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Top 10 Best Game Hacker Apps For Android 2018 (No Root)

Top 10 Best Game Hacker Apps For Android 2018 (No Root):- Here we come back with one new great trick that will improve your gaming experience. By unlocking all paid features within few seconds by using our best game hacker apps that also free of cost. This is the latest list of best game hacking application for Android 2018.

#1. Lucky Patcher: The Best Game Hacker Apps

You must already have heard of Lucky Patcher as this app is quite famous and is used by most of the users. This app can be called as amazing Game hacker app of the year 2017. However, This app can be used only in those devices which are already rooted. Lucky Patcher helps you to remove the ads, to verify the license, to modify the host of all the other features of any game. A Lucky Patcher allows you to unlocked features of any game. Lucky Patcher analyzes all the installed apps which are already installed on your device and this app will highlight modifications you can make in a particular game or app. Let’s reveal some more feature of this apps.


  • It can Install/uninstall apps
  • Works on Non-Rooted Devices
  • Purchase emulation for free purchases
  • Remove Patch ads in games
  • Increase Level Emulation
  • Lucky Patcher Will Generate modded/hacked APKs

#2 XMODgames: The Best Game Hacker Apps

Woooo!! did you listen about XMODgames? If YES then you are real tech guy and If not then don’t worry we will explain you. XMODgames is another popular game hacking app and one of the perfect substitute for Lucky Patcher. This app works perfectly both with Android as well as iOS games and is completely free of cost. This XMODgames is completely designed to breach all the restrictions provided by the developers of a game. Using XMODgames hacking app, you can get points, coins, gems or anything which is developed to enhance your high gaming experience. XMODgames helps you in hacking many well-known famous games such as Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Castle Royale, Angry Birds, etc. This app is completely safe and not malicious. However, you first need a root device as it needs special permissions which only rooted devices can provide you.


  • Regular updates for the hot games
  • This will work on both rooted and non-rooted devices
  • Have thousands of game modes for different games

#3 SB Game Hacker APK: The Best Game Hacker Apps

SB Game Hacker apps is a very powerful game modifier tool for Android devices. SB Game Hacker apps support two languages such as English as well as the Chinese language. The SB Game Hacker app performs extremely well on rooted devices, and hence, we highly recommended you to root your Android device before using this app to your favorite hack games. This app also helps to remove all the annoying regular ads and to bypass all license restrictions and thus, allowing you to play any game extremely to another great level.

SB GameHacker APK


  • It boosts the game speed on your Android device and also, allows you to play games for free
  • SB Game Hacker comes with an inbuilt search option names as ‘Fuzzy Search.‘ The purpose of this search engine is to look for a value of resources of any game and also, input or edit the required resources values.
  • Using this app, you can change the source or the editing source of the game.

#4. Game Killer: The Best Game Hacker Apps

Well, This game hacker apps also require a rooted device to bang on your favorite games. You can use this app to Upgrades Costumes, Weapons, Guns, Jades, Gems, add unlimited Coins etc. on your game for free. But, the negative effect of this app is that it only supports offline game hacking and not the online games like clash of clans, clash royal, boom beach and etc. Once game killer is installed on your Android device, it can proceed to penetrate offline games without encountering any trouble on your device. You can even also lock video games at a particularly high level for security purpose. The game killer hacking app requires a root access to deliver its up to mark duties. Game Killer uses memory modification technique to carry out its smooth working processes.


  • Use memory modification technique
  • Search for games with unclear directions
  • This app requires Root access
  • lock video games to required level

#5 Gamecih: The Best Game Hacker Apps

You can use Gamecih hacking app to get some extra coins, modify the attributes of characters in the game which you want to hack, or even you can alter your score and many the other game statistics features. Basically, Gamecih is a cheat book software and is completely free of cost available over the Internet. Using this Game Hacker app gives you the freedom to modify different variables in a wide range of online gaming Zone but, here you do not need to master any game codes. This app can be used only on a rooted Android device and is most comparable with offline games.


  • Root Access Required
  • Easily view and edit your apps shared preference
  • if your phone is not rooted please do not download this app because it will not work.

#6 Cheat Engine: The Best Game Hacking Apps

We also have one another best game hacking app that will provide you a full developed cheat sheet of all Android games. The app will enable you to use many different tricks when playing your favorite video game. Cheat Engine app works by scanning the internet for modifications that can give a video game player an edge over your opponent.


  • You can now copy changelogs and descriptions.
  • New UI
  • New lucky patcher patching not needed anymore
  • Can not download paid apps for free directly
  • Use Google LVL protected apps.
  • Offline verification
  • Disable self-updating

#7. CreeHack: The Best Game Hacker Apps

CreeHack is one of the best game hacking app. This android tool will help you in different areas that you need if you want to enjoy playing lots of your favorite video games on your android device for free of cost. Usually, We have seen many video games require some purchases stuff. Here this app can rescue you from purchases stuff. With Creehack hacking app, you can bypass all the limitations and Freely enjoy your favorite game without making any kind of heavy purchase.

Key Features

  • Can bypass all App payment requirements
  • Allows for unlimited In-App purchases
  • Is compatible will almost all apps
  • Does not require rooting

#8. LeoPlay Card: The Game Hacker Apps

The LeoPlay Card is also great game hacking android software(app) that will allow you to play freely your favorite android video games for free of cost. This app is quite similar to CreeHack that comes with an inbuilt card that you can use for free on Google play store. LeoPlay Card is also better than most other apps because as this app doesn’t require any root access.

Key Features

  • Is compatible with almost any app
  • Does not require rooting
  • Allows for addition of new units
  • Allows you to make unlimited in-app purchases

#9. Freedom App: The Game Hacker Apps

Freedom App is Android specializes in terms of hacking any of the Paid Android Games or Apps. As with the help of the Freedom hacking App, you will be able to Purchase any of the Premium features for any of your favorite Games or Apps from Google Play Store that also free of cost. The Freedom Apk is quite useful for those users who do not have international CC to create a Google Wallet and this all can be done for free of cost.

#10. AnDOSid: The Game Hacker Apps

DOS or denial of service attack is one of the most dangerous attacks because it takes down or slow down the server (computer). AnDOSid is an Android tool designed only for security professionals to let them carry out a DOS(denial of service) attack (HTTP post-flood attack to be precise). It is used to perform a DOS(denial of service) attack on websites or web servers using the Android smartphones.


Top 5 Best Insta Photos/Videos Downloader Android Apps 2018

Today in Top 5 best Insta app lists, I am going to share top Insta downloader apps with the help of which you can download anyone’s Insta photos and videos easily. These five best Insta downloading apps are totally free of cost. The Instagram application is now Trending method to capture and share our memorable moments with Friends and Family. You are allowed to put privacy whether you want to your pictures to be shared with privately or publicly. The Instagram application was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in the year 2010. So if you want to download Insta photos and videos downloader apps then read the full article.

