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Fameelee app

The most important part of our life is our Family. As they play an important role in each and everyone’s life. Everyone has a Family that may be small or large family. They are like Friends which are very close to our heart! So, due these several reasons you must be very possessive about your Family and your Friends in a long and good lifeway. To track the well being loved ones or the location of them, Before reading this article all you can do is video or voice call them. But, there are all possible chances that they might not be able to attend your video or voice call or might not be able to locate you the exact current location.

So to solve all these unwanted issues, Here we brought new helpful guide for all the smartphone users. They can make use of the Fameelee app to Stay Connected with their Friends and Family or other loved one’s. The best part of this app is available for both Android and iOS users. You can simply use this app to locatechat or ask for any help at any point of time from the people you are connected over Fameelee app.

Some of the most Useful and helpful Features of Fameelee app are mentioned below:

#1 Create/Join a Circle>

A circle is a private group created by user, which consists of several people which you want to stay connected with! You can also be a part of several group circles, such as one with your family member and another of your friends circle. Another amazing stuff of this app is there is such no limitation to the number of people to be added into groups.  or who can be added to your circle. However, this app works great when it has less than 10 people in one single Circle or group.

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#2 Speed Limit Control

The next feature which we are going to discuss is most useful feature of Fameelee app and that is the ‘Speed Limit Control.’ By using this feature, you can manage speed limit by setting a speed limit for the people in your circle that may be family, friends or etc. You will be notified everytime as fast as the speedlimit is crossed over so that you can take the required measures. Also, you can know the real-time speed of any person in your circle that may be family, friends or etc.

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#3 Location Tracking

Location Tracking can used like Family Locator for any person in your circle that may be family, friends or etc. What it does is A pin will be dropped at the location relayed by the person. This app maintains a 30-days location history of each every person. Also, you can also drop a pin to set specific places such as office, university, school , to get notified whenever a person from your circle reaches or leaves that perticular place.

#4 Chat

You can contact your Family and Friends by just leaving a simple message for them on Fameelee app. These messages can be both in Private or in Group.

#5 Easy to Use

One of the most useful thing about fameelee app is easy to use and easy to understand it’s User Interface. You can learn using the Fameelee app within 5-10 minutes. It has a user-friendly user-interface. Also, you can use it all day long without draining a lot of battery from your smartphone. It is specially designed to consume minimum battery life of your smartphone.

Download App for Android

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Family Locator by Fameelee
Family Locator by Fameelee


We have done all possible combination to try and test the Fameelee app on an Android as well as on an iOS device. We found it to be very useful to keep a checking on the location and speed of your Family members or your friends etc. Fameelee is one of the best real-time location finding app in the apps market. It also has some additional features which add even more meaning to this app.

This is all we have to say about Fameelee! Do share your views on Fameelee in the comments section below.

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