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SEO 2018 Guidelines and Mistakes That Every Blogger Must Avoid

What is there in this content? below is the short summary of SEO

You may be searching for SEO tips, SEO guidelines, SEO tutorials, SEO mistakes, SEO Methods, and SEO 2018 but you failed to find the right content. None of the SEO tips working for you to bring visitors in 2018. Your Website is not Ranking up in Alexa and your blog post is not coming in Google search engine result. What is wrong? you may be bored of this work because traffic in your website not reaching up. And not getting many clicks on search engines like google. You are not able to Earn much through Google Adsense.
SEO tips and guidelines
What is SEO?
SEO stands for “Search engine optimization“. In the below question, the answer will help you out more in knowing what is SEO in 2018.
What SEO Means?
It means “helping search engines to reach the right content for the people queries” or “technique to help people reach your content which you may consider will help them and they will enjoy reading” by Sayed Mohd Ali. Yes, now SEO definition is totally changed because of awesome updated by Google search engines. Google wants to provide the best result for their user search queries so that people use Google as a searching best solution for their problems. You may also know more about Search engine optimization on Wikipedia but that definition in old and not is what you are looking for.
If you will search on Google SEO or what is SEO you will find This link on the top As you know Wikipedia is famous for their content and should come on the top instead of Wikipedia result Searchengineland comes on the top. What is the reason behind of it?
Important Facts about why gives better result on google search pages instead of Wikipedia SEO definition.
  • Searchengineland writes on niche SEO and nothing else but Wikipedia writes about everything.
  • Searchengineland contain word SEO in their URL, also have meta keywords and meta-definition of SEO on their website homepage.
  • Wikipedia is already popular and people can directly go on Wikipedia and search for SEO instead of Searching of Google that is why when Wikipedia information is not sufficient for them they search on google for, a more relevant site for the queries. And whenever user hit the URL and also bounce rate of the site goes up the score a point. In this way they score more on search engine then Wikipedia on the topic of SEO.
  • Seoengineland has more internal linking for the keyword SEO than Wikipedia.
  • They also provide SEO services, tools and free tips to their clients which is not available on Wikipedia.
Nowadays, Every blogger should be more aware of good content writing practices and neat blogging techniques for better google rank and better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) result.
Some SEO tools help out in doing your SEO work fast but I will suggest you use those tool wisely and properly otherwise it may hurt your ranking.

Organic SEO (Search engine Optimization) techniques are very difficult to stick with. Especially, for new webmasters and bloggers who do not have enough time to understand the good, bad, and the ugly part of SEO guide.

Building Backlinks is the part of off-page search engine optimization and I will suggest you create backlinks for your site from high PR websites. You can also use web directories submission to create high-quality backlinks for your website.

The basic SEO rules do not change with time they always remain same and as important as it used to be since their beginning. New blogs are coming each day so Google has started taking SERPs very seriously. All New bloggers with less understanding, do not know the what SEO experts do for better ranks and result. There are different Blog Writing Techniques which helps you to promote your blogs, you can also advertise your blog easily with these guides.

Is there any plugin for SEO in WordPress? or what are best plugins for SEO? List of Top 10 WordPress SEO plugin

I will list the SEO Mistakes in this article that every blogger should seriously avoid while Blogging. Blog creation is an easy task and the difficult part is blogging writing and blog promotion. If you able to do success in blog writing and blog promotion with the right method they problem you will be going to face is generating organic and inorganic traffic on your blog. When it comes to organic and inorganic traffic then the need of SEO come into use.

SEO is not something that will boost your traffic in one day it is something which will show the result in 6 months or in years. Google аnd оthеr major search engine’s аrе оn а mission tо give quality аnd relevance tо thеіr search queries, ѕо gеttіng thіѕ undеr control wіll hеlр boost уоur SEO rankings.

Nоbоdу іѕ expected tо knоw еvеrу details thаt wіll work wіthоut trial аnd error, but thе fоllоwіng аrе proven techniques tо еіthеr avoid оr implement tо уоur site tо boost traffic without being penalized.

What are the Mоѕt Common SEO Mistakes Committed by bloggers:-

#1. Poor оr Duplicate Content

Poor copied content give your zero search engine result. Search engines will for the better content, not the copied one.  Duplicate/ copied content or the one with poor grammar finds no places in SERP’s in 2018.

Have you ever seen any page which is having a good rank on SERP’ with duplicate content in it or with the one with poor grammar? Even if it reaches good rank somehow, then it will be easily removed very soon when search engines notice them.

So, never try to pull content from other websites for your own good and try to write quality posts that last forever on SERP’s! Only the good ones survive the race until the end of the updating of Search engines.

Do not write lame content it will not something which will survive for a long time. SEO means you do not have to write the same content again in future.

The websites which do not provide original or high-quality content then it will be flushed by google panda update.

#2. Thе Lack оf Authority and Niche

Thеrе аrе mаnу websites on world wide web thаt write content аbоut еvеrуthіng аnd are not аn expert іn аnу specific field. If уоu аrе nоt аn expert fоr раrtісulаr subject thеn whу wоuld search engines wаnt tо send searchers tо уоur website? give me a good reason for that?

Thе search engines wоuld love tо send user’s searched queries tо experts and their website. Always try to write your article on one topic and stick to it. Until you do not have content for the topic or you get bored of it. You can start writing content on the related topic of the previous category.

Niche websites have better visibility on SERP’s because they have multiple solutions for the user query and have multiple posts based on that interest. And, all of their blog posts are related to one another if they all belong to the same topic.

Target a maximum of 2-3 niche types in your blog post. For example, in this blog, we target for ‘Online Advertising’, ‘Blogging’, and ‘Internet’ based categories and interest.

#3 Not Using Correct On-page SEO Practices while Creating a New Blog Post

Ranking on Google SERP’s is not something easy for anyone. And, neither it should be! Otherwise, what is the point in being on the right list of Google? Only those people who maintain the quality and authority will be rewarded by the google.

And, Google takes no exception to this. Search engines awards only those web bloggers who bring, create and present amazing, useful content within articles for their users. Rewards cannot be given easily, they are something which you need to earn by yourself.

You can make your blogging practices a real success in 2018 by not only writing only quality content within it but also implementing best on-page SEO techniques as well as follow good blog promotions methods to promote your blog.

On-Page SEO is very crucial and useful technique in 2018 as this makes your blog eligible to ‘be found’  by the search engine results pages. The howsoever good content you may write, but your blog can’t rank well in search engines unless it meets the basic on-page SEO criteria.

Off-page SEO is as important as on-page. Follow these guidelines while generating backlinks

#4. Targeting thе Wrong Keywords

Another common mistake thаt new bloggers mаkеs is targeting the keywords or phrases which sounds good tо them but it is not, and it is not relevant tо thеіr page content.

Thе Google search engine Updates іѕ оn а mission tо provide mоѕt relevant content for users for their search queries, so providing wrong keywords which do not fit for the search queries than you are on wrong track and you may lose the ranking.

It is important to think about which keywords and phrases fit the articles. I will suggest you to cоnѕіdеrіng proper keyword research before using them. It саn easily break SEO campaign. Keyword research will also help you out in writing articles.

First Learn about “Hоw tо dо Proper Keywords Research аnd Analysis for SEO”

#5. Keyword Stuffing

You may be heard about it but not familiar with it. This terminology uѕеd whеn аny blog writer оvеr optimizes thеіr blog content. This happens due to thе uѕе оf repeating keywords which is not good for SEO and known as keyword stuffing.

As you know Keywords аrе important for doing SEO, but overuse of them саn affect web page rankings. Which quіtе possibly gеt уоu penalized by the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The repeating оf thе same keywords or phrases and using stop words оvеr аnd оvеr wаѕ а SEO while back. But now the time has changed, this technique worked wеll а whіlе back when search engines were not AI-based. Nowadays search engines are very advanced and can easily catch you up if you trying to trick them.

Thе practices оf dоіng something like this may result in a penalty. This is the worst case scenario for any website. The website will get blacklisted by the search engines. That means no more search engine traffic for them.  Search engines remove all the indexes from their database of your website.

Nowadays, Many WordPress bloggers use SEO Plugins to automate the search keywords, meta title, and meta tag part of articles.  This could lead to poor ranking if it is not implemented with proper knowledge, as it could destroy the Keywords balance of your website.

Always check keyword density whenever post a new article. It should be between 2-4%.

#6. Nоt Cross-Linking Well

Cross-linking or internal linking, It іѕ аn important method tо link all the relevant pages together.

Thіѕ is the simple and important method which wіll hеlр to reduce bounce rate of your website (Google Panda Update always check out your bounce rate). Whісh also helps search engines knowing that your website having important information thаt readers enjoy reading.  Bесаuѕе more bounce rate means reader spending more time on your website.

Cross-linking аlѕо hеlр in boost linked pages wіth searched page bу allowing users to read linked pages.

If уоu previously wrote or mentioned any topic which is relevant or can be added tо this article then link tо it.

#7. Uѕіng thе Sаmе Title оn Multiple Pages

Title Tag of your article іѕ very important factor for SEO thаt hеlрs уоur page and site to increase rank. Google search engine аnd оthеr search engines uѕе these tags tо determine whаt уоur page is containing. And what іѕ аll there inside of it, here Relevance іѕ thе key to for your success.

Eасh Title Tag of your blog post nееdѕ tо bе unique in itself. And, іf уоu are hаving mаnу title tags which are identical, thеn search engines wіll ѕее thеm аѕ similar. This саn quіtе possibly put а damper оn уоur page rankings.

Always, remember to check that title is соntаіning main keyword phrase or not because it is important for SEO.

Does not mistake thе Title Tag with your main blog post headline, bесаuѕе іt іѕ for SEO not for headings.

The title tag & meta tags are the most important words thаt shows on thе top оf page or web browser аnd it іѕ searchable for search engine result.

Do not use plugins which type а different titles and automatically posts articles headline аѕ title tag for articles.


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Top 70+ List Of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018

Here is the updated list of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018 that can be useful for bloggers. Out of 100/95% of us monetize their websites and blogs using Google Adsense. Due to several reasons like Google Adsense is reliable easy to understand, Adsense is the best PPC/CPC network. So we decided to bring you a list of high paying keywords that will definitely give you a boost in earnings twice.

