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How to Move Unity Desktop Launcher Position from Left to Bottom of Screen Ubuntu 16.04

The latest version of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS also includes a long-awaited feature for what people were waiting from long ago that is “Change Unity Desktop Launcher Position from default left to the bottom”. Now you can finally move the position of Unity desktop’s launcher easily to the bottom of your desktop screen. It is not locked anymore only on the left side in Linux Ubuntu Latest version 16.04. However, to use this amazing feature there is a requirement for a terminal command or any Any other sources software/tools. You will not find it in Ubuntu’s normal System Settings window but you can move it easily with the help of simple command.

Despite this new feature for users, the Linux Ubuntu Unity 7 desktop environment is still restrictive in other terms. You can only move your unity launcher bar of Ubuntu to the left side of the desktop screen or to the bottom but not to the right or top of your desktop screen. But at least most people prefer bottom as in windows and it also gives wider look on the screen and it is stepping in the right direction.

#1 Method one: You can Run and use Terminal Command to change the position of ubuntu unity 7 launchers.

This will only be required a single terminal command from admin. And you do not need to worry–even in the case, you have never used any terminal command before this one. You can also run this command in few seconds with the help of simple copy and paste method.

First, you need to open a terminal window of your Linux Ubuntu 16.04. To easily open this, You need to click on the Ubuntu icon at the top-left corner of your desktop screen and open the Dash and then simply search for the “Terminal”, and finally press Enter. You can also use shortcut keys to open terminal just type ctrl+alt+T and you are done.

Either Copy and paste the following command or type it by yourself into the terminal window and then press Enter to finish. Yes, The Unity launcher will immediately appear at the bottom of your desktop screen after typing this command. Even you do not have to reboot your system or log in/log out.

The command is written below inside [] copy it and paste into a terminal window by using right click. You cannot use a ctrl+v shortcut to paste commands in terminal but you can use right click to paste it.

[ gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom ]

And I would like to tell you Ubuntu will remember your settings. So you will never have to run the same command again and again. From now onwards the launcher will always appear at the bottom of your window screen when you sign in.

It is easy to move back the unity launcher back t its original position left the side of the screen again. So do not worry about it and run the following command instead: –

[ gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Left ]

#2 Option Two to change the position of Unity Launcher: You can intall and use Unity Tweak Tool: –

Unity Tweak software Tool for unbuntu is a third-party software tool or application that allows users to easily control unity launcher and many other hidden Unity desktop features. Unity tweak tool has quite a few options you can easily configure, from the icons animations to user workspace behavior, And only a few of them are exposed in linux Ubuntu’s interface.

To download and install unity tweak tool, open Software application included with Ubuntu, and search for “Unity Tweak Tool” to install.

Now, Launch this application and click on the “Unity tweak tool Launcher” icon, you will find it under Unity.

Click on the “Bottom-right” of Position in Appearance heading. Also it is easy set back unity launcher to the “Left position” from here. With this tool unity launcher of ubuntu will immediately move to that side of the screen you selected.

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#3 Option Three: Change the Setting with Dconf Editor to change the position of Unity Launcher: –

You can also prefer to use the Dconf Editor app to change position if unity launcher of ubuntu linux 16.04 instead of using the gsettings terminal command. Well, There is no real advantage of doing it. This way it is quicker to run terminal commands. But it is just another option for the same. You can use any of the option given above choice is yours.

Well if you prefer this method then here is the “guide how to install dconf editor in ubuntu 16.04”.
To easily install and use this tool. First open your Software application and then search for the “Dconf Editor” app, and finally install it.

secondaly, Launch “Dconf Editor” app and move on to the location com -> canonical -> unity -> launcher.

finally Click on the “launcher-position” in the right pane of your screen. Set it to the “Bottom.” of your screen. You can also set position back to “Left” whenever you want.

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Yes, It would be really nice if Ubuntu provide any easy method to control this option. The default System Setting tool–likely under Appearance pane. But this option has not yet been added to linux Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus when it launched. It is unlikely, it will ever be added because you can do anything on linux easily. Well, Ubuntu users finally have officially supported methhod to move unity launcher towards the bottom of the computer screen, so it is hard to complain too much now.

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How to Unbox Projector Hunger 2018 [ Amazon ]

Hi, I am Ehtesham Haidar and today we are gonna share a way of how to easily unbox Projector hunger.  So, for more info please check view this video.

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This is to help you out, how to Install and Configure projector Hunger.
The Size name: – 2FEET.
It is CNCT Universal Projector Ceiling Mount of ECONOMY SERIES with adjustable drop pole up to 2 feet.

