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Get Free Unlimited Facebook Likes: Best Social Media Likes Exchange

Many people asked me how to get likes on Facebook pages/photos/post/comments unlimited. You do not need to buy Facebook likes. Using this trick you can get likes on the Facebook page free. Most of you people want to increase FB Unlimited Facebook likes on the post, Unlimited Facebook likes on post shares, Unlimited Facebook likes on comments and so on. You all must be familiar with FB Auto Liker and Autoliker for Facebook. Do you guys know? there are social media like exchange web sites where most of the people exchange their likes and earn likes for them. People want to increase social networks like Facebook for various purpose. These are not Fake Facebook likes these will be permanent and real FB likes. Buying Facebook likes is not an only option to increase your FB page likes. Therefore I am sharing the trick with you to get more Facebook likes.

I am not going to share Autoliker with you because Autolikers ask for an access token and with that access token any FB app can post anywhere on your behalf that is illegal and not secure for your account. Well, there is a method to be secure even after using Autoliker, that is social media like exchange sites. This is the best trick if you are looking for how to get more likes on Facebook Photos and pages.

Before using social media like exchange sites I suggest you to use Best Android Apps to Earn Money online to get unlimited Facebook likes and shares. Let’s use Facebook likes and social media traffic exchange sites to get more traffic. Social Media like exchange is also a part of Seo, you can follow these SEO tricks and tips for more.

What are social Media like exchange websites?

Social Media like exchange sites exist to exchange likes, To get Unlimited likes and traffic to your site. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on are used to connect with Family and Friends. Almost 95% people users are using social media nowadays who have access to the Internet. In social media sites, we interact each other and even meet up new people by Liking, commenting. These sites allow us to share videos, images, post etc and we can even organize events.

Well, Today I will share best social media like exchange site with all of you for Unlimited Follows, Unlimited Subscribe, Unlimited share and unlimited Likes. Only you have to Register below-listed sites and start earning some points by doing likes, comments, and shares. Then you can Use collected point to get social media likes/Share/Follow/Subscribe/Votes/ web traffic and much more.

There are many like exchange sites that you can find on the Internet but most popular like exchange sites are and is my favorite because the Antibot is easy to handle as compared to Addmefast and Lik4like have many active users online 24/7. When you first signup on Addmefast you will get 50 Point for free you can use them to get some free likes. I am using Like4like from 3 years. So I will suggest you first use like4like and then use like4like alternative sites given below.

How Social Media like exchange websites works?

  • First Register below-listed sites and start earning some points by doing likes, comments, and shares.
  • Then you can Use collected point to get unlimited likes/ FB Page likes/ Instagram Followers / Youtube Subscribers / WordPress Traffic and much more.
  • Create Account on, follow this link to get more points on like4like .org for creating an account.
  • Now after creating an account also verify it then log in and start collecting some points: –
    how to collect points? follow the step given below
    #1 put the cursor on social media exchange then drop down option will appear.
    #2 now click any of the option Example Facebook likes at the top.
    #3 click any of the like buttons showing below then new window will open like the page or post in a new window then close it.
    #4 After closing you will get some points, in the same way, earn more points.
    #5 Now you have to put up your link wherever you want likes for that: –
    click on add and manage pages now, for example, I want facebook page or post likes for that click on Facebook likes option and scroll down paste your URL into Facebook URL and write anything in the link description keep credit as minimum as possible to get more likes example 6 is the minimum limit. finally, click on add URL and done.

Bots for Social Media like exchange sites

There are bots of Imacros to automate the process of collecting points. You need to search for Imacros bots script, I will upload the script when I will update this article meanwhile you can search them with the below keywords and also you need to install Imacros and Greasemonkey plugin in your browser. Imacro script and Greasemonkey script. Imacro script and Greasemonkey script. Imacro script and Greasemonkey script. Imacroscript and Greasemonkey script. Imacros script and Greasemonkey script. Imacros script and Greasemonkey script.

