How To Use Mobile Data and WiFi Network Simultaneously 2018

How To Use Mobile Data and WiFi Network Simultaneously 2018:- Using both Mobile data and Wifi network would increase the download speed but, while the mobile data is being utilized WiFi network cannot be used and while WiFi network is being utilized the mobile data cannot be used. This concludes that only one can be used at a particular time. Imagine that If we would have an option of using both services at the same time, the download speed would have increased to its multiple times as both the speeds would have added up into one download, That reducing the download time far away.

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It is possible to use both data simultaneously by two apps which let you achieve this near to impossible task. Using these apps, you can use WiFi as well as internet packs simultaneously to download any file on your Android smartphone. The name of these unbelievable apps is ‘Speedify’ and ‘Super Download.’ But, Super Download app is an app that can be only used on the rooted device. But for the non-rooted user, this app won’t work on your Android device you can use speedify.

Before you start using this Super download app, make sure that your device is completely rooted. If you don’t wish to root your device, unfortunately, you won’t be able to make use Super Download android app.

How To Use Mobile Data and WiFi network Simultaneously: 

However, for those who have their Android Devices non Rooted, there are few simple steps you need to follow to install this app on your Android device and make it work efficiently without any trouble. Speedify doesn’t require your smartphones to be rooted. It works perfectly on devices which aren’t rooted. So let’s take a look at these steps.

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Method #1: Use Both Mobile Data and WiFi network Using Speedify


This app works as an alternative to Super Download. It provides the same service as Super Download. The free version has a limit boundation of 1 GB of downloading per monthly. To extend this 1 GB limit, you can either refer this app to your friends and family to earn more limit or upgrade to its paid version by paying few amount per month. To install and make it work freely take a quick lookover at some easy steps which are given below.

Step 1: Install Speedify on your Android device from Google Play Store link is given below.

Price: Free

Now Step 2: After installing it, you will land on a page which will be asking you to enable location permission and phone state for better connectivity. Enable both of these options.

Step 3: You will then notice a surprise pop up which will be requesting to setup a VPN connection. Click on OK.

Step 4: Then, turn on your Internet data and WiFi network simultaneously to download files at almost twice the speed.

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Method #2: Using Super Download 

super download

While using this app, see to it that both WiFi and internet pack provide with almost equal speeds, some devices even though rooted won’t be able to make use of this app. You won’t be able to download torrent files using this app. The free version has some size limits, to eliminate these limits, you can upgrade to the paid version of this app.

Step 1: Install ‘Super Download’ from Google Play Store on your Android device.

Super Download - Booster
Super Download - Booster
Developer: OPByte
Price: $0.99

Step 2: Arrive at the home screen of this app once it is installed and launched. It should display a message which reads ‘No active files!’

Step 3: Navigate yourself to the settings of this app and enable the ‘Dual networks’ option which allows your Android device to enable WiFi as well as internet pack at the same time. looks something like (+) this allows you to add links in this app to initiate the downloading process.

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Wrap Up:  So above is all about How To use Both Mobile Data and WiFi network To Boost Internet Speed twice. These are two different methods with two different apps which will help you with downloading files using WiFi as well as internet data and hence increasing your internet speed to almost twice the regular rate. Hope you like this article. if yes, then don’t forget to share it and if you’re facing any problem, please do let us know via comments!

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