How to Hack Facebook Account Password Method #2

Facebook is increasing their security since many years for its users but still, it is possible to hack Facebook Account password. This Method of hacking Facebook Account password is known as Social Engineering. Facebook is number one Social networking website in the world. After Facebook Twitter and Instagram is Second most popular social networking websites of 2018. China uses their own social networking websites and banned Facebook and other websites like them. Facebook is having 2 billion+ monthly active users on their websites recorded in October 2017 — and also 1.5 billion daily active users, who use Facebook daily.

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Everyone share their lives on Facebook but what if someone hacks into your Facebook Account and read all of your personal messages. We share our birthdays, our anniversaries, Our personal images, personal messages etc and everything. We also share our vacation plans and current locations with our Facebook friends, We also share the birthday of our family and friends. This Method of Hacking Facebook Account password that I am going to tell you about is Social Engineering. But sometimes we forget who is keeping eye on us and what he wants. Yes, hackers really exist and you need to be alert to stay safe from them.

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The scary thing is that we are becoming more comfortable with Recent changes in today’s technology. We actually becoming open and sharing our information all over that is making us more susceptible to hacking. Everyone Need to keep their information private as much as possible to be safe. This is what social engineering is using the information of users to hack into their Facebook Account.

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This article is only for the Educational purpose and to make people aware of Facebook hacking

We use social media like Facebook to connect with people, but there are also those people around you, who are evil-minded and use that connectivity of yours for malicious and dangerous purposes. We will help you know, what others can really do and can use to harm us emotionally/physically. If you share your location on Facebook or other social media then they will able to know when you are not at home. They can easily find our the answers to your Profile security questions by scanning your details or Chatting you. Some hackers or People love to steal your identities using your profile information. That is our Public profile information that they can read and can steal easily.

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To use this hacking method you do not even need to be an expert hacker to get access to anyone’s Facebook Profile.

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In this Post, I will guide you social engineering method that professional hackers use to hack into anyone’s Facebook account. But do not worry, I will help you out how to stop someone hacking into your account.

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Reset the Password to Hack Facebook Account Password using Social Engineering

The simplest method to “hack Facebook” is the forget password option and reset a new password. Now when you click on forget the password you can send code on secondary email of the victim or also on mobile number and you can also use trusted contacts option. Now if you have access to any of these you can easily hack into Facebook Account.

  • You need victim FB email login for that just add him anyhow in your account. if you don’t know his email address then check details through his profile information. Most people put an email address on their CVs on Naukri and websites like LinkedIn. If you did not find it anywhere then connect your account with Yahoo in which he/she is added. Then invite them on yahoo while inviting you will able to see his/her email address.
  • After getting his email Address, click on Forgot password on the login page and type his/her email. And your Facebook ID will be shown up on your screen. Now finally Click this is my Facebook account.
  • This doesn’t work on your FB account, so press on I have No longer have access to these? ( email ID and Phone number option)
  • Now FB will ask “How can we reach you?” now type that email address you have not accessed before.
  • It will now ask you a security question and you need to give an answer to hack into it.
  • If failed to hack through security question. Then go for “Recover your account with help from friends”. Now select among his/her friends to send the code to their profile.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account from getting hacked from Social Engineering

  • Use secondary email address connected through Facebook and do not make that email address visible on your profile you can make visible any other email address to make hacker confuse.
  • While choosing security questions and answers associated with your Facebook Account, choose something that cannot be asked from you, and cannot find out anywhere in your details and you are the only one who knows it. You can also give a different answer for the simple question and remember both of them.
  • Also, Learn how to recover your Facebook ID via the help of Facebook friends. Go to account setting and choose trusted contacts for using this security option. You need to choose three trusted friends from your facebook friend list. Whom you can contact anytime and they do not know each other. I prefer to choose family members like a brother and sister for this option. And you can also make a fake account and add it to your trusted contacts.

Commonly Asked Questions: –

  • Is there any other method except social Engineering to Hack Facebook Account? Yes, There is another method to hack Facebook account password. If you are safe from social engineering that doesn’t mean you are safe from other hacking methods too. Other hacking methods include phishing, keylogging, cross side scripting, port hacking and more.
  • Hack Facebook Account password is safe to do? No, it is not if you will get caught into it you will be punished depending on cyber law rules.


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