Top 5 Best Ways to Get Unlimited Facebook Likes, Subscribers, Shares, and Comments:-


As the Like4like name clearly shouts about its work. Well, you catch it absolutely correct. Like4like is one of the best social media likes increase or follow exchange site. For both new(beginner) or old businesses(professional), if you need to increase your business in short time. That scale up your business. Here you will get various online varieties such as Likes, Followers, Tweets, Subscribers, shares, Retweets, Followers, comments, Viewers, Google plus and circles, Connections, Repins, Revines, Pins, Fan exchange, Website hits and join an exchange. It quite similar to

The main focus aim of Like4Like is, It doesn’t sell Subscribe, Follows and Likes as most of the social media does Simply exchange Subscribe, Follower and Likes others. Well, you can once give a try to increase your social media likes, Subscribe and Followers.

how to get unlimited likes facebook instagram tweeter google plus and google+

#2. FollowLike.Net

This site has Alexa Rank 58k and has very active users. a is a very useful website for social promoter and bloggers to Promote themselves. This site is available more than 190 countries and has 150000+ Active users. It is having some extra services including all features. Here are useful SEO tools from which you can easily create backlinks from someone site & get bookmarks from popular sites like Delicious, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and more. If you are a blogger that you must be knowing the importance of  Social Media in growing any online business and also for search engine ranking. You can also use Traffic booster option to increase your Alexa ranking quickly. offers many Services to its users: –

  • Facebook Exchange: – You can exchange likes, followers, shares for Facebook pages, videos, Photos, and post.
  • Twitter exchange: – You can exchange likes, followers, shares for Twitter pages, account profile and so on.
  • YouTube exchange: – You can get free youtube views, subscribers, likes and so on.
  • Google exchange: – Google exchange and Google+ exchange is also available.
  • Pinterest exchange: – Pinterest Repin service, Pinterest Follow service and much more.
  • Instagram exchange: – Instagram unlimited followers, unlimited likes and much more.
  • VK exchange:- Get VK unlimited likes and so on.
  • Soundcloud exchange: – Get SoundCloud unlimited likes and so on.
  • Stumbleupon exchange: – Similar services as above.
  • Tumblr exchange: – Get Tumblr unlimited likes and more.
  • Delicious exchange: – Get Unlimited likes for Delicious.
  • Website traffic boost: – Services to Increase traffic on your site.
  • Linkedin exchange: – Get unlimited Linkedin likes and more.
  • Diggo exchange: – Get unlimited Diggo likes and much more.
  • Vimeo exchange: – Vimeo unlimited likes service for free.
  • Reddit exchange: – Get famous on Reddit using this Promotion service.
  • – Get unlimited likes and many more services.

unlimited likes followers tweets subscribers views




#3. FollowFast.Com is another one of the best likes increasing sites for social media likes. As far as I know, this site was launched in the year 2012 with a single focused aim to provide unlimited likes on social media posts. This website is somewhat similar to method. That clearly means When will you like, follow or subscribe others post you will be rewarded with Point and then you can utilize that same point to get likes, follow or Subscribe on your post. Some people want to know how to hide likes on Facebook. There are tricks for Facebook statuses that will get likes. fake Facebook likes are a total waste of time for any Facebook page. I will suggest you do not buy fake likes on facebook for your business.

  • There is four different way to get Points.
  1. Simply Get point by Following, Subscribing, and Liking
  2. Referral your bestie friend and when they join through your referral link, you will get direct 100 point
  3. Get point by paying few dollars.
  4. Log into dashboard every day and do some task to earn a daily bonus.


Here comes 4th social media likes, Followers, Subscribers, Comments and etc exchange network and promotional tool provider, is YouLikeHits will guide and help you to grow your various Social media account such as YouTube, Pinterest, VK, Twitter, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon, Google Plus and give you a bulk response in website traffic.  With Youlikehits it’s very easy to gain free likes on your personal Photos. You have seen there are many Facebook statuses that will get a lot of likes on them. There are free likes on facebook through social media like exchange websites. You can also buy facebook photo likes through these websites. These are best to boost Facebook likes without promotion and purchase. You can also add facebook like button on your site for more likes.

unlimited tweeter tweets and unlimited followers


Don’t think this is last websites is also another best website like Followfast and Addmefast. They made easy to exchange likes, comments, Follower and etc. This website working is same what you get from above all sites. But, did you know Likesplanet can be used to earn lots of money(cash)? Simply try to Collect 5000 points by subscribing, following and liking someone profile, then after that convert your collected point into dollars. 5000 points are equivalent to 1$. You need to have minimum 2$ to cash out in your Payza or PayPal account.

unlimited instagram followers and likes

Note:- This article is only for an Educational purpose. Don’t try to misuse it.

