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Fortnite Now Available For Android: Only for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Rumours About Release Date Fornite Android and Samsung 30 days pre-release Fortnite: – what’s new?

What is Fornite?

Fortnite is Multiplayer Survival game just like PUBG mobile. The gameplay is the same but there still a lot of difference between them. Fornite is only available on PS4 & iOS but now it will be soon released on Android. In this game, you have to kill the enemies with guns and weapons to survive until the end. You may play it alone or in Squad whatever is your choice. to know more please follow the link

Everyone knows well that Fortnite is one of the Top games of the moment, the gameplay is pretty like PUBG Mobile. As we know PUBG is available on Android but Fortnite is only available for iOS users. This is something bad for Android users. However, now according to the latest reports we came to knew that Fornite will be available on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This news is going viral with fast rate after its release confirmation for this summer.

Fortnite will be Available on several platforms later on. It is one of the best multiplayer survival games and most of the Android users waiting to play it. Epic Games has delayed the launch of Fortnite for Google Android one of the tech giants, but now it is promised to be launched soon for this summer.

Although there is no official date declared for its release. Some rumors are starting to emerge with the release issue. According to the well-known new bloggers, 9to5Google, this Fortnite may be released on 9 August 2018 for all Android users, the same release date is announced by the Samsung of South Korea for the launch, of Galaxy Note 9.

The Latest Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have new features with a supercooling system with it and S-pen technology. A new high-tech processor and apparently an attention to the gaming world.

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Clash Royale Clans Invite Links Join best & Active Clans

List of some good Clans Invite Links and Details of Clash Royale Game Android & iOS: –

In this article, I am sharing you my collection of clash royale clans invite links. You can easily join a good clan in clash royale through all these invite links. Please check details before joining so that leader will not kick you out and ban you from further joining. please join if and only if you are eligible according to the required trophies.

  1. Clan Name:
    Invite Link to the clan: click here to join
    Leader name:
    Required trophies 2400+
    Clan War Score: 450
    The clan is very active with more than 35 members participate in the clan war.
    Members: 47/50
    Donations/weekly 35k

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  2.  Clan Name: Nova I Navy PH
    Link to the Clan: Click Here to join
    Looking Active Players Clan Warr 👀👀👀
    Search Name CClan: Nova I Navy PH
    Donations/ Weekly: 30K
    Requirements Trophy: 4000 to 4.300 Only 🏆🏆
    Members type: 43/50 🙎🙇
    Clan Tag: #98GJVYQY
    Location: Philippines
    I’m one of the Co-Leaders Of Nova I Navy PH
    Very Active Clan Warr and the Members
    Group Chat Facebook: Nova I Navy PH
    Looking Active: Clan Warr: 24hours 
    Participating in Clan War: 39 to 45
    Looking for 5 Members Active Clan Warr
    Request Cards Full / No Pending Cards…
    If your Trophies 4300 Promote Co-Leader
    This clan around the world Speak English to communicate Easily
    We have Tournament Always
    Not Active Players Kick Out…  Rules Are Rules
  3. Top 200 Indian clan
    Required trophies 4000
    click here to join 
  4. Clan Name: Absurdism
    Invite Link to the Clan: Click here to join
    Required trophies: 0
    Clan score: 21146
    International Clan
    Clan war Score: 201

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  5. Clan name: Nova I Fiji
    Invite Link to the clan: click here to join
    clan score: 19950
    Top 80 Local clan with only 15 members
    Clan Tag: #9PQJJ82P
  6. Clan tag: #QQRUJ
    Clan name: Dark Cave (which is created in the first season of CR)
    Dark cave Clan invite link: Click here to join
    clan score: 19065
    required trophies: 0
  7. Clan name Gritty kings
    Click here to join the clan
    Required trophies: 2000
    clan score: 30880
  8. [Recruiting] FlametmeSports (#PP8Y2YJL) Is Looking For Active And Passionate Members!Clan Information –
    trophy Clan Trophies – N/A
    beginner Clan Tag – #PP8Y2JYL
    fire Clan Invitation – click here to join
    pencil Established – 15/05/2018

    fire Discord Link –

    busts_in_silhouette Members – 3/50

    Details –
    heavy_check_mark International, English Speaking Casual Clan.
    heavy_check_mark Competitive Clan

    Requirements –
    fire Trophies – trophy 3000+
    clan members Must Participate In Wars
    fire Must Be Active

    See You In The Arena wink

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  9. Unknown Clan: Required Trophies: 3400
    click here to join 
  10. Unknown Clan 2: Required Trophies 4000
    click here to join
  11. The unknown Clan 3: Required trophies 3000
    click here to join 
  12. Unknown Clan 4: required trophies 3800
    click here to join
  13. Unknown clan 5: required trophies 4000
    click here to join
  14. Clan Name: Plebville
    Invite Link to the Clan: Click here to join
  15.  Don’t Have Many Details about this Clan. This one is a new clan and required active members.
    invite link of the clan: Click here to join.
  16. Clan Name: Nova 1 karnage
    Clan invitation Link: Click here to join – ¡Te han invitado a un clan!