Many of blogger may have noticed that Adsense nowadays is paying less money on Clicks, usually, you may have noticed it varies from.10$ to .20$. The key reason is that we’re not using proper Keywords in our Blogs posts. Actually, the Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) depends on many factors like Blog Niche and  Blog Content(i. e what the blog is all about) along with the related high earnings keywords or blogging keywords.

Now Time for you to increase Adsense Earnings by using Google Adsense High Paying Keywords on your blogs or websites for more earning. The secret of boosting Adsense earnings is using Google Adsense High Paying Keywords in your blog posts, actually, these keywords have high Adsense CPC that allow you to increase your Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click). I have compressed some top Google Adsense High Paying Keywords for 2018.

Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018

At the result of increasing Adsense CPC (Cost per Click), you will receive a lot of money from just one click on Google Ads. Actually. The Magic formula behind these is using Google Adsense High Paying Keyword, so in this particular article, we are sharing some Google Adsense High Paying Keyword 2018.

Find below the list of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018 along with highest Adsense CPC they can give to you. Now start adding these keywords that perfectly match your blog posts.

List of all Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018:

  5. SELL ANNUITY PAYMENT ( $ 107.46 )
  7. ASBESTOS LAWYERS ( $ 105.84 )
  8. DONATE CARS IN MA ($125.58)
  11. ANNUITY SETTLEMENTS ($ 100.72 )
  13. NUNAVUT CULTURE ($99.52)
  28. ONLINE COLLEDGES ($95.65)
  30. ONLINECLASSES ($95.06)
  33. PSYCHIC FOR FREE ($94.61)
  40. MET AUTO ($93.70)
  45. NEUSON ($92.89)
  49. EMAIL BULK SERVICE ($92.55)
  50. WEBEX COSTS ($92.38)
  56. MORTGAGE ADVISER ($91.29)
  57. CAR DONATE ($ 88.26 )
  58. DATA RECOVERY RAID ( $ 73.22)
  60. VIRTUAL DATA ROOMS ($ 83.18 )
  63. CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS ($ 75.17 )
  65. CAR INSURANCE QUOTES ($ 61.03)
  67. INJURY LAWYERS ($60.79)

Time to conclude we listed some of the top Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018. Now It’s your turn to share this post with your friends and family so that they also can grab out the huge amount from Google Adsense. If you find any new high paying keyword share in below comments to help others.


20+ Best SEO Tools to Improve Website Ranking And Traffic

Whenever I think about a Rank improvement of the online website/project. I always wanted to work in a smartest and fastest way. This can be only when I am using the genuine and working SEO tools during mine work. Everyone knows good working SEO tool can make a lot of difference in your website ranking and traffic.

Now there is a hard competition and everyone wants to move Fast-forward to online marketing. How to increase Alexa Ranking of the website using SEO Tools?

Starts with having right List of search engine optimization SEO tools.

I have recently collected and listed a big sampling of the Top and free SEO tools of 2017 in the market— Best tools with a wide variety of uses and covering a number of common needs. These tools are fast, free, and easy-to-use. I hope you find one or two (or twenty) you can put to good use, today.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Check the Loading speed and easy usability of your website on multiple devices

First, Enter Link of your website, and this technical tools will test the loading performance and time for Laptops, Ipads, desktops and for mobiles, plus generate test and help to identify opportunities to improve your website. The results for both mobiles and desktop also come with a user experience grading, score areas like font sizes and tap targets. Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the best SEO tools and helps a lot to increase website overall speed on mobile and desktop both.

Google PageSpeed Insights SEO guide

2. Moz Local Listing Score

See how your local and online business looks like to others

Moz crunches and collects data online from more than 15+ different data sources—including them are Foursquare, Facebook, and Google—It is to score and also helps to boost up your business online. All the Results come with complete and actionable bugs and reports, fixes for inconsistent websites or incomplete data. There is difficult to find more SEO tools like moz local listing score.

how to use moz seo tool

3. Keyword

There is data for more than 700+ keywords idea based on a single High CPC/PPC keyword

You need to Enter a keyword first, and then these Keyword Tools will provide a huge useful list of long-tail keywords opportunities and it will be organized alphabetically.

SEO Keyword tool for research and analysis

4. Google Analytics

Complete web statistics and Google search insights

This Google-based tool is perfect in SEO and does web tracking pretty much every web traffic you could imagine on Analytics, the site also surfaces many keywords insights as in which terms of people to use and land on your web page.

Google analytics guide how to use it

5. Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools

These tools do Constant website alerts, error reports, and analysis of website

These webmaster tools also help to give a taste of what the two top search engines think of your website. It is helpful to see any alerts, indexing issues, and bugs.

Professional tip: Each of all these tools requires a bit of installation on your website. If you have got a WordPress based website, you can easily add the webmaster code automatically through a plugin like Yoast, Jetpack.

Google webmaster tools + bing webmaster tool 2018

6. Open Site Explorer

Comprehensive link analysis of the site

The freemium version of this Open Site Explorer SEO tool gives you a fast and outstanding look of a perfect range of link analysis that includes a look at the most powerful impactful links coming your way and your most linked-to pages.

open site explorer tools similar

7. Google Keyword Planner

This tools Knew what users mostly search for online sources

First, Enter a keyword or group of online keywords into these online tools, and Google will also return all sorts of helpful statistics to guide your keyword strategy: competition, monthly search volume and even suggested terms you might not have considered.

top google keyword planer tools 2018

8. in an Incognito Window

Discover auto-fill opportunities

Searching in an incognito window will bring up that all-familiar list of autofill option, many of which can help guide your keyword research tools. The incognito ensures that any customized search data Google stores when you’re signed in get left out. Incognito may also be helpful to see where you truly rank on a results pages for a certain term.

9. Google Trends

You can check what is trending article on Google and can research them, Changes in search volume for key terms. Click here to know more About Google Trends,

A quick browse or search through Google Trends can show you the hockey-stick rise of potential terms and SEO opportunities for your content.

how to use google trends for SEO

10. QuickSprout Website Analyzer

You can easily do Full analysis of any site online with the help of this SEO tool

This powerful tool does a comprehensive look at just about everything: speed, links, Search engine optimization, tags, keywords, social, and competitor comparison.

quicksprout SEO 2018 tools like

11. Schema Creator

Uber-customize the way your search results appear

This tool easily Create custom codes so that your events, organizations, reviews, and users are displayed in the way you want for the search pages. Once you have created your website schema code, copy and paste site, or also try the free WordPress plugin for easy implementation.

12. SimilarWeb

This SEO tool is to check ad View site stats for any website you wanted to check

Use this powerful tool to easily compare traffic between two different sites, and also the sources of traffic. This is a very helpful tool for competitor research.

best seo tools 2018

13. SERPs Rank Checker

See where your website ranks for certain keywords

You can use Rank Checker tool one of two ways as per your requirements: You need to Input your search keyword and your site link and see where you landed or leave the site field blank to check the whole list of resulted keyword.

SERPs rank checker 2018

14. XML Sitemaps

This is simple and powerful SEO tool which help out too easily Build a sitemap of your website.

You just need to enter your website’s Link and some optional parameters as required, and then XML Sitemaps will start making a sitemap that you can easily upload and will be accepted by Google Webmaster Tools.

15. Browse O

Preview your online site in the same way a search engine sees it and search it

First Enter your website Link, and this SEO tool will start working and also strip out everything about your website you wanted to know. But the guts, revealing your own site the way search spiders see it. This particular view is very helpful to see the particular elements.

browse O SEO tool 2018

16. SEO Site Checkup

This tool helps in Audit and also score for your site

Website Checkup runs a quick audit of your website, check for proper meta tags and find bugs and errors.

SEO site checkup tool 2018

17. Searchmetrics Website Analyzer

This outstanding SEO tool will help in checking performance dashboard of your website for search and social network ranking

The freemium version of this SEO tool reports will show you a taste of how is your site ranks in search results and social media, along with a preview option of top keywords.

SEO tools top 2018

18. Find Broken Links

This website Discover broken links and errors on your site

The link report from Ninja Internet Marketers combs through your whole site and highlights a number of link insights, including the internal and external links that need fixing.

popular SEO tools 2018

19. Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and Backlink Checker

This website does a Complete overview of your web pages, links, and URLs.

There is a free sample of what opportunities Ahrefs offers to its customers, the dashboards for referring web pages and rich inbound links and informative.

Working SEO tools 2018

20. Copyscape

This amazing SEO tool quickly Check for all type of duplicate content

You first need to Enter a link to an Article or blog post, and then Copyscape can easily tell you which websites have almost same content. You might find all the available results that you will be required to keep up with the help to get your SEO in the order you want.

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500+ High Quality Websites to Build Backlinks: SEO

Many of my readers asked me what is Backlinks? and how to create backlinks for their website? You may be heard this term Backlinks in every article on search engine optimization (SEO) and blogging. Don’t you ever think about “what are backlinks?” and “how to build backlinks?”

Well, Today I will teach you how to generate high-quality backlinks for your website. You can easily create backlinks by submitting your website link to the various online Directories (websites). You can also create backlinks by commenting with your link on the high-quality website. We will share Free 500+ High-Quality websites to build backlinks for you.

Tips to Create High-Quality Backlinks for your website or Blog

Most Common Question About SEO is What Are BackLinks? How to build Backlinks?

In search engine optimization (In short SEO) terminology a term backlink is for those hyperlinks that interlink different websites or Web pages. The links back to any of your own Website or Web page is known as backlinks. Backlinks also called as Inbound Links ( In short IBL) and backlinks are important in determining the website popularity (or importance) on the Internet. The more build backlinks you have for your website, the more will be the website popularity on the internet.

200+ RSS Feed Link/URL Submission Websites/Directories 2018 | SEO

So after receiving a lot of feedbacks on my previous articles, I finally decided it is a time to offer a “500+ Web Directories List for backlinks” 2018. Now, all these directories lists are for creating free high-quality backlinks. I will Keep updating the list and remove all broken links. I will suggest you to use these High PR sites to create free backlinks for your website easily. Nobody shares and offers such specific and important details about backlink building.

Get Free Unlimited Facebook Likes: Best Social Media Likes Exchange

You Must Be Thinking How To Generate Backlinks of High Quality or High PR?

The simplest way to generate High quality or High PR backlinks are: –

  • Commenting on other’s blogs and websites help a lot in creating backlinks.
  • Being Active in Forums is helpful in creating quick inbound links for your website.
  • Guest Post will provide high-quality backlinks and can increase hits on your website.
  • You can get more backlinks easily By Listing your website in the online web directories.
  • Posting on social networks or social media websites also helps like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo answers, Quora etc
  • Build backlinks for Quora, Yahoo Answers, Microsoft Answers, Github and more.