Conclusion: Facebook like icon

The final touch to this article. We know many us were finding this trick from past few months. But, maximum websites update you with fake knowledge and waste your quality time. But, with Topbestlist we avoid these kinds of activities and always upload the genuine article. This article is also working you can use above websites in various fields like Increase your Facebook likes on photos almost to Unlimited Facebook likes, increase to unlimited facebook comments, Unlimited Shares, Unlimited followers and much more. Just check out these cool websites and do comment below if you know any other related website that worked for you.

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Searching Tricks For Information on Google That 99% People Don’t Know With Pictures

In this article, I will tell you some searching tricks on google that you never heard before.
I am sure that you do not know, What is the right|correct way to search on google for any kind of information?
What is the use of these “-” and  “~” symbols in searching?
What is the use of these symbols on search phrase?
Nowadays technology becomes very advanced, and this Advanced technology with super fast Internet speed, using search engines now you can find Any kind of information quickly. In the few seconds, we can find recipes quickly and can make a different kind of food with different taste.

I mostly write about SEO ( search engine optimization ) but I am sure that you will find this article very interesting and useful. While looking for deep knowledge of SEO and online marketing, keyword research, backlinking tools, Google  Trends, Online marketing, backlinking, site rank checker. Facebook, and other things I came across this article. I found this very interesting so wanted to share these searching tricks with all of you. So, you can reach the right information you wanted to search. I am not sure all the tricks will work on other search engines as well but I am sure about they will work on Google.

We need effective methods of searching on a search engine to find the right information. It is very difficult to know what we need to search for when we are not having full knowledge of the subject. Example People face a lot of difficulties when they need to search for an answer to any Maths question. Yes, I would like to tell you it is very difficult to search maths solution on search engines. Finding results of Boolean algebra simplification questions is very difficult if you are weak in Boolean algebra.

1. Search between Either this or that (Either this| or that)

Sometimes we are not sure that the information we remembered is correct or the keyword we need to start our search will give a right result on search engines. By using ‘|’ this special symbol you can separate keywords for the same topic and you can also use keyword OR  Instead of the special symbol ‘|’ i.e is used for OR. Then it is very easy to choose the result that makes the most sense for our search. example Harry Potter | book, John or WWE, WWF | undertaker and so on.

Example Harry Potter | book, John or WWE, WWF | undertaker and so on.

about search query or search engines

2. Searching using synonyms to find the right result

The English language is full of synonyms and same words can have different meanings which make search engines AI to give the wrong results. Sometimes this can be very important and convenient when we doing online research on the specific topic. If you want to find sites on a given subject you want rather than those subjects that include a specific phrase. Add this “~” symbol to your search keyword to find right site with your category example is given below.

Example, if you search for the keyword healthy you can search “healthy ~Diet” then you will get results on the principles of healthy diet, cooking recipes of a balanced diet, as well as healthy eating and dining options.

how to search

3. Searching articles within sites you want to read

Sometimes you read a knowledgeable article on an Internet on any site and find yourself wanting to reread the same article on other day or wants to share it with your friends online. The simplest way to find the same article again is to search within the site name it belongs to And To do this first type the address of the site and then a term or keyword or the entire phrase from the article you want to find, the result will show up quickly.

searching methods on google

4. Use of asterisk in Searching

When we forget one keyword, term, phrases, or numbers we want to find what we are looking for in actual, you can use the powerful “*” symbol in such cases. You Just need to use this in the place of the phrase, number or word you cannot remember anymore, and I am sure search engines will able to find what you are looking for in actual.

search not found on google

5. When lots of words are missing from the phrase that you want to search for

If it is more than 10 line phrase and you cannot remember more than a single key word from that phrase, try to write AROUND + the approx number of missing words between the first and last word of the phrase. Example: – Twinkle AROUND(3) star or Baba AROUND(4) Wool.

search maths solutions

6. Use of time frame in search

Sometimes we urgently wanted to search for events that occurred during a certain period of time and we know the time and event. To do that you can add a time frame to your search term by using three dots between the dates of the event. For example, if you want to find out the history of the British rule in India in the 20th century, we can search for “British rule in India 1900-2000.”

