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How to play Doodle Army 2 (Mini Militia) with friends from home online

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia has launched a new CUSTOM button in their latest update and it is now available for users. Now You can play mini militia game from your home with friends via an internet connection. You can even set the time limit of the game and can block anyone like hackers, pro pack players. Even you can put a password on your hosted room and can share the password with friends so that they can only join in the game by using a password. You can also put a limit on a number of players allowed in the room.

Editor’s Note: – Doodle Army 2, Many people asked me how to play mini militia online with friends from home. So I thought I need to write full step by step procedure for that and then I can share with them online. I know most of the people knew how to do it but still, there are people who are new to the game and don’t know how to do it. Thanks for Loving MiniMilitia Android & iOS Game.

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Step by step procedure to host mini militia game online for friends: – Doodle Army 2

First, Connect to the internet first through wifi or data pack. Use high-speed connection like 3G, 4G, and Wifi to avoid lag in the mini militia game.

1. Now, click on and go to Multiplayer button option After opening the game.
Then check the picture below this window will open up.

how to invite friends mini militia online

2. Go to custom button option from there ( on above screenshot it is the 3rd option)
Then the new window of custom server games will open up, It may look different in your game but it doesn’t matter.

how to host mini militia online

3. Click on any server option between them and remember the server name you open up.
Now, just like below screenshot on the bottom right corner you will find ‘HOST’ option Just above the Back button.

By clicking on the host option you can host a new game under the server you previously click on. While hosting you can write name and password by click lock button of your hosted room. Then you can share that server name like Olympus 250 and your hosted room name under Olympus 250 like I hosted with the name TopBestList and I put the password mini militia. I will share this information Olympus 250> Topbestlist password mini militia with a friend and he can join the game under Olympus 250 server. Similarly, when someone shares the information with you, he will tell you Server Name>room name> password( or no password)

doodle army 2 mini militia online

You can also join any room under any server and can ask your friend to join the same by sharing information. Everyone allowed to see the number of players in the room with name points just like in the offline game and also battle ground.

Commonly asked question About Mini Militia online

  • How to host mini militia game online?
  • Follow the method in this article to host doodle army 2 online.
  • How to play mini militia online with friends?
  • To play mini militia online with friends you first need to host the game online, follow the steps given above.
  • How to invite friends to play mini militia online?
  • You need to send server name, your hosted room name, and password if used in the room to your friends. 

Conclusion: Doodle Army 2, If you face any difficulty in playing mini militia online with friends you can ask us for help. We will surely help you out with our best effort and contact you as soon as possible. You can also make a request for us for anything else you wish for and thanks keep visiting Topbestlist for best news related to Mini militia and other latest games.

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SoundCloud Downloader Free Music Download Websites

SoundCloud Downloader Free Music Download:- SoundCloud was founded in 2007. Soundcloud is a Swedish based online audio and music distribution service that allows its users to upload, listen, distribute, record, and share music with anyone from anywhere. SoundCloud has more than 42 million happy smiling faces registered members and catches eye over 180 million unique audio playbacks every month isn’t amazing, which makes it different from other. SoundCloud is world’s leading social sound platform. If consider rough idea with facts and figures, the happy members of this audio platform service upload more than 12 hours of audio tracks each and every single minute.

Although SoundCloud is an online music platform, that allows streaming and listening to the latest music tracks uploaded on the platform will consume your Internet bandwidth according to music quality, and if you are listening to the same track in a repeated loop then it might increase your Internet bandwidth as well as cost too. While on the other face of hand, some users might want to save their frequently played music tracks on their mobile phone or personal computer so that users can listen to it later when they are out of the Internet connection or suffering from low-speed internet connectivity.

So, find your own reason to download Music from Soundcloud downloader websites. We at Topbestlist try our level best to provide the easiest method through which you can download your any favourite audio track that has been uploaded on the SoundCloud online music service.

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How to use SoundCloud Downloader For Free Music Download

NOTE: I must inform you that this is the easiest method to download music from SoundCloud.

  • First as usual Open SoundCloud website and start a new search from the search bar on the homepage search for the artist or your choice music track that you want to download.soundcloud-website
  • After getting the final search results page, Now you have to select the music track which you want to download and open its page.


  • Wait for track page to be opened. Once the track page has been opened, now simply select and copy the page URL(Uniform Resource Locator) from the browser address bar as shown below either by right clicking on the URL then selecting “Copy” option or by Select URL and pressing “Ctrl” and “C” keys on your Windows keyboard.


Let’s Show you demo:-

  • In this example, we are using the very first SoundCloud downloader website i.e., but you can use any of them mentioned above they would also allow you to download music from SoundCloud and most of the working of these websites uses similar downloading interface. So you will be not facing any problem.


  • First, open, and start searching for Download bar, you will find it on the homepage is a bar that displays a message, “Paste a copied link to the track page”


  • Now In this box, paste your chosen URL you copied in bullet point #03 i.e from the SoundCloud page.
  • Without wasting any more time quickly hit the “Download” button to generate a download link for that particular track.


  • A new tab will be opened with a page that displays with a short-link and a button with message printed on, Now “Right Click to Download”.


  • Again new page will be opened, and a box where short-link was displayed earlier will now show the name of the song.


  • Now it’s almost done you can right click on the button that displays a message with, “Right Click to Download” and then press on “Save link as” button.


