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Before reading out the full article about SEO Ticks and SEO Tips answer the questions given below.-Are are you looking for Best SEO Tricks to boost traffic on the site?
-Are you really new to blogging and wanted to know the secret of SEO? 
-You must be thinking How to reach your videos and content on Google’s first page and rank up with your article?
-Are you really struggling as a blogger? ALL these tricks will help you out to do SEO on Google pages. Google SEO will generate most of the organic traffic on your site and it is the best organic SEO for any site today. There is on page SEO, off page SEO, Local SEO, SEO meta tags, SEO for WordPress, SEO keywords and much more.SEO TRICKS AND TIPS


You do not know but world’s best online businesses do follow two steps: –
First, they give up a lot of time and hard-work into dominating search engine results to reach Google first page.
Second, they convince their customer to buy the product and able to do a lot of sales.
Follow white hat SEO tutorials and strategies do not go for black hat tutorials they will generate traffic but you will lose google ranking.
SEO company looking for experts to improve their ranking over the internet but google keep changing search engine format. Some SEO Companies also provides SEO services to other companies and SEO blogs. You need to follow right SEO guide and Go for right Search engine optimization training. Search engine optimization Marketing plays important role in establishing any new business.



But you must be thinking: –
“How can I utilize best of a search engine according to my need and with the right keywords?”
“You know difficult is to make your content reach Google’s first page. It takes a lot of hard work and time with quality.”
If you’re a just small blogger, start-up company or a newbie, You must be thinking it is impossible but don’t lose your hope.
I’m going to tell you the 10 SEO tricks and tips used by our SEO experts tips use every day to rank up small websites at the top of big industries. Search engine optimization specialist and search engine optimization expert always go for ongoing optimization and latest changes in SEO.rank boosting SEO tricks



If you really want to improve your site’s rankings quickly Check the common SEO mistakes that every blogger used to make. Five important steps you need to follow for better SEO are: –

  1. Create a lot of free backlinks to your site – usually by creating interesting videos and article that has lot of shares will create lot of backlinks
  2. Include Google advert keywords on your pages to let Google know that you’re interested in ranking from google.
  3. Blog submission or domain submission to different directories is also a very important task for a newbie site.

seo cheats

You do not know how valuable brilliant search rankings can be ( Rank #1 Google page for a top keyword can be worth $60k/year or more). But if you are not a web bug, it can be a lot harder for you to figure out how search engine optimization really works.
Most SEO guides are very long and filled with technical words, but I know you do not have much time to read full guide.

boost traffic from google SEO

That is why I’m sharing a quick guide to SEO, everything is written here is in simple English which can be readable. Best of all – you will be able to read through all the content within 5 minutes or less.Ready to break through all the SEO keywords and start building your own online business? This is all that tell us how SEO works these days.SEO TIPS AND FACTS



  1. Also, connect your site with Linkedin for more better rank.
  2. Get a google places page for your site.
  3. Search Engines looks for informative content and Want quality Content
  4. I will suggest you connect your site with Facebook pages.increase traffic on site using seo google
  5. Make sure you’re using Google’s language in your content be active with google updates.
  6. Do the competitive research on keywords, and do not be afraid to steal your competition visitors.
  7. Make Right internal link structure catch any page on your website with a lot of content and give a lot of links to other pages.
  8. Do not steal the content part from their articles. Google knows all if you do so and you will penalize and lose your
    ranking and hard work! Yes, Claim your free backlinks where ever possible.
  9. Make a few interesting videos related to your article and put them on your YouTube channel.
  10. Yes, Steal backlinks from your competitors to get your rank much better.
  11. Connect with bloggers, content writers, mass media writers in your niche on social media pages.
  12. I will suggest you, build high-quality Backlinks
  13. Find Perfect Keywords for your article to get a rank up.
  14. Searchers want sites with better rank, high-quality sites that answer the questions searcher is looking for.
  15. Search Engines Want High-Quality Backlinks for better ranking. create backlinks from authentic websites.
  16. Use AMP in your site to grab mobile organic traffic and also to reduce page load on your site.


SEO is Like DATING WITH COMPETITORS —And there is Only Two Things Matter

First, Search engines are like journalist kind of robotic journalist which work in the same way. They evaluate an all sites and pages, trying to determine if it is really the right content for the searcher and AI thinking to find what the searcher is looking for.While you might pick a date based on height, Eye color, Body shape and skin color, search engines check for page load speed, site load speed, uniqueness in the article, what;s new in the article, authentication of the article and much more you still need to know like site design, internal structure, number of backlinks.



Hint: you will be surprised by the result and how much money you will be able to make with small change.

Second, search engines used to care about inside the page is it informative or not? it is popular or not? (and you should too!). Second, they know a great indicator of worth is the quality of the content according to the opinions of others.t is the right time to stop the polite nod and actions that are supposed to disguise the all your confusion. Since best SEO is important to stay on Google ‘s First page —and really it is as important as everyone makes it out to be—it is the time you understood the concept.