This app is commonly used to upload and share photos, videos on the Insta website through Profile. The good point that It is having many filter options for photos. There are privacy and security, the Instagram app does not allow their user to download anyone videos and photos as a privacy concern. Also, check out how to Increase Instagram/Facebook Followers The method Work for Instagram.

Best Insta Photos/Videos Downloader Apps

You can use them on your Android mobile to download Instagram photos and videos without much effort. All these Insta downloader applications are completely free to use on any Android device. By using these Android applications you can easily download public videos and photos of your friends. So let’s see Instagram photos and videos downloader apps. You may also Interested in 5 Best Facebook AutoLiker Apps for Android smartphones.

Below are the lists of Instagram photo and video downloader for your Android smartphone.

Editor’s Note: Please do not use these apps for bad things otherwise you will be imprisoned the for cyber crime. These apps are only used to save photo and videos without any difficulty. And you do not have permission to post videos and photos of anyone without taking permission from them. So respect and follow the rights of the Instagram users and policy guidelines. Also, check out the List of Top best Useful Apps that Enhance your Instagram Experience.

1. InstaSave: –

Instasave app is one of the popular application that used to save Instagram photos and videos on the smartphone. Now download this Android app and easily save Instagram pictures and videos offline on your Memory Card. This is the best app for saving photos and videos of anyone and easily reposting them again on Insta. Read these Best Ways to Earn Money Online in US Dollars from Home: Make Money 100% working.

Features of InstaSave

  • You can Instant download Insta photos or Videos of anyone.
  • Easy to download Instagram pictures on the memory card.
  • No doubts, InstaSave has fast download speed.
  • The app has Beautiful Insta photos and videos download manager feature.
  • It also having Saved photos viewer.

[appbox googleplay]

2. Video Downloader for Instagram: –

Meet this another Top Instagram photos and videos downloader Android app. Try this application to Instagram stuff download and then you can re-post on Insta again. This app is very easy to use without much effort. Just you need to copy tags from Insta that’s it.

  • You can Directly download Instagram videos and photos on your computer.
  • Easy to Save Instagram photos and videos to your memory card.
  • Easily Share Insta saved photos and videos with anyone.

[appbox googleplay com.popularapp.videodownloaderforinstagram]

3. Insta Download – Video & Photo: –

Insta Download application is used to download pictures and videos in the photo gallery within two steps. It also allows its users to directly download from any Insta link of video/photo. You need to copy the image or videos URL and then paste within this app. Then It will automatically start downloading and save in your browsed location or within the app folder. You can then repost it on other social media like facebook, twitter etc.

[appbox googleplay com.znstudio.instadownload]

4. EasyDownloader for Instagram: –

Easy Downloader Android app is popular for downloading photos/video from the Instagram application. Use this Android application to download Instagram videos/photos without switching the Insta application. You are only allowed to download pictures/videos from public Instagram profiles. This Android app has downloaded by 1000+ people and rated 4.4 stars.

[appbox googleplay]

5. InstaSaver for Instagram: –

InstaSaver app is a very useful Android app for all the Instagram users. With the help of this app, you can easily copy hashtags, download any instagram video or any images, and Copy the text.

  • You can also see the downloaded media files within this application.
  • Easy to move videos, photos etc from this application to Instagram and vice-versa.
  • You can copy the Insta description from anywhere.
  • This app has the feature of Fast background downloading option.

[appbox googleplay bukoo.instasaver.downloader]


So these are the best Instagram saver apps list that I shared with you All. Finally, I request you – Do not use these apps for anything bad purpose. This is only for educational purpose and to help people. If you do something illegal with these apps then you are responsible for yourself.

Android, Mod Apk

Mini Militia Double Gun mod Apk: Unlimited Ammo+Dual Wield Weapons

What if you could hold any two weapons like a dual sniper rifle and can also shoot with both of them. how about dual missile launchers with AK47 at once? is it overpowered mod among all mods of mini-militia? Yes, buddy! I know it looks so cool, holding a combination of any weapons together in doodle army 2 Mini Militia game. Using of double guns or double weapons together at once in the game is known by the term Dual Wield in Military for the militants. Dual Wielding is holding of two weapons together, one in each of the hand during battle or combat.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Double Gun Mod Apk download link: – Doodle Army 2 mini militia double gun moded Apk for Android for unlimited ammo + unlimited bomb + unlimited nitro + unlimited boost + unlimited jetpacks. Yes, you can use a double bazooka, double cutter, double sniper, double rifle and any combination of these. you can use rocket launcher with a cutter, Shotgun with Rifle, Double pistol, Double AK47 or double Machine gun. Download Double Gun Mod Apk Mini militia from here and surprise your friend by shooting them with 2 bazooka. He will unable to find out that you are using Mod version of Mini militia if you do attack him with long-range guns.

Check out this mini militia double gun mod | Unlimited ammo | unlimited bomb | duel wield weapons 1 min video.

Check how to download and Install this working Mini militia double gun MOD with 1-min video (proof) above

Is it fun use any two weapons together like dual missile launchers or a double sniper rifle with AK47 at once in one shot. It is so cool and amazing to hold a deadly combination of any weapons in Mini Militia doodle army 2. This is popular and the Use of double guns at once is known by the term Dual Wield mini militia mod. The Dual Wielding is holding two weapons, one in each of a militant hand during a real battle or combat. Popular Countries, where Mini Militia 2 is get played most are Philippines, India, Jamaica, Indonesia, Nepal, and the USA.

39 Android & iOS Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games Like Mini Militia


Unlimited Ammo+Dual Wield Weapons

How to play Doodle Army 2 (Mini Militia) with friends from home online

Editor’s Note about the double gun mod: –
Hello, if you people face any difficulty in downloading and installing this mini militia double gun hack version let us know. If you want to make any request for any mini militia mod version you can leave a comment for us or you can contact us anywhere.

