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Download Full Free IDM Crack Activated 2017

Download Full Free IDM Crack Activated 2017:- To all Jio downloader users. This article is dedicated to you all. Do you also love to download stuff like movies, songs, software, apps with the help of IDM? If Yes, Then keep on reading this article because we have something new for you all. As we all know the demand of Internet Download Manager is very high because of their high downloading speed, and due to this advantage we all love and want to the free IDM in our Laptop or PC. But for every advantage, there is a disadvantage and here the disadvantage is that IDM is not free for lifetime. As we at topbestlist want to solve each and every problem of our users. So we decided to give you Free IDM crack activated 2017 link and keys.

Due to its uniqueness and best downloading speed. I seriously love to provide you Free IDM crack activated 2017 link and keys. I think IDM is the one and the only tool in this Internet that is loved by many downloaders due to its simple graphic user interface that makes IDM user-friendly and easy to use.

What IDM actually does? The Internet Download Manager makes a segment files before downloading starts, IDM reuses all the available connections without additional connect and login stages to get better acceleration downloading performance.

Internet Download Manager gives you 30 days trial version after that one has to purchase its license. Therefore this article is for those people who don’t want to pay any bucks like me. So here I’m going to tell you ‘How To Download Free IDM crack activate 2017. and after this make its 30 days trail period to unlimited life-time days.

Download Full-Time Free IDM Crack 2017

idm At the beginning, we have to download any trial version of IDM from their official Site. As soon as downloading completes simply install the downloaded IDM on your PC or laptop.internet download manager full free 

NOTE: If you have a shortage of time. Then quickly view given Method No. 2 as it’s working Fine! So, you can directly download Full-time IDM Free from Method #2.

Method #1: How to make Internet download manager free use lifetime Free version 2017

Step 1. At First, download and install the latest version of IDM free it will be approx 5mb.

Step 2. After complete download, Remember you have to open notepad as administrator. Simply search Notepad then Right Click on it and after that click on Run As Administrator that’s it.

Step 3. Now you have to Click on the File option menu, Click Open. In the opened dialog box, Navigate to Windows Drive (Where your window is installed here in my case it’s C:) > Windows > System32 > drivers> etc and after that open the file named hosts.


Step 6. After this, Now hit on save button.

Step 7. Now You are almost finished the work. Here you have to just simply register your IDM for this purpose you have to launch you IDM after launching it just go to Registration Menu and click Registration option. Now use any one of the following keys given below:

  1. HUDWE-UO689-6D27B-YM28M
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  7. RLDGN-OV9WU-5W589-6VZH1
  8. UVQW0-X54FE-QW35Q-SNZF5
  9. GZLJY-X50S3-0S20D-NFRF9

Download IDM Free

Step 8. Now you are done press OK. That’s it.  Your free life time IDM is registered now Enjoy downloading.

Method #2: Download IDM Free 2017 Purchased + Working

There are chances above method may or may not be workable it depends on luck, so this post we have added a download link to IDM 2017 Full-time free working download. From this link you can download IDM Free crack and it would be working fine for you.

Download IDM Full Time Free 2017


So above is all about Internet download manager and how to use it. You can easily download free IDM no patch from Google and use this trick to use this software lifetime in 2017. feel free to comment below.and Don’t forget to share this.


Top 5 Best Cartoon Maker Tools: Create your own Cartoons

Today, I am going to share with you best cartoon making tools to help you to create own cartoons or Comic books. Kids and students asked me many times how to create own Cartoons. Cartoons is a total fun and entertainment that can make anyone smile around you. Everyone probably enjoys cartoons in some form example Action Animes like Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tale, One piece, Baruto: Naruto Next Generation and more. School Children Enjoys Cartoon much more than a Adults who love animes. The fact is, Adults and Children both of them Enjoy Cartoons. Therefore people want to create their own Cartoons to express their Expression. These 5 best free cartoon making tools or software is for Students and teachers. You can even grab anyone Attention and put an impression on anyone by creating your own cartoon or comic.

Check these Top websites to watch Latest animes and cartoons online.

How to create Cartoon character and Scenes Easily: –

With the help of Latest and Advance technology, you do not need to draw cartoon characters. You can easily click your own picture and then can convert it into any cartoon character. Same goes for the scenes click the picture of your house and can convert it into cartoonist style. Now there is a tool to create your own Avatar, anime characters by using your own real time digital images. Cartoonize is my favorite and I love Cartoonize.

1. Cartoonize: – Create your own cartoon character in a single click.

Cartoonize own photo or picture

Make Cartoon character of Yourself and Convert Your Photos and Pictures into Cartoon effect using this free website Online. This website helps you to create a cartoon of your picture You can easily Cartoonize your photo in a single click. It is very-very simple and totally free of cost! You also need to simply select your picture from the “Choose file button” or “Choose URL button” on their home page, and in the second step. you can choose the cartoon effect you want to use for your image. You can also download this software on your windows computer, phone or even on iPhones.

2. Befunky: – Convert your photo into painting style cartoons.

photo to cartoon

If you do not want to make total cartoon then you can use BeFunky for creating painting style cartoons. It is not good as Ccartoonize but it is okay if you want to use different style cartoons. You need to mail your photo and then there is a cartoonist who will convert your photo into a cartoon character.

3. PicturePeople: – This tool converts your picture into cartoons

Cartoon creator

It is another amazing cartoon maker or cartoon creator online tool to easily make your own cartoon characters. The main reason to use these cartoon converter apps is that they are less time taking process. You do not need to hire artist or cartoonist for your comic story, animation, animes etc.

4. Kusocartoon: –

anime maker

It is Another free online software to convert any picture into a cartoon character. create your own cartoon Avatar easily within seconds. It is simple for the animation process of your own cartoon character. The amazing part of these tools is that they also make Cartoonize your background.

5. ToonyPhotos: –

Toonyphotos is one of the best Online Photo to Cartoon Converter. It is one of the best cartoon photo Editor that transform any photos and complex pictures into cartoon drawings or comic illustrations easily. Cartoonize anything you want using Toonyphotos online converter.

How To Create Own Animes and Cartoons using Softwares 

Editor’s note: I would be glad to help students and children. so that they able to create their own cartoons comics. Kids and my younger brother asked me several times to develop a cartoon or tell me something so that he can do so. Therefore I am writing this article mainly for them. These comics can be published in school magazines, Mass media, newspaper and so on.