How to do search engine optimization for big MNCs like Google

Google SEO helps a lot in generating huge organic traffic to any website in 2017 and even in 2018. Follow google SEO strategy or watch a video of Google SEO tutorials to get a lot of traffic from google. Google SEO helps a lot in generating huge organic traffic to any website in 2017 and even in 2018. Follow google SEO strategy or watch a video of Google SEO tutorials to get a lot of traffic from google.

Conclusion: –Good optimization works by making your site more appealing, attractive, and suitable for search engines. Don’t put unnecessary keywords in your article; make your content natural and unique. Connecting your site to google+ pages is very important to rank up on Google. Connect your site with Facebook pages – Facebook pages give a lot of backlinks and send inorganic traffic. Google Search engines look for those sites that have lots of high-quality links pointing towards them and have very informative and point to point content.


Blogging, SEO

Best Free Blog Submission Sites | Blog Submission Directory Sites 2018

Best Blog Submission Sites 2018: This list can make any blogger happy as we all are looking different ways to increase Google page rank, backlinks, and SEO, for their websites or blogs.

We are here to provide the best list of top 110+ free blog submission sites with article blog submission directories sites where you have the advantage to submit free links automatically/ manually of your websites or blogs.

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Best Free Blog Submission Sites 2018:-

Well, We only provide quality content and these all free blog submission directory sites are top directories for accelerating your website or blogs free of cost without paying any penny. These Top free blog submission directory sites offer some major stuff like blog URL(Uniform Resource Locator) submission, blogs submission or any articles submission. This all will help you to get fast and huge backlinks. So, without wasting your time you should take submitting your blog and take advantage within few seconds.

All these websites are extremely useful for each blogger as these websites are SEO friendly. These websites target your blog or website so that they receive one way incoming or inbound links from these blog directories and, as a result, your blog or websites gets ranked higher within few months for SERPs through these quality backlinks providing websites.

Make sure Many Free blog submission sites don’t ask or require you to register or sign up for URL submission or backlink. Some of the directories do ask for a reciprocal link from you.

Types of Blog Link Submission

The main three types of blog link Submission are as follows:-

  1. Search Engines Sites 
  2. Blog directories sites 
  3. article directories 

Types of Blog Directories:-

The list of “blog submission sites” is mixed with 3 types of websites and they are.

  • Free blog-directory-Completely free blog link submission presents here.
  • Partner blog-directory-Reciprocal link required (a backlink) to the site.
  • Paid blog-directory-They charge you some reasonable amount for premium directory submission and the best part of this type of submission is they don’t ask for a reciprocal link and are fast.

We do agree there are tons different directories available on the internet and think to focus on them is few of them are not listing blogs for free of cost. But, no worry there are thousands and thousands of such blog submission directories that accept free submission without any pain on the pocket.

Some Useful Tips on How to get your blog listed with these Free blog directories Sites?

Read this Top 3 Best SEO Tips 4 High Ranking Websites ( Backlinking Tips )

Websites, recognize your website keywords carefully. What category and type they belong to and fill rest of the details.

On registering your blog site on www. I will suggest you do not use arbitrary keywords and phrases in the description of your blog. Your blog will not get noticed anywhere with that.

Are you wasting your time on those websites that have no connection with your search terms, so just go for those sites which will cover the picture of your search keywords.

Don’t  allow any of your visitors go away!

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Make your content readable and understandable and it should be for the users not for the search engines. Google consider those articles bad activity which is written for search engines and automatically those content lose their ranks on google.

I will suggest you be different from the other bloggers and writers. And, make certain that your blog is up to date, functional and is full of the published articles before posting it on any blog directories.

They are not just ideas they true SEO that you need to keep in mind before you start any blog in these blog directories.

More Details:-

You can learn more by reading About and FAQ parts of any blog directories. You need to follow their rules, and if you follow the rules then only they will allow you to post in their directory.

just like that Google indexes different web pages and keeps them under the keyword terms they belong to, blog directories follow the same rule so write content which suits your directory.

So, to reach most of the audience you need to follow all these rules of blog directories submission. Yes, They will surely help your website to rank up faster on google and other search engines. This will help you to reach first pages of google within a month. You can also reach the first page of google within day if you website is most updated and have unique content. If it has many backlinks and submitted to the right directory with right keywords and terms. If you are posting content as you websites belongs it example if it is a news website you are posting latest news.

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Submit your blog or website to best and high PR  search engines (PR10-PR3)

A Huge Collection of Guest Posting sites where you can submit a blog post

Top 15List of 15 Best Search Engines to Submit your Blog or Website Free.
1Google Add url             ***[Alexa Rank-1] [Page Rank 10]
2Yahoo!  Site Submission   [Alexa Rank-4]  [Google Page Rank 9]
3Bing Link Submission        [Alexa Rank-24] [Google PR 8]
4Gigablast Add url              [Alexa Rank-22K] [Google PR 7]
5Scrub The Web Add url     [Alexa Rank-2.8K] [Google PR 6]
6Entire Web Submit a site   [Alexa Rank-3.7K] [Google PR 6]
7What U Seek Add url         [Alexa Rank-29K] [Google PR 6]
8ASR Add Website               [Alexa Rank-2.7K] [Google PR 5]
9Boitho Submit Site   [Alexa Rank-7K] [Google PR 5]
10Infotiger Add url                 [Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
11. Amidalla Add site              [Alexa Rank-70K] [Google PR 5]
12.Acoon Add url                     [Alexa Rank-66K] [Google PR 4]
13.SonicRun Free Listing         [Alexa Rank-20K] [Google PR 3]
14.Spiffy Search Add url          [Alexa Rank-75K] [Google PR 3]
15.Secret SE Lab Submit Blog               [Alexa Rank-140K] [Google PR 3]

