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How to Enable Fingerprint Scanner in Linux Ubuntu 16.04 | 16.10 | 14.04

Many people have a Fingerprint scanner on their laptop but when they install Ubuntu Linux it doesn’t work for them. It is easy to make it work in Windows 10 but many people find it difficult when it comes to Linux Ubuntu.  They asked me “how to enable fingerprint scanner in Linux Ubuntu”. Most people want it for legitimate security reasons and for some people it is an only nifty feature that allows them to feel vaguely techie, have checkered support for Linux Ubuntu. However, there is always a solution for every problem in Linux Ubuntu.

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Enable Fingerprint Scanner in Linux Ubuntu Latest 16.04

Fingerprint scanner sometimes knows as a fingerprint reader and it is a very important feature of my laptop. I was slightly annoyed and sad with my nonworking fingerprint scanner in Ubuntu. This one is only hardware feature of my laptop that was not working fine in Ubuntu.

However, I have faced the similar problems in my HP ELITEBOOK 8470p so I have taken the step to fix this problem. I tried to find out a solution on the Internet by searching on google. And finally, my search end when I came across a PPA for Ubuntu with the latest libraries.  Also, it contains a cool user interface for managing your hardware device like fingerprint reader for enrolling fingerprints.

To enable hardware support for fingerprint-based authentication in any Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or other operating systems as well as the related GUI, you only required to add PPA using terminal commands given below and install the few packages of the same.

Linux Ubuntu Commands to Enable Fingerprint Scanner in Laptops: –

[sudo apt-add-repository ppa:fingerprint/fingerprint-gui && sudo apt-get update]

[sudo apt-get install libbsapi policykit-1-fingerprint-gui fingerprint-gui]
Note:- PolicyKit packages for fingerprint will remove the default(policykit-gnome etc) thus if you “wanted to remove fingerprint PPA  then you must reinstall these packages manually, or risk a broken device for the same”.

How to Configure Fingerprint Scanner in Linux Ubuntu after Installing it using sudo commands: –
The new defaults packages will take effect when you’ll run the GUI of your system and enroll a few fingers for the same.
Then finally restart the session of your system by logging out and Logging in.
Finally, you can enjoy by unlocking your system screen by logging out and logging in using sudo-ing and run things with root privileges. Jus by using your fingerprints (or toeprints etc, you chose to register after installing) –of course, you can still use your password as an alternative for the same.

List of Laptops where fingerprint scanner tested and working please leave a comment to make it up to date: –

  1. Dell Vostro 3460
  2. HP DV3500
  3. Thinkpad
  4. Dell Vostro V131
  5. X1 Carbon
  6. Toshiba Tecra
  7. System76 Pangolin.
  8. HP DV3-2010el
  9. Acer TravelMate
  10. Dell Latitude E5500
  11. HP ProBook 4430s
  12. HP Elitebook 8560p
  13. Lenovo W530
  14. Lenovo x220
  15. HP Elitebook 8470p
  16. Thinkpad W53
  17. 138a:0011
  18. Vostro V131’s
  19. ID 147e:2020 Upek
  20. Linux Mint 18
  21. notebook, a Dell Vostro 5470
  22. Lenovo IdeaPad B590 i5 2.5GHz.
  23. Dell Vostro V130
  24. HP Envy
  25. lenovo ThinkPad x220 i5 running ubuntu 16
  26. samsung NP300E5x
  27. Linux Mint 18 on a Thinkpad X200s
  28. Lenovo Thinkpad X230 16.04
  29. HP ProBook 650 G2
  30. lenovo w520
  31. Lenovo Thinkpad W541
  32. Lubuntu 16.10 with ThinkPad SL300!

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Conclusion: Thanks for reading this article if this article helpful please leave a comment for us. You can also leave your queries in the comment we will contact you ASAP. Help us to update the list in both the cases working or not working.

Instagram video calling
Short Tech News

You may now find Instagram Video Calling in Direct Messages

You may now find Instagram Video Calling Feature in Direct Messages:- We all are aware of this image-sharing or posting stories app. Instagram is now looking into a new direction to become a full-flexible communication platform as Whatsapp, Hike, Facebook and etc. According to Tech-giant sites. We heard that Instagram is planning to bring video calling feature. Instagram is internally working on the development of the process.