1. Chogger

Comic maker

  • Learn About Chogger: Cartoon Maker
    Chogger is very simple, but fun and useful cartoon creation tool so far. It allows Developer to import their own Images and pictures to publish in a Cartoon comic.
  • Steps To Use Chogger website:
    Click on the link provided by us above and visit Chogger’s website to start. After website loading click on the green “Build a Comic Now button” on the top left of the computer screen. Then the Chogger Cartoon Strip Creator window will automatically open up in a pop-up. First, You need to choose a layout for your cartoon. You can add images by using add images option on the left side in Chogger creator. You can download images by searching on Google, By capturing pictures, By drawing your Own character and uploading it. Choose method the method you want to use, edit the image first using the tools to the left of the creator, and then click the “Add Images”. Now You need to drag and drop your image to your desired location whatever location you want in order to add it in your cartoon.

The final step to create your own Chogger comic: –

  • Now Add text to your Cartoon comic by clicking on the text bubble icon on the top left of the computer screen. Choose the type of box or balloon you like to add there, then simply use drag and drop wherever you wish to show up in your comic. After drag and drop use the text tool, you can resize the box, can select format, and in last edit the text for it. Now Finally, Edit the layout or simply add a new panel to your Cartoon comic by clicking on the WindowPane on the top left of the computer screen. You can Repeat the process of adding Images and text until you are satisfied with your Cartoon comic, and Finally, click on the green “Finish” button on the top right of the Computer screen. Write comic a title, Comic description, comic hover text, and tags if you want, then click on the “Publish Comic”. Chogger Tools will provide you a link to the Cartoon comic you just created. So that you can share Your cartoon comic with others.
  • You need to Register on Chogger so that the creation of a Cartoon comic will also display your name.

2. Make Beliefs Comix

comic maker

  • About Make Beliefs Comix: Comic Maker
    Make Beliefs Comix is a Cartoon comic creator tool that allows to create and print simple comics with a stylish and classic look.
  • Steps to Use Make Beliefs Comix website:
    Click on the Link above and then visit the Make Beliefs Comix website to create a cartoon. After website-loading click on the “Start Here button” to start. Now Comix Creator tool will open automatically. Below is the comic panels, you will able find everything that you can add to your comic, such as Comic Characters, Different objects, and Background scenes, thought balloons box, and Your panel prompts.
  • Click on these icons to Select them after they appear in the selection window of the screen, Now click them again to add them in Cartoon comic.

The final step to create your own Make beliefs comic: –

  • Note: you can scroll through different objects by using the red arrows icon below the selection window of Comix. You can also change the number of panels and panel color at the bottom right of the Comix Creator tool. Now, Use the toolbar on the left of the Maker to delete, flip, scale, move or to bring the objects in the front of the Cartoon. After completing your Comic locate the “Print or Email button” on the left of the Computer screen and save your Cartoon.

3. Strip Generator

comic creator

  • About Strip Generator: Cartoon Creator
    A free cartoon maker but having premium features website that Provides you a facility to easily create your own comic strips with little Creative knowledge. All you need to make an amazing Cartoon is drag and drop trick. Its basic version of Strip Generator only requires a sign-up on Their website.
  • Steps To Easily Use Strip Generator:
    After creating an account and activating the confirmation link that will be sent to your email by Strip Generator, Now find and click on the Create a new strip on Website. Just Go to the Frames button and then select the Scene/template you want to use for your Cartoon Comic. Yes, You can easily change the view of your Scene/template by zooming in and Zooming out, By moving the red box on the right side of the computer screen, or by clicking on the hand icon below the zoom and dragging the icon. You can easily change the border frames by clicking the Edit Frame option available, Now select the new frame, and then drag the frame to make it smaller or bigger as you want.

The final step to create your own Strip Generator comic: –

  • You need to Add comic items, Your characters, or text in the languages you want (use speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and the story titles) to your scene/frames. Now on the right side of the screen, you can easily drag and can fix the text size. The same thing goes for characters and the items, as by clicking on icons you can easily rotate the icons, You need to adjust their size, You can also flip them upside down, or can change the opacity of items and blurriness easily. When you are done, click the Finish icon, Make your Cartoon strip title and give it, and publish the comic. You can also link your Cartoon comic strip to your classroom blog and social network website.

4. ToonDoo

create own comic

  • About ToonDoo: Comic Creator
    ToonDoo is a Anime comics creator that allows selecting between Different art to create completely original Anime Comics.
  • Steps To Use ToonDoo website:
    First Click the link given above to visit ToonDoo’s site. Once you reach there, locate the red-button( sign up for free) on the top right of the computer screen. Yes, you will able to sign up for ToonDooSpaces and verify your account, note that it is not free of cost. Thus, this guide is focusing on regular Toondoo account. So click on the Sign up for Toondoo icon on the computer screen. You will be directed to a sign-up page that asks for a unique username, strong password, and your email ID to verify; enter these things first and then click the Register for registration. After the registration process, you will be automatically redirected to ToonDoo’s comic creator Login page; now Log in with your username and password of your ToonDoo account. And will be directed automatically to ToonDoo’s home screen. You need to put Mouse over the Tools tab and click on Create Toon to start cartoon creation.
  • First, you need to select the layout you want for your comic. Then the ToonDoo Creator will open for further editing. At the left side of the Creator, You will find the option to select props, images from your gallery, backgrounds, texts, characters, special effects, and clip art. At the bottom of the Comic Creator, you are able to clone, flip, shrink, enlarge, rotate, delete, layer, and lock images in your comic. You are also able to create your own avatar, and upload images from the Google or from your computer, add doodles to your comic.

The final step to create your own ToonDoo comic: –

  • Use all these new features to add your text, images of your choice, and stylish effects to your cartoon story until you have created something you are proud of. Then put the cursor over the ToonDoo Start here tab in the top left of the computer screen and click on Save button. You can also keep your cartoon private from others if you want to publish in the school magazine, or you can also share it with your friends, or share it with the whole world! Then finally add a title to the story, add a description, and add tags and click on Publish comic.