Add free URL of your blog or website to these Top 15 Free Blog directory sites ( High PR: PR8-PR4):-

Top15List of 15 Best and Free Website/blog Submission Directories
1.Open Directory Submit  Blog url      *** [Alexa Rank-560] [Google PR 8]
2.Subjex Submission         [Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]
3.So Much  Add site                        [Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]
4.Amfibi Web Search Submit url      [Alexa Rank-13K] [Google PR 5]
5.A1 Web Directory Submit link      [Alexa Rank-15K] [Google PR 5]
6.Scoobe Biz Submit site                 [Alexa Rank-17K] [Google PR 5]
7.Info Listings Directory submit link[Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
8.WilsDomain Blog addition  [Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
9. Blog Top List                       [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
10. add your blog [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
11.Blogrific add your blog  [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
12.Submit Biz Add your Web            [Alexa Rank-25K] [Google PR 5]
13.Blog Hub Submit a link                 [Alexa Rank-25K] [Google PR 5]                    [Alexa Rank-35K] [Google PR 5]
15.Link Centre Add url                   [Alexa Rank-13K] [Google PR 4]

Please Note: The Alexa Rank mentioned for each entry may not match with today’s(current) or latest Alexa Rank, but these have been rounded off. So,that it gives you the estimation idea that may be close enough to the actual rank and as we all know Alexa Rank is never a constant figure and they always change more frequently compared to the Google PR

Top 10 Best Blog Directory Sites List:-

  1. Best of the Web Blogs
  2. Technorati Blog Submission Directory
  3. Blog Catalog Link Directory
  4. Super Blog Directory Submission
  5. BloggerNity Link Submission
  6. Bloggapedia Blog Directory
  7. Blog Directory 4 u
  8. Globe of Blogs
  9. Blogarama Blog Submission Directory Site
  10. Blog Hints Directory Submission
  11. Blogged Directory submission
  12. Blog Universe Blog Link submission

Top 10 Article Submission directories Sites:-

  1. Google Knol-A Unit of rich knowledge(from Google) with [ Alexa rank:1] and [Google PR 7]
  2. eHow –How to articles, and more. with [Alexa Rank-149] and [Google PR 7] 
  3. Squidoo –Write about Lens(articles) on anything. with [Alexa Rank-211] and [Google PR7]
  4. ExaminerWrite ALL about local News.  with  [Alexa Rank-806] and [Google PR 7]
  5. SeekingAlphaFinancial market analysis with [Alexa Rank-1312]and [Google PR 7]
  6. Associated ContentYahoo! Group Content writers community with [Alexa Rank-1332]and [Google PR 7]
  7. Suite 101 – writer’s network and Online Magazine with [Alexa Rank-2K]and [Google PR 7]
  8. The Free Library –News, writers, books, articles community with [Alexa Rank-4.7K] and[Google PR 7]
  9. eZinearticles – Rich Quality Article Submission Service with [Alexa Rank-234] and[Google PR 6]
  10. Hubpages –Creating Hub pages (articles). Content writer’s community with [Alexa Rank-321]and [Google PR 6]
  11. ArticlesBase – A Free article directory with [Alexa Rank-790]and [Google PR 6]

7 More blog Submission Sites directory where you could add or submit your blog for free:-



We hope that all the topic were touch in deep detail and there was no problem in submitting your blog to Free Blog Submission Sites 2018. If you face any kind of problem while submitting your blog or websites do comment below or email us for help.


ISS street view using Google Maps ( about Latest technology )

ISS Street View-: Google Maps and NASA launched a new ‘Street View’ feature to allow the general people to explore the ISS (International Space Station), using pictures of space captured by astronauts. It is the latest technology news Google’s Street View developers team worked with NASA at the Johnson Space Center (Houston), Texas and Marshall Space Flight Center (Huntsville), Alabama to design gravity-free methods of collecting the imagery using DSLR cameras and other working equipment there at International Space Station. (Source: Google Maps)

ISS is Made up of 15 connected modules that float 400 kilometers above Earth surface. The International Space Station acts as a base for exploration of space. that makes possible future missions to the asteroids, Moon, and Mars.

Google Street View now allows you explore the ISS (International space station). This gives us chance to explore all of its 15 modules, who will likely never get to visit the ISS.

The new imagery gives permission to walk through the different modules, Google will also provide explanations for the equipment you will encounter during your journey. First Google Street View, I hope it will expand in future. using this feature you can move throughout different modules.

One of Space X’s Dragon vehicles was parked at the space station,  therefore you can also watch how cargo gets delivered to the space station.