I am looking for more clans invite links and details. You can comment invite links to your clan so that I can add it up on this List.  Please mention the required trophies in your clan invite link so that it is easier for the people to join them.


[2018] Top 10 Best upcoming Camera Mobile phones in India | Android

I know how difficult is to choose and buy a smartphone when you do not have a technical knowledge.  That is why there are Tech bloggers like us who would like to help out people to buy and choose among, “best mobile phones according to their budget“. When you are going to buy something new then you do not like anyone else have the same phone in their hand. That is why buy the fresh one as soon as they hit the market. In this list, I would say if your budget is 20k then go with Nokia edge if it is 30k then go with Viva Xplay 7 and if it is 45k then OnePlus 6.

Best upcoming Camera Smartphones [ Mobile Phones ] list 2018: –

Nokia edge is the best phone among 2018 mobile phones list. If you compare price and features and most of the people are waiting for this luxurious smartphone. Another cool mobile phone of is onePlus 6 which is going to be a super Android phone of 2018 with such awesome specifications.  Vivo is another popular brand nowadays and it is also going to hit the market by launching Vivo Xplay 7.  I am little nervous with Xiaomi this time, I mean when they launched mi 4, I was the first person who was waiting for it and purchased it. After Mi 4, Mi note 3, Mi Max 2 & Mi note 4 was a huge success but Mi 7 will be also going to be a great success the phone has little up down with Vivo Xplay 7.

#1 Nokia Edge: – Android Phone features, specifications, and Price Rs  20k

I would say if you wanna buy the best smartphone under 20k then Nokia Edge is the best choice and I am sure you can go with it. Nokia was always famous for the camera quality and phone quality. This time they are launching Nokia edge with Android and it cost only 20k which is under the budget of most of the people.

OS: Android v7.0 (Nougat)
Price: Rs.19,990
Performance: Octa-core (2 GHz, Quad Core + 1.2 GHz, Quad-core) MediaTek MT6755 + 3 GB RAM
Display: 5.2 inches (13.21 cm) Full HD, 424 PPI IPS LCD
Camera: 23 MP Primary Camera LED Flash
Front: 13 MP Front Camera

#2 OnePlus 6: – Smartphone features, specifications, and Price Rs 45k

If you wanna buy the best smartphone of 2018 so far then I would suggest you go with onePlus 6. Check it out features 8gb ram? most of the guys will say are you serious? this smartphone is faster than most of the laptops and computers. The 23MP camera it is same as Nokia edge but if you check out ram, Android version, processor, a front camera which is 16mp+16mp dual then this phone is everything that the customer wants.

OS: Android v8.0 (Oreo)
Price: Rs.44,990
Performance: Octa Core Snapdragon 845 + 8 GB RAM
Display: 5.7 inches (14.48 cm) QHD (2k), 515 PPI AMOLED
Camera: 23 MP Primary Camera Dual LED Flash
Front: 16 MP + 16 MP Dual Front Cameras
Battery: 3500 mAh Dash Charging USB Type-C port

#3 Vivo Xplay 7: – Mobile Phone features, specs, and Price Rs 30k [ Best Selfie phone 2018 ]

If your budget is 30k and you want to buy the better phone then Nokia edge then go with Vivo Xplay 7 this phone has better features. I know the rear camera is not as good as Nokia edge but it has best selfie camera which is 20Mp+8mp Dual.

OS: Android v7.1 (Nougat)
Expected Price: Rs.29,990
Performance: Octa-core (2.45 GHz, Quad Core + 1.9 GHz, Quad-core) Snapdragon 835 + 6 GB RAM
Display: 5.7 inches (14.48 cm) QHD (2k), 515 PPI Super AMOLED
Camera: 16 MP + 13 MP Dual Primary Cameras Dual-color LED Flash
Best Selfie Phone 2018: 20 MP + 8 MP Dual Front Cameras
Battery: 3500 mAh Quick Charging USB Type-C port

#4 Xiaomi Mi7: – features, specifications, and Price Rs 27k

if your budget is 27k and you want better processor speed, display then goes with Mi7 but Vivo Xplay 7 is having a better camera this time.