Mini-Militia Tips and Tricks to Win Like a Pro Gamer with Pictures

Features of Mini militia hack Mod: –

  • Mini militia Double gun + one shot kill.
  • Both the guns will shoot your enemy at the same time.
  • Mini militia Double gun + unlimited boost.
  • unlimited ammo, fly, no reload, unlimited nitro. But not unlimited health
  • You can shoot with a Double sniper rifle.
  • Mini militia Double gun + unlimited health.
  • Surprise your enemy with Double Bazooka attack.
  • Mini militia Double gun + unlimited jetpacks,
  • Sniper rifle with shotgun together is the ultimate combination of mini militia double gun mod.
  • Mini militia Double gun+unlimited health+unlimited ammo+unlimited nitro + unlimited jet packs+unlimited boost.
  • You can use Shock gun combination with any other gun to freeze and kill the enemy easily. This is another ultimate combination because shock gun has long range.
  • Mini militia Double gun + unlimited ammo.
  • unlimited flying power
  • dual any weapon, 7x zoom any weapon, unlimited ammo, and health 2x with pro pack.
  • mine bomb + ammo + dual wield any weapon + jetpack + 5 INTO speed of health recharging
  • ultimate booms, nitro, HD mod, ultimate ammo, one shot kill, new costumes, and maps.
  • ultimate health and pass through the wall.
  • dual wield unlimited nitro pack, pro-pack and unlimited ammo version.
  • unlimited nitro and dual guns Link.
  • dual wield weapon with unlimited boost.
  • unlimited health & unlimited bullets & bomb.
  • Doodle army 2 Tournament Mode Update in 2018. Keep visiting for the exact release date.
  • unlimited Jetpack jet with Sniper gun

How to Download Mini Militia double gun Mod for Android?

  1. The file name is Topbestlist.apk but it is 100% working Mini militia mod Apk updated 7 September 2017.
  2. For other mods of mini militia check download links and information in this article.
  3. And I am telling you again this is mini militia double gun mod Apk and working one.
  4. We will keep on linking mini militia Latest and famous amazing all kinds of Mods on article link share in point 2.

Mini Militia Double Gun mod Apk

Steps to Install Mini militia Dual Gun mod Apk: –

  1. Download Mini militia mod Apk from the download link given below.
  2. Then click on Install button to start installing mini militia dual gun mod Apk.
  3. Then if it asks for permission click on allow installation for unknown sources.
  4. Yes, it is 100% safe to install and use mods so do not worry about it.

dual wield unlimited nitro pack, pro-pack and unlimited ammo version.

Conclusion about the double gun mod:-
The mini militia is a famous Multiplayer Android game which is also known as doodle army 2. This game can be played with a maximum of 12 friends using Lan, wifi, hotspot, and the internet. Do not forget to leave a comment for TopBestList and enjoy the mod. Thanks for visiting us and I hope you will keep visiting us in future also. There is no doubt this is one of the best and famous mini militia mod which is downloaded by many users. It is fun to shoot using double guns together that will double up the killing speed and chances of winning the game.

Download link

Give a ScreenShot or your game Story with your teammates or alone: – You can also share screen recording. Share your best moment with us, and we will put them in our mini militia collections. Mail at or you can also leave it in the comment section.


Android, Mod Apk

Download Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk Latest Version 1.108..1.1: Hack

Candy Crush Saga Apk + Hack Version + Mod (Unlimited) + Everything Unlocked Is Casual Puzzle Android Game.  Candy crush saga is also commonly called as Candy Crush. This Cross platform Game Mixed of Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. Playing this game is an easy job for everyone. Everyone knows Candy Crush Saga is a brain booster puzzle game along with social elements. Where you need to connect 3 or 3+ same colored candies and make linking chains of them to make the candies disappear. You need to disappear all different colored candies by following the same method as above within a limited number of moves. There is also a bonus round and other game features.

candy crush saga mod apk

Editor’s Note:- if you are interested in this mod version then you may also interested in the similar post given below so I will suggest you check them out. If you face any difficulty downloading and installing this mod version let me know through a comment or you can also contact us.

 Version 1
  • This Mod version has Normal moves as compared to other versions.
  • You have Unlimited lives candy crush saga modded version apk of the game.
  • Dreamworld Unlocked in this Candy Crush Saga Hack version apk.
  • Candy Crush Unlocked All episodes Latest apk version.
  • All levels unlocked Mod apk + Everything Unlocked.
  • In this Candy Crush Saga hacked version the Owl never Dies.
  • The Moonstruck will be active at the end of the level while playing.
  • Brush booster available only one time per level.

candy crush saga hack versionVersion 2

  • This version has 100+ moves in the game.
  • Mod Makes Bomb delay 80 03 seconds.
  • The Time counter changed up to 5 minutes for all time-based candy crush levels.
  • This candy crush saga mod version also has Unlimited lives.
  • Unlock Dreamworld by downloading this candy crush hack version.
  • Candy Crush modded version Unlocked All episodes in the game.
  • Candy crush Unlock All Levels of the game.
  • With this Mod version, the Owl will never Die.
  • Moonstruck active Automatically in the end of the game level.

You can also connect Facebook with this Candy Crush Saga mod version.

  1. First, remove your FB App
  2. Connect to Candy Crush Mod Apk
  3. It will 100℅ connect then
  4. You can reinstall your FB Application.

How to download candy crush saga mod apk?

You can download Candy Crush Saga mod apk from the download link given below. Then install the game in your system and if it will ask for the permission for unknown sources then just allow and install the candy crush saga hack version. There is an alternative method to allow for unknown sources by going into the setting. Yes, it is 100% safe to install hacks from Topbestlist so do not worry we check all the hacks then we share them with our visitors.

Download CandyCrushSaga


How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone smartphones:- This is the best trick to send automatic messages on WhatsApp Messenger for Android and iPhone devices. There is a need when you want to share your blog articles or Facebook post with all WhatsApp groups or Friends on WhatsApp or you want to broadcast your message to your subscribers on WhatsApp. You can send messages automatically to all of your WhatsApp friends, family members, and WhatsApp groups.

Top 5 Best Methods to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on Android and iPhone:-

Editor’s note: – All these methods are 100% working and useful for article sharing, Post sharing with WhatsApp Friends and Group members. It is a pure gold for the bloggers and article writer. News sharing Facebook pages, Twitter Instagram pages, and many other social media sites. Even others WordPress bloggers can use this method to increase traffic on their site by sharing their post and articles with other people.

Meanwhile, you can read: –

Method #1: Schedule for WhatsApp [No Root]

This method needs an help of one android app that will perform our task. We will use Android App called Schedule for WhatsApp.


  • Easily Create Schedule and send Messages at Specific time according to Schedule
  • The app does not Require any Rooting.
  • Send Automatically Delay Messages

Note – There is no need to uninstall original Whatsapp. You must have Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Scheduler installed on Android Phone.

Step 1: You need to download WhatsApp Scheduler app on Your Android smartphone

[appbox googleplay]

Step 2: After you Downloaded the app. Install the app on your Android smartphone. Then, launch the app and It will pop up a notification to enable Accessibility to Schedule messages. And then press the Ok button.

Step 3: Now Create a Schedule by simply Tap on “+” symbol.

No. 4 Step: Here you have to Simply “Select Recipient”, “Select time“, ”Select Frequency” and in the end enter the message to create a Schedule message.

Step 5: After completing above step. All your Scheduled tasks will be shown on Home screen of “Schedule Messages for WhatsApp”

Method #2: Schedule WhatsApp Messages Using Seebye Android App

Here we are going to use Another great useful app called as Seebye Scheduler app. Let’s see some cool features of Seebye App listed below.