How ISS street view help other by exploring space using google maps?

Scientists can easily collect data on the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and land surface. They can conduct experiments and studies that are not even possible on Earth.

These include: –
-monitoring of human body reacting towards microgravity.
-solving mysteries of the immune system of different living beings.
-studying cyclones, storms secrets to alert populations and government.
monitoring marine litter – the increasing amount of waste found in our oceans.
The ISS design is not bound by any gravitational pull and that means you need a full 360-degree view. Google’s controls sometimes make it difficult do so. It cannot face this kind of experience.
Now with Street View launches Now anyone can explore ISS give it a try yourself click here.


Top Google Chrome Extensions Of 2017 (Free)

Google Chrome is one among the foremost wide used search engine around the world! however, not everyone uses 100% of what Chrome Extensions have got to supply. To create the 100% use of Google Chrome, one will add totally different extensions from the Chrome Web Store. There are various extensions one can use which are offered within the Chrome web Store.

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These extensions add an excessive amount of power to the Google Chrome. The extensions are solely compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux and Chrome OS-based devices like Chromebook laptop. Chrome Extensions don’t seem to be supported on mobile phone based Google Chrome neither for Android or iOS users. Therefore let’s take a glance at a number of the very useful extensions that you’ll add to your Google Chrome.

Top Google Chrome Extensions Of 2017

Let’s have a look at the best Chrome Extensions of this year which are absolutely free to use.

1. Adblock Plus-

Chrome Extensions

This is one of the best Chrome extensions. This adblocker provides the best protection from annoying ads, popups, and malware. It cleans the web pages which you browse by removing every advertisement which you see on the page.

[appbox chromewebstore adblock-plus/cfhdojbkjhnklbpkdaibdccddilifddb]

2. Google Dictionary-

Chrome Extensions

This Google Chrome extension is for those who often come across words which are hard to understand. All you need to do is double click on the word whose meaning you want to know. Different languages are supported by this extension.

[appbox chromewebstore google-dictionary-by-goog/mgijmajocgfcbeboacabfgobmjgjcoja ]

3. Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy –

Chrome Extensions

World’s most trusted VPN & Proxy, Hotspot Shield is now available on Chrome! Unblock Proxy, VPN Hotspot Shield is a web VPN proxy download with no ads and unlimited use! With over 500 million downloads, Hotspot Shield lets you access blocked sites from around the world, unblock Facebook and keep your browser activities safe & private.

[appbox chromewebstore hotspot-shield-vpn-free-p/nlbejmccbhkncgokjcmghpfloaajcffj?hl=en-US]

4.Awesome Screenshot-

Capture all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads. Now with free desktop capture. Awesome Screenshot is the highest-rated screen capture & image annotation tool on Chrome with over 2 million users!

[appbox chromewebstore awesome-screenshot-screen/nlipoenfbbikpbjkfpfillcgkoblgpmj?hl=en-US]

5. Evernote Web Clipper-

This Google Chrome extension saves notes, web pages, images and anything you want to save. Only a single click is required to save things via evernote web clipper.


  • Clip Gmail threads and attachments
  • Use text and visual callouts to draw attention
  • Use Evernote to find clips on any device

[appbox chromewebstore evernote-web-clipper/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc?hl=en-US]

6. Honey-

Chrome Extensions

Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart.This Google Chrome extension reduces your workload while shopping online by providing an option which finds the best coupon codes from when and uses them wherever possible.

[appbox chromewebstore honey/bmnlcjabgnpnenekpadlanbbkooimhnj?hl=en-US]

7. Discoverly-

Discoverly is a brilliant effort to bring Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn together in an efficient manner.It analyzes social media profile pages you visit and uses data to find that person’s other social media accounts, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, etc. This one is my favorite Chrome extension as of now.

[appbox chromewebstore discoverly-for-gmail-link/dijhcpbkalfgkcebgoncjmfpbamihgaf?hl=en-US]

8. HTTPS Everywhere-

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text transfer protocol with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). We all know that HTTPS is the mark of trust flow and confidential secure. This extension help you to check wheather the website is secure from SSL or not? So i recommend this extension to use on your chrome browser for free. It will protect you against many forms of surveillance and account hijacking, and some forms of censorship.

[appbox chromewebstore https-everywhere/gcbommkclmclpchllfjekcdonpmejbdp]



Top 10 best Free Article Spinner Online

Top 10 best Free Article Spinner Online: – Here we return with The top 10 best free article spinner tools that will save your precious time. These free article spinner tools work great and used by many blogging. We would like you to checkout all the free article spinner tools.

Top 10 best Free Article Spinner Online

#1 SpinBot

This is the most popular website that spin article for you guys. Here maximum all the options and extra features are free of cost to use. There is also an additional incentive of “Ignore Words” option. This can help you in making your work even more real and original. This tool is a peer to peer content creation tool and article rewriting and spinning and respinning is just one of the many features. You can have up to 7000+ characters per spin.


