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How to Spy Whatsapp Account of others: Hack WhatsApp

How to Spy Whatsapp Account of others: – We all know Whatsapp as “king of Messaging apps”. Whatsapp is most widely used the messaging app and it’s most popular among youngsters. Today we at Topbestlist are going to reveal the best and top tricks to Spy in others Whatsapp Account just by installing a new Android App.  Most attractive part of this article is app works on both rooted and non-rooted smartphones.

Today we are going to reveal few amazing steps to spy others WhatsApp account without letting them know. Yes, this is all possible without rooting your smartphone and is free as well. So let’s get started with various methods of spy WhatsApp account.

How to Spy Whatsapp Account of others with a various method: –

Method #1

Spy friend’s WhatsApp chat

  • First of all download Whatsapp Spy Tool from link
  • Just simply open and install the app on your smartphone.
  • Now select your preferred language
  • If needed set password lock to WhatsApp scan app.
  • Now Scroll Down and Tap on keep me sign in.
  • That’s it now you are ready to spy others.

Now What to do after above step:-

Just ask your friend for his smartphone. Simply open your friends WhatsApp, Goto side option >> select WhatsApp web and scan the barcode of WhatsApp scan app with friend’s WhatsApp account. Yippee WhatsApp web app now shows all your friend’s chat in real time isn’t cool.

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Method #2

MAC Spoofing

What is MAC address Media Access Control address is a unique 12-character identifier that’s assigned to the network adapter of your particular WiFi device. Let’s know why MAC address is used. So the answer is MAC address can be used a uniquely identify the smartphone of your friend whom you want to Spy the Whatsapp account on the Internet or the local network.

Step 1: First Uninstall Whatsapp Account from your device

  • Here you must take full chat backup before uninstalling your Whatsapp account from your device.
  • Don’t be panic because your account can be reinstalled and configured as the original at the end of your this process.
  • Time to be Careful Make sure that your Whatsapp account on your smartphone device is completely uninstalled successfully.

Step 2: Take the smartphone of the victim that you wish to Spy

  • Anyhow Get the smartphone of the targeted victim that you desire to access chats. This step may be the most difficult task but, try to acquire the smartphone of the targeted victim.
  • The targeted victim’s smartphone will be used at two variant steps throughout the spying process.
  • Be careful while using the targeted victim’s smartphone. Please Don’t take much time and try to give it back before the targeted victim starts to locate the device.

Step 3: Locate the MAC Address from the Target’s Smartphone Phone

  • As we told you above MAC address is a unique 12-character identifier assigned to the smartphone which can be served as its online identity.
  • A MAC address is different from one device to other. So, locate the platform of the smartphone that is used by the targeted victim.
  • A Media Access Control address consists of six pairs of digits that are separated by colons. For Example, it looks like (02:43:65:17:78: kb).
     Various Smartphone Platform: Learn How to find MAC Address?
    Android : Settings >> About Phone >> Status >> Wi- Fi MAC address
    iPhone : Settings >> General >> About >> Wi-Fi Address.
  • Windows Phone : Settings >> About >> More info >> MAC Address.
  • BlackBerry : Options >> Device >> Device and Status Info >> WLAN MAC

Step 4: Now Find the MAC address of your own Mobile Phone

  • In this step get the MAC address of your Mobile device and write it down somewhere and make sure that you store it in a secure manner.
  • As you will require your MAC address to use your smartphone device after completion of your spying process.

Step 5: Main Step Spoof your MAC address similar to the Target victim’s MAC address

  • Spoofing the MAC address lets your smartphone device look similar as target victim’s device.
  • The advantage of spoofing is letting you persuade Whatsapp that you are logging into your own account.
  • But, In reality, you are trying to gaining login access into the target victim’s Whatsapp account :).

Step 6: Install variant spoofing apps depending on the victim’s mobile device.
                   Device:               Spoofing App

iPhone, Blackberry etc:           WifiSpoof or MacDaddy X
–>Use this app to change your MAC address.
Android:           Terminal Emulator or BusyBox
–>Both these Android apps are available for free on Google Play :-).