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Product information about Projector hunger


Brand nameCNCT
Model nameCNCT-PM-2
total Item Weight1.45 Kg
total Package Dimensions33.2×11.2×5.6 cm
Item model no.CNCT PM 2
Batteries IncludedNot included
Batteries RequiredNo it is not
Material (made of)Steel and Aluminium
Form Factor?This is Square Drop Pole

Additional Information about how to unbox Projector hunger: –

Total Customer Reviews3.9+ out of 5 stars  99+ customer reviews on amazon
Best Sellers Rank product by amazon#14055 in Electronics (See top 100)

Date First Available (release date)1 August of year 2014

In the end, I would like to say please subscribe to my channel and this website. If you guys have any queries you can leave a comment or contact me. If you don’t know what is projector hunger well I described it well in above test and you can also see the video of it. You will also like the post given below click and check it out.

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How To Hack Android Games Without Rooting device 2018

As we are moving towards 2018. We need some new amazing tutorial that will change the view of seeing Android OS. This Tutorial is about how to hack android games without rooting your device 2018. Yes! it’s all possible what you just read out. You can hack many major android games like Mini militia, Clash of clans and many more such games. So learn this tutorial till the end. Please use this game hacking trick at your own risk! Hacking of anything is totally illegal in India, This article is only Published on Topbestlist for Educational Purpose only. So don’t misuse is tutorial.

Hack Android Games without rooting 2018 – As we all are quite aware of android users have an extensive collection of games that are freely available on playstore which they can have on their android device. The Google Play Store provides with various categories of games in which the games are categorized into. You can download puzzles, strategy games, racing games, etc. The size of these games varies from as low as 2MB to as large as 3GB. The football lovers games such as Dream League, FIFA and strategy games such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, are very popular among the gamers.

Hack Android Games without Rooting your Device.

In this Hacking tutorial, I will be going to explain you how could you hack android games without rooting your android device. Lucky Patcher the name of the hacking app which helps you legally to hack any android games. So Topbestlist gives you latest and Best method to hack android many games.

Method – #1

How To Hack Android Games with Lucky Patcher.

#1. First Download & Install Lucky Patcher App.

#2. After downloading open it as you open other apps normally.

#3. Select the game which contains in-app purchases. Click on the Game to get in-app purchases for free.

#4. Tap on “Open menu of patches”.

#5. Select “Create modified APK file “.

#6.Now finally tap on “APK rebuilded for InApp and LVL emulation.
Wait for few seconds to complete the process and to rebuild the app.

#7. Now uninstall the hacked game completely.

#8. Now open file manager and navigate to SD Card> Android> data> com.forpda.lp> files> luckypatcher> modified> required game.

#9. Find your modded game.

Method – #2 

Hack Android Games without rooting using Game Killer.

#1. Download & Install Game Killer Apk 2018

#2. Open the Game Killer app and launch the app, now wait for few seconds to fully load the app and the main menu should appear with a list of multiple options, tap the first option that indicates “Hack Android Games Without Root” and another window should pop up with a long list of supported games to be hacked.

#3. Once you have decided the Android game you want to hack, tap on the game and you will be taken to another window with a list of hacks you can activate for the game.

#4. This process depending on which game you’re hacking, there may be options such as unlimited gold, Hack unlimited gems, god mode, unlocking all characters and levels, etc.

#5. Select which hacks you’d like to use and press the back button on the bottom of the screen.

#6. Game Killer will launch a hacked instance of the game with your desired to hacks, for most games you can log into the game normally and still have the some items which you need to be hack, but some games require to be launched with Game Killer in order to keep the hacked items safely.

Wrap Up: So above are the two different methods to hack android games without rooting your device 2018. These methods are tested by our team and they are working without any error. Feel free to drop your comment below.

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How to Enable Windows Laptop Tracking Feature

As you all are already aware of Android and iOS devices have a tracking feature that allows you to track device remotely, did you know that there is a quite similar feature for Windows as well? Before you get out of control, let me clearly tell you that this feature does not yet allow you to perform some actions like remotely locking or wiping your Windows device. Here is how to enable the Windows laptop tracking feature follow the steps given below

Please kindly Note: I tried this method on my laptop running Windows 10 Pro, and it works perfectly fine. 