OS: Android v7.0 (Nougat)
Price: Rs.26,990
Performance: Snapdragon 845 + 6 GB RAM
Display: 6.1 inches (15.49 cm) UHD (4k), 722 PPI IPS LCD
Camera: 16 MP + 16 MP Dual Primary Cameras Dual-color LED Flash
Front: 13 MP Front Camera
Battery: 3350 mAh USB Type-C port Non-Removable

#5 Samsung Galaxy A5 2018: – features, specifications, and Price Rs 25k

This phone is on this list only for Samsung fans. If you wanna buy best Samsung phone of 2018 then go with Samsung Galaxy A5.

OS: Android v7.1.1 (Nougat)
Price: Rs.24,990
Performance: Octa Core, 1.9 GHz Samsung Exynos 7 Octa + 4 GB RAM
Display: 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) Full HD, 401 PPI Super AMOLED
Camera: 13 MP + 13 MP Dual Primary Cameras LED Flash
Front: 16 MP Front Camera excellent for taking selfies
Battery: 3250 mAh Fast Charging USB Type-C port

#5 Nokia 10: – features, specifications, and  Price Rs 40k

Nokia 10 is another choice if your budget is 40k and you do not want to buy One Plus 6 cost 45k then go with Nokia 10 it is a good smartphone 2018.

OS: Android v7.1 (Nougat)
Expected Price: Rs.39,990
Performance: Octa-core (2.45 GHz, Quad Core + 1.9 GHz, Quad-core) Snapdragon 835 + 6 GB RAM
Display: 6.0 inches (15.24 cm) UHD (4k), 734 PPI Super AMOLED
Camera: 16 MP + 8 MP Dual Primary Cameras Dual-color LED Flash
Front: 13 MP Front Camera
Battery: 4000 mAh Quick Charging 4.0 USB Type-C port

#6 Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Plus 1: – features, specifications, and Price Rs 16k

I would suggest better buy Mi note 4  because then Mi note 5 plus 1 is having similar features with it and it is costing more money.

OS: Android v7.0 (Nougat)
Price: Rs.15,990
Performance: Quad Core, 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 630 + 4 GB RAM
Display: 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) Full HD, 401 PPI IPS LCD
Camera: 16 MP Primary Camera LED Flash
Front: 13 MP Front Camera
Battery: 4000 mAh Quick Charging 3.0 Non-Removable

#7 Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus 2: – features, specifications, and Price Rs 22k

Another choice for Samsung fans if you do not want to buy Nokia edge then go with Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus 2.

OS: Android v7.1.1 (Nougat)
Expected Price: Rs.21,990
Performance: Octa Core, 2.3 GHz MediaTek MT6757 +4 GB RAM
Display: 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) Full HD, 401 PPI Super AMOLED
Camera: 13 MP + 5 MP Dual Primary Cameras LED Flash
Front: 16 MP Front Camera

#8 Apple iPhone SE 2: – features, specifications, and Price Rs 27k

I just put this non-Android phone on the mobile phones list because many people want to do showoff with iPhone and they prefer iPhone for this purpose. Yes, iPhone is more secure than any Android phone. Now in the cryptocurrency( E-money)  world security really matters. iPhone is a better choice if you do regular online transactions and use E-money for huge transactions.

OS: iOS v10
Expected Price: Rs.26,990
Performance: Quad Core, 2.34 GHz Apple A10 Fusion +2 GB RAM
Display: 4.5 inches (11.43 cm) 640×1136 px, 290 PPI IPS LCD
Camera: 12 MP Primary Camera
Front: Dual-color LED Flash 1.2 MP Front Camera

#9 Xiaomi Redmi 5 3: – features, specifications, and Price Rs 8k

OS: Android v7.1.2 (Nougat)
Expected Price: Rs.7,990
Performance: Octa Core, 1.8 GHz Snapdragon 450 + 2 GB RAM
Display: 5.7 inches (14.48 cm) 720×1440 px, 282 PPI IPS LCD
Camera: 12 MP Primary Camera
LED Flash: 5 MP Front Camera

Thanks for reading this article about mobile phones, I hope you like it. You can know about me and can contact me by clicking on this Link Er Sayed Mohammad Ali. And if you wanna suggest anything you can leave a comment & feedback. We go through all the comments and feedbacks of our readers.