As spotted by well-known Leakster WABetaInfo, the rumored new Instagram video calling feature has been discovered in the direct messaging (DM) section of a non-public version of the Instagram app for the present time.

Instagram video calling feature will, however, not be accessed directly. Users will be required to start a chat session (or accept their Direct messaging request from other) to start the new ‘video calling’ icon appear at the top right corner of the Instagram app navigation bar. But currently, you will notice only the “i” icon(information) that gives a brief look at the personal profile of the other Instagram user.

TechCrunch Quotes:-

But, as reported by TechCrunch, the launch of this Instagram video calling feature might not actually be Active at present. Instagram has always been quite compliant and commented on rumors. Often saying that the company is still “testing new experiences for the Instagram community sessions.”

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This time around, however, it has declined to comment on rumors and speculations, that might fine be a ploy to cover the actual fact that Instagram video calling practicality is unquestionably being worked on the Quality Testthe corporate sure has all the resources needed to create out this feature because it has already enforced live streaming.

It is doubtful for users whether the video calling feature will come to Instagram or not. It could definitely be in the works. A few months back Facebook-owned company has launched its most popular messaging app that is standalone. For Direct and the video calling feature would play quite well with this direction it has taken going forward.

So, I’m unable to wait for this new feature of Instagram video calling turns into a reality. Over the upcoming few months. What about you Topbestlister? Are you also excited about Instagram video calling feature on Instagram? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

hill climb racing 2
Mod Apk

Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod Apk ver 1.1.8

Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod Apk ver 1.1.8:- Hill Climb Racing 2 is one of the most famous climbing games. Among teenager and it has been awarded the best game in 2016 and 17 for both android and ios Mobiles. Now here at topbestlist we are going to release a new Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod Apk to generate Unlimited Diamonds and Money for absolutely free without spending to much money and time. What you get with this hill climb racing Mod Apk you can get free resources with a simple easy click and fast. Hill Climb Racing 2 is back again with it’s red jeep concept in a sequel to the most popular climb racing game ever with over 600 million overall downloads over Playstore. The Hill Climb Racing 2 has it all crazy lover. This game has lots of stages, stunning graphics and a physics engine unlike any other.

Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK is developed for free Unlimited Gold Coins and Gems. This second upgraded version of Hill Climb Racing 2 game is based on a smash hit Hill climb racing which was released for smartphones back in early 2012. As we can check Hill Climb Racing 2 download stats on play store you will see its one of the best racing game which everyone had tried it once. and then when I got notification about its sequel I didn’t waste a single second for downloading it. As I already heard about the Bully Anniversary new Edition. This MOD APK of Hill Climb Racing 2 will Not need any Root Access at all it works best on Non Rooted and Rooted Devices as well.

Features of Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack Mod Latest Apk

  • Unlimited Coins. “Increase”
  • All ADS Removed.
  • Unlock All Vehicles.
  • License Removed.
  • Unlimited Diamonds. “Increase”
  • Unlock Adventure World.

How to install Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack Mod Latest Apk

  1. Download Hill Climb Racing 2 v1.1.8 Hack Mod Latest Apk from MetroTricks (Link at The End of Post)
  2. Now Install apk file on your android phone
  3. Now Open and Play with Unlimited Gold & Diamonds
  4. That’s it, Enjoy Now.


Download From Below link:-

Hill Climb Racing 2 Download

Cloud security cybersecurity bomb
Short Tech News

[ Cybersecurity Bomb ] Cloud Storage Confusion Leading To Major Security Issues

Cloud Security Cybersecurity Bomb: – Kaspersky Lab says that more than half of cloud-based businesses companies literally do not know whether their important data is on local storage or in the cloud, creating a ticking cybersecurity bomb. The main reason for cybersecurity bomb is cloud storage confusion.