5. Witty Comics!

comic book creation

  • About Witty Comics: Anime creator
    Witty Comics! is free of charge, very easy to use comic strip creator that allows you to create short comics with two character dialogues.
  • StepsTo Use Witty Comics website:
    First, you need to Click on the Join button and create a new account on witty comics. Email and Password will be sent to your Master email account, use that username and password to sign in. You are now an important cartoonist of the Witty Comics website but you need to create one to earn popularity.  Click on the Make A Comic button and select your comic characters and the scene of your choice. Then you need to write the narration of your first comic character in the form of shouting, whispering, thinking of something and saying. Repeat Again the same process for your second comic character. Keep Following the same steps for the next two-pictures of your story, then select the title of your Story, and finally, save your comics.

The final step to create your own witty comic: –

  • It is a very easy platform that helps in creating interactive role-plays and improve communicative skills of the students, students can utilize it to make their innovative dialogues and express them in the front of their whole classmates.

Commonly asked questions and answers about cartoon maker

  • How to Convert photo to the cartoon in one click? Ans: using the website listed here you can convert easily.
  • Give me the best Free Cartoon maker online site? Ans: Cartoonize is the best online cartoon maker website.
  • what is the best cartoon avatar maker political and politics? Ans: You can use Cartoonize with political images.
  • How to Cartoonize own photo online? Ans: using Cartoonize website you can convert a photo into cartoon picture.
  • what is the Free comic maker online website of 2017? Ans: Chogger is the best comic maker website of 2017.
  • Among them which is a Free anime maker online website? Ans: You can use Anime images to give anime look to your cartoon.

Now You easily create and design own cartoon comic using this technology.

Using cartoons in the classroom is a way to attract student’s attention towards yourself. You able to discover their cartoonish creative style. It also allows other people to express their creative side and story making and story writing skills. I will suggest you use these 5 best free cartoon making tools for students and teachers in order to utilize cartoons, Anime comics as effectively anywhere in the world.


Top 10 Best RAM Cleaner Apps and Optimizer Apps for Android 2017

Top 10 Best RAM Cleaner Apps and Optimizer Apps for Android 2017:- Are you all fed up of a heating problem, or your smartphone hangs quite frequently due to full internal storage, cache memory or Extreme RAM usage then Here is the perfect solution for your problem. Android is a multitasking Operating system that is capable of performing several tasks at same time. Due to this many Android devices face a heating problem and hang problem. When any task is performed on Android device core of device gets heat up due to lots of task load on them. This lead to heating of smartphones. So we need to clear RAM frequently and to make this task easier we have listed Top 10 best RAM cleaner apps and optimized Apps for Android 2017.

Top 10 Best RAM Cleaner Apps and Optimizer Apps for Android:-

#1 Clean Master


You must all have seen Clean Master ads while browsing the internet. Clean Master spends a lot in an advertisement this RAM cleaning is widely used by many Android users. Some Smartphones manufacturers provide Clean Master as pre-installed RAM cleaner. This Multi-featured app not only performs RAM cleaner task but also with a storage cleaning cleaner, anti-virus protection, and an app manager. You can also protect your private information and some personal data on your Android device by using the AppLock which is one of the best features of this app. The most used and popular features of this app are CPU cooler, Automatic improvement of your game speeds, Junk File Cleaning, Antivirus service, Memory Boost, Autostart Manager which avoid apps from autostarting in future again that helps out in auto closing them.

[appbox googleplay com.cleanmaster.mguard&hl=en]

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#2 CM Security AppLock AntiVirus

CM Security

Many of Android user must have already heard a lot about CM Security RAM cleaner Android app. This is one of the most popular RAM cleaners for Android users which is already loaded with a bunch of extremely useful features that will blow your mind. Some of the most exciting features of CM security are the scanning of the pre-installed app, Anti-Theft tool and scanning of the newly installed apps to keep your phone safe from the dangerous virus such as malware, trojan, etc. You can also protect the personal files on your Android device by Advance locking System that lock everything of your choice using the CM Security AppLock.

[appbox googleplay com.cmsecurity.lite]

#3 AVG Cleaner


AVG Cleaner performs best when it comes to Junk data and files eat up activity a lot of memory of your smartphone device. As we are the Android user you need to clear your RAM time to time for the better performance of your Android device. AVG Cleaner proves to be your best RAM cleaner among its rivals. It cleans up all your junk files/data and enhances RAM to improve the performance of your Android device.

[appbox googleplay com.avg.cleaner]

#4 Clean RAM Memory

clean ram

Half the battle is won when name speaks itself, this RAM cleaner ranks on the 4th position as this RAM cleaner is one of the best RAM cleaner apps. This app also does the similar job as above mentioned apps that are cleaning your RAM memory and enhance the performance of your device.

[appbox googleplay com.clean.ram.memory]

#5 RAM Booster

ram booster

One of the best RAM cleaner apps in the list is RAM booster with compact size, with this app you can easily clean both RAM and cache memory. Extra Feature of this app you can also easily clean temporary memory and your SD card. Removing junk, infected, duplicated files is also possible. It speeds up your high graphics games performance and your User Interface. Finally, you can also boost your overall Android device performance. All this stuff makes your Android Device life to great extent.

[appbox googleplay com.atejapps.taskkillerextremelite&hl=en]

#6 APUS Booster | RAM Boosters


Android devices can handle multiple tasks at the same time and easily switch between apps. Hence, this always leads to running apps in the background without even disturbing you about its presence. It is almost next to impossible for you to close down the processing of every background app manually many times. Now here comes life saver APUS Booster that cleans up all the running apps in the background and increases RAM for the performance speed of your Android device.

[appbox googleplay]

#7 Fast Ram Cleaner

fastest ram

Yes, There are some other applications too which are known for the same purpose. But, this application helps in managing your RAM memory efficiently and fast. Other features of this app process manager, battery saver and more.  This Android App provides you the stats related to your CPU usage and RAM.  It is one of the best Android RAM cleaning application which you must have in your cell phone.

[appbox googleplay com.laabonee.AndroidAssistantPro]

#8 360 Security Lite


This app focuses on several fields such as antivirus, battery saver, speed booster, and Android optimizer app. It manages several deep functions like increase battery life, clean junk files, memory space and background apps. As this app is truly designed specifically for smartphones having memory(RAM) less than 1 GB. Basically, it consumes approx 4 MB space in the device. This app is featured with intelligent antivirus and cloud scan system to protect the device from various dangerous viruses.

[appbox googleplay]

#9 Du Speed Booster


First of all, DU Speed Booster has Over 200 million people Download and successfully running on the Android device. As DU Speed Booster is a powerful RAM cleaner app. DU Speed Booster is basically a junk cleaner app like other that not only removes unwanted, duplicated and useless files from the Android device. But also boosts its performance to a great extent. The app has a feature to fix phone heating problem(Cool down mode). That is quite similar to Clean Master, DU Speed Booster also features an antivirus facility feature.

