How to Find High CPC Keywords for Google Adsense with Pictures

high paying/CPC keywords for Adsense

If you are Google Adsense user in your YouTube Channel or blog and want to know about high CPC keywords. High paying keywords are also known as high CPC keywords which have high CPC on Adsense per click. Every keyword on Google Adsense blog will not pay you the same amount for each click. So I will suggest you, find and insert high CPC keywords in your blog articles. So, Today I will tell you Genuine and best method to find keywords which pay you more per click on Google Adsense. This method will surely help bloggers to increase their Adsense Earning.

The free and simple high CPC keyword finding tool is Google keyword tool. It is a totally free product for Google AdSense users. But It is not for bloggers and publishers and designed for advertisers. Advertisers looking to advertise through Google AdWords use this tool to bid the keyword. The higher the bid for the keyword the higher is the CPC for the same keyword. Therefore, Adsense users can also utilize this Google product to easily find out the high paying keyword for Their blog articles.

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Ok, let’s follow with a simple example to find “high CPC keywords for Google Adsense”.

If you are thinking to write an article about “Google Adsense”, then click here to use Google keyword tools and search for the keyword “Adsense”. As shown in the image below.

how to earn mroe from adsense

There are also extra filter options available under Advanced, don’t forget to check them.

On pressing the Search button there, it will then list out the search keywords related to the search term for you.

If you still unable to find the very best and valuable keyword for Adsense, Then use the Match Types in the left side filter option. As shown in the image below.

[genuine] How to Increase Adsense CPC – Best Adsense Tips

how to increase adsense CPC

First Remove the Board type and select either Exact option or either Phrase.

The Exact will bring up the more relevant keywords for your search term which is useful for your article.

The Phrase will help to bring the same search term text in the keywords as a phrase.

But, what we are searching for is the high CPC keywords to increase Adsense Earning, don’t change any filter types under Match Types this time.

The result screen in this Google keyword tool does not show the Estimated Avg CPC” ( decide the value of the keywords), Now we have to enable this column by doing following steps as shown below.

First Click on columns option in right side of the tool menu bar and select “Estimated Avg CPC”.

how to Find High CPC Keywords for blog post

You must be thinking “What is Estimated Avg CPC” on Adwords?

As I told you earlier in this article, this tool is for advertisers and not for publishers or bloggers. If I am an advertiser and I want to advertise my service or product with the help of Google Adwords tool, then first I have to select some keywords for each ad slots to go further.

For example, if my main keyword is ‘Google Adsense’ then I have to bid or pay more than the Estimated Avg CPC for ‘Google Adsense keyword for a click to beat others who are advertising on Adsense. Therefore my ads will be going to display in Google’s first search result on Searching Google Adsense. The fact is Google Adwords doesn’t allow you to do bid on their own keywords this is just for an example.

So, Now it is obvious that “high Estimated Avg CPC means high CPC keywords and high payout for bloggers and publishers”.

Now simply click on the Estimated Avg CPC column to sort out the field option as shown in the image.

how to find High CPC Keywords for adsense

You have to understand this keyword tool and then find out the correct keywords for your articles.

Keywords Competition as a Blogger

Again this option is not for bloggers, It is the competition between advertisers who are bidding for the keywords.

To find the competition for keywords as a blogger: – simply type this keyword into Google search engine and see the number of search results found. You can also check Alexa rank of the top article to check you can beat them or not. If you just want to come on the first page then check the Alexa rank of the last article for a specific keyword.

You can also check on Google Trends and Google page insight for the keywords competition as a blogger.

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  • How to find High CPC Keywords for Adsense?
  • You can use Google keyword tool to easily find High paying keywords for Google Adsense.
  • How to Find High CPC Keywords for a blog post?
  • Just read the full article and learn how to use Google Keyword Tool to find out high paying keywords easily.
  • Is this method will help out to increase Adsense CPC?
  • Yes, This method will work 100% and you Adsense CPC will surely Increase.
  • How to earn more from Adsense?
  • You need to write a blog post on High paying keyword or you need to upload High CPC videos on YouTube Channel to Earn more from them.

Global and Local Searches importance for Bloggers.

I will suggest you to also learn about global and local searches. It helps out in increasing organic traffic on high paying keywords you are using.

You need to be smart to select correct high paying keywords for your blog. The keyword should be high CPC keywords and also there will be low search result on Google for that keyword. This will surely help you out in increasing you Adsense Earning.


I am also suggesting you Some high CPC keywords 2017 are Top Android App, Top Hosting sites, Top 10 movies and more. These High paying keywords 2017 have high CPC with good search history on search engines.

But now, these keywords having more competition and 150,000,000+ search results. So it is not easier to beat them without continuing top quality SEO research. You can read this Article to know more about SEO, SEO TRICKS AND TIPS TO GET RANK ONE ON GOOGLE.

In this case, I follow my own way to utilize this high paying keyword to monetize my blog posts with Adsense.

I will write that technique in coming days.

Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions about these steps.

Are you using Google keyword tool by Adword for your daily blog post? If not then I will suggest you try them.

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