Find Your Family and Friends with Fameelee app

The most important part of our life is our Family. As they play an important role in each and everyone’s life. Everyone has a Family that may be small or large family. They are like Friends which are very close to our heart! So, due these several reasons you must be very possessive about your Family and your Friends in a long and good lifeway. To track the well being loved ones or the location of them, Before reading this article all you can do is video or voice call them. But, there are all possible chances that they might not be able to attend your video or voice call or might not be able to locate you the exact current location.

So to solve all these unwanted issues, Here we brought new helpful guide for all the smartphone users. They can make use of the Fameelee app to Stay Connected with their Friends and Family or other loved one’s. The best part of this app is available for both Android and iOS users. You can simply use this app to locatechat or ask for any help at any point of time from the people you are connected over Fameelee app.

Some of the most Useful and helpful Features of Fameelee app are mentioned below:

#1 Create/Join a Circle>

A circle is a private group created by user, which consists of several people which you want to stay connected with! You can also be a part of several group circles, such as one with your family member and another of your friends circle. Another amazing stuff of this app is there is such no limitation to the number of people to be added into groups.  or who can be added to your circle. However, this app works great when it has less than 10 people in one single Circle or group.

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#2 Speed Limit Control

The next feature which we are going to discuss is most useful feature of Fameelee app and that is the ‘Speed Limit Control.’ By using this feature, you can manage speed limit by setting a speed limit for the people in your circle that may be family, friends or etc. You will be notified everytime as fast as the speedlimit is crossed over so that you can take the required measures. Also, you can know the real-time speed of any person in your circle that may be family, friends or etc.

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#3 Location Tracking

Location Tracking can used like Family Locator for any person in your circle that may be family, friends or etc. What it does is A pin will be dropped at the location relayed by the person. This app maintains a 30-days location history of each every person. Also, you can also drop a pin to set specific places such as office, university, school , to get notified whenever a person from your circle reaches or leaves that perticular place.

#4 Chat

You can contact your Family and Friends by just leaving a simple message for them on Fameelee app. These messages can be both in Private or in Group.

#5 Easy to Use

One of the most useful thing about fameelee app is easy to use and easy to understand it’s User Interface. You can learn using the Fameelee app within 5-10 minutes. It has a user-friendly user-interface. Also, you can use it all day long without draining a lot of battery from your smartphone. It is specially designed to consume minimum battery life of your smartphone.

Download App for Android

[appbox googleplay com.fameelee.tracker]

Download App for IOS

[appbox appstore 1193548929]


We have done all possible combination to try and test the Fameelee app on an Android as well as on an iOS device. We found it to be very useful to keep a checking on the location and speed of your Family members or your friends etc. Fameelee is one of the best real-time location finding app in the apps market. It also has some additional features which add even more meaning to this app.

This is all we have to say about Fameelee! Do share your views on Fameelee in the comments section below.


MX Player Pro Apk Download Latest Version (No Root)

MX Player Pro Download: Hello Guys, We are back again with the great amazing article and awesome Android media player. As we all know that MX Player Pro Apk is one of the premium Android media player which you can not use without purchase it from playstore. If you desire to use this great Android media player MX player pro apk version then you will need to pay to google for using its services. But, we all love free products so why to pay for a paid Android player. So, As we value our visitors we are going to share this player for free of cost with you all.

Yes, it’s possible that you can download MX Player Pro APK for free from our website. So, Let me first explain you all how you can download and install this premium version of MX player.

MX Player Pro Apk: So, Today’s I am going to share the download link of this full version application for
Android users. This application is not free of cost. If you want to use this app then you will need to pay for this
application. But, All of you does not have credit cards, I know. Right? Don’t worry, I will help you for download
MX player pro version for free of cost.

What Is MX Player Pro APK?

This century, We all used smartphones. Smartphones like Android phone, Windows Phone, iPhone and etc.
You can do most of the things with your smartphone. You can see videos, listening songs, and many more
things. So, MX Player Pro is the one of the most popular Android, iOS, and Windows Media Player. You can play videos from this player. So, MX Player Pro Apk is the awesome media player which you can watch videos
and movies on your smartphone. MX Player Pro developed and released by J2 Interactive.

Features Of Latest Version MX Player Pro 2017

  • No Ads: That means MX player pro full version free download is the premium version. That’s why this application is ads free.
  • No Advertisement while playing the videos or movies selection and stop screen, on other hand MXPlayer free version display ads on the top bar. Most of the users don’t like having advertisements in the middle of screen.
  • This Player support most of all subtitle format.
  • You can change player colors like the title bar, background, and etc.
  • Play videos with HW and as well as SW mechanism.
  • You can increase extra volume.
  • Support dual audio track.
  • Network stream: You can stream videos and movies online.