What is the Importance Of Backlinks?

Backlinks are very important for any websites nowadays to gain popularity on the internet. These inbound links are the backbone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines always search for the popular websites on the internet. The websites which are having more backlinks and keep on updating.

Only backlinks do not matter but it is important to have high-quality backlinks for your website or blog.

Best Free Blog Submission Sites | Blog Submission Directory Sites 2018

Backlinks Helps in lot of things:-

  • Backlinks Help in Getting more visitors on your website easily.
  • It also Increases Your website Domain Authority.
  • There is Improvement in search engine optimization.
  • It also Improves your website Alexa Rank.
  • It also Increases your website Revenue.
  • Build Backlinks for free of high quality without much effort.

How to Hack Facebook Account password 100% working Method #1


Today I am providing you Top Free High-Quality website list 2018.

Top 20 High DA Directory Sites Submission List




Pragmatic Play: Judi Slot Pragmatic Play | Daftar Pragmatic Play






Top 500+ Websites Submission List For Backlinks






List of Best High-Quality Websites for creating High PR Backlinks 2018




Advanced Degrees in Nursing













Create Free Backlinks of High-Quality Website List and Directories Collection

The Blog Directory


You could use the above directories to build quality backlinks to your blog.

what you have to do is to just submit your site to the above-listed site.

Now sit back and wait until your sites are indexed.

Enjoy High-Quality Backlinks to your Blog.


In this article, we have given a short intro of backlinks i.e What are Backlinks? How to make Backlinks? and Importance of backlinks.we have given a brief intro to build backlinks from online directories.Check the complete guide on 120+ Free High-Quality Directory Sites Submission List and build backlinks using online directories.

Have Queries?? Feel Free to comment below.

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200+ RSS Feed Link/URL Submission Websites/Directories 2018 | SEO

This is the latest updated list of RSS Feed Link submission Websites/Directories. If you need to create high-quality Backlinks for your website then you need to simply visit these websites and then just submit your Feeds URL Link. All these are alternative websites like Alltop link submission “”. Alltop is famous Feeds URL link submission Directory.

More RSS feeds subscribers of the website means more Domain popularity. And More popularity means better SEO and more organic traffic. You can easily publish your website content to more audience using RSS. The best and fastest methods for increasing visitors and traffic is to submit your feed URL to the top feeds directories.

This RSS website collection is to help you out in promoting your website. You can easily make your Post more popular by submitting your feed URL to these websites. These high-Quality PR websites generate huge traffic for most of the websites or blogs. This will help a lot especially if you are a new to blogging. This is the part of SEO to increase visitors to the website. Your page rank will also improve automatically by submitting RSS feed URL.

RSS directories Automatically grab all the posts from your blog and displays on their own websites. Their visitors will see your post and if they find it interesting then they will read it. They will also visit and subscribe to your website by using your link. This will help you out in increasing the visitors as well as Blog readers. Automatically improves your Alexa rank as well as increases Visitors/search engine traffic.

RSS Feed URL submission works in all blogging platform including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Squarespace or any other. All Blogging platform comes with feed URL/Link which helps in publishing blog posts on other sites. I will suggest you, submit your blog feed URL to all these free feeds submission websites. This will definitely help in increasing website traffic and visitors.

By submitting your blog feeds to feed submission websites then they will get notified about your all-new Blog posts and it will automatically get published on their website, and Readers will visit your blog to read more content of your blog, and that is why we suggest every beginner blogger to use all these submission websites to increase their blog visitors and boost traffic.

What is RSS Feed URL?

In short, RSS is a family of feed formats which is used to publish a frequently updated blog post to other websites. RSS Feed URL of all WordPress websites is “”. For Example, my website RSS Feed URL will be “”. There are more alternative for feed URL of any WordPress website but you do not need to use all of them. You can simply use this one to submit your feeds to all these below-listed Feeds submission websites.

Advantages of Submitting Feed URL on these websites: –

  • First of all, You will get Free High-quality Backlinks.
  • Second, they automatically generate backlinks of your website Posts/articles. You only need to do one-time submission of your Feed URL Link.
  • It increases your Post rank on search engines. Automatically interlink your post from different Feed URL submission Directories.
  • Automatically Improve SEO of your Website/Blog.

How to submit Feed Link to these Directories/Websites?

  1. First Read how to Generate feed Link of your WordPress website.
  2. The Feed Link of all WordPress websites is “”.
  3. For Example, my website Feed URL will be “”.
  4. There is More alternative For Feed URL Link but you do not need to use all of them.
  5. Now go to the any of the Feed URL submission Website like Alltop. Alltop is one of the Best and famous Feeds URL submission Directory. Click here to submit your Feed Link to Alltop. You need to create Account and fill the details for the submission.
  6. In last, I would Like to say Good Luck “Bloggers”.

Boing Boing – A Directory of Mostly Wonderful Things


The Blog Directory


Coding = Codango™


Real Estate Feed Directory

Top RSS Feed URL submission websites 2018


Blogs owners can also submit RSS feeds to help them in indexing their recently published posts/contents. You will get more subscribers and also help you out in getting more search traffic. Please do report if you find any broken links in this post, I will update the post. Also, suggest and share this post with other bloggers and Facebook friends.

Conclusion: – In Case you Feel any difficulty and want any help, don’t hesitate to ask from us. We are always here to help you out and we keep on posting an awesome post like this one. I know most of the greedy bloggers do not teach anything about SEO but we are not like them. You can Contact me anywhere do not forget to inbox me. If you want Backlinks from us and you can politely ask and we will provide you for sure. You can also Write a Guest post for us if you are interested in getting famous.


2,000,000+ High Paying CPC/PPC, Adwords and Adsense Keywords 2018

This post is to help Adsense, Adwords, Advertisers, Advertising companies, and bloggers. I write this post to help out people using Google Adsense or any other Ads service. In my previous post, I told you about how to find Latest HIgh CPC keywords of your choice. But still thought to produce a list of keywords. Especially for those who feel lazy to find high CPC keywords by themselves. The list was verified and suggested by many advertisers, who use Google Adwords and for advertising. These keywords always remain high on bidding and it is hard to buy or use them. You can also suggest High Paying CPC keywords for this list. You can go to feedback or contact us for suggestions.

It is not that the keyword with high CPC will also have high searches. So you need to go for high CPC + high search traffic keywords. Instead of High CPC keywords, there is still a method to increase CPC. Check this post “[genuine] How to Increase Adsense CPC“. The best method to utilize High CPC is to bring search engine traffic with them. The more use of High CPC keyword will bring more earning as a blogger. The long tail keywords will rank up easily on Google. If they are of high CPC then, the huge increment in your blog earning.

And the best way to bring traffic is the Seach Engine organic traffic for which you need to do SEO. SEO TRICKS AND TIPS TO GET RANK ONE ON GOOGLE. CPC is “Cost Per Click” the term generally used in Bidding on keywords. PPC is “pay per click” used in providing clicks to Bidders.

List of 2,000,000+ High Paying/CPC keywords with their alternatives 2018


Top 5 high Paying CPC Keywords with AlternativeCPC” – Depends on biddingSearches per Day
Short: –mesothelioma survival ratessurvival rate of mesotheliomamesothelioma survival rate

Long tail: – peritoneal mesothelioma survival rate, epithelial mesothelioma survival rate

Long tail: –structured settlement annuity companies$65.87-$868.5910-30
Short tail: -mesothelioma attorneys California, mesothelioma attorney california$107.89-$844.745-20
Short tail: -structured settlements annuities, structured settlement annuity, structured annuity settlement, structured settlement annuities, annuity structured settlement

Long tail: – “what is a structured settlement annuity”, sell structured settlement annuity, structured settlement annuity companies, structured settlement annuity rates

Short tail: -structured settlement buyer, structured settlement buyers$179.09-$811.8120-40
Short tail:- mesothelioma suit, mesothelioma lawsuit$112.81-$806.765-20
Short tail: -mesothelioma claim, mesothelioma claims,
Long tail: -mesothelioma compensation claims, mesothelioma claims after death
small business administration sba (This keyword is having more traffic value about $500)$61-$762.4670-100
Short tail: -structured settlement purchasers, purchase structured settlements$275.29-$745.9910-20
Wisconsin mesothelioma attorney$10-708.8010-20
Short tail:- Houston tx auto insurance
Long tail: – auto insurance discounters Houston tx

Other high Paying CPC Keywords Comment for more alternatives.

mesotheliama, “apple pay”, “m y pay”

mesothelioma lawyer virginia$10-$676.3210-20
Seattle mesothelioma lawyer$10-$646.8310-20
selling my structured settlement, sell my structured settlement, sell my structured settlement payment$180.03-$641.5320-30
mesothelioma attorney illinois$10-$616.4910-30
selling annuity, sell annuity payments, sell your annuity$138.28-$595.3720-30
mesothelioma trial attorney$100-581.4320-30
injury lawyer Houston tx$100-581.1910-20
Baltimore mesothelioma attorneys$100-580.4010-20
mesothelioma care608.5110-20
mesothelioma lawyer texas607.3820-30
structered settlement545.4310
houston motorcycle accident lawyer544.0990
structured settlement investments541.9770
mesothelioma lawyer dallas536.8410
structured settlemen532.2050
houston mesothelioma attorney530.1010
structured settlement sell528.5710
new york mesothelioma law firm527.4610
cash out structured settlement520.2220
mesothelioma lawyer chicago491.7520
lawsuit mesothelioma487.1810
truck accident attorney los angeles484.90170
asbestos exposure lawyers483.0310
mesothelioma cases482.0730
emergency response plan ppt477.2310
structured settlement quote

Top 10 high Paying and CPC Adsense Keywords

semi truck accident lawyers465.9150
auto accident attorney Torrance464.8630
mesothelioma lawyer asbestos cancer lawsuit464.0310
mesothelioma lawyers san diego462.1610
asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit460.3630
buying structured settlements459.7950
mesothelioma attorney assistance458.6230
tennessee mesothelioma lawyer457.4410
earthlink business internet457.4120
meso lawyer455.1830
tucson car accident attorney453.72140
accident attorney orange county451.4130
mesothelioma litigation444.5970
mesothelioma settlements amounts444.1520
mesothelioma law firms442.6330
new mexico mesothelioma lawyer440.1820
accident attorneys orange county439.8310
mesothelioma lawsuit