  • Ability to Create Schedule and send Messages at a Specific time according to described Schedule.
  • This App does not Require any kind Root access.
  • Send Automatically Delay Messages

Step 1: Download and Install the Seebye app from Google Play Store. And then launch the App.

[appbox googleplay com.seebye.scheduler]

Step 2: Now press or hit on (+) Icon to schedule a Message on WhatsApp

Step 3: After that click on the (+) button to Create a Schedule to send a message on WhatsApp.

Step 4: You will get Message Box on the screen. Here you have to write your self-created Message and Fill all details which are Required.

Step 5: This is the last step. Here you have to Hit on “Add” Button and your schedule will automatically be saved. Then WhatsApp will Automatically send you self-created Messages to Your marked friends according to Schedule Time.

Method #3: Using SQEDit – An Auto Scheduling App

SQEDit one of the best free and easy-to-use scheduling app that provides easiness to schedule text messages or SMS, WhatsApp messages, schedule Facebook posts, schedule and send automatic emails and set call reminders. This all is possible with the SQEDit app.

Step 1. Download and install SQEDit – An Auto Scheduling App from Google playstore on your Android smartphone.

[appbox googleplay com.codefish.sqedit]

Step 2. Open the app and you will encounter a screen like below. Here you need to simply create an account with any given 2 options. You can sign in with your Facebook account for fast access.

Step 3. In this step, you will notice a screen like below. Here you need to click on “WhatsApp” to continue.

Step 4. Now it’s time to grant access for the permission to access your contacts. Simply tap on “Allow” to continue the further process.

Step 5. Here you need to create the message with date and time to schedule the WhatsApp message on given date and time.

Step 6. Here you need to select the contact to whom you want to send schedule message.

Step 7. As soon as you set every thing, you will get a notification like below screen shot before few seconds of the scheduled timing. You need to click on the “Send” icon button.


Method #4: Step by Step method to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on iPhone

If you have iPhone device they don’t worry, because you can also schedule messages on Whatsapp with your IOS device. But the drawback of this app is that it’s a PAID app.

Follow the below Steps:-

  • First of all, Buy Message Scheduler app for WhatsApp from Cydia for $0.99 only.
  • After you bought the app, Now Open Whatsapp on your iPhone.
  • Now select the Contact of that person to whom you want to send a message, and then Type your own Message.

  • Tap and Hold or Long Press Send Button and you will see time and Date for scheduling purpose.
  • Select date and time with AM or PM of your Choice.

  • It Will Automatically Send the message on schedule date and time and you will also get a notification regarding this.

Limitations for use this application

  • The user needs to Root His Mobile Phone, for use this application. Root Voids Warranty of phone, so it
    would not be a Good Choice.
  • Requires Internet Connection for Run, when user have to Send SMS
  • User Have to Disable Greenify app in his phone for this app. Because it will close all background process & This WhatsApp scheduler will not be able to Send Messages.


These apps will help in the tough time when you accidently forget to send an important message to your friend. But

Android, Mod Apk

Castle Clash Latest Mod Apk 1.3.3 Android Download: Unlimited Gems

Castle Clash is an Android Operating system based Mobile game to battle online in a game against friends and others. Free download castle clash hack version or download castle clash mod apk Android game for unlimited everything features( unlimited gold+unlimited money+unlimited gems+unlimited shards+unlimited guilds+ unlimited badges+unlimited experience).

About Castle Clash Game Android: –

castle clash mod apk Android

Clash Castle is in the list of Top 10 Game in the US and in many other countries. It is the first Strategy Game for Android smartphones. This game is rated 4.6+ stars by its users on Google app store. You need to Build then battle with friends for glory in this Android game. The game is having over 30 million of clashes in the world every second. The heat of this Android game is most addictive and is one of the best game ever. This game has brilliant mind of quick strategies and exciting combat graphics and gameplay.

It is an Android game of epic collections. You need to Hire legions of most powerful Heroes and then lead the greatest army of mythical creature. Wheather it is big or small the Fight to the top will become the world’s greatest Warlord in the game. Your empire is as strong or weak it all depends on your selection creativity and quick strategy. This game is available in different languages like Korean, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Thai, and German.

Castle Design are 3 types Fortress strong defense, Bases offense, and blends defense. You can easily unlock other building in the shop in this game. You need to target for enemies to attack while your troops, towers, and heroes+towers kill the attacker’s troops. Yes, Vaults are the most useful and valuable buildings in this game because it stores all your gold and other items. There are arrow tower, magic tower and cannon tower in this game.

Castle Clash Android Game Features: –

castle clash hack apk Android

  • You can Build and can upgrade your impenetrable fortress in this game.
  • Can Create the ultimate strong army from different wild troops choices easily.
  • This game is Fast-paced, quick, thrilling, sharp thinking and realistic battles graphic features.
  • You can Pit your super Heroes against other online Players and friends in the Arena battles or Arena duels.
  • Tap on buttons and or swipe the screen to cast powerful spells during battles or duels.
  • The important point is that the game is Free-to-play and have fantasy strategy.
  • Base Walls are the most defensive and basic buildings blocks in this Android game.
  • Traps of your base are the most Costly and expendable items in the game that need to be updated.
  • Traps are bomb traps, hero traps and many other traps that are unique in themselves.
  • Heroes in the game are one of the versatile and powerful characters of this game.
  • Druid! is a hulk of the game in desi words He is a one man army guy.

Note: This game also requires a permanent internet connection to play and there is no offline mode.

Commonly Asked question About Castle Clash Hack version

  • How to get HBM, boss, and unlimited shards and gems castle clash Mod apk file?
  • Trick to download castle clash Apk+mod+data Android files?
  • After installing Castle clash mod & nothing changed why?
  • Can I have infinite money gems & Mana?
  • Can u do the same for IRUNA?
  • Why is my castle Clash game mod not working?
  • How to Download Castle clash unlimited gems and unlimited everything Mod apk Android?
  • What is that mod, cheats or original?
  • Can somebody from the site explain how to install castle clash mod and is it works?
  • Got new patch how do I get it to work the game is just like normal version?
  • Hi, when is the new update for the mod available?

Editor Review: Castle Clash Mod Android apk+data

Editor’s note: You are now Downloading Castle Clash Latest Mod/Hack v1.3.33 APK hack version. The Size of Castle Clash + Mod/Hack v1.3.33 is only 48.4MB. Over 332 rating by users i.e an average 4.4/5 Castle Clash Android Game. Yes, Relic Hall, Guild Hall, and the Heroes Altar are the most useful and very special buildings in the Android game. Warehouse Training Center and The Arena are the most useful and specific buildings in this Android game.