12 ways to search information

7. Searching for a URL or TITLE

To help find the keywords or term with the name of an article you want to search, you can type like Intitle:YourKeyword before the search keyword, without any blank spaces between them. In order to find the words from a URL, you can use Inurl:YourKeyword.

google search algo

8. Finding similar websites

If you have found something you really love to watch online and want to reach similar sites for that you can type in “related:” and then the address of the website, again type without a space between the keyword and site. example

how google search algorithm works?

9. Search in order you want to search for i.e Whole phrases

Framing the search keyword within “quotation marks” is the easiest and also most effective way to find out something specific and in the exact same order you typed it in for the search.

For example, if you type in the keywords Let me be your hero baby quotation without quotation marks, the search engine will give the results wherever all these terms appear in any following order on a site, So they can be in Any order.

If you type “Let me be your hero baby” within quotation marks then you will get only those results where these words appear only in the order you typed them for a search. This is the best way to find out the lyrics of a song on word wide web when you only knew one line from the whole song.

searching tips

10. Remove Unimportant search words

To remove unimportant search words i.e the words that you do not want to search for any query, then simply you can write a minus operator before each one of them. For example, if you want to search for a website about interesting computer games, but you are not looking to buy those games then, you can simply write the following query: God of War -Buy.

Searching tricks

11. How to search anything with Pictures

Yes, You can search for anything on Google and other search engines with Pictures. For that, You need to type the search keyword and then in the end type With pictures. Example, How to make a drone with pictures. This query will give result about making a drone with pictures.

12. If you know programming languages then you know the use of “&&”

Same like in trick first i.e about OR (symbol “|”) this time I  am going to show you the use of And symbol “&&” in searching information on Google. Why I am writing  Google everywhere because I am not sure all these tricks will work on every search engines but on Google I use them myself. I am mastering SEO so this is one of my Job to know more about search engines. You can use “&&” example Taj Mahal && Lucknow. This search query will give result related to Taj Mahal in Lucknow.

14. You can also do step by step search on Google as well

For that, you need to type queries like how to make Aeroplane step by step with pictures.

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How SEO helps you to be Successful in Online Marketing

How SEO helps you to be Successful in the Field of Online Marketing:- The web has changed the whole face of showcasing. Numerous organizations are utilizing it as a powerful instrument. It acts like an astounding medium with the end goal of spreading mindfulness about the brand and its essence over the globe. There are considerable business promoters in addition with proprietors who are utilizing it for the extension of the hold in the different fields.

This procedure of the improvement of business with the assistance of the web is called Internet Marketing. Specialists related with a reputed SEO services in Surat have come up with a portion of the essential tips that can be of incredible help in the whole procedure.

Read on to discover a portion of the straightforward procedures that can work magnificently. Some of these are social networking engagement, content marketing, individual branding, customer interest, PPC, location based promotion, illustrations talk, information investigation, and Ad re-advertising.

To understand this article you first need to know What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The word “SEO” stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of getting free, organic and natural traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

All major and famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have their own primary search results where Videos, Audios, and web pages are shown and ranked is based on the most relevant result to users according to search engines. Payment is not involved as it is with paid search ads required to give payment. All search engines also give users offer to buy a paid keyword. Backlinking is another important step to make your site searchable for search engines. Backlinks are very important for all websites in SEO today.

We should investigate some of these as given below:-

Content Marketing

It is gaining enormous fame, due to the sure shot outcomes. But it should always be actualized in the right way. It is tied in with rendering data to the prospective customer with the assistance of content. This will thus help in picking up their trust. It can be appropriately said that it is a win promoting methodology for each size and sort of business.

Customer Interest:

You have to concentrate on the conversion of the forthcoming customers into speculators or purchasers. This is the place you have to give careful consideration to the zones of enthusiasm of the client base. This can be accomplished effectively with the assistance of value articles and online journals.

In both the previously mentioned cases data is going about as a web based promoting instrument.