Top Paying keywords

personal injury accident lawyer435.7050
purchase structured settlements434.0020
firm law mesothelioma432.1010
car accident lawyers los angeles429.5750
mesothelioma attorneys425.90170
structured settlement company425.2590
auto accident lawyer san francisco425.23110
los angeles motorcycle accident lawyer418.46210
mesothelioma attorney florida418.3710
broward county dui lawyer416.6320
state of california car insurance415.0820
selling a structured settlement410.7840
best accident attorneys410.7210
accident attorney san bernardino410.2750
mesothelioma ct407.3720
hughes net business406.1930
california motorcycle accident lawyer vs Adsense

mesothelioma help402.6940
washington mesothelioma attorney402.3310
best mesothelioma lawyers402.0840
diagnosed with mesothelioma401.7710
a motorcycle accident attorney chicago400.1750
a structured settlement need cash now399.7310
mesothelioma settlement amounts399.1070
motorcycle accident attorney sacramento398.6840
alcohol rehab center in florida396.8930
fast cash for house396.3710
car accident lawyer michigan394.8530
maritime lawyer houston394.5720
mesothelioma personal injury lawyers393.6910
personal injury attorney ocala fl392.1070
business voice mail service392.1020
California mesothelioma attorney

Top 20 best high Paying and High CPC Keywords.

offshore accident lawyer389.3310
buy structured settlements388.8240
philadelphia mesothelioma lawyer388.2210
selling structured settlement387.1750
workplace accident attorney386.4910
illinois mesothelioma lawyer383.6820
mesothelioma attorney382.89590
truck accident attorney texas382.7210
auto insurance cost by state381.7440
personal injury lawyer sarasota fl381.2020
florida car insurance company

High CPC paying keywords

accident lawyers in los angeles379.2730
structured settlement cash out378.6730
mesothelioma settlements 2012377.7420
mesothelioma compensation375.94110
attorney lawyer mesothelioma375.7310
colorado mesothelioma lawyers375.2410
mesothelioma lawsuits373.55110
cell cycle regulation ppt371.4310
mesothelioma claims370.51140
average mesothelioma settlement370.1690
integrated ehr369.9520
mesothelioma law suit368.9130
motorcycle accident lawyer california368.8110
sell your structured settlement payments366.7910
utah mesothelioma lawyer366.3920
colorado auto accident attorney365.7520
most profitable internet business364.9310
sell my structured settlement361.55480
alabama mesothelioma lawyer359.6120
dallas mesothelioma lawyer358.8010
arizona auto accident attorney358.3910
cash out annuity356.1050
mesothelioma attorney california355.8810
hosted predictive dialers355.5110
boca raton personal injury attorney355.4690
car crash attorneys

Keword finder tools High CPC

dui lawyer scottsdale353.59210
structured settlement agreement353.4010
mesothelioma law suits352.2120
cloud identity and access management351.5720
personal injury attorney springfield mo351.0850
annuity payment350.99170
accident attorney in los angeles350.9510
quotes car349.3310
michigan motorcycle accident lawyer349.3150
personal injury firm347.6750
selling annuity payments for cash347.4830
verizon sip347.2550
boulder personal injury lawyers346.5420
bus accident attorneys346.4930
mesothelioma lawyer california345.0810
structured settlement blog342.8650
cheaper insurance companies342.0010
georgia truck accident lawyer340.4120
asterisk call center software339.0610
mesothelioma drug338.6710
structured settlements companies338.6420
mesothelioma attorney directory338.3510
injury attorney baton rouge338.2450
best structured settlement companies338.1790
business administration masters338.0250
auto insurance yuba city ca337.8620
bus accident attorney los angeles337.2340
structured settlement broker337.1170
buying an annuity calculator334.3910
personal injury attorney torrance

High paying keywords with traffic

buyer of structured settlement annuity332.8710
buyers of structured settlements331.4910
motorcycle accident lawyer san francisco330.4430
structure settlements329.4020
car accident lawyers west palm beach328.6310
structured settlement buyers328.3270
ashely madis328.0910
personal accident attorney327.5520
business email web hosting326.9910
dallas mesothelioma attorneys326.53170
motorcycle accident lawyer san diego324.9750
la personal injury lawyer323.9330
car accident lawyer in san diego323.8240
city college in miami323.7020
bowne virtual data room323.0010
what is structured settlement322.46110
lawyers accidents322.4010
mesothelioma lawyer houston321.7120
compare small business phone systems321.4410
sell structured settlement calculator321.3820
windows phone for business320.0630
saskatchewan auto insurance320.0610
all about mesothelioma319.4610
injury lawyers west palm beach318.6920
cash annuity

High Paying and high CPC Keywords 2018

workers compensation lawyer los angeles317.8740
los angeles workers compensation lawyers317.4710
pharmacist jobs in chicago317.07110
buy my structured settlement316.3310
los angeles auto accident attorneys316.2740
mesothelioma rates316.1810
motorcycle lawyer los angeles316.1720
microsoft private cloud certification316.1530
car accident lawyer san bernardino316.0770
mesothelioma lawyer massachusetts315.4110
mesothelioma charities315.0820
call centers software314.3710
st louis mesothelioma attorney313.9310
mesothelioma lawyers
structured settlement brokers313.5550
car accident law firms313.5370
mesothelioma lawyer313.461000
miami dui lawyers312.7530
mesothelioma law firm

Most popular softwares to Find High CPC keywords

how to get a master in business administration312.4720
The probability of dying in a car accident312.1750
orange county accident attorney312.1350
auto accident injury lawyers311.7030
truck wreck lawyer311.4030
motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles311.39140
car accident lawyer tampa310.49260
java cloud development309.4910
business telephone service provider309.4610
mesothelioma diagnosis307.67210
mesothelioma settlement307.11170
list of structured settlement companies307.0730
3cx VoIP providers306.9030
sacramento car accident attorney306.58260
sell structured settlement payments306.2890
mesothelioma lawyer louisiana305.5810
nist cloud security305.4150
mesothelioma veterans305.1750
dui attorney tempe304.79210
structured settlment303.3810
personal injury attorney memphis303.0750
structured settlements calculator302.1110
free online car quotes301.9010
sell an annuity301.7020
boost mobile corporate office phone number
colorado car accident attorney301.4920
delaware mesothelioma lawyer300.9510
mesothelioma cancer center300.8310
lawyers for mesothelioma299.9520
california car accident attorney298.5330
cloud development tools

High Paying Keywords 2017

fort lauderdale personal injury lawyer296.48170
water damage wall repair296.0610
auto accident lawyers california295.7410
mesothelioma attorney baltimore295.7410
accidents attorneys294.8610
start a web design business294.8340
sell your structured settlement293.8030
mesothelioma lawyer san diego293.4310
best android business card scanner292.8950
new jersey medical malpractice lawyer292.1150
las vegas car accident lawyer291.95390
Citrix XenDesktop price291.7910
san francisco motorcycle accident lawyer291.2550
austin dui lawyer291.1870
austin tx auto insurance291.1830
selling structured settlements290.94140
santa ana auto accident lawyer290.5070
can I sell my annuity290.2010
internet business plan289.9340
business pbx system289.8310
mesothelioma lawyers new york289.4310
scalable cloud hosting289.3820
broward personal injury attorney288.4710
personal injury lawyers michigan288.4420
lawyers mesothelioma288.2910
The Michigan auto accident lawyer287.5730
structured settlement companies286.95480
online insurance quote comparison286.8510
personal injury attorney orange county ca286.0540
sell annuity285.60210
virtual dataroom

Why to use High Paying Keywords in Blog Post?

how to sell structured settlement285.3410
metlife structured settlement285.22110
cash advance structured settlement285.1210
business internet san francisco284.8220
best business telephone service284.5410
injury attorney milwaukee284.5190
cloud infrastructure as a service284.44140
arizona injury lawyer284.2720
offshore injury lawyer284.24140
public service telephone company283.9850
Bluehost vs ipage283.6490
multicystic peritoneal mesothelioma283.2570
business internet phones282.9410
maryland mesothelioma lawyers282.6510
car insuarnce quotes282.4210
general business credit282.13480
structured settlement attorneys282.0010
alcohol treatment center florida281.5010
car accident attorneys in los angeles281.2510
jones act attorney281.2450
orlando truck accident attorney280.87140
newport beach dui lawyer280.19110
coverdell education savings account calculator279.5310
accident and injury lawyer

High paying top best keyword

houston accident lawyer278.35260
cloud application hosting278.0930
auto accident attorney michigan277.4320
business compliance package277.4310
network disaster recovery plan276.88110
fort collins car accident attorney276.6270
personal injury attorney newport beach276.6110
internet business sales276.4210
car accident lawyers in los angeles274.4820
residential treatment centers florida274.2730
sell my structured settlement payment273.9830
houston truck accident lawyer273.21320
mesothelioma attorney dallas273.0910
mesothelioma lawsuits settlements272.2540
asbestos mesothelioma lawyers272.0710
milwaukee injury lawyer271.7170
personal injury attorney Palm Beach County270.6310
structured settlements for sale270.2330
business credit car269.9710
onine backup269.6510
sell annuity for cash269.0040
accident lawyer houston tx268.7150
selling annuity payments268.4250
cloud computering268.0130
mesothelioma settlements keyword

car insurance quote chicago267.2710
PHP web application development267.2530
personal injury lawyer attorney266.9020
personal injury attorney boca raton266.41110
car accident lawyers san diego266.2320
houston mesothelioma lawyers266.2210
liability insurance quote online265.7520
plumbing company denver265.2310
master in healthcare administration online264.4790
keller williams insurance264.4020
sell a structured settlement264.36110
auto accident attorney denver co264.1720
cash for structured settlement264.00210
denver car accident attorney262.10320
car insurance seattle washington261.5210
toledo phone company260.8710
business internet houston260.5730
lost car insurance card260.3250
car accident attorney baton rouge259.91110
motorcycle injury lawyer los angeles258.7010
magento dedicated hosting258.6810
buying a structured settlement258.6710
brooklyn car accident lawyer258.52140
business telephone systems reviews257.8710
california insurance car257.7710
car insurance for 50257.2610
nyc mesothelioma lawyer256.7710
car accident attorney new york city256.6810
dallas accident lawyer256.12210
best business phone and broadband deals256.0210
anaheim dui lawyer255.9750
trader car insurance255.8210
cloud tecnology