Build a slide decks, pitches, and clear presentation? all these are big takeaways: –

  • Yes, 45% of cloud-using or cloud-based enterprises really lacks a clear understanding of their data storage location. which means they do not know if it is really secure or not. -Kaspersky Lab, 2017
  • More than half of SMBs and enterprises suffered data theft through a third-party cloud hosting, and most do not realize that those providers are not taking responsibility for data theft. -Kaspersky Lab, 2017

Latest report from Kaspersky Lab:- It is calling world attention about a growing problem that is known as “cloud zoo:”. A morass of data that large businesses companies simply can’t wrap their IT departments around them.

Special Features: – Cloud vs Data Center Decision

The Cloud v. Data Center Decision: –

This e-book which is based on the latest ZDNet which is the special feature. I would suggest you take a close look at the current enterprises’ trends surrounding cloud migrations to grow business.

Without understand and clarity as to the status and locations of their user data, or full control over the existence of data, many business companies are facing a cybersecurity landscapes about which they can not be sure of. Around 39% of SMB and 45% of the enterprises said that they do not know where their data actually exist, and thus they do not have any knowledge of its security and integrity.

With 80% of businesses companies using at least one of the cloud solution for their data. The cloud zoo is a growing concern for every enterprise whether it is small or big. Yes, there is a large adoption of online digital solutions. Which is climbing towards near 99% for every business. Many companies actually need and wants to be aware of every bit of their data.

Who is really responsible for the cloud security?

Kaspersky also points out that the growth of every cloud puts up the question who is responsible for data security? Many Businesses think it is their cloud providers who are responsible but in reality, they are not the one who is responsible.

“Cloud-based business is not responsible and there are only service level agreements.  Which state that the service providers are only ‘security’ and service availability’ of their cloud infrastructure”. Which directly means they are not responsible for the data security and loss of the data. This is what Kaspersky said in their report. “Means DDoS attacks or Ransomware attacks which affects data within the cloud, for example, are the responsibility of the customer, not the cloud service providers.”

more than 49% of SMBs and 45% of enterprises have customer data and also the employee information. which is easily stolen by them due to a third-party cloud storage breach. All those businesses have agreed and joined into an agreement similar to the one in mentioned above statement. They do not have anyone to hold accountable for them.

Yes, more than Seven out of 10 SaaS and cloud-utilizing businesses companies have no plan in place to deal with their security issues like the one we are talking about. Many of these firms also said they haven’t bothered to test the compliance credentials of their cloud business partners.

Training the zookeepers is what business cloud look like

Yes, The business cloud truly and definitely looks like a zoo and cloud providers are like zookeepers. Kaspersky’s numbers are accurate about all these stuff. But that does not mean that the situation cannot be tamed about them.

Kaspersky gives several suggestions for getting a handle on cloud security as it continues to become more and more essential to business:

  • Do You Really Know what files are living and where, after implementing a cloud ecosystem for your business visibility? Do you have a clear map and understanding of all the services you using? Who is actually responsible for each of them and what they contain? and what is their purpose?
  • Every part of the cloud-based systems you are using, is whether hosted, hybrid or public. You should actually have security issues. And you should take security measures in the situation that treat it just like local file storage.
  • Before implementing any business in the cloud you should have a security plan for it. In the place for the eventual breach of vendors. It is not a matter of what will happen to your data—it is a matter of when it will happen what you will do.
  • You should Implement a solid access control policy to keep it safe. And you should know who has the real ability to use it and what cloud services are.
  • If anything possible I will say put cloud services behind a single sign-on. Password management platform is also useful for it. Users should only be able to gain access to it if they have already certified their identity with that service plan.
Google Adsense High Paying Keywords
Blogging, SEO

Top 70+ List Of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018

Here is the updated list of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018 that can be useful for bloggers. Out of 100/95% of us monetize their websites and blogs using Google Adsense. Due to several reasons like Google Adsense is reliable easy to understand, Adsense is the best PPC/CPC network. So we decided to bring you a list of high paying keywords that will definitely give you a boost in earnings twice.

Many of blogger may have noticed that Adsense nowadays is paying less money on Clicks, usually, you may have noticed it varies from.10$ to .20$. The key reason is that we’re not using proper Keywords in our Blogs posts. Actually, the Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) depends on many factors like Blog Niche and  Blog Content(i. e what the blog is all about) along with the related high earnings keywords or blogging keywords.