How to Enable the Windows Laptop Tracking Feature:-

Before we indulge to find out how to enable this tracking feature, it is important to note that tracking feature works only on devices that have an enabled GPS chip, a cellular connection, or any other means that can help the device determine its current location. Once that is noted down correctly, you can follow the steps given below.

  • At Start, you will have to make sure that the location services for your windows device is completely ON(Activated). For that, open the start menu and search for “Location privacy settings.”

  • After Selecting this, you will be able to check whether the location of your device is Activated(ON). If not activated, Then click on “Change” under “Location”, and toggle this setting on.

  • As soon as the location service is Finally ON, open the start menu once again, and, this time, search for “Find My Device.”

  • When you go to this setting, click on “Change”, and toggle the setting on.

  • Now that all the required settings are turned ON on your windows, you can view your devices on Microsoft’s website. Here, switch to the “Find my device” tab to view your current windows device’s location.

  • The very next screen should look something like the screenshot given below.

Enable Windows Laptop Tracking Feature

Now that you realize how to track your pc, or another suitable windows device for that matter, you can worry a touch less approximately dropping it. With Window’s laptop tracking feature, you may effortlessly locate its place remotely. This appears like a very useful function to me. What are your thoughts on this? Do permit me recognize within the feedback phase under.

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How To Find Someone IP Address in Less Than 10 Seconds

How To Find Someone IP Address in Less Than 10 Seconds:- Here we are about to discuss on how to find Someone else IP Address. In many cases, you might have found your own IP address and that was easy for you. But do you know that you can also find someone IP Address in less than 30 seconds. Reverse Ip Lookup is a procedure or method to find the server’s Ip Address of any of the website.

Finding  your friend’s ip address is not a simple task isn’t it. Many times your friend, enemies and other strangers are troubling you with any kind of problem. Now you start thinking how to hack his computers, so first thing in this whole matter is IP(internet protocol). So how can you find out his ip (internet protocol) address.

Before you proceed to learn How To Find Someone IP Address in Less Then 30 Seconds. We want to share you little bit information about What is IP(internet protocol)?

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a unique numerical label assigned to each device participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves basic two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. Its job has been characterized as given: “A name that indicates what we seek. An address indicates where it is actually. A route shows how to get there.“

How To Find Someone IP Address in Less Than 30 Seconds:

#1. First of all Go to given Website WhatsTheirIP

#2. In Above Step, you will only see the site homepage.

#3. Now, Type your Email Address and Click on Get Link button.

#4. Now on another page will open here you will find 4 links.

#5. Copy any of the links and send it to your friend or enemy when your friends open this link his ip information and GEO location will be sent to your Email.

#6. To see his IP open your gmail and see spam section for more information.


So in the above method To Find Someone IP Address in Less Than 30 Seconds. Will help you to detect your enemy who is sending you spam information. If you find any kind of problem then do message us for better solution.

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How to Create Email Signature by 7 tips

How to Create Email Signature 7 methods:- In the upcoming updated modern day, there are maximum chances that people will make use of smartphones for better communicating at the present time or real time. However, have you ever imagine that how can your conversation become more effective while you are sending out an e-mail from your smartphones? You can leave an impression if you regularly use of e-mail signatures so that it leaves a thousand of impression on the recipient when they read your e-mail. Here We listed some few tips that will become handy in creating an effective signature that helps you to leave a markable impression in all your communications.

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How to Create an Effective Email Signature by 7 tips

#1 You should fill All the details within three or four lines

Here you can write detailed information with your name, designation, company and social links, But you have to make sure that you fill this all information within three to four lines, so that it does not look big paragraph. You can also add different useful links to your social media accounts. Also, you have to make sure that none of the signatures from your professional email point to any personal stuff, so that you can keep them separate as difference.

#2 Add links that might increase your credibility

If you ever have any kind of achievements that might add to your credibility or if you have any valuable blog posts where people can get to know more about you, then why to wait add it in your email signature as people can connect to you better.

#3 End it with a call to action

If you are looking forward to an action from the recipient’s end, then do add a hyperlink pointing to the event or link that you want them to visit for better understanding. This will make easy for recepient and the chances that they open it are relatively higher number of times.

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#4 Keep it short and simple

Please do not add multiple numbers of contacts, multiple numbers of websites and multiple numbers of designations, as it does not look professional and might end up confusing the reader on how to reach you for further discussions.

#5 Add an Image

You can add your company created unique logo or image towards the end of your email signature, making it look professional and organized manner. A single color contrast use and not more than few lines of content this will make the email look more professional to a great extent. Never try to use black and white images as they are no longer attractive in this colorful world.