HIgh paying organic keywords List

mesothelioma navy veterans255.7110
motorola business online255.381000
sell structured settlements255.11140
dui attorney tempe az255.00170
saving bank accounts254.2010
highlander the final dimension253.71210
attorney for injury252.7130
injury attorney dallas252.5050
cash for annuity payment252.3430
ford focus st top gear252.0890
denver auto accident attorneys251.8710
business phone service orlando251.6710
mobile business phone251.4010
hartford car accident lawyer251.3490
should i be a lawyer250.66590
hard drive raid recovery250.3810
telco solutions249.7650
business phone deals249.6720
cash for structured settlements249.4790
dwi attorney in austin248.9310
sell structured settlement248.66720
open paas248.2740
Citrix blogs248.00260
internet fax telus247.7410
motorcycle accident lawyers san diego247.3110
structured settlement funding companies247.1010
national structured settlement trade association246.7510
dui lawyer arizona

Google Adsense Keyword

card services direct login246.6220
denver car accident lawyers246.54110
scottsdale accident attorney246.4340
structure settlement246.1090
sell annuity payments244.69110
structured settlement lump sum244.5720
business phones service244.2720
how to sell annuities243.7390
data recovery raid 1243.2410
epithelioid mesothelioma243.24110
accident lawyer orange county242.8320
online degree in international business242.8210
car accident lawyer phoenix242.77260
alcohol addiction therapy242.7320
personal injury attorney west palm beach fl242.24140
raid recovery labs241.8610
major cloud service providers241.6510
define welfare241.493600
dallas hvac service241.4850
car accident lawyer louisville241.36170
download citrix receiver for windows241.3190
sell annuities

keyword that can make you rich

what are structured settlements241.1450
florida drug and alcohol treatment240.6810
personal injury lawyer boca raton fl240.6010
best internet service for business240.4810
business phone and internet providers240.2910
structured settlement purchaser239.9510
la casa mental health rehabilitation center239.9420
personal injury lawyers tampa239.7350
internet business service239.6610
car accident lawyer florida239.2820
best savings accounts online239.2010
cloud firewall service239.1420
cash for my structured settlement239.1150
car accident attorney colorado springs239.08110
business phone line and internet239.0610
austin texas personal injury attorney238.9810
broadband phone service238.82110
skype push to talk238.731600
florida car accident attorney238.5730
outbound call center software238.1690
sacramento car accident lawyer238.08320
philadelphia injury attorney237.9850
network coverage comparison237.6830
car accident lawyer colorado springs

Why to use them?

auto accident lawyers in houston tx237.4610
work injury lawyer los angeles237.2020
long distance telephone providers236.7320
long-distance telephone providers236.7320
arizona car accident lawyer236.6620
structured settlement quotes236.5350
alcohol rehabilitation florida235.7110
injury lawyer virginia235.6510
small business phone plan235.6410
top small business phone systems234.2310
drug programs in schools234.0320
rehabilitation associates fairfield ct233.9490
accident attorney san antonio233.94170
phoenix wrongful death lawyer233.8640
investing in structured settlements233.5620
drain cleaning in denver233.5210
chicago work injury lawyer233.4210
san bernardino car accident attorney233.4190
irvine car accident lawyer233.3190
best dui lawyer in phoenix233.0730
car accident attorneys los angeles232.8950
structured settlement rates


personal injury lawyers phoenix232.1550
personal injury lawyers sarasota232.0910
newport beach personal injury attorney231.8930
auto accident lawyer in maryland231.8120
voice phone system231.0510
structured settlement advance231.0410
drug rehab centers in new england230.9220
personal injury lawyer boca raton230.7990
auto accident lawyer west palm beach230.0850
car insurancs230.0410
plumber richardson tx229.9740
customer relationship management web based229.7710
i have a structured settlement229.6870
auto insurance redlands ca229.5020
m&a virtual data room228.8210
health care reform impact on employers228.4110
mesothelioma metastasis228.0220
business class phone227.9910
san antonio car accident lawyer227.75260
brooks auto insurance227.4210
structured settlement payments227.2670
internet phone service for small business227.1710
milwaukee personal injury attorney227.11170

Increase Adsense Earning

verizon wireless business phone226.6440
annuity cash out226.4250
feds liability insurance226.3770
colorado injury lawyers226.3310
salt lake city personal injury lawyers226.1850
e insurance auto quote226.1010
the latest developments in the treatment of mesothelioma225.7510
small business phone plans225.2640
enterprise cloud solution225.1110
virtual data room224.74880
mesothelioma and asbestos exposure224.7310
american telecom solutions224.1540
austin car wreck attorney224.1410
sell settlement224.1130
attorney malpractice cases224.0740
best personal injury lawyer dallas223.9830
lump sum annuity223.8570
aa accident attorneys223.2170
a a accident attorneys223.2170
free electronic medical records software download222.9210
best small business phone and internet service222.7710
princeton application tracking system High paying

dui attorney phoenix az222.57320
OFX direct connect222.4040
structured settlement cash now222.2640
personal injury attorney austin221.46210
virtual data room pricing220.9520
nashville car accident lawyer220.69210
motorcycle accident lawyer denver220.6650
detox in florida220.4930
brooklyn accident lawyer220.1370
fastest internet services220.0920
ehr inc219.8010
best business voip phone system219.7410
private cloud219.682400
dui lawyer phoenix219.62320
business voip phone services219.5810
business telephone and internet packages219.1410
ft lauderdale personal injury lawyer218.5830
ft. lauderdale personal injury lawyer218.5830
best pbx phone system for small business

High Paying keywods means High CPC keywords

business telephone providers in my area218.1110
las-vegas criminal defense attorneys217.6830
las vegas criminal defense attorneys217.6830
rogers business internet217.4120
at&t business sales phone number217.1020
personal injury attorney baton rouge216.91140
information technology colleges in california216.8110
phone system for small businesses216.6910
define structured settlement216.6640
building online stores216.5910
structured settlement216.344400
multicystic mesothelioma216.3320
business by phone216.2540
phone and internet service for business216.0610
meso attorney215.9010
settlement for cash215.3710
how do structured settlements work215.3130
how do create a website215.3010
american securities opportunities fund215.08140
alcoholics treatment215.0110
cloud call center software214.7650
credit card images for website214.7520
car quotes tumblr214.72170
car insurance aurora il214.6920
business phone service in my area214.4910
huntington beach dui lawyer214.3930
mesothelioma legal information214.3410
wireless security systems for business214.2310
java application performance management214.1110
inpatient drug rehab florida214.0440
mesothelioma lung214.0220
peritoneal mesothelioma causes214.0120
avaya phones system213.9910
my family app213.8540
auto accidents attorney213.7270
payout annuity213.5840
cloud computing companies to invest in213.4020
what is a business license number

Keywords SEO

mesothelioma attorney massachusetts212.9110
personal injury lawyer in chicago212.5970
arizona personal injury lawyer212.5470
companies car insurance212.5410
ip phone service business212.5210
west palm beach criminal lawyer212.5090
hosting a game server212.4710
personal injury lawyer miami212.41320
drug rehab centers in orlando florida212.3820
structured settlement annuity rates212.3710
drug rehab facilities in florida212.3220
car accident attorney orange county212.1050
best dui attorney phoenix212.1040
personal injury lawyers houston211.6240
i need a personal injury lawyer211.5620
florida automobile insurance company211.4350
ehr incentives cms gov211.3930
water damage lawyer211.2810
california motorcycle accident lawyers209.6510
email archiving solution209.3520
attorney baton rouge209.3570
mesothelioma incidence209.2120
drug and alcohol rehab florida208.65110
car accident lawyer nashville208.62110
cloud to cloud backup208.4450
cybersecurity small business

High Paying CPC Keywords for Adsense and Adwords

dui attorney phoenix208.28590
auto accident lawyer in los angeles208.0410
florida dui lawyers207.9320
dallas car wreck attorney207.76110
dui attorneys orlando207.7610
NV auto207.6750
mesothelioma foundation207.5350
truck accident lawyer los angeles207.46210
virtual call center software reviews207.4010
personal injury attorney sacramento ca207.3290
91 Jaguar XJS207.1840
colorado springs accident attorney206.8970
microsoft vdi licensing206.7890
auto accident law firms206.7570
a structured settlement206.4420
causes of mesothelioma206.38110
drug rehab in dallas206.2410
windows 7 raid 0206.1970
webmail teamhealth206.16140
virtual host server205.9420
electric car model205.6920
auto collision lawyers205.4110
florida sex crime lawyer205.39140
truck accident attorney atlanta ga205.2020
i got into a car accident without insurance204.9540
marketing online degrees204.5910
hosted virtual desktop services204.4910
best dui lawyer los angeles204.4670
is water damage covered by homeowners insurance204.3720
auto insurance conroe tx204.3030
structural settlement204.2140
mesothelioma law

High CPC keyword Finder tools

phoenix car accident lawyer204.18480
cheap business internet and phone service204.1610
business landline phone deals204.1210
truck accident attorney california204.1010
car cheap insurance uk very204.0930
personal injury lawyer lafayette la203.82260
injury attorneys orlando203.7820
dui austin203.7110
mesothelioma law firm california203.6210
online school business management203.5720
sell your annuity203.3620
car wreck lawyer dallas203.2870
milwaukee personal injury lawyers203.0170
accident attorney fort lauderdale202.87140
florida substance abuse treatment centers202.8410
auto accident attorney denver202.81210
wrongful death lawyer sacramento202.7410
hybrid cloud solution202.7230
nyc personal injury lawyers202.5390
it managing202.5010
tampa truck accident lawyer202.22140
internet serious business202.20210
t1 business202.1410
ips plumbing201.98170
best electronic health record201.6710
drug rehab fl201.6770
tampa auto accident lawyer201.52170
structured settlement buyout201.4250
auto accident lawyer denver201.42140
personal injury lawyer az201.3910
business grade internet201.2510
data recovery raid 0201.0010
jg wentworth commercial lyrics200.9540
virginia car insurance rates200.9320
internet provider business plan200.7210
auto accident lawyer miami