Now Time for you to increase Adsense Earnings by using Google Adsense High Paying Keywords on your blogs or websites for more earning. The secret of boosting Adsense earnings is using Google Adsense High Paying Keywords in your blog posts, actually, these keywords have high Adsense CPC that allow you to increase your Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click). I have compressed some top Google Adsense High Paying Keywords for 2018.

Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018

At the result of increasing Adsense CPC (Cost per Click), you will receive a lot of money from just one click on Google Ads. Actually. The Magic formula behind these is using Google Adsense High Paying Keyword, so in this particular article, we are sharing some Google Adsense High Paying Keyword 2018.

Find below the list of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018 along with highest Adsense CPC they can give to you. Now start adding these keywords that perfectly match your blog posts.

List of all Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018:

  5. SELL ANNUITY PAYMENT ( $ 107.46 )
  7. ASBESTOS LAWYERS ( $ 105.84 )
  8. DONATE CARS IN MA ($125.58)
  11. ANNUITY SETTLEMENTS ($ 100.72 )
  13. NUNAVUT CULTURE ($99.52)
  28. ONLINE COLLEDGES ($95.65)
  30. ONLINECLASSES ($95.06)
  33. PSYCHIC FOR FREE ($94.61)
  40. MET AUTO ($93.70)
  45. NEUSON ($92.89)
  49. EMAIL BULK SERVICE ($92.55)
  50. WEBEX COSTS ($92.38)
  56. MORTGAGE ADVISER ($91.29)
  57. CAR DONATE ($ 88.26 )
  58. DATA RECOVERY RAID ( $ 73.22)
  60. VIRTUAL DATA ROOMS ($ 83.18 )
  63. CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS ($ 75.17 )
  65. CAR INSURANCE QUOTES ($ 61.03)
  67. INJURY LAWYERS ($60.79)

Time to conclude we listed some of the top Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018. Now It’s your turn to share this post with your friends and family so that they also can grab out the huge amount from Google Adsense. If you find any new high paying keyword share in below comments to help others.

hack android games without rooting
How To

How To Hack Android Games Without Rooting device 2018

As we are moving towards 2018. We need some new amazing tutorial that will change the view of seeing Android OS. This Tutorial is about how to hack android games without rooting your device 2018. Yes! it’s all possible what you just read out. You can hack many major android games like Mini militia, Clash of clans and many more such games. So learn this tutorial till the end. Please use this game hacking trick at your own risk! Hacking of anything is totally illegal in India, This article is only Published on Topbestlist for Educational Purpose only. So don’t misuse is tutorial.

Hack Android Games without rooting 2018 – As we all are quite aware of android users have an extensive collection of games that are freely available on playstore which they can have on their android device. The Google Play Store provides with various categories of games in which the games are categorized into. You can download puzzles, strategy games, racing games, etc. The size of these games varies from as low as 2MB to as large as 3GB. The football lovers games such as Dream League, FIFA and strategy games such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, are very popular among the gamers.

Hack Android Games without Rooting your Device.

In this Hacking tutorial, I will be going to explain you how could you hack android games without rooting your android device. Lucky Patcher the name of the hacking app which helps you legally to hack any android games. So Topbestlist gives you latest and Best method to hack android many games.

Method – #1

How To Hack Android Games with Lucky Patcher.

#1. First Download & Install Lucky Patcher App.

#2. After downloading open it as you open other apps normally.

#3. Select the game which contains in-app purchases. Click on the Game to get in-app purchases for free.

#4. Tap on “Open menu of patches”.

#5. Select “Create modified APK file “.

#6.Now finally tap on “APK rebuilded for InApp and LVL emulation.
Wait for few seconds to complete the process and to rebuild the app.

#7. Now uninstall the hacked game completely.

#8. Now open file manager and navigate to SD Card> Android> data> com.forpda.lp> files> luckypatcher> modified> required game.

#9. Find your modded game.

Method – #2 

Hack Android Games without rooting using Game Killer.