  • In the terminal emulator, type “IP link show” and you can view a list of various interfaces.
  • Identify the one that has your MAC address.


Step 7: Get Reinstall and configure Spy WhatsApp account on your smartphone

  • After all installing and well configuring Whatsapp account on your smartphone device, now you access the victim’s WhatsApp account.
  • Enter the target victim’s phone number so as to set up WhatsApp instead of your own.
  • This will allow you to receive and send messages from the target victim’s Whatsapp account.

Step 8: Confirmation Code from the target victim’s mobile phone

  • During the configuration process, the confirmation code will be sent to the target victim’s phone number.
  • For the last time access the target victim’s phone to acquire that verification code.
  • Now enter the code into WhatsApp that is on your phone.
  • Finally, This is the last step you have successfully spying the Whatsapp account of your target victim.
  • Remember to delete the confirmation code message from their device.

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Method #3

Spy Software

I think installing an app is much easier than Mac spoofing. The easiest way of spying WhatsApp messages is turning out to be spying software program. In the current fast moving marketing and advertisement trend, there are millions of companies few of them really works and rest of them are fake and useless to use they are promoting WhatsApp spy programs. In spite of many companies, our main focus is to choose genuine spy apps that are trustworthy. MySpy is one of the best Android software to spy on WhatsApp. You only have to download and install the mySpy app into the Targeted victim’s smartphone on which you want to spy, access and monitor the WhatsApp messages. Most important notice make sure that you have the target victim’s smartphone with you for few minutes.

1. Select apt SPY program or app
Play store has a huge collection of Various spy apps or programs are offered by various Android app providers. After researching, Studying and lot’s of analyzing in order to find a best spy android app that best suits your smartphone device.

Both mySpy and Spymaster Pro are very good android spying apps that can be used to access other’s WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Purchase and install best spy program

  • Buy a working genuine app and install the app.
  • This app must be installed on your phone as well as the target victim’s smartphone.

Step 3: Configure the app and initiate tracking

  • Follow the simply given instructions to install the app and make sure that you complete all the settings properly before starting the spying process.
  • After completing all the steps given above you can receive all the conversation on the target victim’s Whatsapp account.
  • Successfully, you’ve accessed the WhatsApp account of your friend, brother, sister, child or etc.

Method #4

How To Hack Whatsapp Account Online Using Maxxspy

This spying app also works great in spy Whatsapp account. If you are searching over google for spy Whatsapp account but failed to find perfect result. Then you must give one more try to Maxxspy is best. It has lots of mind-blowing features.Download

Download Maxxspy app from here.

Features Of This Apps

  • Use login at any mobile and Pc.
  • You can keep your child safe and protect your Companies.
  • Anytime you can check by a simple login.
  • Easily Track Whatsapp chat.
  • Will Work without rooting.

Method #5

Hack Whatsapp Account Using Spy Phone App

  1. Download Spy Phone app application.
  2. Now open spy application
  3. Signup in spy application here using your own email and password in your target victims smartphone.
  4. Now navigate to Goto Settings>security>gadget organization and Activate Spy App.
  5. Spy App will be Hidden automatically from Menu.
  6. Yippee all Set, now reboot your target victim smartphone and give them back.

How To Track Whatsapp Mobile Logs From Spy Phone App

  1. Visit Spy phone app site From any phone or pc.
  2. Login by same email and password which you used in target Victims smartphone.
  3. You will see multiple choices simply tap on WhatsApp Icon.
  4. All done now you can spy Whatsapp messages of victim’WhatsApp account.

Method #6

1: First Go to your any app store and download WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool 2016

2: Now Open the app, enter the person’s number, whom WhatsApp account you wish to spy

3: Wait at least for 2-3 min for the spying process to be activated and then click on ‘Verify option’

4: Yayaya you have successfully completed spying steps now you can get access to your friend’s videos, messages, images, or any other information that he has stored over the last 30 days.


This article was only for an educational purpose we respect Whatsapp policy and will advise you to don’t use this method for an illegal purpose. If you are tech guy then go for method no 2 because it’s 99% working method for spy WhatsApp account.

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