Download MX Player Pro Apk Latest Version Free

MX Player Pro free download for an Android phone without any problem. We are going to share free direct download link of MX Player PRO (Premium) apk free download of the latest version. So, Go and Find download link from below section. This media player is really mind-blowing and awesome. You can not install pro version of mx player from play store for free. If you want to install MX-player full pro version from play store then you will need to spend some amount of money to purchase this app from google play store. But, We all not afforded to pay for it. So, If you want to use MX Player Premium app for free then you have landed on right page. We have shared direct download link of MX Player Premium below.

How To Install MX Player Pro Apk on Android Device

  • First of all, Download MX-Player Pro from Here.
  • After then you will need to allow “Unknown source” from Android setting.
  • Note: During installation, Please switch off your Internet connection.
  • Now, Install the App and open it.
  • You will see the main page of this application.

  • You will notice advertisements are not there.
  • That’s it. Enjoy.
  • You can watch online videos via “Network Stream”. Simply, Paste your video URL and tap on “OK”. Like below screenshot.

  • A player setting like below screenshot.

  • You can change application theme.

MX Player Pro For PC (Installing Guide)

  1. First of all, Download this application from above link.
  2. After then, Download BlueStack application for your Windows PC.
  3. Install the BlueStack software on your PC.
  4. Now, Double click on the APK
  5. That’t it. Enjoy the great full version player on your Windows PC.
Android, Mod Apk

DEAD TRIGGER 2 1.3.0 Latest Mod Apk: Unlimited Money

Guys, do you remember the version of this game which released first? that game eats up little space with professional graphics for users. And people love the gameplay of that game, It was full of excitement and was totally amazing. Now, there is a good news for dead trigger fan club that is the game also released the second version of this incredible game with realistic graphics, outstanding gameplay, the top class user ratings.

free download dead trigger modded apk 2018

Asphalt 8 Airborne Modded Apk 2018 Latest version 3.1.0: Unlimited Money free download

About Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk

latest Free Download DEAD TRIGGER 2 Modded Apk download link is an action. This is an FPS famous zombie shooting game developed and designed by popular MADFINGER. There are samurai warriors, zombies, and Shadow ghost to fight with you. This is an online game which is famous among many players with many famous transformations features.

The Mini Militia Double Gun latest modded Apk 2018:- Unlimited Ammo and Dual Wield Weapons

Almost 3 years ago Dead Trigger Part 1 was released which gain a lot of popularity within few days. Players can play this anywhere at anytime without the need of internet connection. It was a huge success of Madfinger Pvt Ltd with so many features.

Awesome visuals and 70+ FPS made this game outstanding. After the first part, they started developing dead trigger 2 using unity engine software, with the advantages of unity engine and high-resolution graphic they finally launched Dead Trigger part 2. This game is totally free of cost with along with server sided gameplay of the game. The game has Beautifull lifelike outstanding graphics and the gameplay with dozens of offline quests to do.

There is also Boss mode battles and also other gaming modes. You can level up your weapons and do wait for a final upgrade (This really sucks sometimes for new and old players). Also, Upgrade all of your crew members to unlock more weapons. Free download Dead trigger 2 MOD APK online gameplay mode. This is an online game, therefore, most of the hacks can’t have unlimited gold or unlimited cash. So to easily cheat in dead trigger 2 is to manipulate Health bar and also Damage in the player stats.

What is New: latest mod version dead trigger 2 1.3.1

  • Blueprints are now dropping in the game.
  • There are also Sprinter tournaments and Gandhi tournaments.
  • Decreased the number of intrusive ads.
  • lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Update to the most recent version

What’s In The dead trigger 2 MOD APK

  • Infinite Ammo
  • No Reload
  • No heat Gun
  • Can attack from far away
  • Massive Damage
  • Increase blueprint drop rate

 Latest Version Features of DEAD TRIGGER 2 Android Game: –

  • This version of the game will have super HQ graphics and outstanding gameplay.
  • You are also able to use powerful new weapons released in the latest version.
  • You can now Create your own controls for the game or also a virtual joystick according to your wish.
  • Now, Enjoy different game missions, events and also quest like international missions, story missions and more.

You can easily download the latest version of this outstanding game and can install it easily on your cell phone.  Download data files and mod file of the game and then read instruction how to use them from here.

Recent Changes in the latest version of DEAD TRIGGER 2 v1.3.0: –

  • There are 3 new skins Easter like EGG-17, Grenade, and Pomlazka.
  • More new features include the game bugs, lags fixes, and graphics/gameplay improvement.