#2 Content Professor

This is another amazing article spinner website that you use for the online rewriting of the massive articles. The site interface is pretty easy and is convenient to operate. The website has integration with websites that check for plagiarism, like Copyscape,  WordPress, Unique article wizard and Senuke X. The use of the services is absolutely and totally free. You can do more than just rewrite content, it helps you in content creation in various methods and ways.


#3 DupliChecker

Another one of the best website in the free article spinning website. I think this is one of the best and genuine article spinner you will ever use so far. The content is spinned duplication free. You can also become a member by just paying for a little membership fee to use some of the paid extraordinary features of this website. The website is really very fast and everything gets done within seconds. So far even the interface is pretty asum and very convenient as well as easy to use. You can also have the advantage to rewrite the same content gain if you are not satisfied with that content is duplication free in the first instant or you can produce multiple duplicate copies of the same content by using this tool again and again.


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Here comes another absolutely free article website for helping you in content creation through spinning. This website is great in spinning article and it generates content that looks absolutely unique and has no traces that it is duplicated copy.Basically, This website makes use of the unique article spinning syntax.With this website you get one advantage here you can also choose the words and phrases which you want to replace with the synonyms of your choice. The most lovable and best part of the spinning article website is that you don’t have to even register to use the service, you can use service at any number of times as a guest user. So it is basically a tool for customizing rewriting and spinning.


#5 Article Apps

This website is created by Matt Callen. The content of this website is also comprehensible and not a trash produced by spinning some words. It has been tested that all the articles by Article Apps have failed the “Google Duplicate Content” test. The interface is very colorful easy to use. The website also helps you choose from a number of pre-existing and pre-crafted phrases. Also, the website is absolutely free to use.


#6 Spinner Chief

This site has as of now crosses 100,000 client check. The speed is incredibly quick and number of articles created every moment are truly high. It utilizes a portion of the world’s best man-made brainpower methods alongside examination to adjust your substance in a way that you can straightforwardly post it on the web. The substance is low on duplication. Not at all like a portion of alternate sites where the substance created is not coherent by people and utilized just for mass posting, the site produces articles with content which is comprehensible by people. There is both free and paid variant of the product accessible in the market.


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#7 Spin Chimp

This is without one site that can make quality substance for you in the wake of turning. The site has dug into the profundity of Natural Language Processing to make perfect substance for you. This component encourages it to comprehend and adjust substance not as a machine but rather as a human. The astonishing part is that you don’t have to try and include content on the off chance that you would prefer not to. It can go and scan for content for you on the web, revise and after that present you with a fathomable duplication free article at no cost. For 5000 articles.


#8 The Best Spinner

This is additionally a free text rewriting programming and its cases to be progressive in the field. It has an inbuilt thesaurus with a stunning and magnificent accumulation of words. It articles modifying not simply in English but rather in numerous different dialects like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish and so on. The most astonishing component is that you can even have a redone thesaurus for yourself. The interface utilizes shading coding to make it advantageous to utilize it and test it. Not at all like rest other article spinning website, it can do full sentence turning and can turn passages in only a squint of the eye.


#9 Human Spinner

This is among one of the best text rewriters. You can utilize autopilot components and leave your work for the site to do it. You additionally have an alternative of specifically bringing in the seed articles and turning them.


#10 JetSpinner

This site is allowed to utilize, however, to get to the top notch highlights you need to pay a participation charges. It will enable you to change not only the parts of the articles but rather all in all, from the heading of the content to the last line and that too mistake free. They offers you boundless settled turning. It will be good with every one of your gadgets and runs quickly with a straightforward UI for ease. The speed of turning is likewise astounding.



Here come the conclusion and time to conclude this perfect and useful article within few words. So we are here to recommend you to use all the free article spinner tools one by one. As these, all tool will save your time and provide you rich duplicate content. These free article spinner act as a time saver machine. After using free article spinner tool you would be not bored in writing regular lengthy articles.


Best Programming Language to learn in 2017

Which is the best programming language of 2017. Our analysis is based on the growth and usage of these languages. I will like to tell you that I am programmer myself and it is very hard to select the best one. So I hope this list will help you out to choose the one that will suits you the best in future.

Select best Programming Language for you –

1. JavaScript:

Why javascript is on first ? answer is simple javascript is used everywhere on web. you can start your career easily with html+css+javascript . JavaScript, also known as the language of the web, is at the top as it’s basically everywhere because web is everywhere. This is a high-level language, dynamic, and interpreted programming language that is supported by all the modern web browsers. It allows the web developers to build web applications easily and allows them to add interactive elements to any of their websites.

— Growth of JS in 2017: 89%

— Learn JavaScript

2. Java:

Java, as a programmer you must be alot familiar with this name. It is a general purpose and object-oriented programming language(based on objects ), is used for creating mobile applications , server-side applications, and video games. As it is the core element of any native Android application, Java keeps enjoying an enormous popularity among the developers. java is everywhere almost in everyfield of softwares .

— Growth of Java in 2017: 70%

— Learn Java

3. Python:

Python is a general purpose and widely popular programming language nowadays. Just think about the job and a Python framework is there for you to guide you till the end. Due to its easy and very simple syntax, it’s also recommended as the first programming language. Without a doubt, Python is one of the best popular programming languages you can run in 2017. If you want to command any programming language quickly i will suggest you to learn python .