  • Now dialogue box “Save As” will open asking you for the file location and the name where you want to save the downloaded music on your personal computer.
  • Once you entered the name and the location of the file, press on the “Save” button to successfully download the music from SoundCloud for free.


This was the easiest method to download your favourite audio track from Soundcloud with the help of Soundcloud downloader websites. For your kind information, there is no such restriction on the number of downloads per user. So, download your audio track with the open heart. Now it’s time to fill your hard disk with lots of Music. If you find any problem while downloading Music from Soundcloud Website then do comment below for perfect solution.

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How to Automatically Add Watermark to Images in WordPress 2017

I will recommend you to follow these Steps to add watermark to images in WordPress (WP) online. Most of the people who use WordPress look for watermark creator WordPress plugins and keep looking for other useful WordPress Plugins to add watermark on photos, Best WordPress Plugins to add watermark on pictures, and Top WordPress plugins. Some people also look up for Latest WordPress plugins. In my list, I am sharing WordPress plugins which are very useful to add watermarked images on WordPress (WP). These plugins, automatically put a watermark in your images.

If you are Blogger, Web developers then these plugins can be very useful for you. Watermark Maker WordPress plugins are very popular nowadays. These WordPress plugins are very useful for photographers and photography websites. You can add watermark for free of cost. Use these watermark creator online WordPress plugins to add a watermark.

I also shared Fastest WordPress themes You can check them out from here. WordPress is a very useful framework to develop any dynamic websites. you can easily create Dynamic websites using WordPress framework.

How to Automatically Add Watermark Images in WordPress:- 

Watermarking Image protects your right plus also increase your online popularity, adding watermark to every image is very difficult but when it comes to WordPress it become very easy due to flexibility of WordPress, WordPress plugins can do everything for you by using simple free watermarking WordPress plugin you can easily watermark all images you upload to your website, all image files are automatically watermarked as they are uploaded to library.

Top 4 methods to Automatically edit Watermark to pictures in WordPress:-

#1. Easy Watermark For WordPress

Easy watermark is totally free WordPress plugin available with best features. It helps you to add image watermark to your uploaded images, it working is very simple and eye catching features is it’s completely free available in WordPress plugin directory, But, not to worry you can Simply download it from below link.

[appbox wordpress plugins/easy-watermark/]

Highlighted features of Plugin:-

  • Text color, size, and rotation can be adjusted.
  • full support for transparency feature.
  • gif files, jpg files, and text can have opacity set (from 0 to 100%)
  • Possible to remove watermark by restoring the default original image.
  • watermark jpg, png or gif images.
  • text watermark is created using TTF fonts
  • all built-in image sizes can be watermarked like thumbnail, medium, large and full-size as well as all additional, sizes registered by plugins or themes itself.

Step to use Easy WaterMark:-

  • Install and activate Easy Watermark plugin on your WordPress site/blog,
  • Now Go to Settings and select Easy WaterMark
  • Now on this page, you can select options like Watermark type, Backups, image type & Auto watermarking, make settings according to your basic requirement


  • If you are finished with a selection of Text watermark Type now you have to navigate to Text Tab to set its settings and if you have image watermark then navigate to image tab to set image watermarking settings.
  • Now on this current page, you can select different features like image, text or opacity and many other options are also available as shown in below image, Remember you must set it according to your requirement.


  • Now you have to save all settings and navigate to a new post and then upload n a w image and see the difference between them.

Always keep in mind that this plugin adds watermark to your original uploaded images, so if you need to save original images first then allow backups in plugin setting for restoring in future (if you want) otherwise it would be impossible to recover.

#2. Let’s Learn Adding Watermark to Images Manual Method:-


If you want to automatically add watermark to each and every uploaded image, Easy Watermark gives you freedom as a manual option.

The very first process you need to do is to navigate to Settings then select Easy Watermark and check twice to make sure that the check box that is next to Automatically add watermark to images is successfully unchecked.

Now after this is done you can go to Media » Library. You will need to switch(select) to the list view to see the Add Watermark option next to each image in the library.

#3. Watermark Reloaded Plugin: Watermark Images on WordPress


Watermark Reloaded plugin also allows you to watermark your each and every uploaded image. Here you get the option to create watermark with different fonts, colors, and size. Apply those created watermarks to your different image sizes like large, medium, thumbnail, full-size. You can also set the position the watermark wherever you want on the image customize within Watermark RELOADED plugin settings. Watermarking settings are easy to understand and simple to use that provide you with quick preview option of how your watermark will look like on the uploaded image. Download the plugin from below.

[appbox wordpress plugins/watermark-reloaded]

Want to Upgrade Watermark RELOADED to Pro version:-

watermarking Reloaded PRO features:

  • text watermark with an outline.
  • image watermark.
  • many more amazing features.
  • text watermark with variables.
  • watermark background color.
  • use upload time option there to turn off the watermarking easily.
  • watermark opacity.

#4. Image Watermark

Image Watermark plugin allows you to automatically add watermark images uploaded to the WordPress Media Library(WordPress blog) and bulk automatically add watermark previously uploaded images too.

[appbox wordpress plugins/image-watermark]


  • Set watermark transparency and opacity.
  • Image backup functionality available.
  • Option to freely remove the watermark.
  • ImageMagick and GD Library support.
  • Flexible adjustment of watermark position.
  • Watermark images already uploaded to WordPress Media Library.
  • Set watermark offset.
  • Set image quality from high, medium and low.
  • Get option select from 3 methods of applying watermark size: scaled, custom or original
  • Disable right mouse click on the images
  • Select image format progressive or baseline
  • Watermark image preview available.
  • Bulk watermark facility – Apply watermark option in WordPress Media Library actions
  • Protect your images from copying via drag and drop feature.
  • You can easily Disable image protection for logged-in users in this.
  • .pot file for translations included.