Other powerful features of DU Speed Booster app are mentioned below:

  • App manager
  • Performance optimizer and Network speed test.
  • Smart charging mode, App locker function.

[appbox googleplay com.dianxinos.optimizer.duplay]

#10 Turbo Cleaner


Last but not the least Turbo Cleaner is another top RAM cleaner Android app available free on Playstore. Turbo Cleaner features as popular game booster tool and improvement of device performance which makes the smooth and fast performance of high graphics games. This app focus on free up of RAM used by apps that you are not in using at real-time.

[appbox googleplay com.turboc.cleaner]


We hope after installing and using these Best RAM cleaner Apps for your android devices will make your android devices performance to extreme next level. As well as it speeds up high graphics gaming performance too.


The AMD Radeon Vega GPUs Review: RX Vega 64 And RX Vega 56

This Article is for all the PRO GAMERS who want to know more about Graphic cards (AMD OR NVIDIA). Yes, We have seen and knew the architecture of all these GPUs. We have seen all the frontier & teasers and waiting for more. And we’ve also seen the specifications and features. We know now The AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 is finally going to release: The actual hardware is going to launch for 56 is on 28 August and 64 is already out yesterday. Today is the AMD’s shining moment and it is their first time in over a year of hard work to come back in the high-end video card market. I think it is right to say that everyone is eager to see what AMD can actually do their best for the GPU front.

Yesterday was the launch of the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and just Vega 64 in short form. It is Based on a fully enabled Vega 10 GPU and the Vega 64 have two physical variants: liquid cooled and air cooled. The air cooled card of AMD Vega 64 has a traditional blower-based design for GPUs and it depends on their SKU. It is also available in AMD’s traditional RX-style shroud or a brushed-aluminum shroud for the Limited Edition version.


Click on the picture to see in larger size

The Vega 64 Liquid Cooled card is larger in size, more powerful and needs more power. To maximize cooling performance, It is utilizing an AMD Radeon R9 Fury X-style external radiator as part of a closed loop liquid cooling setup of this version. You actually won’t see AMD using this card up too much because AMD is considering the air cooled AMD Vega 64 to be their baseline. It is the best vega GPUs for gamers. Yes, AMD has put together quite a stunner in this AMD monster. You can also read by post About AMD Threadripper 1998x, 1950, 1998 and more.

AMD Vega 64 and 64 liquid is already out on the market and AMD Vega 56 will launch on 28 of August 2017

RX Vega AMD vega graphic cards

Click on the picture to read the graph

I would like to say that today is the launch of which you all are waiting eagerly. The AMD is going to shine with a high-tech backup in the video card marketplace with Vega series. AMD Vega video cards need to be launch out in the first-half of the year 2017. So, there is a launch of the Vega Frontier Edition cards with Vega family. It was certain that no one was expecting the launch at the start of this year. Since we know few of Vega’s latest architectural functionality was not even enabled at the moment.

AMD’s is now focusing on the products promotion and on the products sampling has been erratic with the launch. We only had the AMD Vega 64 in the market since Thursday of this week which is a big question. That means we have only 4 days to completely evaluate the other stuff. On Thursday evening AMD informed everyone that we’d receive the Vega 56 on Friday, August 2017. They are focusing their promotion on Vega 56 more than the Vega 64.

The reason behind it is simple I will explain at the end of the paragraph. But first I do not think that AMD knew if it could have Vega 56 samples ready for the showdown. They are ultimately playing down their best foot forward toward success. All the company and expert believes that the Vega 56 will do a better job against the GTX 1070. No one is believing that Vega 64 against the GTX 1080 graphic cards will able to stand.

Which is better between RX Vega 56 VS RX Vega 64 or RX Vega 64 liquid?

If you want to in both Vega products which are the better one then of course Rx Vega 64 is better in most of the features than RX Vega 56.

Also having its embargo lifted today but it is not actually going to launch until August 28, 2017.  This cut-down AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 version of AMD. This card has awesome features like lower clock speeds, fewer enabled CUs i.e 56 out of 64, lower power consumption and a lower cost than their competitors. AMD has put up the bulk of their marketing muscle behind These monsters.


AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 liquid VS Vega 64 Vs Vega 56 VS R9 Fury X
RX Vega 64 LiquidRX Vega 64RX Vega 56AMD R9 Fury X
Stream Processors
[64 CUs]
[64 CUs]
[56 CUs]
[64 CUs]
Texture Units
ROPs Comparison64646464
Base Clock
1406 MHz1247 MHz1156 MHzN/A
Boost Clock
1677 MHz1546 MHz1471 MHz1050 MHz
Memory Clock
1.89Gbps HBM21.89Gbps HBM21.6Gbps HBM21 Gbps HBM
Memory Bus Width
8 GB8 GB8 GB4 GB
Transistor Count
Board Power
345 W295 W210 W275 W
Manufacturing Process
GloFo 14nm or
TSMC 28nm?
GloFo 14 nmGloFo 14 nmGloFo 14 nmTSMC 28 nm
GCN 5 or GCN 3?
[GCN 5]
[GCN 5]
[GCN 5]
GPU Comparison
Vega 10 or Fiji?
Vega 10Vega 10Vega 10Fiji
Launch Date
Which is latest?
 Cost Comparison$699*$499/599*$399/499*$649


What’s new in AMD Vega 64 and AMD Vega 56?

As far as these SKUs(stock keeping unit), AMD is eagerly looking forward to taking over NVIDIA’s in long-standing gaming championship, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. If we compare both in performance and pricing department, AMD expects to give a tough fight to bring NVIDIA’s cards to a draw match, if not selling out with a victory for Red Team. Overall this concludes we’ll be able to see $500 Vega 64 set as a rival against the NVIDIA GTX 1080, while if we compare the $400 Vega 56 it slightly goes up against the NVIDIA GTX 1070.

As we all are aware of interesting past year and a half. With new design chips called “finite capacity”, AMD’s decision to focus its aim on the mid-ranking market with the new series named as “Polaris series” that clearly meant that the company effectively give up the high-end video card market to NVIDIA once the latter’s GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 were launched in market.