#6 ‘Sent from XXXX Phone’ is a great signature too!

If you have this signature for your phone, it clearly implies that you are replying to emails on the pass or even in case if you do not have access to your system. You still have taken day out to answer to an email, which is taken into consideration exceedingly expert by using itself.

#7 Use services for creating email signature

There are multiple numbers of solutions available for creating email signatures present on the internet, which include NEWOLDSTAMP, HTML sign or WiseStamp, and all of them come with the different source of features that might help you in creating a signature more effectively. You will have to choose the one that best suits according to your requirement.

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How To Jailbreak iOS iPhone 2018

How to Jailbreak iOS iPhone 2018:- We are back with another latest trick related to iPhone iOS. Here we are going to reveal how to Jailbreak iOS iPhone 2018. As we all know Jailbreaking is a technology art of removing software restrictions imposed by Apple iOS. So here we are going to expose secret How To Jailbreak iOS iPhone in with few steps. Generally, people think that Jailbreaking iOS iPhone is a very difficult task. But, in reality, it’s a myth.

What is Jailbreak iOS iPhone?

Basically, iOS jailbreaking is a complete process of removing software restrictions imposed by Apple, Apple’s operating system(OS), on devices running it through the use of powerful software exploits, devices include the 2nd gen Apple TV, iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Jailbreak iOS iPhone permits root access to the iOS file system and manager, this process allows the downloading of additional favorite applications, themes, and extensions that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store.

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How to Jailbreak iOS 7,8,9,10 and 11 iPhone :

#1. First Connect your iPhone to your computer/laptop then perform a manual backup of your iPhone using these instructions before starting with Jailbreaking process.

#2. Now Create a new folder named as “Pwnage” on your desktop and then download the latest and updated version of evasi0n into the Pwnage.

Download Evasi0n 

#3. To be on the safe side we recommend you download the latest iOS 7,8 firmware for your iPhone device into the Pwnage folder. Now The evad3rs will suggest a full restore before performing the jailbreaking process. Here is the iPhone Firmware Download Link is given below officially.

 Download iPhone Firmware

#4. Now Extract the Evasi0n zip file to the Pwnage folder on your desktop. Then, Launch iTunes.

#5. Make sure your iPhone is connected to the computer/laptop via USB and select it from the left sidebar or the top right corner of the window.

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#6. Now Press and hold the Shift key and click the Restore iPhone button. From the popup window that appears in front of you, select your iPhone firmware IPSW from the Pwnage folder that we created on the desktop in 1st step and hit Open.

#7. In this step, You will be asked to confirm your restore data. Now Please click the Restore button for recovery.

#8. As soon as your data restoration has successfully completed. Then Right click the evasi0n7.exe icon then select “Run as Administrator” from the menu to launch this application successfully.

#9. Now Remove any Lock screen passcodes on your device then click the Jailbreak button to begin jailbreaking process.

#10. The app will retrieve all the information from the device to process jailbreak data. Then upload jailbreak data, inject evasi0n app 1, inject evasi0n app 2, configuring system 1. Finally configuring system 2, and then reboot your iPhone.

#11. In this step, you will be asked to unlock your device and click new ‘evasi0n 7‘ app icon. It is imperative that you only tap the icon earlier once. The app will automatically open and immediately close automatically.

#12. Evasi0n will then reboot the device once more, modify Rootfs, and then all set.

#13. All work is now completed Your iPhone will now reboot again with Cydia on the SpringBoard.

Download iClarified App

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Top 10 Best iCloud Bypass Activation Tool Free Download

Top 10 Best iCloud Bypass Activation Tool Free Download:- Download high-quality unfastened iCloud Activation device of 2017, if you are searching out bypass equipment for iPhone to unencumber and wants to pass your iCloud activation or dispose of your icloud account then beneath we have listed top 10 first-rate iCloud pass tools and explained it in info. in order that by using following latest strategies, you could without problems skip iCloud Activation of 2017.

Apple devices are considered to be the maximum secure gadgets within the global. however, there are constantly a few hints using which even the most at ease gadgets may be breached. right here, we’re going to discuss the equipment which you may use to skip iCloud Activation. iCloud is an professional app of Apple Inc. you can use this app to synchronize your iTunes account so that you can get right of entry to all of the files over the internet. iCloud receives locked on a 2d-hand device or on a tool which gets stolen. You want to prompt your icloud in your device with AppleID and password each time you reset your tool to begin using it.