We hope you must have found this article useful. As it was very difficult for the blogger like us to write some same text on every uploaded image. Now, these all above plugin will automatically add watermark to you each and every uploaded image. Isn’t quite simple and easy. Stay connected with us for such more updates like this.

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Steps to Remove Noise From the Images on Mac With Pictures

Many people ask me how can I make Images look more clear? how can I increase the quality of the image on Mac devices? Digital image processing is the subject you need to study to know everything about images on the computer. The Digital Noise can make any image looks dirty and can make image quality worse. Digital noise can come in any pictures is referred as aberrant pixels in computer terms or known as tiny speckles which disrupt the exposure and look at any image. Noise can come in the image due to various reasons like low light condition, poor-camera quality, high ISO value, long exposures etc.

steps to make noiseless picture on mac

To avoid noise in any of your images, you can follow these basic steps of the photography which we are going to discuss here. You can use built-in Photos Application on your Mac to remove noise from any image. Below are the ways to avoid and remove noise from any images on Mac devices.

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Follow These General Settings While taking any Pictures

How to Set ISO Settings Right?

ISO setting is a level of sensitivity of your camera device to the light available in the Environment. Therefore, setting right ISO value becomes very important to capture noise-free Photos for any Photographer. Yes, High ISO value causes a lot of damage to image quality when not supported adequately by the camera devices. High ISO value while capturing photos create a group of pixels together which capture more light and cause more noise or grain in captured images.

digital noise

ISO settings at right value as per your camera device is recommended and play a very important part in capturing noiseless photos. There is Auto ISO feature in most of the latest devices which help in setting ISO value as per light condition, shutter speed etc. Another very important step is to open camera aperture to its widest possible settings to avoid any type of noise while taking pictures. Better camera lenses also help out in capturing noise-free pictures easily.

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You Need to Check Camera Exposure:

Yes, Setting camera exposure at a correct level will help you out to take fine and smooth photos. Nowadays, Most of the camera devices are equipped with Latest techniques to provide advanced digital sensors to manage and maintain highlights and shadow of pictures. Advanced techniques in Latest camera devices allows overexposing while capturing images which can be managed in post-processing of the image. In post-processing of images, you can edit the highlights down at the correct level and can set shadow look even brighter to improve image quality further. Recently Advanced camera sensors gather more details in images highlights avoiding all overexposure issue in the image.

how to remove noise from images on mac?

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Shoot in RAW format:

RAW format is an advanced technique to get the best result out of any picture. While Capturing Photos, Don’t shoot at RAW format but you can switch to RAW format when there is low light in the environment. The main reason for switching to RAW format is to provide more flexibility for removing noise. It also increases exposure in post-processing of any pictures compared to normal JPEG format. JPEG images are in the compressed format already and therefore they have noise. Most of the people don’t know but JPEG images have some noise in it and known as JPEG artifacts.

steps to remove noise within images on mac with pictures

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How to remove noise from images on a Mac:

Mac offers impressive tools and features to help you edit any picture in different ways in the form of Photos App. Photo editing application on Mac helps to denoise any picture to improve the quality. It removes all speckles and graininess known as noise in images with this built-in features. It also works with pictures in RAW file format. And to remove noise using Photos app on MAC, follow the steps given below.

best techniques to remove noise from images on mac


  • First Double-click on the image of your choice and then click on the Edit button on the toolbar or you can use the Touch bar.
  • Click on the Adjust button then adjustment panel will open up.
  • In this Adjustment panel, click on the Add button and select Noise Reduction option from there.
  • Now final step Drag the Noise Reduction slider until you are satisfied with the result of it.

 Techniques to reduce noise from pictures.

  • Setting correct ISO value is a very necessary technique to improve image quality.
  • Checking camera exposure while taking pictures is recommended for better quality.
  • Shooting in the RAW format is something you need to do.
  • Yes, you need to be careful with long exposures of course.
  • Take Precautions with available light: – low light images are not good as compared to high light images.
  • doing post-processing right is a necessary job and much more.

Conclusion: You need to follow all the techniques given above while taking pictures to reduce noise completely. You can also use built-in Photos application on Mac to reduce noise effectively from any image. Thanks for visiting and we are waiting for your valuable comment. We will be there to help you out with anything so don’t hesitate to ask help from us.

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Get Free Unlimited Facebook Likes: Best Social Media Likes Exchange

Many people asked me how to get likes on Facebook pages/photos/post/comments unlimited. You do not need to buy Facebook likes. Using this trick you can get likes on the Facebook page free. Most of you people want to increase FB Unlimited Facebook likes on the post, Unlimited Facebook likes on post shares, Unlimited Facebook likes on comments and so on. You all must be familiar with FB Auto Liker and Autoliker for Facebook. Do you guys know? there are social media like exchange web sites where most of the people exchange their likes and earn likes for them. People want to increase social networks like Facebook for various purpose. These are not Fake Facebook likes these will be permanent and real FB likes. Buying Facebook likes is not an only option to increase your FB page likes. Therefore I am sharing the trick with you to get more Facebook likes.