This clearly states that for the past 15 months approx( 1yr 3months), NVIDIA totally had free run of the high-end video market. AMD’s started to focus on the mid-range market to win with boom back. The market share meant that AMD will be getting the high jump on NVIDIA in this market by the release of Polaris ahead of NVIDIA. And wonder happened their market share has recovered some. However, it’s a steady fight in opposition to the dominating NVIDIA and one that’s been made tougher by essentially being invisible to the few excessive-stop customers and the many window buyers. that could be a problem that ends these days with the release of the Vega 64.


As we have explained full review on the Vega 64 and Vega 56. So without any further delay, let’s drill into AMD return to the high-end video market with their High-tech Vega architecture, mainly Vega 10 GPU, and the Vega 64 & Vega 56 video cards.


The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1998X and 1950X Review With Pictures

You will be Surprise on hearing that AMD’s is about to launch 16/32 cores Ryzen 9 Monsters. These monsters have the name “Threadripper 1998X” and “Threadripper 1998” AMD processors. Since we know AMD can change the naming scheme of its processors any time they want but the specifications will remain the same. AMD Threadripper 1998X has 3.5/3.9GHz of super fast Base/boost Clock speed. Where as Threadripper 1998 is having only 3.2/3.6GHz of boost and base clock speed which is less than TR-1998x. Both of them have TDP 155W as same as TR-1997x which has 4.0 GHz clock speed. In comparison to all of them, THreadripper 1976x has 3.6 GHz base and 4.1 GHz boost clock speed which is fastest among all with TDP 140W. You can also check out about AMD Vega RX 56 and RX 64 Graphics cards from here

Threadripper AMD

Click on the picture to check comparison between AMD Threadripper Ryzen family

Yes, we had the great fight and battle to a lot of high frequencies in the early 2000s. Nowadays, The company that can make or create processor performance at the best is a great advantage over the other processors. No one wants hot chips in their devices everyone wants performance. With the Good architectures in the newest devices, everyone wants speed and cooling. Everyone wants the computers that scaled better in most of the features.

Now there are a Core Wars between processors: So here is the question that how many CPU cores with high IPC you can really fit into a consumer processor? You will be surprised after reading the answer that AMD is crossing the limit of 10 cored and pushing the new record that is 16 cores with its latest Threadripper processors. Threadripper processors got awesome reviews and that puts them on the top of war in cores.

AMD Threadripper specification

AMD is supplying Threadripper into the hands of its customers which is almost identical to Intel’s biggest chips. For home users. On AMD Threadripper, you can do a task like Gaming while streaming anything online, you can also host game servers, and other stuff too. It simply means video production or increasing computer throughput using fewer FPGAs or GPUs mixed in with networking and fast storage. The idea behind it is that if any user has anything that needs to be completed with that he can also use their computer to do another task at the same time and also have a usable amount of CPU grunt for another task, DRAM to power it all, PCIe slots, and storage. Threadripper has very high performance-density as compare to other CPUs that makes it one of the best processor.

Threadripper Advantages

  • TR has more cores.
  • IT has more PCIe lanes at the same price.
  • With lower turbo but a higher base frequency.
  • TR also a slightly more power for similar platform costs.

TR Ryzen 7 was trying to get market share from Intel’s over high-end desktop (HEDT). The Threadripper is designed to rise above and it is for super high-end desktop (SHED) market share. In core counts in today market AMD is releasing TR and selling 28 cores TR CPUs for a $10000 only. By bringing large power numbers difference, higher core count parts with reasonable IPC, and frequency. With these features, AMD is crossing the line between prosumer, enterprise, and consumer. To challenge AMD Threadripper Intel announced that their Skylake-X platform will be releasing out in the market with 12, 14, 16 and 18 core within next few months.

AMD Threadripper 1950x vs Threadripper 1920x

Looking for AMD Threadripper 1950x vs AMD Threadripper 1920x?

AMD recently launched their newly designed CPU Zen, micro architecture in 2017. Threadripper was implemented into the famous Ryzen series of AMD CPUs. With this launch, you can understand that AMD is challenging the high-end desktop market of Intel first from its best technology. There are three members of the famous Ryzen 7 series all of them had eight cores with the hyper threading technology, and they are best for the price and high performance for sure, achieving very high performance which is comparable to Intel’s processors at only half the price for sure.

In his Next step, AMD brings out the famous four Ryzen 5 CPU which is competing for the price against the Intel quad core i5. In the same price Ryzen, 5 had twelve thread which is triple in Core against Intel’s i5 processor. AMD Ryzen 3 won the markets at a cost $120 against the Intel Core i3s by supplying double the cores. AMD’s EPYC version legally launched into the market which is offering up to 32 cores for its customer at a low price.

AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper family in short know as Threadripper which is famous AMD processor. All these CPUs have the same design as the AMD series EPYC processors family. The first two famous CPUs of AMD Threadripper are the Threadripper 1950X with 16 cores and Threadripper 1920X, with 12 cores which are then followed by the 8 core Threadripper 1900X. LGA-style TR4 socket contains 4094-pins can fit the parts of these processors. This socket looks same as SP3 socket of EPYC but cannot be used as an SP3 socket for EPYC family.

AMD TR 1920x vs TR 1950x


AMD Ryzen SKUs
TR-1950X32/164.0/3.6+200*32MB4 x 266660180 W$989-$999
TR-1920X24/124.0/3.5+200*32MB4 x 266660180 W$789-$799
TR-1920**24/123.8/3.2?32MB4 – Ch?60140 W?
TR-1900X16/84.0/3.8+20016MB*4 x 2666*60180 W*$539-$549
Ryzen 7-1800X16/84.0/3.6+10016MB2 x 26661695W$489-$499
Ryzen 7-1700X16/63.8/3.4+10016MB2 x 26661695W$389-$399
Ryzen 7-170016/83.7/3.0+5016MB2 x 26661665W$319-$329Spire
Ryzen 5-1600X12/64.0/3.6+10016MB2 x 26661695W$239-$249
Ryzen 5-160012/63.6/3.2+10016MB2 x 26661665W$209-$219Spire
Ryzen 5-1500X8/43.7/3.5+20016MB2 x 26661665W$179-$189Spire
Ryzen 5-14008/43.4/3.2+508MB2 x 26661665W$159-$169Stealth
Ryzen 3-1300X4/43.7/3.5+2008MB2 x 26661665W$119-$129Stealth
Ryzen 3-12004/43.4/3.1+508MB2 x 26661665W$99-$109Stealth


New Socket, New Motherboards

AMD is now launching the X399 platform with Threadripper to give better features that are similar to Intel’s High-End desktop (HEDT) platform. The large TR4 socket of TR and all of its pins availability provide a quad-channel memory with two DIMMs/per channel, with up to 60PCIe lanes for add-in cards (SSDs, Video cards, NICs, etc). These super motherboards currently support the 2-TR CPUs launched today where one more CPU to be launched at the end of the month, and another CPU features that have been leaked but not announced officially (Have an unknown release date).

