Highest Paying 5 URL/Link Shortener Sites To Make Money Online

Best URL/link Shortener sites

There are various ways to Earn real money online and 100% working and URL shortening is one of them. You can easily Earn a lot of money online by these list of URL shortener websites on the Internet. It doesn’t matter how you make people influence to visit the URL/link sources can be WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages, Blogs, Websites or YouTube channel. Many people asked me how to earn money Thorugh WhatsApp groups you can make short URL by one of these sites than you can share the link on WhatsApp groups and can earn when they open the link. United state visitors give more money and have more value. You can even Earn money from Facebook pages or YouTune Channel through URL/link shortening Trick.

shorten a url/link and earn money

It Doesn’t matter whether you are Webmaster or student anyone can use this trick. I will suggest everyone to try URL shortener to earn money online without wasting and investing too much time and money. Earning Thorugh this link shortening will be too easy if you share download link on blog articles or website to all of your friends on Facebook and other social media. Only you need to share shorted URL with people and when they click that link they have to wait for 5 sec Ads to proceed to the main download link. You will earn money when they use the link to visit the site you shared with them.  URL shortening sites pay you through their online advertisement and advertising online ads earnings.

If you are a popular blogger and want to earn more money from your blog or website then I will suggest you to try link shortener plugins to make more money easily from your blog. Do not worry if you are earning money with Medianet or Adsense it is allowed to use link shortener with them. You can easily earn money online from both Adsense and link shortening. Well, You guys can also use social media like exchange sites to collect point and then convert your points into dollars easily through URL/link shortening.

Even if you do not have any blog or any website then also you are eligible to earn money online through best URL shortener websites. You do not need any coding or technical skills for URL shortening. Only the thing you have to do is convert and post the URLs that you have not shorten yet through the URLs/link shortener website. First, you need to create account or signup on below URL shortener website list and start earning money from home.

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Best URL shortener Website List

TopBestList is ranking the list of highest paying URL/link shortener website to make money online from home of 2017. Just create an account on any of these sites than short any URL you think people will visit in bulk and then share the URL with people.

Editor’s Note: All these websites are tried by us and also we use these sites to earn money online from home. It takes only a few minuted to create an account on one of these sites and few seconds to make shorten a URL/link of the long link and then you only need to share that URL/link on social media sites and friends to start earning real money with it.

1. Shorte.st

Yes, Shorte.st is the highest paying URLs shortening website of 2017 and you can earn unlimited money by just URL shortener trick. It is the first and most trusted URL shortener website to earn money from home. The Shorte.st was designed by Young and Popular Internet Enthusiasts which is located in beautiful country Europe. They will pay you money when someone visits your Shorten link through shorte.st site ads. Earning will be different per visit is based on visitor just like CPC in Adsense US visitor will increase Your CPC in Adsense. For more information about http://Shorte.St check Features of this site and visit Rate Card of Shorte.st based on the location of each click visit.

best url shortening websites

The Shorte.st Features:

  • You can check Shorte.st Statistics and can check the Visitors location and a total number of visitors.
  • After earning $5 You can easily withdraw money by sending it to PayPal account. You can even transfer to Payoneer account which payout reach 20$.
  • If you are not interested in sharing the shorted link then you can refer link to join Shorte.st. When someone joins through your link you will get 20% commission of their lifetime earning.