I am not going to share Autoliker with you because Autolikers ask for an access token and with that access token any FB app can post anywhere on your behalf that is illegal and not secure for your account. Well, there is a method to be secure even after using Autoliker, that is social media like exchange sites. This is the best trick if you are looking for how to get more likes on Facebook Photos and pages.

Before using social media like exchange sites I suggest you to use Best Android Apps to Earn Money online to get unlimited Facebook likes and shares. Let’s use Facebook likes and social media traffic exchange sites to get more traffic. Social Media like exchange is also a part of Seo, you can follow these SEO tricks and tips for more.

What are social Media like exchange websites?

Social Media like exchange sites exist to exchange likes, To get Unlimited likes and traffic to your site. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on are used to connect with Family and Friends. Almost 95% people users are using social media nowadays who have access to the Internet. In social media sites, we interact each other and even meet up new people by Liking, commenting. These sites allow us to share videos, images, post etc and we can even organize events.

Well, Today I will share best social media like exchange site with all of you for Unlimited Follows, Unlimited Subscribe, Unlimited share and unlimited Likes. Only you have to Register below-listed sites and start earning some points by doing likes, comments, and shares. Then you can Use collected point to get social media likes/Share/Follow/Subscribe/Votes/ web traffic and much more.

There are many like exchange sites that you can find on the Internet but most popular like exchange sites are and is my favorite because the Antibot is easy to handle as compared to Addmefast and Lik4like have many active users online 24/7. When you first signup on Addmefast you will get 50 Point for free you can use them to get some free likes. I am using Like4like from 3 years. So I will suggest you first use like4like and then use like4like alternative sites given below.

How Social Media like exchange websites works?

  • First Register below-listed sites and start earning some points by doing likes, comments, and shares.
  • Then you can Use collected point to get unlimited likes/ FB Page likes/ Instagram Followers / Youtube Subscribers / WordPress Traffic and much more.
  • Create Account on, follow this link to get more points on like4like .org for creating an account.
  • Now after creating an account also verify it then log in and start collecting some points: –
    how to collect points? follow the step given below
    #1 put the cursor on social media exchange then drop down option will appear.
    #2 now click any of the option Example Facebook likes at the top.
    #3 click any of the like buttons showing below then new window will open like the page or post in a new window then close it.
    #4 After closing you will get some points, in the same way, earn more points.
    #5 Now you have to put up your link wherever you want likes for that: –
    click on add and manage pages now, for example, I want facebook page or post likes for that click on Facebook likes option and scroll down paste your URL into Facebook URL and write anything in the link description keep credit as minimum as possible to get more likes example 6 is the minimum limit. finally, click on add URL and done.

Bots for Social Media like exchange sites

There are bots of Imacros to automate the process of collecting points. You need to search for Imacros bots script, I will upload the script when I will update this article meanwhile you can search them with the below keywords and also you need to install Imacros and Greasemonkey plugin in your browser. Imacro script and Greasemonkey script. Imacro script and Greasemonkey script. Imacro script and Greasemonkey script. Imacroscript and Greasemonkey script. Imacros script and Greasemonkey script. Imacros script and Greasemonkey script.

Top 5 Best Ways to Get Unlimited Facebook Likes, Subscribers, Shares, and Comments:-


As the Like4like name clearly shouts about its work. Well, you catch it absolutely correct. Like4like is one of the best social media likes increase or follow exchange site. For both new(beginner) or old businesses(professional), if you need to increase your business in short time. That scale up your business. Here you will get various online varieties such as Likes, Followers, Tweets, Subscribers, shares, Retweets, Followers, comments, Viewers, Google plus and circles, Connections, Repins, Revines, Pins, Fan exchange, Website hits and join an exchange. It quite similar to

The main focus aim of Like4Like is, It doesn’t sell Subscribe, Follows and Likes as most of the social media does Simply exchange Subscribe, Follower and Likes others. Well, you can once give a try to increase your social media likes, Subscribe and Followers.

how to get unlimited likes facebook instagram tweeter google plus and google+

#2. FollowLike.Net

This site has Alexa Rank 58k and has very active users. a is a very useful website for social promoter and bloggers to Promote themselves. This site is available more than 190 countries and has 150000+ Active users. It is having some extra services including all features. Here are useful SEO tools from which you can easily create backlinks from someone site & get bookmarks from popular sites like Delicious, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and more. If you are a blogger that you must be knowing the importance of  Social Media in growing any online business and also for search engine ranking. You can also use Traffic booster option to increase your Alexa ranking quickly. offers many Services to its users: –

  • Facebook Exchange: – You can exchange likes, followers, shares for Facebook pages, videos, Photos, and post.
  • Twitter exchange: – You can exchange likes, followers, shares for Twitter pages, account profile and so on.
  • YouTube exchange: – You can get free youtube views, subscribers, likes and so on.
  • Google exchange: – Google exchange and Google+ exchange is also available.
  • Pinterest exchange: – Pinterest Repin service, Pinterest Follow service and much more.
  • Instagram exchange: – Instagram unlimited followers, unlimited likes and much more.
  • VK exchange:- Get VK unlimited likes and so on.
  • Soundcloud exchange: – Get SoundCloud unlimited likes and so on.
  • Stumbleupon exchange: – Similar services as above.
  • Tumblr exchange: – Get Tumblr unlimited likes and more.
  • Delicious exchange: – Get Unlimited likes for Delicious.
  • Website traffic boost: – Services to Increase traffic on your site.
  • Linkedin exchange: – Get unlimited Linkedin likes and more.
  • Diggo exchange: – Get unlimited Diggo likes and much more.
  • Vimeo exchange: – Vimeo unlimited likes service for free.
  • Reddit exchange: – Get famous on Reddit using this Promotion service.
  • – Get unlimited likes and many more services.