Billions of iOS customers out there in global. And in all the iPhone devices there is an icloud identity that’s required with every iPhone that we purchased newly. As this iCloud identity is the simplest legitimate Apple account through which we are able to take backup and at ease our facts.

However, if you buy an iPhone from different us of a or import it from a some other place kingdom you then want to go into the apple id and password on your iPhone which you have registered and in case you don’t have your icloud identification and password then you definitely are unable to get entry to your imported and 2d-hand iPhone. in case you are in search of a proper operating device to get rid of iCloud id from iPhone or if want to bypass iCloud Activation permanently? You’ve come to the right vicinity. here we’re the list of pinnacle 10 exceptional loose iPhone iCloud skip Activation equipment. So let’s test these equipment a good way to assist you to pass icloud activation permanently. ‘icloud’

How To Bypass iCloud Activation 2017?

You may found hundreds of different methods to remove iCloud activation. But There are few of them those are working perfectly fine. No Worry! 🙂  I will tell you the best of them that will work flawlessly and you will easily bypass all your iPhone feature without having any ID and password as well. The methods provided by to unlock iCloud Activation is working in all iPhone like iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S and iPhone 4.

Best iCloud Bypass Activation Tool Download 2017

#1 iCloudin: Best iCloud Bypass Activation Tool

icloudin tool is compatible with almost every Apple smartphone device. This icloudin tool makes the unlocking icloud id process quite simple and easy. It is completely free of cost and can be used easily. iCloudin comes with easy tutorials which guide you through the whole unlocking process. This tool is supported on various iOS versions iOS 9.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.0.2/1, iOS 8, iOS 7.1.1 , iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0.6, iOS 7.0.5. To download icloud bypass activation tool v1.4 click below.


Why do I Use this iCloud Bypass Tool?

  • iCloudin is completely free and easy to use
  • iCloudin is very easy to use steps by steps
  • The above video help you get started and walk you through the entire process
  • iCloudin works on most iOS devices


  • iCloudin bypass activation tool’s website is a little bit cluttered so you may have experience a few problems finding what you are looking for.
  • iCloudin is yet to be rated by those who have already used it so there is no clear remarkable rating for it.

#2 Open my iCloud Bypass Tool: Another Best iCloud Bypass Activation Tool

This is another widely used tools for unlocking or bypassing icloud identification(ID). Open my iCloud tool works effectively at a faster rate when compared to other equipment(tool). The developers claim that this tool can easily Bypass your icloud within 10 minutes. This tool is well matched with nearly each Apple device. Also, it’s miles compatible with the subsequent iOS variations iOS 9.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.0.2/1, iOS 8, iOS 7.1.1 , iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0.6, iOS 7.0.5. It even allows you to unlock your device using the IMEI number of that iPhone.  icloud bypass activation tool .zip download free


Why do I Use this iCloud Bypass Activation Tool?

  • Open my iCloud allows you to unlock or bypass your iPhone iCloud in under 10 minutes.
  • Now Open my iCloud works with all iOS devces and all iOS.
  • Open my iCloud Allows you to use your phone’s IMEI code to unlock your iPhone.


  • Open my iCloud only comes with a Windows download. icloud activation ios 10
  • Open my iCloud allows iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S , iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4/3, iPad 2

#3 Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

This is another efficaciously working tool used for bypassing icloud ID. It allows you to run your very own icloud bypass server. This tool is free to download and clean to apply as well as easy to use. you’ll locate beneficial guide and tutorials in this tool. This tool is supported on all iPhone, iPad and iPad touch models. The iOS versions which guide this tool are iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 8, iOS 9.


#4 iCloud Bypass Tool

You could use this tool for bypassing iCloud activation, to cast off the iCloud account or to skip the iCloud lock. This is a multi-cause tool. iCloud bypass tool is well matched with nearly every Apple tool. it’s miles supported through the subsequent iOS versions iOS 9.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.0.2/1, iOS 8, iOS 7.1.1 , iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0.6, iOS 7.0.5

Why do I Use this iCloud Bypass Tool?

  • Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool is free for use
  • Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool is very easy to use
  • The tutorials will help you start and guide you through the whole process
  • Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool runs on most iOS devices


  • Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool website tool is a bit messy so you may experience some problems finding what you are looking for.

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#5 Remove iCloud Activation Lock Tool

the use of this device, you will be capable of bypass iCloud effortlessly. take away iCloud Activation Lock tool is entirely free of price. also, it is very clean to download and use this device. This tool is supported on all iPhone, iPad and iPad touch fashions. iOS versions iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 8, iOS 8, iOS 9 help this device. skip icloud activation download unfastened


Why do I Use this iCloud Bypass Tool?