High CPC UK keywords

small business voip services200.3710
personal injury attorny200.3220
south florida detox center200.0510
outbound predictive dialer199.5610
best buy business phone systems199.0710
business long distance phone198.9010
structured settlement definition198.8850
sell my annuity198.72210
Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney198.6920
car accident lawyer pittsburgh198.43260
academy of cosmetology janesville wi198.35140
lift master garage door opener troubleshooting198.3530
scottsdale dui attorney198.29260
new voip phone service198.2710
voip services for small business197.9010
free tech support software197.7910
baton rouge personal injury lawyer197.59110
best car accident lawyers197.3720
magix phone system196.8710
arizona auto accident lawyer196.5610
information about car insurance196.0410
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nss imss

High CPC US keywords

dui lawyers miami194.4920
annuity cash194.3710
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addiction treatment program192.9270
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tampa car accident192.83260
sell annuity payment192.82260
charleston accident attorney192.7350
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attorney philadelphia192.6270
how to diagnose mesothelioma192.4920
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best OR accident lawyer192.3750
san diego criminal defense attorneys192.29110
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2013 subaru outback 3.6r review192.1630
houston car wreck attorney192.1350
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jacksonville personal injury attorney192.0990
statnamic load test192.0750
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structured settlements191.96880
motorcycle accident attorney los angeles191.96110
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how to change auto insurance companies

HIgh CPC Google Adsense

criminal justice bachelor degree online191.7310
michigan auto lawyers191.5910
wireless technology in business191.5540
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benign cystic mesothelioma190.7430
Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia190.3630
auto accident lawyer detroit190.2870
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accident attorneys denver190.1020
openstack private cloud189.7890
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mobile credit card machines for small business189.7310
business telephone service providers by zip code189.6530
cloud computing companies list

What is CPC?

call center agent software189.4610
business internet and phone service providers189.1520
i have a structured settlement and i need cash189.1430
philly accident lawyer189.1310
car insurance Abilene TX189.0840
online website store builder189.0710
personal injury attorney clearwater189.0430
cash for annuity188.9370
cloud computig188.8620
asbestos lawyers los angeles188.7910
houston car accident lawyers

houston auto accident attorneys188.7320
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drug rehabs org188.6210
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masters of nursing online degree programs188.1810
splunk rex188.11390
drug rehabilitation centers florida187.9410
doctorate of nursing programs

Best Keywords For bloggers

car insurance187.8510
DUI lawyer mesa az187.6850
personal injury lawyer Denver co187.61110
DUI attorney miami187.57140
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DUI lawyer tempe187.10210
auto insurance in seattle187.0610
rn Bsn credentials187.0640
Florida auto ins186.9610
personal injury lawyers fort lauderdale186.7570
VoIP business providers186.3050
The business phone features186.2710
Yahoo web-based mail186.2690
buy hosting company186.2310
water restoration san diego185.8620
wrongful death lawyer Los angeles185.8470
az DUI lawyer185.75110
business class internet185.69260
online masters degree programs massachusetts185.6410
Factoring accounts receivable tax treatment185.4910
mental health rehabs185.4110
auto accident attorney orange county185.3620
Citrix api185.2350
las vegas personal injury lawyer185.13390
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find personal injury attorney184.9410
secure cloud access184.90140
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online Ph.D. programs in public health

Most popular Blogging Keywords

online masters degree in corporate communications184.6410
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2 SSD in raid 0184.1410
Wells Fargo mortgage customer service184.0620
advanced American telephones183.90140
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best online graduate programs for education183.8910
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JG Wentworth rip off182.9940
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cloud computing security companies

asbestos cancer life expectancy182.8610
structured settlement sale182.7710
top interest rates for savings accounts182.7110
18 wheeler accident lawyer182.6690
Miami workers compensation lawyer182.5020
online classes for a business degree

Most popular Paying CPC keyword finder tools 2018
Peruvian connection co uk182.4110
offshore injury attorney182.4130
integrated management log182.3430
how to open a bank account overseas182.3020
top business apps for iphone182.2550
healthcare management mba online182.2410
Atlanta car accident attorney182.09320
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Denver injury attorney181.74110
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san Diego truck accident attorney181.04110
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Chicago condo insurance180.8020
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ft Lauderdale personal injury attorney180.7340
ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorney
Dallas telephone service180.6010
highest yield online savings180.5520
alcohol rehab centers florida180.5420
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coupon code hostgator180.4520
colorado springs car accident attorney180.4190
personal injury attorney Oklahoma city180.3970
Austin texas bail bonds

Increase your earning with high Paying CPC

Saip insurance180.3440
Los Angeles water damage restoration179.9950
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car insurance quotes Florida online179.8510
Houston maritime lawyers179.8210
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cloud coputing

Best Adsense kwyowrds

mba in health administration177.9770
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best voip business phone service175.9530
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cash for annuity payments175.9430
banking offers to open accounts

High Paying CPC keywords 2018

business telecommunications services175.9250
allstate structured settlement annuity175.8320
download free virtual machine175.8210
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how to cash in an annuity175.6420
maryland auto insurance quote175.5910
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masters degree in criminal psychology175.3720
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texting from the internet to cell phone175.2020
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masters degree public administration175.0220
car accident attorney las vegas174.96390
Denver sewer line repair

Top high Paying CPC Keywords for earning:-

west palm beach personal injury lawyer174.76210
auto accident defense attorney174.7330
accident lawyer west palm beach174.7040
sell my annuity payments lump sum174.6520
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host virtual machine174.3710
corporate conference call services174.3410
plueral mesothelioma174.3410
car wreck attorney dallas174.3050
criminal defense lawyer pittsburgh174.1930
holistic addiction treatment center florida173.9710
atlanta truck accident attorney173.69140
top rated personal injury lawyers173.6130
alcoholics rehabilitation173.5810
auto accident lawyer houston tx173.5520
accident attorney michigan173.5470
chandler air conditioning173.4770
virtual data room review173.4010
dui lawyer tempe az173.22140
colorado springs car accident lawyer173.14110
mesothelioma information173.1270
corona auto insurance173.0720
car accident lawyers miami173.0420
business high speed internet service172.9110
personal injury attorney san francisco

High Paying CPC keywords 2018: –

workers compensation attorney atlanta ga172.5630
car stolen with keys in it172.5420
purchase annuities172.4410
henderson auto insurance172.4220
criminal defense attorney austin172.41110
California drug rehabilitation
auto insurance grand junction172.3310
Allentown car accident lawyer172.3370
predictive dailer172.3010
private banking account definition172.2110
trucking accident attorney172.18320
injury lawyer free consultation172.1420
car accident attorney tampa172.04260
internet cafe business plan pdf172.0410
cloud computin172.0170
centrex phone lines171.9410
Katy auto insurance171.8920
recover raid data171.8210
online bank savings account171.6730
luxury alcohol rehab171.6540
AK auto insurance171.6210
educational psychology masters degree171.5210
windows phone platform171.3730
stock market trade types171.3510
Pittsburgh auto insurance171.3440
business phone systems Los angeles171.2990
mesothelioma staging171.1970
car accident attorney federal way171.1520
Pensacola personal injury lawyer171.1140

Conclusion: –

Thanks for visiting Top best List.  This is the biggest updated list of Top paying keywords. These high paying keywords have high CPC. CPC is the cost per click for Google Adwords. Cost per click price is different for Adwords users. And it pays differently to Adsense users. We will keep updating this list in future. High Paying CPC keywords are very important. I will suggest you use these high Paying CPC keywords in your Blogs. It is best to use these keywords in most of the articles on the website. If you are using Google Adsense Then you Cannot ignore These High paying CPC keywords. I hope you loved Top paying CPC list.

Guys, In the end, I would like to tell you. It was very hard to search for these keywords. It took a lot of my time in searching and sharing these keywords. is providing many lists like this one. Scan this website to search for more of them. High paying CPC keywords Google Adsense 2018 List. Top Paying CPC for Adsense and Adwords. This s a pure treasure like One Piece for bloggers and Blogging. All these keywords and Paying CPC is not Fake. The highest value is according to Adwords bidding. CPC doesn’t mean, you will get that much amount on each click. CPC means you will get higher on Adsense for using these keywords in your blog. The last 2 lines for Adsense users.

What are High PPC keywords?

You can increase your Adsense and earning easily. You need to use these High PCC keywords in your Blog Articles/Posts. CPC is directly proportional to PPC. The words having High CPC will also Have high PPC and VIce-versa. I will suggest, you use High PPC words every time in your post. This will 100% increase you Adsense Earning quickly. The same goes for and works there too. I will be glad if you help us in updating list. Top High PPC keywords List 2018. The more is the PPC the higher the paying on each click. The higher the bidding on keywords will have more CPC.


[genuine] How to Increase Adsense CPC – Best Adsense Tips

Increase Adsense CPC: – Cost per Click in short CPC is the most important factor which affects directly to your Google Adsense Earning. It doesn’t matter your are YouTuber or Blogger if you are using Adsense then this post can help both. Recently some of my blog readers asked me about the CPC (cost per click) he/she receives for each click from Google Adsense. He is getting very low something around 0.01$ per click that is why he was upset. He asked me for help to check his blog and suggest some strategies to Increase CPC. I researched his blog and found out the reasons for low CPC for his blog. So Today I will share the secrets with all of you about how you can increase CPC for your Google Adsense Account.

If you are New you Must be Thinking What is CPC in Adsense?

CPC is a short form of ‘Cost Per Click’ in average on Your Blog Adsense. Example, you get 0.03$ on one Ad click and 0.07$ for another Ad click, so your average CPC is (0.03$ + 0.07$ )/2 =  0.1$ earning. CPC is an another very important factor in Google Adsense that decide the total performance along with CTR (Click Through Rate) and ECPM (Effective Cost Per Mile).

I suggest you to try all the possible methods to increase Adsense CPC to maximize the blog Earning. Yes, Increasing the CTR will also increase the revenue, but when CPC is low with high CTR you will not get that much.

Example, instead of getting 5 clicks at 0.04$ CPC ( 5 x 0.04$ = 0.2$), try to get 2 clicks at 0.5$ CPC which is 2 x 0.5$ = 1$. Even with less CTR, you will get more earning because of High CPC. Therefore, HIgh CPC is better than high CTR. So this article is all about how you can increase Adsense CPC to easily make more money with your website or Blog.