Web-based social networking Engagement:

This is something that can’t be maintained at a distance from the present day times. It concentrates on the utilization of those systems that will help in getting the online networking consideration of the clients. So online networking is an incredible stage for the advancement of any administration, information or item.

Individual branding:

Individual marking is a basic part of web marketing. It is about the bundling and exhibiting the brand or its administrations on the web stage. The SEO services in Surat comprehends that for achieving this, they have to make a proper picture so the watchers can easily connect with the brand.

Information Investigation:

This is an imperative technique as the achievement of the different instruments will rely upon this. When you are intending to actualize a given technique, at that point it is essential that you keep a tab on its prosperity rate. This can’t be accomplished without information examination. This will give you an unmistakable picture about the accomplishment of your methodologies and the achievement accomplished.

Promotion re-advertising and PPC:

It is by and large utilized as a blend with PPC or Pay Per Click. It’s a regularly utilized technique and the achievement rate is very high. It concentrates on the utilization of pennant advertisements. Consequently, the base business or the sites will be paying a settled add up to the advertisement facilitating site. This will be compared to each and every snap that is gotten on the advertisement and will prompt the mother site.

These are the insider facts of the internet advertising.  Essential part in focusing on the web clients and changing over them to business prospects.


This article was written by Sofia Lemon. We would like to conclude this post that will help you in how SEO helps you to be Successful in Online Marketing field. We have listed all topic in details that will help you in maintaining your SEO more easily and fast. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you want to learn more about SEO contact Er Sayed Mohammad Ali.

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Before reading out the full article about SEO Ticks and SEO Tips answer the questions given below.-Are are you looking for Best SEO Tricks to boost traffic on the site?
-Are you really new to blogging and wanted to know the secret of SEO? 
-You must be thinking How to reach your videos and content on Google’s first page and rank up with your article?
-Are you really struggling as a blogger? ALL these tricks will help you out to do SEO on Google pages. Google SEO will generate most of the organic traffic on your site and it is the best organic SEO for any site today. There is on page SEO, off page SEO, Local SEO, SEO meta tags, SEO for WordPress, SEO keywords and much more.SEO TRICKS AND TIPS


You do not know but world’s best online businesses do follow two steps: –
First, they give up a lot of time and hard-work into dominating search engine results to reach Google first page.
Second, they convince their customer to buy the product and able to do a lot of sales.
Follow white hat SEO tutorials and strategies do not go for black hat tutorials they will generate traffic but you will lose google ranking.
SEO company looking for experts to improve their ranking over the internet but google keep changing search engine format. Some SEO Companies also provides SEO services to other companies and SEO blogs. You need to follow right SEO guide and Go for right Search engine optimization training. Search engine optimization Marketing plays important role in establishing any new business.



But you must be thinking: –
“How can I utilize best of a search engine according to my need and with the right keywords?”
“You know difficult is to make your content reach Google’s first page. It takes a lot of hard work and time with quality.”
If you’re a just small blogger, start-up company or a newbie, You must be thinking it is impossible but don’t lose your hope.
I’m going to tell you the 10 SEO tricks and tips used by our SEO experts tips use every day to rank up small websites at the top of big industries. Search engine optimization specialist and search engine optimization expert always go for ongoing optimization and latest changes in SEO.rank boosting SEO tricks



If you really want to improve your site’s rankings quickly Check the common SEO mistakes that every blogger used to make. Five important steps you need to follow for better SEO are: –

  1. Create a lot of free backlinks to your site – usually by creating interesting videos and article that has lot of shares will create lot of backlinks
  2. Include Google advert keywords on your pages to let Google know that you’re interested in ranking from google.
  3. Blog submission or domain submission to different directories is also a very important task for a newbie site.

seo cheats

You do not know how valuable brilliant search rankings can be ( Rank #1 Google page for a top keyword can be worth $60k/year or more). But if you are not a web bug, it can be a lot harder for you to figure out how search engine optimization really works.
Most SEO guides are very long and filled with technical words, but I know you do not have much time to read full guide.