— Growth of Python in 2017: 59%

Learn Python

4. Ruby:

I know you heard this name before but never tried to learn it . Ruby is a object oriented and general purpose  programming language, supports multiple programming paradigms and is used to create web applications easily. Apart from being easy to use, Ruby is known for its power. Ruby on Rails (Rails is a framework of ruby) is in high demand these days.

— Growth of Ruby in 2017: 50%

Learn Ruby

5. PHP:

PHP is a server-side scripting language that primarily focused on web development. It forms the base of two internet giants, WordPress and Facebook. If you want to become a web designer or web developer, PHP is an most important language that you need to learn from my point of view.

— Growth of PHP in 2017: 54%

—  Learn PHP

6. C++:

Based on mother of programming languages C, C++ is a general purpose programming language that has influenced many other modern programming languages. Tons of daily firmware, software,apps, drivers, etc., used by us are written in C++. It is considered to be an intermediate level programming language that has the features of both low-level and high-level programming language.

–Growth of C++ in 2017: 52%

—  Learn C++

7. C#:

C# is Designed by Microsoft  and pronounced as C-sharp is a general-purpose, modern, object-oriented programming language. This relatively newer programming language breathes life into a wide range of Microsoft apps that are powered by .NET Framework. The programming in C sharp is very much based on C++ and C. So, if you have a basic idea of C++ and C, learning C sharp won’t be much tough and will not take much time.

–Growth of C# in 2017: 90%

—  Learn C#

8. Go:

Go is an open source and popular programming language nowadays that is aimed at making coding very simple with syntax and to develop reliable software. It was created by three employees of Google in 2007. In the recent Era, GO has become as one of the most popular programming languages, and it is also used by some of the Google’s won production systems. Many projects of GO are also used for minimal web application frameworks,web servers, APIs, etc.

–Growth of Go in 2017: 89%

—  Learn Go

9. Scala:

some of you heard this name first time but Scala, a general purpose programming language, has been designed to be concise and fulfill the shortcomings of Java.In short It does what java cannot do . Its source code is intended to be compiled to Java bytecode to allow the resultant code to run on a Java Virtual Machine. Also, as its name suggests (Scala is portmanteau of scalable language), Scala is designed to grow with the demand.

–Growth of Scala in 2017: 49%

—  Learn Scala

10. Swift:

In 2014, Apple decided to create a new and advanced programming language for its iOS and OS X app development. As a result of that Swift was born. Since then, swift has been in high demand and the developers are learning this skill in big numbers. It adopts the best of C and Objective-C, allowing a developer to create an intuitive application. Well I am also planning to learn swift so if you are thinking the same you can contact me i will surely help you out.

–Growth of Swift in 2016: 250%

—  Learn Swift

So, which of these popular programming languages is your favourite? Do you have any new year resolution to learn a new programming language? Don’t forget to share your views and feedback about this post. I am also looking for suggestions .

Blogging, SEO

500+ Low CPC Adsense List 2018 | Block to Increase PPC

Hello, bloggers, Adsense users, and Google Adwords users today I am going to share Low CPC/PPC website list with all of you. All these websites pay you less for each click. CPC is known as Cost per click the term used for the bidders. Whereas PPC is known as pay per click, it is the amount you will get paid by Google Adsense for each click you get on your advertisement. Low CPC websites are those websites which pay you very less amount on each click. Therefore you can simply block them to increase your earning. But If you are beginner blogger then I will suggest you do not block many websites.

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Top 500 Low CPC Adsense list 2017 | Block these to Increase CPC- We are back with something that will completely help our fellow blogger friends. Today we are going to share Top 500+ low CPC Adsense list that will increase your earning by 100 times than your current earning if you block these low CPC Adsense list.

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If are new for Adsense then don’t worry below are the simple steps to block low CPC Adsense list. This is not against Adsense terms and conditions. this is totally legal and working Adsense earning.

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Simple Steps:- 

  1. Simply you need to copy the below list of 500 low CPC Adsense advertisers sites and paste it into your Adsense accounts.
  2. Now in your Adsense account search for BLOCK ADVERTISERS URL tab.
  3. Now save the changes.
  4. Villa!!! Now it’s done.

How to Find High CPC Keywords for Google Adsense with Pictures

List of 500+ Low CPC Adsense Advertiser site URL:-


Low CPC Google Adsense Advertiser websites 2018:-


How to find Low Cost per click Google Adsense Advertiser websites 2018:-


How to block Low CPC Google Adsense Advertiser websites 2018:-

Top Low CPC Adsense Advertiser websites List 2018:-

Block Low CPC Adsense Advertiser website List 2018:-


These were top 500 low CPC Adsense list which we found after several testing and research. This list is 100% working and will increase your Adsense earning by 100 times than your current earning. Give a try once to the list and trust us it’s 100% working.


Tips to Create High Quality Backlinks for your website or Blog

Google loves those websites which have a high number of relevant pages linked to them and they rank that site higher than the others. But link building ( getting quality backlinks ) is much difficult to survive a Google updates like Penguin.

