to free users. You will put up with a decent number of advertisements and some other thing upgrade to the elite version which has a number of the extra alluring aspects. Browser toolbars, web page injected advertising and also available in neat chrome extension version, you can surf 750 MB of data per day. In free version and in the elite version you will get America output locale, and get admission to many video streaming websites.

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6. Cyber Ghost: –

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Cyberghost is an awesome app which gives banking-level security. Usually, people have issues that the apps might get entry to their private records but cyber ghost respects the privateness of its users and does not get access any user records. The free version of the app affords access to 23 servers placed in 15 countries while the Paid premium version gives access to 300 servers in 23 international locations.

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7. Hola VPN: –

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Hola free Best and top VPN App are specifically for personal individuals, who are looking for Best and top VPN App For Android with some striking capabilities. Together with securing privacy and data, it gets the feature to connect with geographically blocked content. Hola free VPN allows surfing by selecting and connecting to the closest and fastest servers,  routinely from the list of servers of 190+ international locations.

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8. Droid VPN: –

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It is might not be the fine VPN app you’re seeking out, but might used as a backup. The 100 MB per day data cap makes the customers stay from this service. Furthermore, you won’t get too many servers to select the free version, you’re restricted to get connect to two most effective servers, which were usually busy at some point of our trying out. But the premium plan makes your net get entry to quicker and extra fast servers.

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9. Private Internet Access (PIA): –

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PVI is an first rate and reliable VPN provider app within a completely reasonable price. They also provide very effective and intuitive interfacing top VPN app for android. PIA android app ensures high safety . When you operate public wireless networks. This app not only secure you from the untrusted public networks . But additionally keeps secure your online activities from the hackers and internet service provider.

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10. Vypr vpn-

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It a complete-fledged vpn provider with an adequate choice, vypr vpn is the professional choice to go with. It enables you a no of protection and privacy options. Vypr dns comes with the app which the enthusiasted dns controller mainly made of its users. Privacy and security of user location is the first priority that they care of.

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So guys it was a list of both free as well as paid top vpn app(android). Guys if you think that I missed some Best and top VPN App to mention feel free to give feedback.  So can give your valuable feedback in below comment section.

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