#1. Download & Install Game Killer Apk 2018

#2. Open the Game Killer app and launch the app, now wait for few seconds to fully load the app and the main menu should appear with a list of multiple options, tap the first option that indicates “Hack Android Games Without Root” and another window should pop up with a long list of supported games to be hacked.

#3. Once you have decided the Android game you want to hack, tap on the game and you will be taken to another window with a list of hacks you can activate for the game.

#4. This process depending on which game you’re hacking, there may be options such as unlimited gold, Hack unlimited gems, god mode, unlocking all characters and levels, etc.

#5. Select which hacks you’d like to use and press the back button on the bottom of the screen.

#6. Game Killer will launch a hacked instance of the game with your desired to hacks, for most games you can log into the game normally and still have the some items which you need to be hack, but some games require to be launched with Game Killer in order to keep the hacked items safely.

Wrap Up: So above are the two different methods to hack android games without rooting your device 2018. These methods are tested by our team and they are working without any error. Feel free to drop your comment below.

Linux Ubuntu v17.10 update bug in Lenovo bios
Short Tech News

Ubuntu v17.10 is No Longer Available to Download in LENOVO: Bios Getting Corrupted

Everybody knows about Lenovo but it bad news for you if you are Linux user. It is a Chinese MNC that is famous for making LENOVO desktops, laptops and also some other Technical equipments. Well This news is About, Download of Linux Ubuntu v17.10 one of the most favourite OS and used by most of the MNCs. Now no one is able to download the new update because there is a issue on specific Lenovo laptop models that are causing  laptop bricking/BIOS corruption on downloading and upgrading Lenovo laptops.

From the page:

Many Lenovo users who want to update ubuntu v17.10 are reporting issue like bios corruption with latest Ubuntu Linux v17.10. It seems to stem from enabling intel-spi-* system drivers in its kernel. Which is not ready to use for any end-user machine. It is not even ossible to save latest settings for BIOS even after rebooting it. The system also start with the previous setting. And Moreover the USB booting is also not possible. USB is not recognized by the lenovo systems it is also one of the issue. That is why the problem is very serious, since our systems do not have CDROM anymore.

List of Models of LENOVO laptops Systems affected so far on upgrading Linux Ubuntu v17.10: –

  1. Lenovo model B40-70
  2. Lenovo B50-70 model
  3. The Lenovo model B50-80
  4. Lenovo Flex-3 model
  5. Lenovo model Flex-10
  6. The Lenovo G40-30 model
  7. Lenovo G50-70 Model
  8. Lenovo Model G50-80
  9. The Lenovo S20-30 Model
  10. Lenovo model U31-70
  11. Lenovo Y50-70
  12. The Lenovo Y70-70 model
  13. Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad (20C0)
  14. Lenovo Yoga 2 11″ – 20332 model
  15. The Lenovo Z50-70 model
  16. Lenovo Z51-70 model
  17. Lenovo ideapad 100-15IBY Model

Now this bug is also affecting some of the Acer laptops models:

  1. Acer Aspire E5-771G model
  2. Acer TravelMate B113 model

It also looks like acer Yoga series is mostly affected by the bugs. ThinkPads are safe and are not affected by this bug issues. And You can still download and can use Ubuntu Linux v16.10 easily. There is no issues with model LENOVO x230 which also seems safe. You can easily upgrade to Ubuntu v17.10 to lenovo x230.
Sample outputs:

What about Linux distros bugs?

Well, this bug is related to intel-spi-* drivers of the Linux kernel therefore distros is also not safel. There is a possibility that the other Linux distro might be affected too with this bugs and problems. I will suggest you to Check out your Linux distribution mailing list if you are using  lenovo and acer laptops with linux and want to upgrade it. Go for bug trackers for more information about the bugs and issues.

Bricking Linux based systems using rm command: –

It is not the first time this reminds me about the older bug in BIOS. Back in 2016 many  Linux based systems were affected by bugs: –

It is not easy task to Delete all the files from the root (i.e. rm -rf /) and is not a good advised. It is always a mistake so I will not suggest yout to go for it. But, even now if it is done for any purpose, a permanent unbootable system or a brick is not result we expected. Yes, RM command can easily cause all of your Extensible Firmware Interface (i.e EFI) variables to be cleared out; And due to some of the poorly implemented firmwares in some system, that can easily render your devices and they permanently unable to run or start-up their firmware anymore.