boost traffic from google SEO

That is why I’m sharing a quick guide to SEO, everything is written here is in simple English which can be readable. Best of all – you will be able to read through all the content within 5 minutes or less.Ready to break through all the SEO keywords and start building your own online business? This is all that tell us how SEO works these days.SEO TIPS AND FACTS



  1. Also, connect your site with Linkedin for more better rank.
  2. Get a google places page for your site.
  3. Search Engines looks for informative content and Want quality Content
  4. I will suggest you connect your site with Facebook pages.increase traffic on site using seo google
  5. Make sure you’re using Google’s language in your content be active with google updates.
  6. Do the competitive research on keywords, and do not be afraid to steal your competition visitors.
  7. Make Right internal link structure catch any page on your website with a lot of content and give a lot of links to other pages.
  8. Do not steal the content part from their articles. Google knows all if you do so and you will penalize and lose your
    ranking and hard work! Yes, Claim your free backlinks where ever possible.
  9. Make a few interesting videos related to your article and put them on your YouTube channel.
  10. Yes, Steal backlinks from your competitors to get your rank much better.
  11. Connect with bloggers, content writers, mass media writers in your niche on social media pages.
  12. I will suggest you, build high-quality Backlinks
  13. Find Perfect Keywords for your article to get a rank up.
  14. Searchers want sites with better rank, high-quality sites that answer the questions searcher is looking for.
  15. Search Engines Want High-Quality Backlinks for better ranking. create backlinks from authentic websites.
  16. Use AMP in your site to grab mobile organic traffic and also to reduce page load on your site.


SEO is Like DATING WITH COMPETITORS —And there is Only Two Things Matter

First, Search engines are like journalist kind of robotic journalist which work in the same way. They evaluate an all sites and pages, trying to determine if it is really the right content for the searcher and AI thinking to find what the searcher is looking for.While you might pick a date based on height, Eye color, Body shape and skin color, search engines check for page load speed, site load speed, uniqueness in the article, what;s new in the article, authentication of the article and much more you still need to know like site design, internal structure, number of backlinks.



Hint: you will be surprised by the result and how much money you will be able to make with small change.

Second, search engines used to care about inside the page is it informative or not? it is popular or not? (and you should too!). Second, they know a great indicator of worth is the quality of the content according to the opinions of others.t is the right time to stop the polite nod and actions that are supposed to disguise the all your confusion. Since best SEO is important to stay on Google ‘s First page —and really it is as important as everyone makes it out to be—it is the time you understood the concept.





How to do search engine optimization for big MNCs like Google

Google SEO helps a lot in generating huge organic traffic to any website in 2017 and even in 2018. Follow google SEO strategy or watch a video of Google SEO tutorials to get a lot of traffic from google. Google SEO helps a lot in generating huge organic traffic to any website in 2017 and even in 2018. Follow google SEO strategy or watch a video of Google SEO tutorials to get a lot of traffic from google.

Conclusion: –Good optimization works by making your site more appealing, attractive, and suitable for search engines. Don’t put unnecessary keywords in your article; make your content natural and unique. Connecting your site to google+ pages is very important to rank up on Google. Connect your site with Facebook pages – Facebook pages give a lot of backlinks and send inorganic traffic. Google Search engines look for those sites that have lots of high-quality links pointing towards them and have very informative and point to point content.


Blogging, SEO

Best Free Blog Submission Sites | Blog Submission Directory Sites 2018

Best Blog Submission Sites 2018: This list can make any blogger happy as we all are looking different ways to increase Google page rank, backlinks, and SEO, for their websites or blogs.

We are here to provide the best list of top 110+ free blog submission sites with article blog submission directories sites where you have the advantage to submit free links automatically/ manually of your websites or blogs.

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Best Free Blog Submission Sites 2018:-

Well, We only provide quality content and these all free blog submission directory sites are top directories for accelerating your website or blogs free of cost without paying any penny. These Top free blog submission directory sites offer some major stuff like blog URL(Uniform Resource Locator) submission, blogs submission or any articles submission. This all will help you to get fast and huge backlinks. So, without wasting your time you should take submitting your blog and take advantage within few seconds.

All these websites are extremely useful for each blogger as these websites are SEO friendly. These websites target your blog or website so that they receive one way incoming or inbound links from these blog directories and, as a result, your blog or websites gets ranked higher within few months for SERPs through these quality backlinks providing websites.