  • It is a professional working tool that is run by professionals so you do not have to worry about using any software.
  • It is easy and efficient.
  • The service has a great reputation among those who have used it before.


  • You have to pay for the service. Prices are $ 20 and depend on the amount you pay on your device.

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#6 iCloud Bypass Tool – GadgetWide

Even this device performs comparable features and is some of the quality gear used for bypassing iCloud activation. You get help and assist along with tutorials in case you need a few steerage via the procedure. Downloading this device is free of value. additionally, using this tool is pretty easy. iCloud skip tool is supported on those iOS versions iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 8, iOS nine. it is well suited with almost each Apple tool.


Why do I Use this iCloud Bypass Tool?

  • One of the most highly skilled tools on the market
  • It is free to download and use
  • Highly efficient and easy to use


  • You have to download the software to your computer before using this tool

#7 Bypass iCloud Activation Tool

The website version of this tool gives ‘round tool‘ which offers aid for any issue around the clock. skip iCloud Activation device immediately connects to Apple’s server to prompt your iCloud. but, this internet site seems to be quite complicated compared to other such tools.


Why do I Use this iCloud Bypass Tool?

  • It is easy to download and use
  • the website provides round tool that issues the clock support for anyone.


  • It is a bit more complicated to use than the others we have seen before

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#8 Remove iCloud Activation Tool

This tool lets in you to put off your iPhone’s iCloud activation permanently. and the best element is it gained’t delete your data. Your information has been safe and you need no longer pay any amounts to buy this bypass activation device. you may download this tool from beneath’s link.


Why do I Use this iCloud Bypass Activation Tool?

  • It is totally free
  • It is easy to download and use
  • Developers will give you information and great support


  • It does not have a very high rating among users

#9 iCloud Easy Bypass Tool Release

any other quality free iCloud Activation skip tool that may be used to release your iPhone iCloud activation or you could without problems do away with iCloud id from the tool. It comes with an instructional to help you recognize and use efficiently.


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How to Find High CPC Keywords for Google Adsense with Pictures

If you are Google Adsense user in your YouTube Channel or blog and want to know about high CPC keywords. High paying keywords are also known as high CPC keywords which have high CPC on Adsense per click. Every keyword on Google Adsense blog will not pay you the same amount for each click. So I will suggest you, find and insert high CPC keywords in your blog articles. So, Today I will tell you Genuine and best method to find keywords which pay you more per click on Google Adsense. This method will surely help bloggers to increase their Adsense Earning.

The free and simple high CPC keyword finding tool is Google keyword tool. It is a totally free product for Google AdSense users. But It is not for bloggers and publishers and designed for advertisers. Advertisers looking to advertise through Google AdWords use this tool to bid the keyword. The higher the bid for the keyword the higher is the CPC for the same keyword. Therefore, Adsense users can also utilize this Google product to easily find out the high paying keyword for Their blog articles.

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Ok, let’s follow with a simple example to find “high CPC keywords for Google Adsense”.

If you are thinking to write an article about “Google Adsense”, then click here to use Google keyword tools and search for the keyword “Adsense”. As shown in the image below.

how to earn mroe from adsense

There are also extra filter options available under Advanced, don’t forget to check them.

On pressing the Search button there, it will then list out the search keywords related to the search term for you.

If you still unable to find the very best and valuable keyword for Adsense, Then use the Match Types in the left side filter option. As shown in the image below.

[genuine] How to Increase Adsense CPC – Best Adsense Tips

how to increase adsense CPC

First Remove the Board type and select either Exact option or either Phrase.

The Exact will bring up the more relevant keywords for your search term which is useful for your article.

The Phrase will help to bring the same search term text in the keywords as a phrase.

But, what we are searching for is the high CPC keywords to increase Adsense Earning, don’t change any filter types under Match Types this time.

The result screen in this Google keyword tool does not show the Estimated Avg CPC” ( decide the value of the keywords), Now we have to enable this column by doing following steps as shown below.

First Click on columns option in right side of the tool menu bar and select “Estimated Avg CPC”.

how to Find High CPC Keywords for blog post

You must be thinking “What is Estimated Avg CPC” on Adwords?

As I told you earlier in this article, this tool is for advertisers and not for publishers or bloggers. If I am an advertiser and I want to advertise my service or product with the help of Google Adwords tool, then first I have to select some keywords for each ad slots to go further.