Installation Instructions:  Completely Uninstall the original game and then extract the downloaded Rar file and then copy and paste it inside “SDcard / Android / OBB /” folder/.

DeadTrigger2 Mod Download Link

Android, Mod Apk

Asphalt 8 Airborne Mod Apk Latest v3.1.0: Unlimited Money

Asphalt 8 Airborne Android Game: – The one of the best Android series of the multiplayer popular racing game. This car racing game will surely surprise you with advanced features and graphics. There is a new game engine for the players which will make the moment memorable with the outstanding intense races and speedy stunts. The company who launched Asphalt 8 is Gameloft and they have collected 47+ famous licensed cars from major cars manufacturers of the world. This game is perfectly made with natural and outstanding jumps as well as maneuvering while jumping in the air and you can also flip 360 degrees.

Asphalt 8 airborne mod apk unlimited coins

Popular Features of Asphalt 8 Airborne: –

  • You can do Crazy and outstanding stunts on trampolines with coups and flights.
  • There are 9 unique locations with mirror mode of each track of the game.
  • There is also cuts on each track of this Android game.
  • You can enjoy 8 seasons in the career mode and also there are different 180 event modes.
  • Amazing visuals graphics because of the new engine and with the help of latest generation of shaders. Stunts and graphics of the game are now more realistic and real.
  • There are 2 new different racing modes known as Drift and Infection.
  • Now there is Multiplayer mode available with up to 8 players co-op.
  • The game introduced Licensed soundtrack to make it more entertaining from the Crystal Method, Mutemath, Block Party etc.

Advanced and Latest Changes Asphalt 8 Airborne: –

Make 2018 the Year of Speedy car racing with stunning Game!

  • Unlock New Locations: – Now race against the mountains of Patagonia which will be a difficult challenge.
  • Latest McLaren Racing Cars: – Get rewarded for winning every new event. Complete game tour events and claim the reward as a unparallel McLaren MP4 and MP8 as your racing car.
  • New Advanced Cars: – Win new racing cards every week in events.

How to Install Asphalt 8 Airborne Mod Apk: – First unpack the archive folder in SDCard / Android / OBB / – should get so /SDCard/Android/OBB/ – decompressed cache size 1.54 GB – install Apk, launch game!

OFFLINE But Internet required for the first run

Asphalt 8 MOD Apk: –

  • This mod has Infinite Gold
  • Celebrity Infinity features unlocked
  • There is Open and also hidden machine features
  • Grade Infinity options unlocked
  • Made for non-recognition mode version of tAsphalthal 8 Airborne.

Note that: –

15/12/2015, Gameloft developers have No data that is available on the Google Play store. The developers of this game want users to download the data of the game through themselves.
There is a guarantee that mod will run 100% in offline mode. You need to download data to run it in offline mode.
The size of the data is 800 MB for episodes 1.

The Mini Militia Greatest mod to Fly Through Wall with Double Gun with Unlimited Ammo/Nitro/Bomb x7 and so on.

Download Asphalt8 Mod Apk




Top 5 Best Games Like Clash of Clans Popular in 2018

Games Like Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is one of the best and most popular games in the gaming world. To play this game first you need to build your own kingdom base to protect Town Hall. You need to protect your kingdom resources and the base against online Players. And attack other online players for loot gain and earn their money and resources. Once you will play this game you will get addicted towards it and you will keep loving this game. It is very hard to update your base buildings and collect resources at the high level of the game, Therefore most people got sick of it.

List of Best Clash Royale Decks With Pictures for All Arenas 2018

Popular Games Like Clash of Clans List

So, If you’re looking for a replacement for the games like Clash of Clans, and still wanted to play games like this one, then this article suits you. Here is the list of best games like Clash of Clans. [ 6 Ways ] How to Get More Legendary Cards in Clash Royale: 100% working

1. Boom Beach: SuperCell Game

This SuperCell game is totally free within app purchase of Google play store and another store. The Boom Beach is another popular online kingdom building game on Smartphones. Your goal in this online game is to build a strong base along a beach. Your opponents need to defeat your beach base building and take down all of your defenses to defeat you. Unlike most online games like Clash of Clans, boom beach gains a lot of popularity in the starting only. Well, I love Clash Royale of SuperCell but I used to play boom beach before with clash of clans and I loved to play it.