The socket of TR is totally different from the previous AMD sockets which are showcasing how much they improved till now. Instead of PGA socket along a simple latch system to give enough force between the pins and pads, this LGA TR4 socket has three Torx screws that need to be removed in the order given– one from the left and two from the right. The bracket of socket quickly flips open, along a little tray – Then this little tray has the CPU. All of these TR CPUs will come in a small tray and not required to take out of the tray.

Now we know the screw holes for CPU coolers are different Because of the size of the CPUs and design of the socket. We know each of the CPU is currently geared for 180W and AMD CPUs wants liquid cooling to cool down its processors.

AMD Threadripper CPU VS intel i9

Additional Review Notes

This review does not have Skylake-X gaming data which was hard to get and out of control. When reviewing SKL-X it was showing up some issues, therefore it needs to sort out later. We got some more data by using more stringent cooling setup and the latest BIOS.

AMD’s configuration: – 

  • It has 48 lanes from the CPU to the PCIe slots.
  • having 4-way SLI/CFX action (16/16/8/8).
  • With 12 lanes CPU to M.2 slots for 3-way x4 NVMe.
  • support 4 lanes to the chipset.
  • The chipset has two gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Support PCIe x4 slot.
  • and PCIe x1 slot.
  • also PCIe x1 for WiFi.
  • SATA ports.
  • There is USB 3.1 Gen 1.
  • and USB 3.1 Gen 2.
  • and USB 2.0 ports.

We are expecting the present the X399 motherboards to cost vary between Rs17999-Rs49999, It will depend on their features.


Threadripper is mainly a consumer focused product launched by AMD. Intel’s Core i9 7900X that is a 10-core processor of intel that is equal to Threadripper. Threadripper customers might want Xeon enterprise and workstation that is prebuilt in many systems nowadays.

Intel said exactly the same thing which surprised many customers. The wording was the same that Core i9-7900X would be the best competitor for Thread ripper’s release. Most of the people expected them to suggest some form of a cheaper 2P option for its customers. On following them up as to why they did not suggest the same thing to rise. As we saw the Enterprise team are giving more attention to EPYC series, and not the Threadripper. There is a cheap 2P system which is one of the reasons which is not there in any new systems.


The Battle
AMDTR-1950X32/164.0/3.4+20032MB4×266660180 WRs66999
Inteli9 7900X20/104.3/3.3+20013.754×266644140 WRs65999
Inteli7 6950X20/103.5/3.0+50025MB4×240040140 WRs97999
AMDTR-1920X24/124.0/3.5+20032MB4×266660180 WRs53999
Inteli7 7820X16/84.3/3.6+20011MB4×266628140 WRs39999
AMDTR-1900X16/84.0/3.8+20016MB4×266660180 WRs37999

Computer, Mod Apk

Minecraft 1.8 Latest Mod: TooManyItems 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2

TooManyItems is a kind of computer mod of Minecraft game which is famous for its original versions of Minecraft. It helps users to plays and finds blocks rapidly through a useful and noticeable Graphic user interface (GUI).TooManyItems (TMI) is a Minecraft mod which is famous for the original versions of Minecraft Android. It helps every gamer to plays find blocks rapidly through a noticeable and useful GUI (graphic user interface). Also, it saves gamer inventory to create block collections of Minecraft game. This a mod almost all players have and own in their PC ( computer).toomanyitems minecraft mod

About Minecraft: – Minecraft is famous sandbox video game which created and design by the Swedish game developer which is later fully developed by the Mojang. There is creative and building aspects of this Minecraft Mod allow different players to construct constructions out of textured cubes in this virtual 3-D  world.tomanyitems mod of minecraft

Usage Of Minecraft Mod:

  • Turn Off/ON: – First Press the “o” key on your computer keyboard while in the inventory screen of the game. You can change this key in this game by editing the configuration file of the mod.
  • Add items in stacks: – Do Left-click on items in the right sidebar of the game to add full stacks or right-click to add item one at a time.
  • About Configuration file: Go to the directory of Minecraft folder where the game saves its files when installing and options.txt is saved. once you have used the TMI hack at least once you will able to find TooManyItems.txt in that folder. This mod contains options that will help you to change, not all of the features which are documented yet in the folder.
  • Different Spawners: Right now there is a  way to create different kinds of spawners in the game to edit the ?spawner? the line in the configuration file of the game. Important: only set spawner to the name of the mob, as Sheep, Skeleton etc. If you set there another entity like a boat item, then your game will easily crash down.
  • Unlimited tools/stacks (for single-player only): – Do Shift-left-click on the items in the right sidebar of the game screen to add unlimited-use tools or unlimited stacks or steel and flint. ModLoader is also required for “true” unlimited stacks in this TooManyItems mod. Without this ModLoader the quantity of >64 stacks will refresh on opening the game inventory.

Minecraft Mod features Too many items

  • Tabs: Use the book, chest, icons, and Star to change between the items, enchant tabs and favorites mod.

  • Add to Favorites: This mod feature will allow you to save commonly used items in the game.
    -ADD to the favorites panel by clicking on the item at the favorites panel of the screen.
    -Alt-clicking an item in the items panel can also help us out to add in favorites.
    -Clicking the Favorite button in the enchant panel of the screen. REMOVE an item from the favorites panel by easily alt-clicking it
  • Enchanting switching: (This may work on some Bukkit server or SP) Click on an item on the enchanting panel of the screen to switch to that type of item easily. Use the + and? buttons to change the levels in the game of individual enchantments and then Click on the Create button to
  • make these enchanted items yourself and then use the Favorite button to add or create it to the favorites panel in the game.
  • Trash All(single-player only): Drop an item stack on the items sidebar or the trash icon to remove it from the sidebar. Click the trash icon to turn?remove mode? off or on (in ?this delete mode? gamer can delete any item he clicks on? very useful for selectively deleting a lot of items at once). Shift-click the trash i.e delete icon to wipe out from your inventory.
  • Game modes: Click the “C”, “A”  and “S” icons appearing at toolbar for creative, adventure and survival mode of the game.
  • Set Time: Click on the moon and sun icons to set the time to noon, sunset, midnight and sunrise.
  • Set Difficulty: Click on the creeper icon at the screen to change the difficulty of the game without going into game preferences.
  • Hunger/Health Max: Click on the heart icon to set health and hunger to the max.