Castle Clash mod version apk Android

Download Castle Clash Mod apk Android Game Details

Castle Clash Mod/Hack v1.3.3 is a multiplayer Android Game mod Apk hacked version. It has been tested and works in most of the situations. You can Hire all your favorite Clash castle heroes and talents with this hacked version. Free Download Clash castle Rolling Simulator apk Latest game Version: Clash castle Rolling Simulator 5.2 Game Android app. We provide this file for Android 2.3 OS and above version o Android. It is also available on Blackberry devices i.e BB10 OS or Kindle Fire and many other Android devices such as LG, Huawei, Moto G, and Samsung Galaxy.

It’s newest and the latest version for Castle Clash hacked version of Android Game. It is very easy and simple to download Clash Castle for everyone and easy to install in Android devices. Read permission below and then click on download apk button to go to download page of this popular Android game.

On the download page of Castle-Clash, the download will be started automatically for you. You need download APK Downloader first from our site to download this game apk. we provide the direct download link for Castle Clash android mod apk there. Castle Clash Hack v1.3.3.3 APK Android is free and trademark from the developer Castle Clash Mod v1.3.3.3 apk Android.

Clash castle Android Apk Is one of the best and top Strategy Android Game. You can easily Download Castle Clash Apk+Data+Mod For Android From Topbestlist site. It is an Android game where you collect resources and build structures to create your own village. Clash Castle Free Download this Top 10 Game in the US, India and many other countries. It is the #1 Strategy Game in the US for Android just like clash Royale Raving 4.5+ Stars by users.

Castle Clash Mod Apk 1.3.3 Hack Version unlimited gems

Castle Clash Mod Android Apk features: –

  • Free Castle Clash Unlimited money mod and unlimited everything mod feature.
  • Download Clash Castle unlimited health mod feature.
  • Castle Clash unlocked everything mod feature.
  • Clash Castle Unlimited gems+ unlimited Badges+ unlimited experience+ unlimited shards+ unlimited guilds + unlimited gold.

Conclusion: Castle Clash Mod

Hello everyone if you have any queries regarding this clash castle mod version of Android game then you can leave a comment for us. We will surely update the clash castle game and mod apk file for you.

Android original file

[appbox googleplay com.igg.castleclash]

Castle-Clash Mod


Best 5 Free Video Downloader Apps for Android with Apk

Today I am going share Video downloader apps apk with you which is popular and the best. If you search for free video downloader applications yourself you may able to find some fake applications which will not even work. Therefore I am suggesting you use these 5 best free Video downloader apps for Android phones. Nowadays everyone loves to use Android smartphones because it is more user-friendly. Android mobile phones have amazing features which make them more popular, and therefore people go to buy Android phones.

Check out:- Best and Free Screen Recorder Applications for Android.

Best and Free Video Downloader Apps For Android 2017

Everyone wants to download YouTube videos for free of cost. Even some people surf the internet and find the amazing video but there is no option to download them at all. So, these Android applications will help you out to download videos to your phone for free of cost. Yes, these are the best apps you can even download videos in HD quality and can watch them later. Now with this apps, you are free from video buffering. All the below-listed apps are surely best and 100% working video downloader apps for Android phones. If you want to download videos from YouTube or any other sites then you can use these Android apps to download them easily.

1. Vidmate – Free Video Downloader


VidMate is one of the top, popular and mostly used free video downloader app for Android smartphones. You must be knowing that the VidMate application is my favorite video downloaders app & using this app from 3 years. The app has many features that will surely amaze you and attract you to free download VidMate Android apk. But the VidMate app is not available on Google Play Store app, therefore, you need to download it from any other website on Google. I Love to use VidMate to download videos from YouTube and other sites on my cell phone.

Features of VitMate: –

  • It is too Easy to navigate menus in this app (Awesome User Interface)
  • You can Directly download videos from YouTube and Facebook.
  • There is Inbuild Internet browser just like Chrome web browser.
  • You can easily Download latest movies/ Latest videos/ Latest music/ Latest TvShow/ Latest Meme & even Latest Apps.
  • You can Choose various resolution of the videos and movies while downloading them.

Follow this link to download the VidMate application.

Download Here

2. Videoder – All Video Downloader


Videooder is another best Video downloader android application, which is new but still downloaded by millions of users on Play Store. Yes, Videoder is all in one video downloader app of 2017, you can easily download Instagram videos, Facebook, Youtube directly. This Android app has best built-in video streaming features to watch videos online. Free Download Videooder Android apk from I know you will surely love Videoder to download videos easily from your Android mobiles.

Features of Videoder: –

  • You can Watch online Popular videos and movies.
  • Also, You can Download any video from any website you want.
  • Convert automatically video file to the media extension you want.
  • It is also Know as YouTube converter application.
  • All video downloader is another search keyword for this video downloader app.

Follow this link to download Videoder application.

Download here

3. Tube Video Mate Downloader


You must be knowing about this Tube Video Mate Downloader application popular for Android phones. This application is available on everywhere even in the app store of Google. So you can directly download Tube mate downloader application from anywhere you wish. Search for Free download Tube video mate Downloader Android apk.

Features of TubeMate – Tube Video Mate Downloader: –

  • Very easy to use and download any video you wish.
  • Also, Restart broken downloads from the place where it stopped.
  • Easy to Restart, Resume and you can even Pause download while downloading videos.
  • You can Save the videos in any format you want like 3GP, MP3, FLV, MP4 etc.

Follow this link to download Tube Video Mate Downloader application.

Download here

4. Download Manager for Videos

It is the most popular and even best video downloader. And It is not limited up to only video downloader but you can also download any other files like PDF, DOC etc. The download manager is the best and fastest downloader Android application for everything. You can also directly download Facebook videos, YouTube videos, and Videos from any other social Media websites. I am also using Download Manager for Videos to download any video  I want to. Search for Free Download Manager Android Apk to download this app.

 Features of Download Manager for Videos: –

  • You can Use this as the best web browser to download any video you want easy.
  • With All Video Downloader, You can download videos from any websites.
  • This app is also having video and audio playback Built-in feature.

5. Downloader & Private Browser


You can download with privacy and through private browsing using this Android application. You can download videos from anywhere you wish for including your favorite sites. All the videos downloaded by Downloader & Private Browser are 100% Password Protected. Search for Free download Downloader & Private browsing Android apk file.

Features of Downloader & Private Browser: –

  • It can change online videos in Offline mode to watch them whenever you want.
  • Having own inbuilt media player to play saved videos easily.
  • You can Make a private and password protected folder to store downloaded videos.
  • You can Browser internet privately in multi-tab to easily search for them.
  • The media Player support mp4 format, mp3 format, m4v format, Avi format, doc WMV format, pdf format and more.