About Organic Backlinks

They are the ones that are created naturally by the social profiles, websites, nd blogs that refer to your site just because it has complete content on a topic and also include a link back to your site as a reference.

  • Organic backlinks helps to get liking by search engines.
  • This is a practice to getting known to the audience of a site that you have no access to.
  • It will increase your popularity in your niche and help you in getting known as an authority figure.

How to Create High quality Backlinks ?

I will suggest you to Write excellent and unique content .Wikipedia, the only reason for people and sites including blogs linking to it is that, it has rare ,to the point and complete content. Your Site content has to be Epic and Detailed. We also have to keep in mind that detailed and complete content can be summarized. try to summarizes it as much as you can , so that your visitors will like . Provide high quality pictures and videos.

Alexa ranking-

Alexa ranking has more benefit to your website than link building, Low Alexa ranking to a record will attract bloggers to your site in list of posts like Top 10 bloggers based on Alexa, etc., and will also give you a genuine backlinks .

Guest Posting –

Guest posting only for link building is severely a crime in the eyes of Google, but genuine guest posts including a link that is relevant to the topic, inside the post is a great source for backlinking.

Relationship Blogging –

Building relationship with bloggers , content writers and with authority bloggers in your connection can have benefits in creating orgnic backlinks. Try their blog, and visit their favorite social media site too. Grab their attention by commenting on their posts,tagging them and asking for help.

When it comes to thanking them, thanks them personally. Send them short email if they are not active on social media sites . In this way you can come under their reach, and you can build a relationship with them that will result in an exchange of links. I have also many good blogging friends among whom is Khitij CEO of ,  , Ibrahim CEO of and i also own Techcarnival.

Create a unique app or software tool –

You must be thinking how the app can help you in backlink stuff . Well i will suggest you if you have a unique app you can become popular with it and there is many sites and people who love to get conntected with you . I will write more tips to create backlink in future example reverse guest posting and other stuff .

Thanks for visiting topbestlist keep visiting us we will update our article and will tell your our secret of backlinking and how we come up so fast in alexa ranking . this website is only a 1 month old and check our ranking . You must be thinking how we done this . contact me on whatsapp +919919578611 also you can message me on facebook . read about the author and you will know everything about me .


Top 7 Best free Online Backlink checker tools 2018

Top 5 Best free Online Backlink checker tools- We are back with new blogging tip that will give you complete knowledge on checking created backlink tool. We have listed top 7 best free online backlink checker tools this will help you check your number of created backlinks. You can keep a track through graph view on created backlinks. As we all know backlinks are very important for your blog. They provide better Alexa rank and traffic to your blog

Top 5 Best free Online Backlink checker tools:-

how to check backlinks

SEMRUSH is a tool that will win your heart as this tool is most popular with multiple features. I have been using this tool for almost 1 month, and the best part of this tool is they keep on adding new features.

Before I start the further discussion on backlink checking feature of SEMRUSH, I must warn you that it is not a free tool, but still, you have another option use this special link given below to try SEMRUSH completely free for 14 days.  If you find it useful then purchase it for $149. (You can cancel anytime within the 14-day period, and you will not be charged for it.)

SEMRUSH Special link

2.) AHrefs

online backlink checker

AHrefs is also another great backlink checker tool that I recently found and find it amazing. So, decided it to be added to the list. Unluckily It is a paid backlink checker tool, but still you can register for a free account, with the free account you can get a complete backlink analysis.

This is the best tool offers a great deal of detailed related to all of the backlinks to your website, and with time you can see how your site backlinks are increasing or decreasing through graph view.

Check your Backlink using Ahrefs

3.) OpenLinkProfiler

tips to check backlinks

OpenLinkProfiler is one of the latest additions tools of the list free backlink checker sites. This is a completely free tool that allows you to check the created backlinks and all other backlinks that are pointing to your website. You also have one new advantage to export 1000 of the freshest backlinks in .csv format. This tool is most popular and best completely free option available for checking links to your site.

4.) BuzzSumo

best backlinks checker

BuzzSumo is one of my favorite tools for content marketing and checking created backlink, and they offer a free version as well as a pro version too. The pro version now has a new additional feature that allows you to check backlinks to your domain or any individual page. You can also have the another option to export existing links into .csv or Excel format.

Check out BuzzSumo.

5.) BackLinkWatch

backlinks checker and creator

BacklinkWatch is another one of the most popular tools for checking the backlinks of your website. Backlink watch has one feature that is disliked by many bloggers that’s pop-up ads. BacklinkWatch also provides you with all the details of the backlinks of your website.

[ Link ]

6.) Open Site Explorer

tools to check backlinks

Open Site Explorer is great backlink checker tool and it’s my favorite tool. This checker tool provides the new feature you can compare backlinks between two or more domains, Open Site Explorer is worth trying you can try once. This tool works best when you have a paid account of SEOMOZ though a free version of this tool is good enough to get you started checking the backlinks of your site and the sites of your competitor’s website.