unlimited likes followers tweets subscribers views




#3. FollowFast.Com is another one of the best likes increasing sites for social media likes. As far as I know, this site was launched in the year 2012 with a single focused aim to provide unlimited likes on social media posts. This website is somewhat similar to method. That clearly means When will you like, follow or subscribe others post you will be rewarded with Point and then you can utilize that same point to get likes, follow or Subscribe on your post. Some people want to know how to hide likes on Facebook. There are tricks for Facebook statuses that will get likes. fake Facebook likes are a total waste of time for any Facebook page. I will suggest you do not buy fake likes on facebook for your business.

  • There is four different way to get Points.
  1. Simply Get point by Following, Subscribing, and Liking
  2. Referral your bestie friend and when they join through your referral link, you will get direct 100 point
  3. Get point by paying few dollars.
  4. Log into dashboard every day and do some task to earn a daily bonus.


Here comes 4th social media likes, Followers, Subscribers, Comments and etc exchange network and promotional tool provider, is YouLikeHits will guide and help you to grow your various Social media account such as YouTube, Pinterest, VK, Twitter, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon, Google Plus and give you a bulk response in website traffic.  With Youlikehits it’s very easy to gain free likes on your personal Photos. You have seen there are many Facebook statuses that will get a lot of likes on them. There are free likes on facebook through social media like exchange websites. You can also buy facebook photo likes through these websites. These are best to boost Facebook likes without promotion and purchase. You can also add facebook like button on your site for more likes.

unlimited tweeter tweets and unlimited followers


Don’t think this is last websites is also another best website like Followfast and Addmefast. They made easy to exchange likes, comments, Follower and etc. This website working is same what you get from above all sites. But, did you know Likesplanet can be used to earn lots of money(cash)? Simply try to Collect 5000 points by subscribing, following and liking someone profile, then after that convert your collected point into dollars. 5000 points are equivalent to 1$. You need to have minimum 2$ to cash out in your Payza or PayPal account.

unlimited instagram followers and likes

Note:- This article is only for an Educational purpose. Don’t try to misuse it.

Conclusion: Facebook like icon

The final touch to this article. We know many us were finding this trick from past few months. But, maximum websites update you with fake knowledge and waste your quality time. But, with Topbestlist we avoid these kinds of activities and always upload the genuine article. This article is also working you can use above websites in various fields like Increase your Facebook likes on photos almost to Unlimited Facebook likes, increase to unlimited facebook comments, Unlimited Shares, Unlimited followers and much more. Just check out these cool websites and do comment below if you know any other related website that worked for you.

How To

How to find Trending Topics and Keywords

How to find Trending Topics and Keywords:- Search begins as soon as you enter a single letter in the search box. and if you are tech lover and want to be in touch with latest tech topics trending across the world or trending keywords that make your search more accurate, fast and targeted. For people like us, we need a website that inform us about all the trending topics and keywords trending across the different countries. So without wasting your more time let’s get started with the article.

Let’s find Trending Topics and Keywords

1. Twitter

Twitter has been working hard for its latest update on which people can directly listing to the current trends on their homepage and profile pages. We think Twitter has the best way to be updated with current cultural trends and political as well as the mood swing of a nation. This was not enough you also get the freedom to peep into global trends or look for some particular country trends as per your needs.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the best alternatives to find trending topics on the internet. The best advantage you get with Google Trends is you can search any topic that’s striking on your mind here and check out the heavy volume it is receiving by others. You can also search for some specific country as well as sector-specific searches to make the results more targeted.

You can also explore in depth by just clicking on the country name and then the state names to get completely localized details which will help you to find extremely targeted keywords for your focus market.

3. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the most scanned website by various blogger and common people its great online work that helps you to determine what type of content has been in trend for past year per on whatever specific topic you searched. So, let’s take a quick example, a search for “Android” will display results for the most-shared and searched web content in the past year that is related to the topic Android. This will provide you estimate idea of the kind of future content to be created. They also run the offer on premium services, but the free tool also works great must try it.

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4. What’s Trending

What’s Trending is a website that only focuses on showing you what’s trending in the current interval. What’s Trending website shows you content in depth across the Internet from the different country that is currently trending, content that’s trending in present-time, and make predictions on what they truly believe is going to be the next trending content, topic.

5. Social Mention

It is a Social Mention is a smart tool that is used for analyses of content in a many numbers of websites. It not only destroy itself to major networks like Facebook and Twitter but also scan more than 100+ websites that include websites likes of FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg and basically it covers all thing that hosts user generated content to find out trending topics moving around various countries.

If you have any query striking in your mind, Social Mention provide you a long list of influencers, means people who frequently post on any one social networks and that topic gets popular with the huge number of engagements and followers. If this is not enough for you then find potential collaborators and endorsers from the same list check out

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6. Reddit

Reddit is a popular website where each and every day various people are having warm debates on any random topic under the heat of the sun. You can vote topics up or down on the Reddit website itself and this will make the topics with most “upvotes” are only visible on the homepage of Reddit website. So, on staring the homepage of Reddit you will get a rough idea what’s trending in real-time. You can also directly search on their search box for subreddits based on your topic of interest here.

7. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a simple Keyword tool that is used for creating content and other marketing campaigns stuff on popular social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This is not the end it also allows you create customized self-queries for some specific keywords on Twitter and identify the buzz around the same topic.

8. Topsy

Topsy is another smart marketers tool. Topsy allows you to search for any topics in a specifically targeted manner. You can search for trending topics of a certain date, time or place. You can also set alarm alerts, analyze and take advantage to monitor all the trending topics to figure out existing social sentiment towards them.

9. Keyhole

A keyhole is quite an attractive tool that allows you to keep eye on hashtags across popular websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Keyhole working is similar to Google alerts, but in only valid for social media. So, you get an advantage to set an alert for some certain topic and keep an eye on the real time.

10. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is simply posting content on latest trending topics. Here people at Buzzfeed know how to find the current and latest trends going on. The good and best about this thing is that they also broadcast Buzzfeed trends for each and everyone to see on the right-hand side of the BuzzFeed homepage and so you can easily find out how your trends through this website.


We hope that all the topics were clear to you and you must not have face any kind of problem regarding  “How to find Trending Topics and Keywords” article. If you are tech-lover and love to be updated with every day changing technology then do visit one of these websites and be in trend with technology.

How To

How to Hack Windows Password within Seconds

How to Hack Windows Password within Seconds: – Do you also forget regularly your Windows PC Password like me? and your Windows PC gets locked? How panic and tensed you feel that time? You might have tons of GB’s important and personal data stored on your Windows PC. and this all situation is been under Password protection. Then all this situation can be handled very easily and your Windows PC would be unlocked with few second through How to Hack Windows password windows PC within Second method.

Yes, you read out it was completely true. It’s possible to Hack Windows Password Protected PC. Here you have the advantage to unlocking victim’s Windows PC Password without knowing the current/present one. The best and safest part of this method is your and victim DATA IS COMPLETELY SAFE without any issues? and as well as it’s secure. Today Topbestlist is going unhide the biggest secret how to crack any password protected Windows PC within few seconds just follow easy short Step given below.

So the proper preference is to go together with the second one. Is it an illegal interest? yes, it is illegal to hack a person laptop. however again, this tutorial is to assist any individual or assist your self, each time your computer receives locked, You misplaced your password, otherwise, you need to open someone’s password covered windows computer or whatever fruitful purpose at the back of it. but, To hack home windows PC, you will be furnished through a few paid tool that we’re giving up right here definitely unfastened. in any case.

If you forget your home windows login password, or need to change your password without knowing the modern-day or old password, then this academic is operating flawlessly for you. here, we’ve posted a detailed manual on the way to release or Hack Password covered windows 7, eight, eight.1 and windows 10 laptop/PC the usage of a unfastened device supplied by means of us.

How To Hack Any Password Protected Windows PC Within Seconds

Before learning how to hack the password of Windows PC, we would like you to download and install a tiny windows application software called K0N-B00T. To download the given software checkout below links (FREE)

Download Kon-Boot

Learn what is Konboot application?

Konboot is specially designed in such a way that this application has the power to bypass the authentication for both Windows and Mac Passwords.

How does Really Konboot work?

It works by using the technique called “Intercepting the Function” calls passed between system & BIOS and temporarily changing the contents of the Windows kernel at the time of booting. Konboot then allows you to enter anything random as the password or leaving password box empty during the login session. The very next time when you start the computer without Kon-Boot, the original password will be recovered back, the temporary changes will be discarded permanently and the system will behave as if nothing has happened before.


  1. quite simple and easy to use (compared to other tools)
  2. power to bypass login authentication boot screen.
  3. uses compact and occupy less space
  4. Temporary change in kernel during boot

Major Requirements:

  1. Pendrive or sd card
  2. Windows XP/vista/7/8/8.1/10
  3. Kon-boot application

How to Use Kon-Boot To Hack Windows Password: –

We are using windows 7 64BIT Password Protected PC

Step 1. First of all, Please make sure to DETACH All Unnecessary USB DRIVES Except the TARGET USB for KON-BOOT application.

Step 2. Plug-in the USB drive to your laptop/computer USB port.

Step 3. Quick Format the USB.

Step 4. Extract the downloaded file (Download)

Step 5. Open to Kon-boot and search for kon-bootUSB folder.

Step 6. Now Select the usb_install2_NEEDADMIN.bat file and RUN it as ADMINISTRATOR.

Step 7. You need to simply click ‘OK‘ every time to continue.

Step 8. Then, Konboot will automatically detect your USB pen drive itself.

Step 9. And again automatically it will make all necessary changes in USB as required.

Step 10. All done get ready for action.Now Plug-in that Kon-Boot Installed Pendrive/USB to the Windows PC which you want to hack or unlock it.

Step 11. Now Insert that Kon-Boot Installed Pendrive or USB to the victim Windows PC which you want to hack or unlock.

Step 12. Configure the BIOS settings of target PC.

How to Open BIOS: Hold and press [Shift] then turn off the victim system. 2. Press and hold the F2 button then press the power button. DO NOT TRY TO RELEASE the F2 button until the BIOS screen is displayed.

Step 12. Now, Select USB as the 1st boot device.

Step 13. In the next screen after step 12 You need to hit the ENTER button.

Step 14. As soon as the Login to Windows screen appears, simply type any random stuff in the password box or Simply leave the password field blank and now you will be able to access victim windows PC.