Follow this link to easily download Downloader & Private Browser Android application

Download here


I wish you read everything about the best HD free video downloader applications for Android device and also enjoyed. I wish you like the article you can also suggest the changes in the comment section or in feedback. If you want to update the list, We will take your words into consideration and update it. Thanks for visiting Topbestlist, keep visiting us and check out latest article, Leave helpful comments for us, Start your business with us.


5 Best Free Screen Recorder Apps on Android: Download Screen Recording Apps

In this BEst Screen Recorder Apps Android 2017 Article you can Free Download DU Screen Recorder apk Android, Free Download AZ screen recorder Apk Android, Free Download Free Download Mobizen Screen Recorder apk Android, Free Download EZ Screen Recorder apk Android, and Free Download Game screen Recorder apk Android. Do you want to record video calls on your Android smartphones? Are you looking for mobile screen recorder apps for smartphones? Well, Today I will Provide you the best screen recorder apps list for Android Operating system. These apps of the Android OS are most demanding and most useful apps on the internet for recording Youtube tutorials, games etc.

Most of the apps are available for free and you don’t need to spend a single penny on them. Android Screen Recording applications are one of those popular apps which are very interesting as well as very useful for Recording anything. There are various screen recording apps on Android Google Play store but we want useful ones. Some Apps are useful in recording Android games, Video calls, and Android tutorials etc. You can make and record tutorials: hacking tutorials – YouTube. Screen Recording and Screening capturing are the same things where capturing defines recording while screenshot is different. Screen recorder software also is known as screen-casting software.

These Screen recorders are used for recording a game play, video chats, recording educational tutorial, and more. These Screen recording mobile apps are available for every Android OS version like kit-kat, Lollipop and more. one can use these Android OS apps with any other Android application easily to record anything. You will find a list of Screen recording apps below that is easy to use for any Android user. You can Record Mini Militia Mod version and here are the Mini militia tips. Do you Want to record clash Royale battles deck on Android phones?

Best Android Operating System Screen Recorder Applications List 2017

Below are best and working screen recorder apps for your Android Smartphone. I am using these recorder apps already for recording games, Video calls etc. so I am recommending you to use them for recording anything you want. Most of the Famous YouTubers and YouTube channels are using these screen recorder apps to record games, a tutorial guide on mobile. List of Best  Screen recording: Screen Recorder Android apps.

1. DU Recorder: Download DU Screen Recorder apk Android

This is a multi tasking Android Screen Recording application is capable of performing many useful activities for any average Android OS users. It is a free to download and use, Also reliable application. This app can do following tasks listed below: –

  • Screen recording: – To record Screen activities on Android smartphones.
  • Video editing: – To easily Edit videos After Recording them example we want to remove some part from video or Add something else.
  • GIF making: – You can easily create GIF using these screen recording applications.
  • Playing videos: – You can also play videos after recording them.

The main feature of this Android app is that it can record screen with the HD quality of 1070p @60 FPS easily. All the features of this Android application are free of cost and are available without any additional cost to them. It is capable to record screen in multiple file formats and multiple bit rates. so that, no one will face any issue of compatibility of playing recorded videos on any Android device. The recorded video by default save in DU Recorder Folder in your File manager.

[appbox googleplay com.duapps.recorder]


Free Download DU Screen Recorder apk Android


2. AZ Screen recorder: Download AZ screen recorder Apk Android

The AZ screen recorder app which is compatible with all Android OS devices supporting KitKat or above version of Android. You can easily record both HD and full high definition Videos along with noiseless audio output in AZ Screen Recorder.  Also. There is built magic button which can hide the entire menu on your screen while recording a Tutorial or game play. Some other features of this amazing recording application are:-

  • Overlay front camera feature: – while recording you can also record your face to let earn popularity and trust.
  • Draw on screen: – You can draw anything on the screen while recording videos.
  • Video Trimming: – You can trim any part of the recorded video.
  • Timer for the countdown: – You can also set time while screen recording.

Drawing while recording is a unique feature which is available only in this app, also helpful in making effective Educational tutorials easily.

[appbox googleplay]

Free Download AZ screen recorder Apk Android

3. Mobizen Screen Recorder: Download Mobizen Screen Recorder apk Android

There is Full HD screen recording option in Mobizen screen recorder, easily record anything playing on Android Smartphone. No restriction of video Recording limit while recording any video, You can record as long video as you want. There are features of video editing including the service of trimming and cutting your recorded video. You do not need to root your smartphone for installing and downloading Mobizen Screen Recorder. This Android app is compatible with all Android versions 4.4 and even above, Do not require any configurations. While recording anything using this app, the user can easily draw anything on it for making an educational tutorial.

[appbox googleplay com.rsupport.mvagent]

Free Download Mobizen Screen Recorder apk Android

4. EZ Screen Recorder:  Download EZ Screen Recorder apk Android

This screen recording Android app is advertisement free and it is really very useful to record anything on smartphones. This app is easy to use and very helpful, You can read the features of this app given below:-

  • Front camera recording option: You record screen with front camera video recording.
  • Mic recording: You can record screen while recording the voice of yours.
  • Video Trimming: You can trim/cut any recorded part from your video.
  • High definition recording: HD recording feature is available for YouTubers.
  • Sharing feature to other platforms: You can share Your Recorded video easily with others.

Whether you are performing live broadcast and recording or playing game and recording, everything is easy using EZ screen Recorder app. Currently, this app has 4.5 high by users on Google playstore even after millions of download. Record manager is also available to manage your recording. You can use drop down control and customization menu of this app is very helpful. I will recommend everyone to use this Android app for recording screen videos on Android mobiles.

[appbox googleplay com.littlea.ezscreencorder]

Free Download EZ Screen Recorder apk Android

5. Game Screen Recorder: Download Game screen Recorder apk Android

This is the best app for all Android gamers to record their game play while playing with or without face using the front camera. Whenever you will start to play the game on your Android smartphone, it will automatically detect that you are playing and to record the game or not. There is no time limit on screen recording and one can pause and resume the recording from wherever they like. It also provides full transparency on the screen while recording anything to avoid any all kind of interruptions. This is totally free Android app and you can download it easily and can use all the features of the app, It will not ask you for extra money to use more features.

[appbox googleplay com.drivergenius.screenrecorder]

Free Download Game screen Recorder apk Android

Conclusion: About Top 5 Screen Recorder Android apps

Above List of Android mobile screen recording application, Are the best Recording Android apps for Youtubers. I have used all screen recorder and listed according to my experience with these screen recording apps. Also, tell us which Screen recording application you are using to record your YouTube video, Mobile game play and more.


5 Best Facebook AutoLiker Apps for Android smartphones

Facebook Auto Like is one of the best ways to increase likes on a Facebook photo, videos, and FB post. You can even generate random comments on Facebook through these Android apps. Working Facebook Autoliker apps for Android smartphone and then get access Facebook AutoLiker though app without browsing any Auto Liker website. Now getting instant and lot of likes on the Facebook post is a very easy job because below given Android apps will provide you free likes on Facebook photos, FB status, and Fb videos.