How to Find High CPC Keywords for Google Adsense with Pictures

Follow These Steps to Increase Adsense CPC

1) Concentrate on High CPC Keywords, topic and niche for higher revenue

All Articles doesn’t show the same types of Adsense ads on them. The reason is the Adsense shows the Ads related to the articles. Adwords Advertisers bid more money on particular keywords based on Trends. Try to find out the high paying keywords in your blog Post or you can also include them in each of your blog posts. Google Adsense robots scan your Blog content before displaying ads on them. If Google bot finds out the valuable keywords and good traffic on your blog and useful content for their Ads, then Google will serve and show high-quality ads on your blog. Obviously, high-quality Ads will increase the CPC of your Blog and you will earn more from Adsense.

This does not mean that you have to only write about high paying keywords in each article. It is important to Get search engine traffic ( Organic Traffic) to your blog. Getting Traffic on high paying keywords is very difficult for Ordinary blogger because there is more competition. You need to Master SEO or need to become popular Blogger before focusing on only high paying keywords.

You write whatever you want, but research high CPC keywords and include them in few places of your article.

This like an advertiser and trending topic of multimedia example Patanjali is famous in India nowadays. What they are advertising on Television and other popular websites. The example you are writing about free items in your post, then possibly you get less CPC because none of the advertisers will pay high payout for free stuff from which they can’t make money. Always Keep in mind!, advertisers who are advertising through Google Adwords which display ads in all Adsense approved blogs. They need visitors reach their selling page through advertisement and able to sell the product through it.

Top 500 Low cpc Adsense list 2017 | Block these to Increase CPC

2) Use both Images and Text Ads on your blog.

Many people don’t like image Adsense ads in their blogs because they want Adsense ads to show like a link. So that people will easily click on a link like Adsense Ads. But in my experience, the multimedia and image ads help a lot in increasing CPC. If you are using Text only ads on your blog, Change them into an image with text Ads. You able to surely observe the difference in CPC in the next two weeks. I experimented this several times and on several places then I decided to use text and image ads together. It is true Google highly recommends Text and Image Ads on contents.

Reasons for using Imae Ads on your blog.

  • The Image ads are likely to be clicked by the user, therefore, it makes High CTR on your Adsense.
  • All famous product owners and Advertisers like to show their products and brands as an image or rich media, Therefore it results in high-quality Ads and increases Adsense CPC.
  • I prefer Only one image ad to be shown at a content instead of showing 3 to 4 text ads on each post. Image Ads result in good CPC Ads.
  • Therefore, More Adword advertisers will target your blog ad slots directly if you allow showing text and image ads together.

3) Using Too many Adsense Ads with the low content result in Less CPC

if you are using all three AdSense ad blocks with less number of words article on your blog then surely low CPC. Only use all 3 slots on your blog if your site has enough content to change these ads blog into valuable keywords ads.

If the articles on your website are short and it is not having rich keywords in their post, then Google robot AI will surely struggle to show high-paying, relevant and eye-catching ads for the visitors surfing your website. At the end, you will only get low CPC click which ends in low overall revenue.


4) Monitor your Higher CTR Ad with Custom Channels

I will like to tell you Channels are very important for Monitoring Adsense CTR. This will give you clear ideas of which Ads slots is performing well on your Blog. Measuring of ECPM ( Effective cost per mile), CPC, CTR, and earnings of each ad block on your website is important. I will suggest you Create custom channels for each ads slot in your website and also helps in monitoring the performance of two weeks. Monitoring Helps a lot in placing right ads slots which help to increase Adsense CPC.

How does Monitoring help in increasing Adsense CPC?

  • You can Remove the low-performing Ad slot from your website ( Decide by Monitoring CTR and final earnings of the blog). Now, Google will serve better ads to the other two ad slots left which are also performing well, so you CPC and earning will increase.

5) First Ad unit in the HTML Code Serves better ads on your Website

You may be having one ad in the header and another one inside the content of your post. So now which ad will load first on your website? Obviously, The ads in the header load first because that is in the first place of the HTML code. Google Adsense serves high paying and high-quality ads to first ad slot on the web page of your website for example header ad. By using the FIrst Ad in the HTML helps and increase Adsense CPC without many efforts.

Is the header Ad getting good CTR or not? you need to monitor that stuff. In case ad block inside the content is getting more clicks (gives higher CTR) as compared to header ad, But still, Google Adsense will serve good ads in the header of your web page. Therefore you wasting your click here on this point.

Google suggests to Adsense user that put your important ad slot inside a div tag of HTML code. Click to see what Google help page here says about div ad slot. Google Adsense robots will serve a better quality ad to the ad block inside a div tag in HTML code of web page. I will suggest you Use div tag to the good performing Adsense ad block. The ad block performing better according to the custom channel.

6) Do not try to use Accidental, Fraud and Useless Clicks on your website

Do not think you can easily make more money by clicking your ads yourself using different IPs, asking your friends, relatives, and others to click on your ads. Google can easily catch this fraud and will disable your Adsense account. When your Adsense account gets disabled you cannot take a single penny of your earning from Adsense. Also, you cannot apply for Google Adsense again.  Just by clicking on ads and then immediately closing the advertisers’ page will be notified to Google. Google give concern and care to their advertisers and take strict actions against fraud activities of other Adsense users. Accidental, fraud tricks will not increase Adsense CPC but will surely decrease it and also your earning.

Make sure that Adsense ads look like advertisements on your blog or website. Visitors are genuinely interested in those ads and then click on the ads to visit the advertiser’s page purposely. I will suggest you do not play with your theme and expect accident Adsense ads clicks. You cannot survive at all with accidental, fraud and quick closing ads click in a long-term race with Google AdSense. This definitely affects the CPC, when your blog visitors converted well by advertisers with quality clicks, then you may get quality high paying ads.


Three months ago my earning was 33.59$ which was too low.

how to increase Adsense CPC

Here is the current earning of my website exactly after 7 months, It is around 550$ monthly with just a single website.

tips to increase Google Adsense CPC

How I able to make more money than you? read the points given below.

  • Keep producing Good high-quality content on your website.
  • I will suggest you. Write for yourself and your blog readers, not for money.
  • Also, Generate good traffic from search engines this surely helps a lot in making more money.
  • Do not’ put all the ads slots in one place of your web page.
  • Do not try all the money making tricks at the same time on your website.
  • You can Experiment the ad positions on your website but do not overdo it. Otherwise, Google will think you are doing for bringing clicks.
  • Finally, do not motivate yourself in blogging only for money purpose and do it as a passion.

Be a better blogger for your readers, and also for other bloggers. This will also benefit you, And you surely can become a successful blogger in short period of time.

Feel free to leave valuable comments for us and keep visiting TopBestList for more information about Adsense blogging.

In the end, I will wish Good luck to all TopBestList readers. If you face any difficulty in reading and understanding “how to increase Adsense CPC” then contact us.

How To, SEO

How to Find High CPC Keywords for Google Adsense with Pictures

If you are Google Adsense user in your YouTube Channel or blog and want to know about high CPC keywords. High paying keywords are also known as high CPC keywords which have high CPC on Adsense per click. Every keyword on Google Adsense blog will not pay you the same amount for each click. So I will suggest you, find and insert high CPC keywords in your blog articles. So, Today I will tell you Genuine and best method to find keywords which pay you more per click on Google Adsense. This method will surely help bloggers to increase their Adsense Earning.

The free and simple high CPC keyword finding tool is Google keyword tool. It is a totally free product for Google AdSense users. But It is not for bloggers and publishers and designed for advertisers. Advertisers looking to advertise through Google AdWords use this tool to bid the keyword. The higher the bid for the keyword the higher is the CPC for the same keyword. Therefore, Adsense users can also utilize this Google product to easily find out the high paying keyword for Their blog articles.

Read: – Top 500 Low CPC Adsense list 2017 | Block these to Increase CPC

Ok, let’s follow with a simple example to find “high CPC keywords for Google Adsense”.

If you are thinking to write an article about “Google Adsense”, then click here to use Google keyword tools and search for the keyword “Adsense”. As shown in the image below.

how to earn mroe from adsense

There are also extra filter options available under Advanced, don’t forget to check them.

On pressing the Search button there, it will then list out the search keywords related to the search term for you.

If you still unable to find the very best and valuable keyword for Adsense, Then use the Match Types in the left side filter option. As shown in the image below.

[genuine] How to Increase Adsense CPC – Best Adsense Tips

how to increase adsense CPC

First Remove the Board type and select either Exact option or either Phrase.

The Exact will bring up the more relevant keywords for your search term which is useful for your article.

The Phrase will help to bring the same search term text in the keywords as a phrase.

But, what we are searching for is the high CPC keywords to increase Adsense Earning, don’t change any filter types under Match Types this time.

The result screen in this Google keyword tool does not show the Estimated Avg CPC” ( decide the value of the keywords), Now we have to enable this column by doing following steps as shown below.

First Click on columns option in right side of the tool menu bar and select “Estimated Avg CPC”.

how to Find High CPC Keywords for blog post

You must be thinking “What is Estimated Avg CPC” on Adwords?

As I told you earlier in this article, this tool is for advertisers and not for publishers or bloggers. If I am an advertiser and I want to advertise my service or product with the help of Google Adwords tool, then first I have to select some keywords for each ad slots to go further.

For example, if my main keyword is ‘Google Adsense’ then I have to bid or pay more than the Estimated Avg CPC for ‘Google Adsense keyword for a click to beat others who are advertising on Adsense. Therefore my ads will be going to display in Google’s first search result on Searching Google Adsense. The fact is Google Adwords doesn’t allow you to do bid on their own keywords this is just for an example.

So, Now it is obvious that “high Estimated Avg CPC means high CPC keywords and high payout for bloggers and publishers”.

Now simply click on the Estimated Avg CPC column to sort out the field option as shown in the image.

how to find High CPC Keywords for adsense

You have to understand this keyword tool and then find out the correct keywords for your articles.

Keywords Competition as a Blogger

Again this option is not for bloggers, It is the competition between advertisers who are bidding for the keywords.

To find the competition for keywords as a blogger: – simply type this keyword into Google search engine and see the number of search results found. You can also check Alexa rank of the top article to check you can beat them or not. If you just want to come on the first page then check the Alexa rank of the last article for a specific keyword.

You can also check on Google Trends and Google page insight for the keywords competition as a blogger.