More About Minecraft Mod: –

  • Save states (single-player only): Several slots are available for you to save your entire inventory and restore it later in the game. This can be used to save your ?real? inventory before editing, you can easily share inventories between characters, save a full inventory of materials (items), and save a blank inventory to clear out everything(items) you are holding in the game etc.
  • Multiplayer mode: – You required to be a server op. and every non-vanilla server works differently. This command is issued by the server to give you items is configured in TooManyItems.txt file in TMI ?there is give command? With this command you also need to put {1} for the item ID, {2} for the quantity, {3} for the damage value and {0} for the player’s username. If {3} is not in the command options of TMI, items with damage values other than “0” value won’t show up on the screen.
  • Vanilla server command for minecraft: – use this command /give {0} {1} {2} {3} for vanilla.
  • * Since the vanilla server used to not support item damage with the give command, TMI may still have /give {0} {1} {2} by default. You can now add {3} to the end. The default will be updated in a future TMI version.
  • Bukkit with the Essentials latest mod command: – use this command “/item {1}:{3} {2}” to bukkit.
  • Fast crafting at max speed: – Do Right-click on the output square when crafting to easily craft the maximum speed as possible. (This will also Work while the inventory overlay is disabled).

Latest Method to install TooManyItems Mod for Minecraft: –

Non Forge version:

  • Open the new launcher and also make sure the version of Minecraft the mod requires is already installed in your system.
  • Click “Edit Profile” in the launcher and then open the game directory for more.
  • Go into the subfolder “versions” in the game directory.
  • Rename the folder for the version you require to something else example rename the file 1.7.9 with 1.7.9_TMI version.
  • Then Open the 1.7.9_TMI folder for further edition.
  • You need to Rename the file 1.7.9.jar with 1.7.9_TMI.jar in this TMI folder.
  • You also need to Rename 1.7.9.json with 1.7.9_TMI.json in this TMI folder.
  • Open “1.7.9_TMI.json” with a notepad editor find-and-replace “id”:”1.7.9″ with “id”:”1.7.9_TMI” then save and close the file.
  • Now Open class files from the mod version with an archiver such as 7-Zip or WinRAR and also copy & paste the files into 1.7.9_TMI.jar. And Don’t close the archiver yet need to do something more.
  • Delete or remove META-INF and also close the archiver.
  • Start the new launcher and enjoy the game.
  • Click on the Edit Profile option to edit your game profile.
  • From “Use Version” option you can select “1.7.9_TMI” to use the latest mod.
  • Click Save to save your game Profile.
  • You can Login and play as a normal game.

Forge version:

  1. You can also Download and install Minecraft game Forge (Download Forge version)
  2. Download TooManyItems Mod of Minecraft computer game
  3. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/bin and then open your minecraft.jar file using Winrar to extract.
  4. Delete the META-INF folder from the mod game.
  5. Drag the TooManyItems jar files into your minecraft.jar folder to use this mod.
  6. Now you can Enjoy the mod features of Minecraft game.

Download Mod version



315 proxy to access Porn sites from India after Porn Banned

Proxy Server to access Porn sites from India after Porn Banned:- As we all know many internet service providers(ISP) — including BSNL, MTNL and Vodafone — are showing blank(white) pages instead of any porn sites. The main problem arises on Saturday or weekend when a number of internet users across the country could not access pornographic websites for self-satisfaction.

According to The Hindu report, the government clear’s that “What government has done is temporary. The government is taking major steps on the Supreme Court discussion that government required to take stand on the issue of blocking of pornography websites in the country, especially child pornography and many more others.

315 proxy to access Porn sites from India after Porn Banned:

Topbestlist have provided top and best proxy site web address through which you can easily visit pornographic content without interfering your network operators or IPS know that you are browsing it from India.

How to use Proxy sites to access porn sites from India itself:

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Top Best A-Z Python Cheat Sheet 2017

Top Best A-Z Python Cheat Sheet 2017: – Cheat Sheets or Cheat codes help us to make our coding work/task/section/part much easier. By using Python Cheat sheet you can easily learn and write great codes. So Here, I’d share some useful and best Python cheat sheets a programmer must have on the desk.

In term of computer language Python is one of the most amazing programming language which almost all of the programmers learn it at first priority. The use of Python programming language has been a boom in the data science industry sector. Though Python is found really easy language among programmer’s still you could use some help sheet to make work easier and faster.
Let’s Checkout:- Best programming language of 2017
The Python cheat sheet turns out to be extremely useful for both beginners and professionals. Python cheat sheet proves to be a very helpful quick reference while working using Python language for the coding purpose.
The Python cheat sheets will guide you through Strings and data types, variables, Lists, and eventually, guide you Python programming language for data science and scientific computing. These reasons cross the benchmark enough for us to provide our client(users) with the Top and a-z best cheat sheet for Python programming language. And therefore, we at topbestlist have listed below a cheat sheet which you can use as a helpful guide while working on Python language.
So, Here we reveal the list of top and best 100+ Python cheat code book Python programs that would be very useful for all both beginners and professionals programmers.

Download Python Cheat Sheet PDF

You can easily download a PDF version of above Python Cheat sheet from below link:


So, time to conclude. We have listed almost all the cheat code which can be used in Python programming language. These Cheat code will really make your work load much easier to a great level. So, without wasting any time hit the above download button and use the cheat to kill Python programming language. Please like, share and comment on this article if you like it.


Top 10+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking and Programming

Top 10+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking/Programming:- If you want to become government certified ethical hacker then these best 12 youtube channel will let you to learn ethical hacking and programming. Here you ca learn online without investing a penny. This youtube channel are only for educational purpose please don’t try to misuse them.