Best games like Clash of Clans

2. Castle Clash: Brave Squads

The game is free within app purchase. Castle Clash: Brave Squads is one of the more popular games like Clash of Clans. this game has over 50 million downloads and installs. First, You will build your village, then defend it, and finally take on others online players. You can also upgrade your heroes to level up them and use them to battle against other heroes. You can also play co-op with your Team Dungeons online. This multiplayer online game does a better job of standing out. It is free to play like a clash of clans.  if you like a clash of clans then this one is the most similar game like it. Click here to Download Castle Clash Latest Modded Apk 1.3.3: Unlimited Coins and Gems.

Popular games like COC


3. Age of Empires: Castle Siege

You must be familiar with this popular online game like Clash of clans You will first choose your civilization, and then build your keep, and then do online combat with other players. This game requires an internet connection like others. You will need to level up your keep’s defenses to reach the top of the game. Then you need train your troops to attack others bases just like clash of clans. This game is also available on Xbox and you can use other players supports while attacking. You have to control your troops to make an excellent and successful attack on others.

Popular games like clash of clans

4. Call of Duty: Heroes

It is a game like Clash of Clans clone but with a Call of Duty theme and you must be familiar with the call of duty. This game starts with an outpost and there is a lot more waiting for you. Your main job in this game is to upgrade your troops, machines and defend it against online players. You will also get control over a different Call of Duty heroes of this game and you can also upgrade them to unlock more powers. There is clan option with name alliances where you can donate troops to your friends and can also chat with them. There is different gaming mode like a survival mode, PvP and campaign mode.

top games like COC

5. Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge

It is another one of the most popular games like Clash of Clans which focus more on the Superheroes. There are many heroes, each of them has its own abilities and powers. In this game First, You build a base like COC, then set and upgrade defense buildings, and finally attack other online players bases. The main advantage of this game that it can also be playable on computers via Facebook Account. This game also has Windows Phone support with iOS and Android. Jungle Heat also launches new quest, events, and tournaments which make players stay interested in the game. Recent updates of the game are not good for long time players and give more advantage to beginners. This will increase the game fan following and online players competition.

top games like clash of clans

Conclusion: – We will keep updating this list, So stay in touch with us. And I would like to suggest you “play Clash Royale” because it is one of the best game of Supercell. I played all Supercell games started with a clash of clans, and also Impressed by boom beach and nowadays I am playing Clash Royale. I am also Mini Militia freak and love to play Mini MIlitia online and also offline with friends through Wifi. The Mini Militia 4.0.11 Latest Modded Apk with Pro Pack feature: Unlimited Ammo and unlimited Nitro and much more. Thanks for visiting Topbestlist and keep visiting us for latest updates and shares. If you want to give us updates and suggestion please give us feedback or email us or contact us. Do not forget to leave your valuable comment on our website.


Android, Mod Apk

Mini Militia Fly Through Wall+Double Gun+Unlimited Ammo/Nitro/Bomb x7

You can easily Become a ghost with this latest Mini Militia fly through walls mod Apk. You must have seen this mod while playing the game. The wall mod of mini militia already becomes very popular. Well, I would like to rank all the mini militia mods.

Well, we knew it that mini militia developers do not want you to access doodle army 2 Mini Militia wall mod. It becomes very difficult for other players around you to kill you. Somehow we figured out this wall glitch of mini militia and we would like to share it out with the download links for both Android and iOS devices.

Along with the mini militia the wall hack, you will also get the unlimited booster. So that you do not have to stop flying around in any level. You can also fire unlimited grenades and bullets to kill your enemies. Easily Walk through the wall and any other obstacle that usually stops you in the regular Mini Militia game Apk.

#1 infinite ammo+ pro pack mod ( benefits no one will ban your or kick you when you play with this mod)
#2 Infinite health mod:- This will make your enemy quit the game.
#3 Invisible mod: – This mod will also make them quit.
#4 Fly through wall mod: – Another crazy mod of mini militia which makes people quit the game.
#5 duel wield weapons: – Mod #1, #4 and #5 can become more fun if your enemies also have same mod.

I already uploaded Mini Militia Double Gun modded Apk: Unlimited Ammo/Bomb +Dual Wield Weapons. But this Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Wall Hack Fly through wall modded version has some extra features. Some people also knew this version by the name mini militia walk through Wall modded Apk. The link I shared above does not have unlimited nitro and x7 zoom + you can go fly through the wall.  But the Mini militia Fly through wall modded Apk, I am going to share with will also have these extra features with it. This time we have Double gun + Unlimited ammo + Unlimited nitro + Unlimited bomb + dual wield weapons + fly through walls. And yes it will show iOS to other people instead of Android icon in front of your name.

