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unlimited facebook likes and unlimited fb likes

Many people asked me how to get likes on Facebook pages/photos/post/comments unlimited. You do not need to buy Facebook likes. Using this trick you can get likes on the Facebook page free. Most of you people want to increase FB Unlimited Facebook likes on the post, Unlimited Facebook likes on post shares, Unlimited Facebook likes on comments and so on. You all must be familiar with FB Auto Liker and Autoliker for Facebook. Do you guys know? there are social media like exchange web sites where most of the people exchange their likes and earn likes for them. People want to increase social networks like Facebook for various purpose. These are not Fake Facebook likes these will be permanent and real FB likes. Buying Facebook likes is not an only option to increase your FB page likes. Therefore I am sharing the trick with you to get more Facebook likes.

I am not going to share Autoliker with you because Autolikers ask for an access token and with that access token any FB app can post anywhere on your behalf that is illegal and not secure for your account. Well, there is a method to be secure even after using Autoliker, that is social media like exchange sites. This is the best trick if you are looking for how to get more likes on Facebook Photos and pages.

Before using social media like exchange sites I suggest you to use Best Android Apps to Earn Money online to get unlimited Facebook likes and shares. Let’s use Facebook likes and social media traffic exchange sites to get more traffic. Social Media like exchange is also a part of Seo, you can follow these SEO tricks and tips for more.

What are social Media like exchange websites?

Social Media like exchange sites exist to exchange likes, To get Unlimited likes and traffic to your site. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on are used to connect with Family and Friends. Almost 95% people users are using social media nowadays who have access to the Internet. In social media sites, we interact each other and even meet up new people by Liking, commenting. These sites allow us to share videos, images, post etc and we can even organize events.

Well, Today I will share best social media like exchange site with all of you for Unlimited Follows, Unlimited Subscribe, Unlimited share and unlimited Likes. Only you have to Register below-listed sites and start earning some points by doing likes, comments, and shares. Then you can Use collected point to get social media likes/Share/Follow/Subscribe/Votes/ web traffic and much more.

There are many like exchange sites that you can find on the Internet but most popular like exchange sites are and is my favorite because the Antibot is easy to handle as compared to Addmefast and Lik4like have many active users online 24/7. When you first signup on Addmefast you will get 50 Point for free you can use them to get some free likes. I am using Like4like from 3 years. So I will suggest you first use like4like and then use like4like alternative sites given below.

How Social Media like exchange websites works?

  • First Register below-listed sites and start earning some points by doing likes, comments, and shares.
  • Then you can Use collected point to get unlimited likes/ FB Page likes/ Instagram Followers / Youtube Subscribers / WordPress Traffic and much more.
  • Create Account on, follow this link to get more points on like4like .org for creating an account.
  • Now after creating an account also verify it then log in and start collecting some points: –
    how to collect points? follow the step given below
    #1 put the cursor on social media exchange then drop down option will appear.
    #2 now click any of the option Example Facebook likes at the top.
    #3 click any of the like buttons showing below then new window will open like the page or post in a new window then close it.
    #4 After closing you will get some points, in the same way, earn more points.
    #5 Now you have to put up your link wherever you want likes for that: –
    click on add and manage pages now, for example, I want facebook page or post likes for that click on Facebook likes option and scroll down paste your URL into Facebook URL and write anything in the link description keep credit as minimum as possible to get more likes example 6 is the minimum limit. finally, click on add URL and done.

Bots for Social Media like exchange sites

There are bots of Imacros to automate the process of collecting points. You need to search for Imacros bots script, I will upload the script when I will update this article meanwhile you can search them with the below keywords and also you need to install Imacros and Greasemonkey plugin in your browser. Imacro script and Greasemonkey script. Imacro script and Greasemonkey script. Imacro script and Greasemonkey script. Imacroscript and Greasemonkey script. Imacros script and Greasemonkey script. Imacros script and Greasemonkey script.