Click Rate card of www.Shorte.St :

All the ads companies on short URL have different policies and also have different payouts for different region countries, for example, Google Adsense pays a bit more if a website has traffic from the USA than tier 2 country. Similarly, Shorte.st has some different rate card for different countries. (Pay per 1000 views)

  • US click pay you– $ 11.15
  • UK click pays you– $ 4.56
  • Australia clicks pays you– $ 6.40

2. Linkshrink.net

Linkshrink.net is another top and popular link shortener website which same as Shorte.st site. The process is same as above to make huge money by making short URLs of links you want to share and then send a link to friends and others. After getting 1000 views on that shorted URL of Linkshrink.net you will get 2$ to 5$ amount it depends on the country clicks. Every day you can easily earn 10$ from these websites and can share referral URL to others to signup through your referral signup URL and you will get 1$ per sign up. It is very easy to earn money without doing any work and wasting your time. Yes, Linkshrink.net will pay you every month to your PayPal account or Payza account it is your choice after all.

best link shortener sites 2017

Features of Linkshrink.net:

  • This site already Knew real time traffic and per day views with earning.
  • You have a choice between PayPal or Payza to get your payment from link shrink.
  • You can also earn money by referring Linkshrink.net to your friends and can earn 20% commission of your friends earning.

Rate card of Linkshrink.net: (Pay per 1000 views)

  •  USA clicks will give  – $ 5.24 E-money
  • The United Kingdom clicks will give – $ 2.38 E-money
  • Australia clicks will pay you – $ 2.00 E-money

3. Adf.ly

Everyone knows Adf.ly is one of the top and oldest URL shortening websites with the help of which anyone can earn money from home. You only need to make URL short and then share your article link with your friend and other people online. When people visit URL shorten link you made then you will be paid by them. Adf.ly shorten URL will pay out money when you reach Threshold amount 5$ in your adf.ly account and then you can transfer money to AlertPay, Payza, and PayPal. You can easily earn 4$ per 1000 clicks through your Adf.ly shorten URL. The amount you will get per click will depend on country location from where you are getting clicks.

Note: Adf.ly is banned and restricted in some of the countries for business reasons. So, if you visit Adf.ly from those countries you will get a warning.

You can also try adf.ly alternative websites to shorten your URL and earn money online like Linkshrink.net and Sshorte.St and others listed here. You can also you these best proxy sites to open any blocked website in any country.

adlfy alternative url shortener sites

Features :

  • You can easily Make 20% extra and fast money by referring others.
  • The best part if Adf.ly minimum payout is $5 which is awesome.
  • Share Adf.ly referral links with others and when they join through your link you will get 20% commission from them.
  • The Minimum payout limit of adf.ly is $5 by them which you can transfer to PayPal, Payza or Alertpay.
  • Payment can be transfer to PayPal, Payza or AlertPay which are linked to your bank accounts.

4. Bc.vc

Bc.vc is popular URL shortener website which pays you the high amount per visit. Adl.fy/Shorte.st alternative sites to earn money by URL/link shortener/shortening.

highest paying url shortener sites

This website will also help you in two ways: –

  1. Change your very Long URL link into a short link.
  2.  You can Make money when someone visits your Short URL link.
  3. Share shorten link of Be.Vc to your personal blog or social media accounts where someone clicks on your short URL link and you will get paid.
  4. You will get more than 4$ per 1000 visitors to shorten a link on this website.
  5. And, you can easily earn extra money by sharing referral link to your friends.

Features of Bc.vc:

  • When you reach 10$ earning then you will get paid by this site.
  • It is very easy to transfer your money from BC.vc to PayPal or IBANN.
  • You can easily earn 10% with your every referral sign ups in your account.

5. Linkbucks

First, you need to create an account on Linkbucks to make your URL short and then start earning. At last, I like to share another best shortener website to make money from home. You can easily shorten your long URLs with Linkbucks website and share a shorten links with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus or Blog and earn real money on each visit from your shorten URL. It is high paying site and pays you around 5$ per 1000 click and Ads views.

Goodle adsense vs url shortener


In the end, there is Best money earning URL shortener sites to easily short your long URL into a short money making URL. I also have used above websites and earned money for myself from home. That is why I am also recommending you to earn real money by shorting URLs. The click rates of URL shortener sites may vary rates according to countries currency value.

If you want to suggest any other URL shortener websites which are not listed in my article then comment here. You can also Share this article with all of your friends on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, & more social media.

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