In this time there are many AutoLiker apps in Android App Store which will not work for sure. Because 95% of them are fake and it is just to get earn money by making people fool. If you check app reviews on Google App store you will able to understand which are fake ones. You will be able to find out that many of the people are not satisfied with the Fb AutoLiker on Google app store. Auto Liker apps are not there in Play Store but you need to search for them on Google but there also you will find fake ones. Then what to do? Do not worry! Here I will provide you a direct link to download Facebook AutoLiker apps for free. Easiest Method to Hack someone’s Facebook Account Visit this link to check it out.

AutoLikers Can Also Block Your FB Account Read Below Paragraph To Learn More.

This article is for only those people who only want to use Autoliker apps to get quick likes. Excessive use of AutoLikers can block your FB-Account. Well, Don’t worry. Follow FB instruction to enable this or Wait for 7 days it will be automatically enabled by their help team. If not so contact us we will happy to help you out to make your account enable. I highly suggest my visitors, use Like exchange websites that I have suggested in below link. I actually do not use Auto Likers apps because they ask permission to do everything with my FB account. And I suggest everyone not to use it because of that reason. So I will suggest you to use Like exchange websites to stay more secure with you Account.

Before downloading Auto Liker app follow below things:

  • I am giving you .apk Auto Liker file download link, and you need to allow third party installation first.
  • Just go to Settings of your phone
  • Then enter into the Security Section inside settings
  • Check on Unknown Sources option there and check the unknown sources option to allow them.
  • Now you are ready to download auto liker .apk from anywhere instead Google app store.
  • Trick To Write Your Facebook name in Fancy Font click on Link to See it.

Suggestion on using Facebook Liker app:

  • Do not use these Liker apps in your Personal Facebook account because they provide like to other using your account.
  • Your Facebook account can be misused and hacked because they require Access Token of your ID, which is almost same as Facebook Account password.
  • Getting likes on Facebook ID using these Facebook Liker apps and websites is against to Facebook TOS and Privacy Policy.
  • Excessively use of auto-liker may be blocking your Facebook Account permanently
  • So use these Facebook Auto Liker apps at your own risk, we are not responsible.

Best Facebook Auto Liker App 2017

Below is best FB Auto Liker for your Android devices. These apps are available in the .apk format, download and install them to use it.

#1. DJ Liker Autoliker App APK

DJ Liker app is one of the most popular and widely used AutoLiker application for Android. This Android app is really useful for increasing Facebook likes quickly. You will easily get 200+ likes using this DJ Liker app once and do not use it again on the same post or photo. This DJ Liker is made with the goal to provide likes on FB through Auto-Liking features. The developers of DJ app made this app free and safe and even fast. And it is protected app and they earn money through advertisement on the App. Do not use DJ-Liker continuously for likes, Make some interval in getting likes to protect your account from getting disabled. Auto Comments is in under suggestion for this app which will be updated soon. This app will not give you more and more likes on the same post, again and again, Try different post and in between intervals to increase your likes.

dj Liker Android .apk


#2. Auto-Liker App Android APK

Auto Liker app is easiest and very friendly to use for increasing Facebook likes fast. Just give likes to others and earn credit then you can use your credit to increase likes on your Facebook wall anywhere you want. This app is created by the Yapp! Pvt Ltd Auto Liker app is also a very famous Android app. This app is downloaded by 2Millions user online for increasing likes. For more likes, You can use these AutoLiker Apps together to get 1000+ likes at once easily and quickly.

FB Auto Liker Android Apk


#3. King Liker Android App APK

Auto King Liker app is the best and popular alternative for DJ Liker Android app for likes. Use this Android app and get 200+ likes at any time on your Facebook status likes, Fb pictures likes, Fb videos likes, and FB page etc. To increase more likes for free you can use Kingliker app with other AutoLiker Android apps.

Increase Facebook likes Android FB

[appbox googleplay com.getlikes.pbkingliker]

#4.  4 Liker app

This is one of the best and free auto Liker apps for Android smartphones to increase likes of Facebook. You can also get likes from its website or through 4 Liker apps on Android phone. This app is used to get auto likes on the Facebook photo, FB status, FB video, and FB custom post URL. To get more likes you can use 4liker apps with other AutoLiker applications.

Facebook Auto Liker FB Android


#5. Social-Liker APK

Social Liker apk is another Famous and Popular Auto Liker for Android smartphones. Using this app you can get unlimited likes for free of cost with fewer efforts. I will suggest you to use this AutoLiker app with other Auto Liker Apps to increase your likes on photos.

Facebook AutoLiker FB Android Apk


Most Commonly Asked Question: –

  • Facebook pe likes Kese Badhaye? Autoliker Se access token Kese generate Kre?
  • koi Tarikha Facebook pe comments Kese Badhaye? Autocomments apps
  • Koi working Facebook Autoliker Hai? 100% Working AutoLiker for Facebook
  • What are Best Facebook AutoLiker apps for Android phones for 2017?
  • What are the working Facebook Auto Liker Apps of 2017?
  • How to get Auto Like on my Facebook photos, videos, and post?
  • What is different between Autoliker FB and FB Auto Liker Android apps? Ans: They are same.
  • How to get a lot of likes on Facebook Status using AutoLiker? Ans: using these Autoliker apps you can get them as much as you want.
  • Photo AutoLiker and Status AutoLiker is same? Ans: No it is not, status AutoLiker will is for status and photo AutoLiker is for photos.


So these are highly recommended Facebook AutoLiker applications for FB. If you are using any other Auto-Liker app on your Android smartphone then You can suggest us in the comment section. And You can also tell us which Android app was the best Liker Android app for you. Try above AutoLiker applications and give suggestion in the comment section for your choice. This article was written after research and tested by our team and we also cleared out all the disadvantages of using AutoLiker. We are not suggesting anyone use AutoLiker for them, So do not blame us if someone will misuse your access Token through AutoLiker.