Related question and Answer: –

  • How to find High CPC Keywords for Adsense?
  • You can use Google keyword tool to easily find High paying keywords for Google Adsense.
  • How to Find High CPC Keywords for a blog post?
  • Just read the full article and learn how to use Google Keyword Tool to find out high paying keywords easily.
  • Is this method will help out to increase Adsense CPC?
  • Yes, This method will work 100% and you Adsense CPC will surely Increase.
  • How to earn more from Adsense?
  • You need to write a blog post on High paying keyword or you need to upload High CPC videos on YouTube Channel to Earn more from them.

Global and Local Searches importance for Bloggers.

I will suggest you to also learn about global and local searches. It helps out in increasing organic traffic on high paying keywords you are using.

You need to be smart to select correct high paying keywords for your blog. The keyword should be high CPC keywords and also there will be low search result on Google for that keyword. This will surely help you out in increasing you Adsense Earning.


I am also suggesting you Some high CPC keywords 2017 are Top Android App, Top Hosting sites, Top 10 movies and more. These High paying keywords 2017 have high CPC with good search history on search engines.

But now, these keywords having more competition and 150,000,000+ search results. So it is not easier to beat them without continuing top quality SEO research. You can read this Article to know more about SEO, SEO TRICKS AND TIPS TO GET RANK ONE ON GOOGLE.

In this case, I follow my own way to utilize this high paying keyword to monetize my blog posts with Adsense.

I will write that technique in coming days.

Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions about these steps.

Are you using Google keyword tool by Adword for your daily blog post? If not then I will suggest you try them.

Conclusion: – I believe You enjoyed reading this wonderful article about increasing you CPC of Google Adsense. You can subscribe to my blog to keep getting articles like them. You can also Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Click here to Contact me and to be in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Best WordPress SEO Plugins to improve your Site Ranking

Free and Paid WordPress SEO Plugins for WebSite Ranking WordPress (WP) and Can increase website Traffic:- Everyone knows Search engines are the main source of organic traffic for any websites. WordPress sites are easier to maintain than any other website like PHP, Node.js, etc. People mostly ask for WordPress SEO plugins to improve the SEO of WordPress websites easily and for free. Today we will share the 7 Best WP SEO Plugins and WP SEO Tools That can boost the web traffic on any website.

List of Best WordPress SEO Plugins to increase website traffic

Editor’s note: Hello TopBestList fans today we are sharing Best SEO WordPress Plugin list with our Fans. These Plugins used and tested by our team and believe us they are really eye catching and useful for SEO of any websites. If you check all SEO tricks on our website then maybe you will able to become famous Blogger like SshoutMeLoud and LifeHackers.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

You must already have been aware of Yoast SEO as it is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins ever developed. It is also one of the most trusted WordPress SEO plugins as well as best WordPress SEO Plugins. It is a plugin that keeps eye on many aspects of SEO of your WordPress blog by using SEO by Yoast. There are many more features of Yoast You can do things like:

  • Technical WordPress SEO
  • Add meta value for homepage
  • Page Analysis
  • Manipulate .htaccess and robots.txt files
  • Write better content
  • Easily Hide or Show Content to Search Engines
  • RSS Optimization
  • Multi-Site compatible
  • Add meta value for single post
  • Social Integration
  • Meta & Link Elements
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Import & Export functionality

2. All In One SEO Pack

If you are not Using Yoast SEO than All In One SEO Pack works as it’s alternative. This plugin is also one of the popular WordPress SEO plugins used by more than a million of websites/Blog. All In One SEO Pack provide a comprehensive set of features to become your SEO Warehouse and Powerhouse. This plugin is not easy to set up and use. Most of the Beginners are not familiar with SEO jargon, And this plugin quite difficult to use.

Other Important Features Of All In One WordPress SEO Plugins:-

  • Google Analytics supports
  • This is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins that helps you to create an effective SEO strategy plan.
  • Advance canonical URLs
  • It generated meta tag of the website automatically
  • Custom post type SEO supports
  • Automatically optimization of website/blog titles for Google and other search engines too.

3. SEMrush

What to say about SEMrush is a website that has analysis tool to help you optimize and analyze SEO strategies plans. If you are willing to gather more traffic then it’s very important for you to understand more about competitive ranks (or not rank for it), links etc.

Here is The best and easiest way to explain SEMRush is going through some major pieces of functionality that are available on the several platforms.

  • Want to get a report that informs you where you are ranking for your top keywords and a graph if they are going up or down in searches?
  • Would you like to know what keywords your competitors are ranking up for?
  • SEMRush provides this functionality and a lot more like this!
  • Would you like to get a clear idea of how your traffic compares with your competitor?

4. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is another platform of the Google AdWords Advertising. This provides easiness to users in analyzing and searching keyword lists for use in pay-per-click campaigns benefits. Google Keyword Planner is designed as a paid search platform tool. But one point to be noticed is that its data is very useful for SEO management. Google Keyword Planner is one of the Best and popular WordPress SEO Tools for free.

  • Hundreds of Possible Alternatives: Another thing that is useful about this Google keyword research tool is that it offers the self-choice of keywords and phrases given by the user itself.
  • Easy to Use: I know you must all try to find keywords and preparing the well-developed SEO and online marketing strategies plan is not an easy task at all. To be successful in this area, these focused markets need to be analyze and understand carefully, This is why it is important that Google’s Keyword Planner tool is very easy to use and understand.
  • Filters: Another useful stuff Google Keyword Planner tool allows you is that you can include words from your project and adds a filter based on different location, city, as well as language.
  • Easily Export Data: This keyword research tool allows you easy and quick export data by downloading the whole keyword list. This is a remarkably easy way to spare keyword lists for additional analysis feature.
  • Unique Multiply Keywords Tool: A unique feature of Google’s Keyword Planner tool is that it allows multiplying your keyword list with one another keyword list.

5. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker plugin is a great WordPress SEO plugins that check and clean broken link. This plugin also helps in finding and fixing all internal and external broken links (404 links). The 404 link search engine is not a dead end for spiders as you were thinking earlier, and it is very useful to remove such broken links.

6. SEOquake

SEOquake is an SEO tool available as a browser extension add-on for Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari web browser. This great extension provides SEO related information for any website search. Some important information includes Alexa Rank, Age, Last Update, Page Rank, and many such other parameters. It is one of the best and popular browser add-ons extension that has been the most downloaded by SEO professionals.

7. Google XML Sitemaps

If you are worried about Google indexing your WordPress site in the right order? Then we would recommend you to use Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress. This free plugin can guide you generate a special sitemap that notifies ring to all the major search engines whenever your blog is updated with good stuff. This ensures your website will get indexed properly.

This helpful plugin is named as “Google XML Sitemaps“, but Google XML Sitemaps is also valid for many search engines like Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Conclusion: WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugins

You can also give us a suggestion about WordPress SEO plugin for our list. Help us know with the power of comment and feedback as you wish. We read comments and feedbacks of all our fans. You can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or through contact us page. We are waiting for your reviews on our article about WordPress search engine optimization plugins. Help us to know that we are doing great work or not by writing these amazing articles for our users.

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Adsense VS – Which one is better to use?

Adsense VS – Which one is better to use?:- If you are finding the best alternative for Google Adsense. Then Undoubtfully is one of the best alternatives for Adsense. is reliable in terms of Payments as Google Adsense. is high premium Ad network working only with Quality publishers only, most of their publishers belong to US countries as they focus mainly on US, Canada & UK Market. So before applying for ads network do make sure you receive enough traffic from US, UK and Canada. Below given table will clear your doubt between Adsense VS ad network. Which one is better for you before applying for any of these Ads networks.

FeaturesMedia Dot NetAdsense
Partner Eligibility
  • Majority of Traffic should be from US and other Tier 1 countries.
  • The site should be primarily in English.
  • The site should be content based only.
  • Should have a decent amount of visitors.
  • Traffic can be from any country.
  • Work with small publishers too.
  • Any legal Type of site is accepted including web apps.
  • Not Too much strict, they won’t ban you as fast as Adsense for violation.
  • Highly Strict for small publishers and new accounts.
  • You can earn more from than Adsense, if your majority traffic is from Tier one countries.
  • Pay on CPM basis, but requires you to have a good number of ad clicks.
  • RPM is between 1$ to Max 5$.
  • You can generate handsome amount of earning with Adsense too.
  • Pay on the Click basis.
Advertisers/Ad Quality
  • Mostly Good Quality of Advertisers and Ads.
  • Both Good and bad ads, depend on traffic and niche type.
  • Good for all type of Publishers.
  • No support for newbies, Email support for small publishers & Chat for large publishers.
Parent Company
  • Yahoo and Bing
  • Google inc
Ads Customisation/Dashboard & Reporting
  • Reporting system is not good as Adsense, no real time updates as it is updated once 24 hours.
  • You can customise look and feel of your ads.
  • Dashboard is neat and clean with earning overview.
  • Real Time reports with an overview of everything on Dashboard.
  • Advance customisation.
  • Minimum Payout is 100$.
  • Payment Method is Paypal & Wire Transfer.
  • No need of any further clarifications.
  • 30 Net Payout basis.
  • Same Minimum payout of 100$.
  • Payment Method is Wire Transfer, Western Union, Bank Transfer,..etc
  • Tax & Address verification is required.
  • 21 Net payout basis.
What’s Good? 

  • More Earning from Ads in some niches compared to Adsense.
  • High-Quality Ads.
  • High-Quality Ads and industry standard.
  • Unlimited Ad inventory.
 What’s Bad?
  • Hard to get approval for new sites.
  • You can only use Ads on approved site only.

  • Sometime Strict Monitoring system disable accounts without proper reason.
  • Support is not good as it should be.
Apply Now or Login

Now it’s your choice which ad network you want to choose between Adsense VS In this Ad network match between Adsense VS The result is in your hand.

Conclusion between Adsense VS

It is quite clear that both networks are neck to neck rivals of each other which one you should choose? Adsense, or Both, If you are lucky in getting both the approval of ads network, Then will provide you to get some extra money from your blog content, you also get advantage of putting ads under content and Adsense ads at any other suitable place you want, it’s sufficient to have one approved ad unit for most of the sites.

You will find it very difficult to get first approval but try unless you have very high-quality niche website. So you don’t need to worry about that stuff and keep your all focus on your website, one or another day you will receive an email from a company if your site got some value in the online market area.

If I talk about my ad network then Yes, I am using Adsense as mainstream for monetization, There is no one who can beat Google Adsense so what do you say?.  Will you use as your primary ad network choice or secondary option choice? Do let us know which is better between Adsense VS in comments below.

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