How to upgrade Linux Ubuntu v17.10 in Lenovo?

Well I will suggest you to wait until Ubuntu update releases get fixed. So, don’t install Ubuntu v17.10 on any affected devices. If you want to know then check the following URLs for more information:


How To Use Mobile Data and WiFi Network Simultaneously 2018

How To Use Mobile Data and WiFi Network Simultaneously 2018:- Using both Mobile data and Wifi network would increase the download speed but, while the mobile data is being utilized WiFi network cannot be used and while WiFi network is being utilized the mobile data cannot be used. This concludes that only one can be used at a particular time. Imagine that If we would have an option of using both services at the same time, the download speed would have increased to its multiple times as both the speeds would have added up into one download, That reducing the download time far away.

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It is possible to use both data simultaneously by two apps which let you achieve this near to impossible task. Using these apps, you can use WiFi as well as internet packs simultaneously to download any file on your Android smartphone. The name of these unbelievable apps is ‘Speedify’ and ‘Super Download.’ But, Super Download app is an app that can be only used on the rooted device. But for the non-rooted user, this app won’t work on your Android device you can use speedify.

Before you start using this Super download app, make sure that your device is completely rooted. If you don’t wish to root your device, unfortunately, you won’t be able to make use Super Download android app.

How To Use Mobile Data and WiFi network Simultaneously: 

However, for those who have their Android Devices non Rooted, there are few simple steps you need to follow to install this app on your Android device and make it work efficiently without any trouble. Speedify doesn’t require your smartphones to be rooted. It works perfectly on devices which aren’t rooted. So let’s take a look at these steps.

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Method #1: Use Both Mobile Data and WiFi network Using Speedify


This app works as an alternative to Super Download. It provides the same service as Super Download. The free version has a limit boundation of 1 GB of downloading per monthly. To extend this 1 GB limit, you can either refer this app to your friends and family to earn more limit or upgrade to its paid version by paying few amount per month. To install and make it work freely take a quick lookover at some easy steps which are given below.

Step 1: Install Speedify on your Android device from Google Play Store link is given below.

[appbox googleplay com.speedify.speedifyandroid]

Now Step 2: After installing it, you will land on a page which will be asking you to enable location permission and phone state for better connectivity. Enable both of these options.

Step 3: You will then notice a surprise pop up which will be requesting to setup a VPN connection. Click on OK.

Step 4: Then, turn on your Internet data and WiFi network simultaneously to download files at almost twice the speed.

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Method #2: Using Super Download 

super download

While using this app, see to it that both WiFi and internet pack provide with almost equal speeds, some devices even though rooted won’t be able to make use of this app. You won’t be able to download torrent files using this app. The free version has some size limits, to eliminate these limits, you can upgrade to the paid version of this app.

Step 1: Install ‘Super Download’ from Google Play Store on your Android device.

[appbox googleplay it.opbyte.superdownload]

Step 2: Arrive at the home screen of this app once it is installed and launched. It should display a message which reads ‘No active files!’

Step 3: Navigate yourself to the settings of this app and enable the ‘Dual networks’ option which allows your Android device to enable WiFi as well as internet pack at the same time. looks something like (+) this allows you to add links in this app to initiate the downloading process.

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Wrap Up:  So above is all about How To use Both Mobile Data and WiFi network To Boost Internet Speed twice. These are two different methods with two different apps which will help you with downloading files using WiFi as well as internet data and hence increasing your internet speed to almost twice the regular rate. Hope you like this article. if yes, then don’t forget to share it and if you’re facing any problem, please do let us know via comments!