Android, Mod Apk

WhatsApp Plus 6.10 Latest MOD Apk: descargar whatsApp plus

Too many people asked us how to hide last seen on WhatsApp and still want to see last seen of other. They also asked us how to hide double tick and blue tick on WhatsApp and still wanna see and receive the messages. How to hide WhatsApp from our device, how to change the icon and so on. Download WhatsApp Plus MOD Apk Latest Version 6.10: – This modded apk of WhatsApp+ is the latest version of Whatsapp Messenger for Android Phone. WhatsApp plus is a platform-independent mobile messaging service application which can be used in the place of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Apk allows you to exchange messages with your family without having to pay any telecom operator service. And Whatsapp Messenger is available on different platforms like Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, and iPhone. The best part of it, You can chat among cross platforms. WhatsApp was released in the year 2009 by Jan Koum & Brian Acton, the employees of Yahoo Inc. Now WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg in $19 billion+3% Facebook share. Due to its ease of use, no bugs, advanced features, privacy WhatsApp earned popularity in no time. It has around 700 billion active users and 800 billion downloads.

download WhatsApp plus 6.10 mod apk for android

What is Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp plus also known as GBWhatsApp plus and OGWhatsApp plus. You can also search for Free Download Gbwhatsapp Android Apk. Either You can Search for Free Download OGwhatsAppp Android apk. A famous Spanish Developer developed Whatsapp+ modded apk of 2017. It is a third Party application which is similar to original Whatsapp app. It is mainly a mod version of original WhatsApp which was customized and reskinned with new features. There is even a trick to spy on WhatsApp of other people. With Latest WhatsApp group join via link sharing features you can join different WhatsApp groups in no time check it out.

descargar whatsApp plus modded apk

Some Important Faq About WhatsApp Plus MOD Apk

Q1) Is it safe to use WhatsApp plus apk?

A1) Yes, It is 100% safe so Do not worry.

Q2) Is WhatsApp+ is Better than official WhatsApp application?

A2) Yes, WhatsApp Plus is a lot better than any other MOD version of WhatsApp.

Q3) Is WhatsApp plus is available on iPhone?

A3) No, It is not, therefore, you can only use it on Android.

Q4) How to use 2 WhatsApp Account On the same Android Device?

A4) Yes, You Can use 2 WhatsApp Account On Same Android Device with GBwhatsapp, OGwhatsapp, Whatsapp plus or parallel space application.

Q5) How to use 3 WhatsApp Account On Same Android Device?

A5) Yes, You Can use 3 WhatsApp Account On Same Android Device with OGwhatsapp, GBwhatsapp, and WhatsApp+.

Q6) What is the different between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp+?

A6) GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus is same and there is no difference between them.

Q7) What is the different between OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

A7) WhatsApp plus also known as OGwhatsApp and GBWhatsApp.

Q9) How to freeze or lock my last seen on WhatsApp Plus?

A9) Yes, You Can freeze and lock last seen easily on WhatsApp Plus.

Q10) Can I put Password on WhatsApp Plus?

A10) Yes, You Can set any password you want for chats on WhatsApp Plus easily.

Q11) Can my account be banned by Official WhatsApp for using WhatsApp Plus?

A11) No, You account will not get banned for using this mod version of WhatsApp.

Features of Whatsapp Plus :

  • Hide Online Status: –
    You can easily hide your online status with others using WhatsApp plus.
  • Hide last seen: –
    You can easily hide from being visible to others using this modded app.
  • Show your status to specific users: –
    You can also show your status only to specific users you want.
  • Write a more lengthy status: –
    With this Whatsapp+ modded apk you can increase the word limit of WhatsApp status.
  • Hide Blue Tick on WhatsApp: –
    Nobody able to see your blue tick and you can read their messages easily.
  • Send original quality Images: –
    In official WhatsApp application when a user sends a photo it reduces its quality by default but in this modded apk. You can easily send high-quality images without any loss in clarity using WhatsApp+. Most of all these features are not available on official WhatsApp application. You can easily download WhatsApp plus (WhatsApp+) apk for Android from the download link given here. Go grab WhatsApp plus for Android and enjoy the latest unknown features of WhatsApp messenger. This app also comes with an anti-ban feature of WhatsApp which means that official WhatsApp will not block your account for using WhatsApp+ mod version apk.
  • Hide writing tick:
    You can Hide writing tick in WhatsApp using WhatsApp plus apk.
  • Hide second tick: –
    You can Hide second tick in WhatsApp using WhatsApp plus version.
  • Send multiple videos at the same time: – You can easily send multiple videos in this version.
  • Toast When Anyone Views your Status or when viewing your story.
  • Message Scheduler for WhatsApp: – To schedule your messages easily.

New Features of Whatsapp plus

  • Send More than 10 photos: –
    In official WhatsApp application, you can only send up to 10 photos at a time by selecting but in Whatsapp+ you can send more than 10 photos easily.
  • Hide view status: –
    You can easily hide view status on WhatsApp plus.
  • Switch between various themes: –
    You can change the theme of WhatsApp using WA+ version. There are too many themes available for free of cost to change the look.
  • Hide blue microphone for contacts and friends: –
    You can hide it on WhatsApp plus.
  • Create your own themes: –
    You can Change the color of notifications, WhatsApp themes background chats color with WhatsApp+ version.
  • Change Whatsapp Launcher icon: –
    You can change display icon color of Whatsapp plus according to your wish. Original WhatsApp came with green color and WhatsApp Plus came with blue color.
  • Hide recording status: –
    You can hide Recording voice status while recording on WhatsApp.
  • Allows Send Larger Videos: –
    Want to send large videos on WhatsApp messenger? Yes, now it is easy with Whatsapp plus modded version of WhatsApp.

Minimum Requirements:

  • You need Android OS 2.1 Or Above version.

  • Also, Uninstall The Original WhatsApp application from your device.

  • Required Unlimited Internet Data Plan needs to use WhatsApp.

  • You can also use on Tablet Devices which Are Supported.

How to install Whatsapp Plus

  1. First Download Whatsapp+ Apk From the link given below.
  2. Transfer mod Apk to your phone or to your SD Card from the download folder.
  3. Now Uninstall the original WhatsApp application from your Android device.
  4. Then Install the modded WhatsApp+ application using apk file that you downloaded from here.
  5. If asks for permission follow below steps to allow permission for unknown sources: – unknown sources are those sources which are not from Google Playstore or any other store like Samsung.
  6. For Android 4.0 and above Go to Settings » then Security and check the Unknown Sources checkbox to allow them.
  7. Again follow the step 1, 2 and 3 to Install the modded apk of WhatsApp+ v6.10.
  8. Now open WhatsApp+ and Agree and continue the WhatsApp privacy policy to install it.
  9. Enter your mobile number and verify it to use WhatsApp plus with that number.
  10. Now Restore the latest backup to restore the messages of your original WhatsApp version.
  11. Finally, enter your name and choose profile picture for your account.
  12. If you still have any problem you can check videos on youtube how to install WhatsApp+ version.

Just download GbWhatsapp+ apk 6.10 and we will update in future when the update will come. If you are having any problem in the latest version WhatsApp plus free download then just leave a comment for us. I will help you out for sure and yes, Do not forget to share this article with your friends. You can also download WhatsApp+ on computer or PC for that you need to install Bluestack that is an Android emulator or any other Android emulator to use WhatsApp plus on your computer.

Download Whatsapp+ or Click here for alternative link



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