[ Link ]

7.) Link Diagnosis

free backlink checker

Link Diagnosis provides you with different options while checking backlinks for your website.  For example, if you want detailed report or optimization, or if you want to check created backlinks for a single page or an entire website, Link Diagnosis allows you to do all of this for free of cost. It is important for you to know that Link Diagnosis works best with Firefox.

[ Link ]


These were top 7 best online backlink checker tool that will let you check your created backlinks whether they are created or not. It never lets you waste your hard work in creating backlinks. Thanks for visiting Topbestlist and if you want your backlink checker tools to be listed in our list then comment or contact us.


Best 10 Fastest WordPress themes for free list

WordPress is most preferred Content Management System platform on the web. As WordPress is famous CMS, it’s theme is also becoming popular. Users love it’s theme because they are very easy to find and implement. But it is very difficult to find the quality theme for your blog, corporate, etc websites. I gather some of the finest, fastest and free theme that includes amazing features.

List of the best free WordPress themes

1. Magazine Plus WordPress Magazine Theme-

Magazine Plus is a modern, sleek, attractive and responsive free WordPress Theme. This Magazine plus theme fits well with magazine or news websites as well as classical blogs. Magazine plus theme is SEO friendly which means it is search engine optimized Google, Bing and, Yahoo bots can access your site without any obstacles.

Now it’s time, to sum up, the article. So, you that you can easily choose your favorite cup to tea i.e Fastest Theme. If you want our personal review then we would highly recommend you to go for  Magazine Plus. As this theme covers all major area that a personal blog WordPress theme needs.

Top best paid WordPress Themes list

2. xMag Personal blog Theme-

xMag is a free magazine style theme but it’s not really magazine style more like personal blog-style. The Xmag theme comes with a quite simple but elegant 10 best WordPress Themes 2018

3. Writee Personal WordPress Theme-

Writee is a free personal WordPress blog theme with a stunning and bold look. This Writee theme is mobile-friendly and fully-responsive which is really good for maximum user experience too.

fastest WordPress Theme Writee


  • Customizer Options
  • Custom widgets
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Full-width/boxed slider to showcase your content with style.

4. BresponZive WordPress Theme-

BresponZive WordPress theme comes with free magazine and blog style layout that will complete all of your needs within a theme design. This BresponZive includes various ways of customization options to choose from like navigation, layout, color and more.

Premium WordPress themes 2018


  • WP Nav menus
  • Unlimited homepage Magazine style
  • Widgetized Sidebars
  • 2 columns
  • Widgetized sections
  • 6 Popular Widgets including stylish social Icons widget.

Note: Theme includes 3 different styles i.e., Traditional blog style, Magazine style, Magazine with traditional blog style as well.

5.  JustWrite Theme-

JustWrite is the totally free theme for your personal blog that you can use for your blog to give your blog an elegantly simple look. If you already have a news magazine website then you can also use this just write a theme on that because as it is more like all-in-one(multipurpose) theme just for free.popular WordPress themes 2018

Just write theme Include:

  • WooCommerce (but in JustWrite Pro version)
  • Popular Posts
  • Advertising
  • Recent posts from categories (2,3,4 columns)
  • Archives
  • Slider
  • 2 types of Masonry layouts

6. Monograph Theme-

The monograph is a 2-columns grid view modern free WordPress theme that could be used on any blog and news magazine website. The very front page of the theme gives you the ability to highlight your important posts as well as feature up to top 5 different post categories.

premium/paid WordPress themes

7. Blesk Magazine-style Blog Theme-


magazine style is clean blog WordPress theme, perfectly fit for a small magazine site. However, it also fits really fine to a personal blog as well.

download paid WordPress themes


  • Featured posts carousel below navigational menu
  • Color controls
  • Fully widgetized homepage
  • 2 built-in navigational menu locations

8.  Activello-

Activello is a minimal, clean and highly versatile WordPress blog theme. It is well suited for fashion blogs, food blogs, personal blogs, photography blogs, travel blogs and many other magazine style websites and awesome blog. This theme features a large slider to showcase your content with amazing looks. The theme comes with multiple options that are available in WordPress Theme Live Customizer. Activello theme supports all most popular free and paid WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms, WP-Rocket, W3 Total Cache, Jetpack, Contact Form 7 and much more. This theme is also e-commerce ready thanks to its built-in WooCommerce support.

Free fastest WordPress Themes

9.  A1-

A1 is optimized for search engines, able to send users to your page while offering the possibility of further optimization with the inclusion of other SEO plugins. It is a great WordPress theme that was downloaded over 14,000 times. It is easy to install and use, requiring only a single tap in order to get started. A1 demands no more than 3 seconds of your time, while it is loading.

top WordPress Themes


10. Semicolon-

The semicolon is a responsive free WordPress magazine theme. It is designed for clean reading, provides beautiful page templates for your personal blog and other pages. It uses a grid-based layout utilizing the featured images.

free WordPress premium themes

Thanks for visiting topbestlist read our best post Top 10 websites like Alexa. if you have any queries regarding this post do not forget to leave a comment we assure you that we will reply you as soon as possible. you can directly contact on our facebook page the page at Facebook.






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