Top 5 Best Ways to Get Unlimited Facebook Likes, Subscribers, Shares, and Comments:-


As the Like4like name clearly shouts about its work. Well, you catch it absolutely correct. Like4like is one of the best social media likes increase or follow exchange site. For both new(beginner) or old businesses(professional), if you need to increase your business in short time. That scale up your business. Here you will get various online varieties such as Likes, Followers, Tweets, Subscribers, shares, Retweets, Followers, comments, Viewers, Google plus and circles, Connections, Repins, Revines, Pins, Fan exchange, Website hits and join an exchange. It quite similar to

The main focus aim of Like4Like is, It doesn’t sell Subscribe, Follows and Likes as most of the social media does Simply exchange Subscribe, Follower and Likes others. Well, you can once give a try to increase your social media likes, Subscribe and Followers.

how to get unlimited likes facebook instagram tweeter google plus and google+

#2. FollowLike.Net

This site has Alexa Rank 58k and has very active users. a is a very useful website for social promoter and bloggers to Promote themselves. This site is available more than 190 countries and has 150000+ Active users. It is having some extra services including all features. Here are useful SEO tools from which you can easily create backlinks from someone site & get bookmarks from popular sites like Delicious, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and more. If you are a blogger that you must be knowing the importance of  Social Media in growing any online business and also for search engine ranking. You can also use Traffic booster option to increase your Alexa ranking quickly. offers many Services to its users: –

  • Facebook Exchange: – You can exchange likes, followers, shares for Facebook pages, videos, Photos, and post.
  • Twitter exchange: – You can exchange likes, followers, shares for Twitter pages, account profile and so on.
  • YouTube exchange: – You can get free youtube views, subscribers, likes and so on.
  • Google exchange: – Google exchange and Google+ exchange is also available.
  • Pinterest exchange: – Pinterest Repin service, Pinterest Follow service and much more.
  • Instagram exchange: – Instagram unlimited followers, unlimited likes and much more.
  • VK exchange:- Get VK unlimited likes and so on.
  • Soundcloud exchange: – Get SoundCloud unlimited likes and so on.
  • Stumbleupon exchange: – Similar services as above.
  • Tumblr exchange: – Get Tumblr unlimited likes and more.
  • Delicious exchange: – Get Unlimited likes for Delicious.
  • Website traffic boost: – Services to Increase traffic on your site.
  • Linkedin exchange: – Get unlimited Linkedin likes and more.
  • Diggo exchange: – Get unlimited Diggo likes and much more.
  • Vimeo exchange: – Vimeo unlimited likes service for free.
  • Reddit exchange: – Get famous on Reddit using this Promotion service.
  • – Get unlimited likes and many more services.

unlimited likes followers tweets subscribers views




#3. FollowFast.Com is another one of the best likes increasing sites for social media likes. As far as I know, this site was launched in the year 2012 with a single focused aim to provide unlimited likes on social media posts. This website is somewhat similar to method. That clearly means When will you like, follow or subscribe others post you will be rewarded with Point and then you can utilize that same point to get likes, follow or Subscribe on your post. Some people want to know how to hide likes on Facebook. There are tricks for Facebook statuses that will get likes. fake Facebook likes are a total waste of time for any Facebook page. I will suggest you do not buy fake likes on facebook for your business.

  • There is four different way to get Points.
  1. Simply Get point by Following, Subscribing, and Liking
  2. Referral your bestie friend and when they join through your referral link, you will get direct 100 point
  3. Get point by paying few dollars.
  4. Log into dashboard every day and do some task to earn a daily bonus.


Here comes 4th social media likes, Followers, Subscribers, Comments and etc exchange network and promotional tool provider, is YouLikeHits will guide and help you to grow your various Social media account such as YouTube, Pinterest, VK, Twitter, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon, Google Plus and give you a bulk response in website traffic.  With Youlikehits it’s very easy to gain free likes on your personal Photos. You have seen there are many Facebook statuses that will get a lot of likes on them. There are free likes on facebook through social media like exchange websites. You can also buy facebook photo likes through these websites. These are best to boost Facebook likes without promotion and purchase. You can also add facebook like button on your site for more likes.

unlimited tweeter tweets and unlimited followers


Don’t think this is last websites is also another best website like Followfast and Addmefast. They made easy to exchange likes, comments, Follower and etc. This website working is same what you get from above all sites. But, did you know Likesplanet can be used to earn lots of money(cash)? Simply try to Collect 5000 points by subscribing, following and liking someone profile, then after that convert your collected point into dollars. 5000 points are equivalent to 1$. You need to have minimum 2$ to cash out in your Payza or PayPal account.

unlimited instagram followers and likes

Note:- This article is only for an Educational purpose. Don’t try to misuse it.

Conclusion: Facebook like icon

The final touch to this article. We know many us were finding this trick from past few months. But, maximum websites update you with fake knowledge and waste your quality time. But, with Topbestlist we avoid these kinds of activities and always upload the genuine article. This article is also working you can use above websites in various fields like Increase your Facebook likes on photos almost to Unlimited Facebook likes, increase to unlimited facebook comments, Unlimited Shares, Unlimited followers and much more. Just check out these cool websites and do comment below if you know any other related website that worked for you.

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