WhatsApp Beta
Short Tech News

WhatsApp Beta out with Private Reply in Groups, PIP Mode

WhatsApp Beta out with Private Reply in Groups, PIP Mode:- If you missed out our last update on Whatsapp that was New Whatsapp Business to launch soon. In Whatsapp Beta new features have been consistently added to WhatsApp to make Better and better user messaging experience. This time is no exception on that regard, as WhatsApp is testing some new amazing features that will totally change the experience you’ve been using the instant messaging app so far. Many Users who’re already using the beta version of the app already have access to these features such as Picture-in-Picture mode, private reply in groups, tap to unblock and many more. So, without any further delay, let’s pip to the new features that the latest WhatsApp Beta brings. to the dinner table.

List of Feature:-

  • Private replies in groups It’s going to be the most useful feature among them all. Users of a group will now be able to privately reply to any particular group message. Yes you read it correctly. If you don’t want to let everyone in the group know what going on your mind, you can now message a specific member in the group.
  • Picture in Picture (PiP) mode – The new PiP mode is a great feature if you’re a multitasking giant. With this feature, users on a video call will be able to multitask at any instance of time. The upcoming Whatsapp beta version of the app includes a new icon that notifies the user to switch to PiP mode once they attend a video call from others user. Users will be freely able to resize the PIP window as well as an extra feature.
  • Tap to Unblock – In Whatsapp beta version Users will now be able to unblock people as simple as tapping and holding the specific contact, which is a lot more easier than earlier method.
  • Shake to report Not only unblocking blocked people isn’t the only thing that’s easier now, because users who’re on the beta version of whatsapp are now able to report problems related to the device by just shaking it.
  • Invite via Link – This is a feature that has been available on iOS and on the modified version of whatsapp like whatsapp plus and extra for quite some time now. Users will soon be able to join a group by asking for an invite link from the group admin if groups are not full. Group members also have an advantage of sharing this created invite link among others so that they could directly join, without having to trouble the admin to add users one by one and following a queue.

Well, now it’s time to wind-up the whole scenario these were some of the outstanding new features that are available in the WhatsApp beta version number 2.17.437. You can freely use these extra features to be rolled out to the stable version in the coming weeks. If you can’t control your patience like me and want to try it out first-hand as early as possible, you can use this version of WhatsApp beta by clicking this link. So, now it’s time to comment which one of these new WhatsApp features are your favorite?

Whatsapp business
Short Tech News

WhatsApp Business to Launch Soon

WhatsApp Business to Launch Soon:- WhatsApp Business was made officially uploaded on playstore on September 17. The details about WhatsApp business service has been hard to come. As we all are aware of the Facebook-owned company has lined-up the Android app for download on the Google Play Store, but, here you can only sign up to be a tester by completing just a simple  survey. While there’s no Estimate Time of Arrival currently for the commercial launch. The dedicated organized business-oriented app, the facebook company has now gone ahead. They published a couple of set FAQs on its website. the facts gives us some more insight about the WhatsApp business service.

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WhatsApp business

In the bundle of FAQs list, they have revealed more details about the differences between verified accounts and unverified accounts. Sign of Verified account is that verified account will have a green checkmark. Next to them much similar to the blue check mark next to verified Twitter accounts. But WhatsApp now says that all unverified accounts will have a gray question mark badge. Its profile to demarcate them from the genuine reason few. According to the Facebook company,

While chatting with Whatsapp businesses. You can check your contact’s profile to see which type of account they’re using. It is Verified account or unverified account. Do note verified account has a green checkmark badge in its profile . A Whatsapp business account with a gray question mark badge in its profile means: – the account is using the WhatsApp Business app. But it hasn’t been confirmed nor verified by WhatsApp terms and conditions.

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There’s also soon be predictable going to be a ‘confirmed’ status that will be symbolized by a gray checkmark badge. Companies whose phone numbers have been confirmed independently by WhatsApp will be the only ones to receive the gray checkmark badge. As for regular users, if you believe any business account is spamming your account with unwanted messages, you’ll be able to block them and report them by navigating over to Chat > Menu Button > Report spam / Block.

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WhatsApp Business is currently available in the beta stage. It is being tested by a select group of qualified beta testers. More and more companies are joining the group as the company. It is bringing in more well-qualified testers as days are passing. The BookMyShow was reportedly the first Indian company to have gotten its WhatsApp account certified as a ‘verified Whatsapp business account. Companies are also started to their well best to join the list in upcoming recent times.

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