Top 10+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn Ethical Hacking/Programming

#1 Thenewboston | Learn Programming YouTube

Thenewboston youtube channel has over 4300+ videos to learn from and more than 1.5 million subscribers all over the world. Usually, this youtube channel focusses on programming languages. Thenewboston videos provide the tutorial for hacking too. The name who manages this youtube channel is Bucky Roberts and teaches about coding through the videos. His coding videos are easy to learn and understand.

#2 Derek Banas

This 2nd rated youtube channel Derek Banas has over 550k subscribers and a collection of 790+ videos as of now. The way he explains the concept of programming in a single video that makes the video quite interesting. Trust us you can choose this channel for learning programming.

#3 ProgrammingKnowledge

This is one of the best channel to check for programming video’s tutorials. No doubt programmers can learn a variety of programming over this channel. Videos tutorials provide several android tutorial to C++, Java, python, etc. Major part of this channel is it has over 305.5k subscribers and over 1109 videos to refer on it.

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#4 Hak5 | YouTube Hacking Channel

Remember one most important thing that there are two channels treading with the same name prevailing on YouTube. One channel has a massive collection of subscribers of over 297k subscribers while on other hand channel has merely 11.2k followers. Buth if we talk about collective video both channels collective have over 1659 videos. This channel has collected all the popularity due to its outstanding quality of videos.

#5 totally focusses on web designing and development concept. This channel tells you about several languages like JavaScript, jQuery, etc. The videos provide pieces of notes and clearly explain the process of becoming a professional web designer. It has over 273.5k happy subscribers and over 130 videos to be checkout.

#6 Treehouse

The main motto or aim of this channel is to educate its viewers about coding stuff. Basically, Topics of coding varies in C, python etc are included in its educational videos. It also provides the viewers with simple advice and live interviews. It has over 135k subscribers and a total of 390 videos.

#7 Penetration Testing in Linux

Here comes with a huge number of followers 26.5k and has a total number of 367 videos at the present moment, it is one of the most popular channel in its well-cleared category. The main aim of this channel is tested the penetration level of any website, account and secure network etc. Although you can learn various tips of hacking accounts, websites, etc.

#8 Dedsec

This youtube channel name Dedsec has a combination of several penetration testing, hacking tricks etc. It has over collection of 20k happy subscribers and over 90 videos with a clear variety of content to learn.

#9 Open Security Training

Open security t channel delivers a concise knowledge about ethical hacking tricks and techniques to its over 18.7k happy subscribers with the help of 300+ videos at the present moment.

#10 justprogramming

Ethical hacking tutorial: This channel on YouTube is quite popular as they have over 17k happy subscribers and a collection of more than 347 videos. These videos can teach you about decompilation, reverse engineering, buffer overflow attacks etc. Learn ethical hacking and become the best hacker.

#11 Vivek Ramachandran

This Indian YouTube channel has over 9k excited followers with a range of 220 videos. They focuses on teaching and learn ethical hacking skills to its viewers and subscriber. So Tech lovers go and find this channel to be quite interesting and educational.

#12 CEH v8

What CEH stands for ? It’s Certified Ethical Hacker. This channel is a preferred by those who wish to appear for CEH Ethical Hacking examination course. CEH exam provides you with a government approved certificate as an ethical hacker.


Top 5 FREE Windows Software Must have

Top 5 FREE Windows Software:- As we all know Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. Windows users have a huge selection of free software to choose from. Wouldn’t you agree? After several search, we have maintained a top 5 free windows software that everyone should have.

So, on this post, I compiled the 5 free Windows Software I think everyone should be using which can make your daily computer activities easy.

Top 5 FREE Windows Software:-

1# Antivirus

The first one is an antivirus. I’m the type of person that doesn’t use an antivirus, because I’m an idiot. But I’m just comfortable formatting frequently. So… I’m okay with it. But for most people, who are not stupid, you should run an antivirus. My two favorites are AVG and Avast. There’s a site called AV-TEST, they’re an independent site that tests antivirus really extensively and then they update their ranking list. So, in terms of the free ones, AVG and Avast are always near the top. With the current builds, Avast does a better job at detecting current malware, but AVG is slightly less taxing on your system. You really can’t go wrong with either of them, I prefer performance, so if I had to choose, I’d go with AVG. If you’re wondering, Microsoft Windows Defender isn’t perfect for detection and when it’s running, there’s a measurable performance hit.

2# Ditto

Next up is a clipboard manager called Ditto. These are apps that kinda store all the stuff you copy using Ctrl-C. So, if you copy a selection of text, and then later on you copy more text, Ditto stores it all into a clipboard manager. This is really useful for essays, development, and just about anything. If you’ve never used one before, install it. They’re very lightweight and pretty useful.

3# F-Lux

Alright, next up is F-flux. It’s a program that adjusts the color temperature of your screen, based on the time of day. So, during daylight hours, your screen looks completely normal, but as the sun sets, the blue hues get reduced on the screen, which makes it more comfortable for your eyes. It’s really a little weird at first, because stuff looks really warm and orange but you will get used to it. And once you do, your computer usage at night is just easier on your eyes. Personally, I can fall asleep more readily after using the gaming laptop that’s had f.lux running.

4# Uninstallers

For this part, we need to talk about the app CCleaner. It used to be amazing, like, it seriously belonged in top 3 apps for Windows but Windows 10 has gotten better and better at cleaning up its own mess. At this point, unless you really know what you’re doing with it, I don’t recommend CCleaner anymore especially with cleaning registries. Nowadays, a registry cleanup can mess things up pretty bad. The thing is, CCleaner also came with a good uninstaller, but since I don’t recommend CCleaner anymore, we gotta find a separate uninstaller program. My favorite one right now is IObit uninstaller. It’s pretty simple, the UI is good, and it just does what it says it does. It cleanly uninstalls your applications.

5# Text Editor

The last app is a text editor. So, instead of using a super basic, like Notepad that comes with Windows, there’s something called Notepad++. It’s basically an amped-up version of Notepad. A lot of features are geared towards developers, there’s syntax highlighting, and you can have multi-editing but a lot of the features are awesome for regular people. You can zoom in and out of your document, and my favorite is that you can have different tabs open. I use a text editor for a bunch of stuff in my life, and Notepad++ is awesome for it. Some of you guys might be developers, and you’re using things like Sublime and Atom, but for the average person that isn’t a developer, Notepad++ is solid.

And that’s about it. If you learned a thing or two, feel free to let us know through the comments below.

This Technology article(Top 5 Free Windows Software) was written by Chanong Tatung from GamingBeasts

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