How To Change Victim’s Windows Profile Password?

Follow the simple steps given below for better result.

Step 1. Plug-in USB, Boot with Kon-Boot (As done on above method)

Step 2. Navigate to Control Panel on your victim PC.

Step 3. Choose “User Accounts and Family Safety

Step 4. Now choose “Create a new account”

Step 5. Simply Create the same account and set the permissions (Administrator).

Step 6. Now Disconnect Kon-Boot and Give restart command to the computer to restore original Windows authentication function.

Step 7. After successful Restart, Select your new User Account the account which you have created in step 4.

Step 8. Again, Browse to Control Panel

Step 9. Choose “User Accounts and Family Safety”

Step 10. Target select the target User Account (the one you want to change)

Step 11. Hit “Change the password” option

Step 12. Enter the new secure and secret credentials for the account and click “Change password” option

Step 13. Success achieved you are done.

How to Protect Yourself From This Kind of Konboot Attacks?

This is our responsibility to teach you How To Protect yourself from Being attack by konboot. Yes, it’s solution exits So Here we are sharing two best tools to encrypt your personal data and protect your Windows PC from konboot attacks.

  • Use Syskey
  • Configure a BIOS password

Conclusion: –

So, this another cool collection of some tips toward hacking tutorial. But this time we gave solution how to be safe from konboot type attacks. We hope our this article will help you to login into your Windows PC when you have no idea about your current password. and didn’t want to lose data while recovering your password. Then hack windows Password within second comes to rescue.

How To

How To Make Your Own QR Code Free Working 2 Methods

How To Make Your Own QR Code Free Working 2 Methods: – While Browsing different website we mostly come across QR code. Let’s know what is this QR code and how it’s created. We all must have seen QR code whether it’s across your notebook or maximum on every product now-a-days. QR code is a modern system to uniquly identify your product.

Your smartphone can be used as a Quick Response code scanner. It take less than a minute to convert QR code into some useful information such as URL of your website or blog, any specific product information etc. Mostly QR code watcher think of making QR code is difficult task/job. But let me clear your doubt it’s not difficult to create QR code

How To Make Your Own QR Code for free. QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a Two-dimensional Barcode. QR code is totally different from Barcode QR code can hold information in the horizontal direction as well as vertical direction. In This Article, Topbestlist will show you two different methods to create your own QR code for free. A QR code stores all the information in dots that are black and white dots. Besides the black and white dots version, you can also create a colorful QR code too.

How To Make Your Own QR Code Free With Google: –

1: Simply browse to the given link

2: Now Type the URL of your choice i.e Your Favourite website or blog then click on Shorten URL button. As shown in the Screenshot Below.

3: Now Click on details you will get your own created Quick Response code.

Topbestlist QR Code Official

Do You Know Google’s QR code generator is limited to encoding URLs only. If you are willing to encode other information such as contact information or other using the QR Code as a dialer, you will have to use other services as mentioned below.

Best Sites To Create own QR CODE For Free online:-


This is one of the best sites where you can download your own created QR Code in many different formats such as EPS, PNG, and PDF. You get an extra advantage that’s  embedding your code directly on a website by clicking the “Embed” link and that’s it.


This website has some special and extra feature. If you trying to create a color QR code then UniTag QR generator will surely help you in this situation. Most important part It’s free to use for all services.


This website is as simple as reading this article. Here just enter your text of your desire, an SMS, your URL or vCard contact information. Now the magic begins the QR code will be generated automatically of your choice. Just simple hit “Download” button to download the created QR code image. One extra advantage you can also have option to embed the QR code directly on your own website/ blog and use it as official.

Additional Information: Tips By Topbestlist How To Make Your Own QR Code Free

Advice No 1. Create QR Code after shorting your favourite URL: Generally QR codes are generated using long URL that is unreliable and more complex. So, use URL shortener sites such as or to shorten your url before generating the Quick response code.

Advice No 2. Size of your QR code must be large enough to be detected easily (or scanned) without any problem and as well as under various conditions including scanning from a long distance or using old fashion camera phone , low light or low resolution.

Advice No 3. Quiet Zone: The border play an important role around your QR code that popularly known as the quiet zone. The quiet zone is basically white or a light color. Quite Zone of your QR code should be at least 4 times width of the modules of your created QR code.


These all above are working perfectly. Each website has its own some special feature that turns your QR code more attractive. You can check our QR code that we created from above mentioned QR code free generator website.  We hope you must have liked our this article. Do share and comment below if you know some more similar website.

How To

Disable Cortana in Windows 10 – Step By Step With Pictures

Here now, It is the trick to disable Cortana from Windows 10, disable Cortana service, disable Cortana background task host, delete Cortana folder, delete Cortana PowerShell, delete Cortana windows 10, remove Cortana from the taskbar, remove Cortana from the lock screen. Cortana is AI assistant software for Microsoft Windows just like Siri in Apple iOS Operating System. you can easily delete Cortana from your Microsoft Windows if you follow all these steps with pictures.

About Cortana Windows 10

Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant based on Artifical Technology and created by Microsoft for Windows 10. Cortana is also available on Windows 10 smartphones just like Siri in iPhone. Also, It is now available on multiple platforms like Microsoft Band,  iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, Amazon Alexa, Xbox One, Android, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Cortana AI can easily set reminders for its users. It can also Recognize natural voice of the cell phone owner without the requirement for keyboard input or password. It can also show the answer to any questions searching information from the search engine by Bing.