Download Mini Militia Wall Hack: – Fly through Walls

With this Mod you are totally like a Ghost(Soul) in the game that means you can go through anything even your bullets and bombs. This modded version is famous with the name “Mini Militia fly through walls hacked version”. With this Mini militia hack version, You can easily move-through anything inside the game maps. You can also see what I mean in the image given below. You must be familiar with this Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia wall hack version and also saw people using it online.

If The Mini Militia Game developers do not allow you to access latest Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia wallhack. Then It will become very difficult for you to easily kill others online in the game. With this Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia wall hack, you will also get the unlimited Nitro(booster/jetpacks). Therefore with it, you can fly every time around the map, You can also fire unlimited grenades and bullets on your opponents. You can also easily fly through every obstacle made by maps developers without any difficulty.

Mini militia fly through wall + dual gun modded apk

Pass through almost everything( walls, rocks, & trees) and shoot your enemies in the game ( your bullets and bomb will also pass through it) just as you see in the image above.

About Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Android Game

Doodle Army 2 Mini militia is most favorite Android Multiplayer game 2018. This Android game is very popular among gamers and Also available on the iOS operating system. You can easily play Doodle Army 2 Mini militia even with cross-platform Android and iOS. What you need to do it to connect your devices to Lan Wifi or mobile Hotspot and after that just Host the game under multiplayer>deathmatch. Now enjoy playing this game with all of your friends sitting together. And Also you can play online using custom option and invite your friends online to join you.

The Doodle Army 2 Mini militia is most addicting game for hostel people, friend groups etc. Nowadays Many colleges, School are hosting Tournaments of Mini militia with huge Prizemoney. And if you are reading this post then you must be looking for Mini militia Fly through wall mod Apk. Well, I would love to say you are at right place this Mini militia Fly Through wall mod will work for sure. There are even advanced features like Unlimited nitro, unlimited ammo, Dual guns, x7 zoom and so on.

Features of Mini Militia Fly Through Wall Modded Apk Hacked Version: –

  • Fly through walls in Mini militia: – even your ammo and bomb can move across walls.
  • Double Gun/ dual wield weapons feature is also added.
  • Of course, there is unlimited ammo, unlimited nitro, and unlimited bomb.
  • You can use x7 zoom modded features with all guns.

Well, guys trust me this is not fake and 100% real and working mini militia modded version. I will also share YouTube video and can see, how I am enjoying this mod against mini militia Noobie.

Mini militia walk through wall


Articles related to Mini Militia Fly Through wall Apk modded version: –

Conclusion: – If you have any queries regarding this Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Fly Through wall modded Apk version for Android. You can leave comments and there is 100% guarantee this mod will work, I will Also share Video of this modded version which surprised many online players. Keep visiting TopBestList we will upload and update latest mini militia modded Apk version soon.

Download Modded Version


Free Download Mini Militia Pro Pack 4.0.11 Latest Version Apk

Hello, guys if you are looking for the latest version of mini militia pro pack apk then you are at right place. Today I will share download link of the mini militia 4.0.11 pro pack apk with all store items unlocked. This is the mini militia pro pack v4.0.11 apk where you can use all weapons in online battle or custom battle and even in offline battle. You can also use all the avatar dresses you want. All Militant Costumes unlocked in this pro pack version of the mini militia 4.0.11 pro pack.

Features of Mini Militia Pro Pack 4.0.11 apk version: –

  • All store items unlocked with free points to buy them easily.
  • Online Lag issues fixed with this latest version.
  • All costumes unlocked even latest costumes.
  • You can use Dual guns online not a dual gun mod that is a different thing. For mini militia double gun mod check the other post.
  • New maps and stages unlocked as in 4.0.11 original version.

Post related to Mini Militia Pro Pack v4.0.11 Apk: –

Download Link

When a new update of the game is released we will also update Mini militia pro pack version. So keep visiting us back and checking out what’s new about Mini Militia. We are Planning something amazing for our visitors so that they can enjoy visiting our website. You may also interested in 8 Ball Pool 3.10.3 Latest Hack: Download 8 Ball Pool Mod apk Android. We also keep on writing and posting about “best Android Games” of 2018. I will say to iPhone users don’t be sad we also write about iPhone on our blog and “popular iTunes games”. You can check Best 10 iPhone Apps to enhance your ios experience. Also 10 Best Makeup Apps and Beauty Apps for Android and iPhone users. List of Most Popular Android Games on Google Playstore verified by Wikipedia. For any queries regarding this post, you can Contact me.

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