For example, if my main keyword is ‘Google Adsense’ then I have to bid or pay more than the Estimated Avg CPC for ‘Google Adsense keyword for a click to beat others who are advertising on Adsense. Therefore my ads will be going to display in Google’s first search result on Searching Google Adsense. The fact is Google Adwords doesn’t allow you to do bid on their own keywords this is just for an example.

So, Now it is obvious that “high Estimated Avg CPC means high CPC keywords and high payout for bloggers and publishers”.

Now simply click on the Estimated Avg CPC column to sort out the field option as shown in the image.

how to find High CPC Keywords for adsense

You have to understand this keyword tool and then find out the correct keywords for your articles.

Keywords Competition as a Blogger

Again this option is not for bloggers, It is the competition between advertisers who are bidding for the keywords.

To find the competition for keywords as a blogger: – simply type this keyword into Google search engine and see the number of search results found. You can also check Alexa rank of the top article to check you can beat them or not. If you just want to come on the first page then check the Alexa rank of the last article for a specific keyword.

You can also check on Google Trends and Google page insight for the keywords competition as a blogger.

Related question and Answer: –

  • How to find High CPC Keywords for Adsense?
  • You can use Google keyword tool to easily find High paying keywords for Google Adsense.
  • How to Find High CPC Keywords for a blog post?
  • Just read the full article and learn how to use Google Keyword Tool to find out high paying keywords easily.
  • Is this method will help out to increase Adsense CPC?
  • Yes, This method will work 100% and you Adsense CPC will surely Increase.
  • How to earn more from Adsense?
  • You need to write a blog post on High paying keyword or you need to upload High CPC videos on YouTube Channel to Earn more from them.

Global and Local Searches importance for Bloggers.

I will suggest you to also learn about global and local searches. It helps out in increasing organic traffic on high paying keywords you are using.

You need to be smart to select correct high paying keywords for your blog. The keyword should be high CPC keywords and also there will be low search result on Google for that keyword. This will surely help you out in increasing you Adsense Earning.


I am also suggesting you Some high CPC keywords 2017 are Top Android App, Top Hosting sites, Top 10 movies and more. These High paying keywords 2017 have high CPC with good search history on search engines.

But now, these keywords having more competition and 150,000,000+ search results. So it is not easier to beat them without continuing top quality SEO research. You can read this Article to know more about SEO, SEO TRICKS AND TIPS TO GET RANK ONE ON GOOGLE.

In this case, I follow my own way to utilize this high paying keyword to monetize my blog posts with Adsense.

I will write that technique in coming days.

Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions about these steps.

Are you using Google keyword tool by Adword for your daily blog post? If not then I will suggest you try them.

Conclusion: – I believe You enjoyed reading this wonderful article about increasing you CPC of Google Adsense. You can subscribe to my blog to keep getting articles like them. You can also Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Click here to Contact me and to be in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

How To

Best Ways to Earn Money Online in US Dollars from Home: Make Money

You can earn regular or part-time money or can easily earn some quick extra cash. So, here is the list of websites which pays up side income with your job. It depends on the amount of time you spend on all these websites for your earning. The more time you spend the more will be the earning. The country doesn’t matter whether you are in the US ( USA ), UK, India, UAE, England, Bangladesh or Pakistan this is all Online work. You can Earn real money online in US dollars through Adsense,, online survey sites, URL shortening sites, Freelancer sites and other are listed below.

make money online in US

There are different ways to earn money online and what you need is to be literate. It doesn’t matter whether you are good in English US or not the thing matter is you only need to be hardworking. If you are talented and computer freak guy like me then you can earn even more. There is Real money that you can earn if you have an internet connection at your home. Many people asked me how to make money on the internet online from home. There are a lot of different ways to make money online easily without many efforts.

Almost everyone wants to hold a financially strong position in life to fulfill their daily needs. To earn money you want different ways to earn some extra money with your job. You heard many times that people can earn money online but you do not believe until you try it yourself. Well, I earn a lot of money online and it is 100% true that people can easily earn money online. And yes there are many methods to earn money online.

Earn money online from home in US

You can earn US dollars from Google Adsense by creating an account on Adsense. Create YouTube channel, Blog or website and start earning money through Google Adsense.  You can also make money through Google Adsense Alternatives like “”. Check out which is better between both of them Google Adsense VS There is a need for 1k views on your YouTube Video to get Adsense for your YouTube channel.  For Website, there is no such condition but you need to do clean and near work in both alternatives. Neat and clean work means no Mods, Hacks, Cheats, Porn, MMS and something like that. Click here to Create your Account on Google Adsense now to start Your Daily earning.