Cortana AI is available currently in different languages like Italian, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and English language editions. Langues is also depended on the user software platform and Country in which the software is in use. There are other Assistants like Cortana mainly famous personal assistants are Apple’s SiriGoogle-Assistant by Google, and Alexa by Amazon.

Yes, It is true that Cortana indexes and stores user private and business information. Cortana AI Assistant can be disabled by the user if he wants to disable Cortana. Just Turning Cortana AI off does not delete user personal data stored on Windows Microsoft’s servers, but it can be deleted in further steps through user action and activity. Windows Microsoft has also been criticised for requests to Bing’s search engine for an important file called threshold.appcache which is containing Cortana’s information due to users searches made using the Start Menu even when Cortana is turned off on Windows 10 system.

Cortana was not allowed to use and also disabled for users aged under 13 years since April. 2014.


Method to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 – Step By Step With Pictures

Why do people want to disable Cortana? the answer is very simple there is a security issue because Cortana can learn everything about you, it is based on Artificial Intelligence software which can learn and store knowledge.
Cortana is an Artificial intelligence assistance in Microsoft Windows 10 and can really help you a lot. Cortana for Microsoft Windows is like Siri in Apple iOS. You can ask Cortana for anything to help you out. For instance, if you want to search something on the web than simply ask Cortana and she will search for you to provide you the search result. You can ask Cortana to open the digital calculator of Windows and perform some multiplication, addition for you.  Notes, Calendar, and Notifications, there are a lot of things that Cortana can do for you on your voice command.

Though it is very helpful for most of the people some people just do not like this AI assistant Cortana. Most of them do not like Cortana at all for some security(privacy) reasons as this AI is learning everything about you if you enable it such as your file sharing, schedules, location and so on. So, that is why people want to disable Cortana in Windows 10 computers and mobile phones. I would like to tell you that there is no direct or straightforward method to disable Cortana from your windows and if you think that turning off the Cortana from the start menu will help you then let me tell you that it will not permanently disable Cortana from your system.

How to permanently disable Cortana from your Windows 10 based operating system?


Steps To Disable Cortana in Windows 10

By the end of this article, you will be able to disable Cortana completely. The steps are easy to follow and I am sure it will help you out to gain your knowledge and also to get rid of Cortana.

Step 1:

First Type Gpedit in the search menu of your Windows 10 system. After this it will provide you the application known as Edit Group Policy, simply click on it to open the program check the screenshot below.

disable cortana AI in windows 10
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Step 2

It will then navigate/redirect you to the Local Group Editor window where you need to make the changes required to disable Cortana permanently check the screenshot again.


make windows 10 fastStep 3

Now, Go to the following path as shown in the screenshot: Administrative Templates ->> Windows Component ->> Search and then move to next to make windows 10 faster


Step 4

On the right sidebar, you will find many files with their comment and state as shown in the screenshot below. From those files, you need to search for Allow Cortana and right-click on it then select Edit option there as in the screenshot below.

disable all the processes of cortana

Step 5

Now it will take you or redirect you to a new window of the Allow Cortana system file. Select Disable option there as shown in image below, Click Apply and then click OK to make changes permanently.delete cortana permanently windows 10 os


Step 6

Now, this will surely disable Cortana from your system but it is not the end of the process as you can still find Cortana in the background processes of your system. So, run the cmd.exe and make sure that you run it as admin to remove the Cortana from background process follow the step below


Step 7

After that type Gpupdate /force and Press Enter key of your keyboard. It will update the computer policy which is required to permanently disable Cortana in Windows 10 system. It is still not the end of the process there is one more thing required to do and that is disabling Cortana from the background processes so read further. As these steps will only disable Cortana but it will still run in the background and will eat up the memory and CPU cycle which makes your system slow and eats up your ram. So, follow the below steps in order to complete the process this one is last and it is to delete cortana permanently in windows 10 os


Step 8

In last it is now required to disable Cortana from the taskbar of your window. Now hit ctrl+alt+del  together in order to open Taskbar and Find Cortana and right click on it and then select Open file location check the screenshot below.delete cortana permanently windows 10 software


Step 9

It will take you to the new folder where Cortana’s AI system folder is available. You need to rename the folder and make the file extension as .bak it is a compulsory process. When you try to rename folder then it will display message “folder is in use and you can’t rename it” so try to follow the step and keep trying or read further to check alternative.

So, to resolve this issue, go back to the Taskbar of your system, right-click on Cortana and click End Task then again go to the file location to rename that folder again. You will have to be very quick otherwise you will not be able to rename that folder.You can press F2 after selecting the folder to rename the folder faster F2 is the shortcut key to rename and press f2 after clicking on the folder. Try to rename the folder and leave the popup message as it is then finally End Task of Cortana as shown in below snapshot and quickly click Try again button in the file location window below is t he screenshot.

disable cortana microsoft windows 10

Step 10

That is all you need to do. You have successfully disabled Cortana from your Windows 10 PC. Even from the task bar, you will never find that Cortana ever again anywhere in your OS.disable cortana windows 10


Friends, this was the complete procedure to disable Cortana permanently in Windows 10. This method is 100% working and now there is no Cortana on my Windows 10.

Simply follow these steps now and you will get rid of the Cortana easily forever. Make sure, you really want to disable Cortana permanently as after disabling it, it cannot be easy to enable it. Hope the article helped you out. If you have any doubt about any of the steps then feel free to drop it in the comments section.

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