You can even earn a nice amount of money online with the affiliate marketing, sales letter, banner ads, social media like Facebook. Yes, you can easily Earn money through Facebook also. You need to have Big Social Media followers to promote any thing and bring traffic.

earn real cash in US dollars


You can even Earn money through some Android Applications. Click here to read this full article to know how you can earn real US dollars through Android apps. This is one of the best and easiest method to Earn Money online without investment and wasting much time. I will suggest you to start making easy money from Online apps now. Just go to the link and download the app and read the method. Click here to 


Create your Account on Adsense Alternative to start making money online.

You can Earn money through URL shortening too. What you need to do is just click here and visit the highest paying URL shortening sites from here. This is another popular online money making method. These sites pay you in US dollar which you can transfer to your PayPal account easily. You can make a lot of money from this if you are smarter and knows how to influence people to click on your link.

Fiverr. This is a very popular freelancer site nowadays that is helpful for freelancers with any kind of skills. Check sellers gigs on Fiverr an

d you will able to know that what you can do as a freelancer. You can even check buyers request on fiverr and can offer them if you can do something for them. If you Know something about digital animation then you can work for someone there on Fiverr and they will simply purchase your gig in US dollars. You can also do a smart work with fewer skills, you can even offer to do research for someone on the internet. You will get minimum $5 per task and you can even earn up to $3000+ on a single task. Warning: – Do not cheat your customer otherwise they will rate you down.

You can also do a smart work with fewer skills, you can even offer to do research for someone on the internet. You will get minimum $5 per task and you can even earn up to $3000+ on a single task. Warning: – Do not cheat your customer otherwise they will rate you down. There are more websites like Fiverr and I have used Fiverr myself. Here is the click here to check proof of my fiverr earning and Sites similar to Fiverr.

Etsy. If you are artistic and the type of person who can create refrigerator magnets or custom jewelry with the best of them, Etsy is the best place to easily sell them. No worries if freelancer and Etsy do not suit your personality there are more methods to Earn money in form of US dollars.

TaskRabbit. People visit this online website to find those who want to do various different tasks for money, such as running an errand for them, Running YouTube channel for them or putting together a bookcase. You can Do as many tasks as you want and you will get paid for them. This could become quite useful part-time or full-time job for side income.

Wonder. People usually look up to this website when they need to do research on something. No one doesn’t just hire any
one without any needs at all. But you can apply and can show up your skills, and if they think you are up to the skills to do research work Then they will provide access to their dashboard. You can earn through Research work report an average amount between $8 to $16. And for each detailed answers, you provide to them, although you can also make more money, If you really enjoy digging to find answers then this is the best job. No worries if you find this job boring there are other methods to earn money online read them out below.

ThredUp. Their tag line if this site is second-hand clothes and firsthand fun. This site sells women’s and kid’s clothes online (sorry to guys). You need to send your clothes in a ThredUp bag with a prepaid mailing label to ThredUp and they will decide the price of your clothes. They are looking for nice branded outfits. If you have a quality outfit which you do not want then you can easily sell them to ThreadUp. If this option is not good for you then you can earn money online by other sites below.

Some Popular sites in the US to Earn money online. just Like ThredUp, Swap is popular online consignment store on the internet. You can easily send your used clothes (kids, women and even men’s) and even kids toys, games, and will sell them for your profit. You should send them at least good items which are easy to sell at a profitable price. I will suggest you, send “High-quality items” and earn $150 and more on each. There are other methods to earn money online if this option is not available for you.

Gazelle. If you have an any old valuable cell phone, not China ones or any Apple device, you can easily sell on this site. The site will pay you a real cash in US dollar for your device and it depends on your price value. If you agree with the amount, you’ll be sent packaging materials by Gazelle. Gazelle will pay up shipping cost and the amount of your price in US dollars will be transferred to your PayPal account. There are still more ways to earn real money online. Just keep checking out. This is a very popular website for selling any kind of gift cards in exchange for money. You can easily sell unused gift cards and can make money online. There are many gift Cards which are not useful for you at all. If you are a woman ( young or old ) with a breast milk. Then you can sell or can donate your unused breast milk at this site to moms. You can sell it for whatever amount you want. And Moms sell it for a couple bucks an ounce, which can add up if you can pump enough milk. You can sell your milk locally, but many sellers ship their breast milk to buyers outside the reach.

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