Make sure Many Free blog submission sites don’t ask or require you to register or sign up for URL submission or backlink. Some of the directories do ask for a reciprocal link from you.

Types of Blog Link Submission

The main three types of blog link Submission are as follows:-

  1. Search Engines Sites 
  2. Blog directories sites 
  3. article directories 

Types of Blog Directories:-

The list of “blog submission sites” is mixed with 3 types of websites and they are.

  • Free blog-directory-Completely free blog link submission presents here.
  • Partner blog-directory-Reciprocal link required (a backlink) to the site.
  • Paid blog-directory-They charge you some reasonable amount for premium directory submission and the best part of this type of submission is they don’t ask for a reciprocal link and are fast.

We do agree there are tons different directories available on the internet and think to focus on them is few of them are not listing blogs for free of cost. But, no worry there are thousands and thousands of such blog submission directories that accept free submission without any pain on the pocket.

Some Useful Tips on How to get your blog listed with these Free blog directories Sites?

Read this Top 3 Best SEO Tips 4 High Ranking Websites ( Backlinking Tips )

Websites, recognize your website keywords carefully. What category and type they belong to and fill rest of the details.

On registering your blog site on www. I will suggest you do not use arbitrary keywords and phrases in the description of your blog. Your blog will not get noticed anywhere with that.

Are you wasting your time on those websites that have no connection with your search terms, so just go for those sites which will cover the picture of your search keywords.

Don’t  allow any of your visitors go away!

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Make your content readable and understandable and it should be for the users not for the search engines. Google consider those articles bad activity which is written for search engines and automatically those content lose their ranks on google.

I will suggest you be different from the other bloggers and writers. And, make certain that your blog is up to date, functional and is full of the published articles before posting it on any blog directories.

They are not just ideas they true SEO that you need to keep in mind before you start any blog in these blog directories.

More Details:-

You can learn more by reading About and FAQ parts of any blog directories. You need to follow their rules, and if you follow the rules then only they will allow you to post in their directory.

just like that Google indexes different web pages and keeps them under the keyword terms they belong to, blog directories follow the same rule so write content which suits your directory.

So, to reach most of the audience you need to follow all these rules of blog directories submission. Yes, They will surely help your website to rank up faster on google and other search engines. This will help you to reach first pages of google within a month. You can also reach the first page of google within day if you website is most updated and have unique content. If it has many backlinks and submitted to the right directory with right keywords and terms. If you are posting content as you websites belongs it example if it is a news website you are posting latest news.

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Submit your blog or website to best and high PR  search engines (PR10-PR3)

A Huge Collection of Guest Posting sites where you can submit a blog post

Top 15List of 15 Best Search Engines to Submit your Blog or Website Free.
1Google Add url             ***[Alexa Rank-1] [Page Rank 10]
2Yahoo!  Site Submission   [Alexa Rank-4]  [Google Page Rank 9]
3Bing Link Submission        [Alexa Rank-24] [Google PR 8]
4Gigablast Add url              [Alexa Rank-22K] [Google PR 7]
5Scrub The Web Add url     [Alexa Rank-2.8K] [Google PR 6]
6Entire Web Submit a site   [Alexa Rank-3.7K] [Google PR 6]
7What U Seek Add url         [Alexa Rank-29K] [Google PR 6]
8ASR Add Website               [Alexa Rank-2.7K] [Google PR 5]
9Boitho Submit Site   [Alexa Rank-7K] [Google PR 5]
10Infotiger Add url                 [Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
11. Amidalla Add site              [Alexa Rank-70K] [Google PR 5]
12.Acoon Add url                     [Alexa Rank-66K] [Google PR 4]
13.SonicRun Free Listing         [Alexa Rank-20K] [Google PR 3]
14.Spiffy Search Add url          [Alexa Rank-75K] [Google PR 3]
15.Secret SE Lab Submit Blog               [Alexa Rank-140K] [Google PR 3]

Add free URL of your blog or website to these Top 15 Free Blog directory sites ( High PR: PR8-PR4):-

Top15List of 15 Best and Free Website/blog Submission Directories
1.Open Directory Submit  Blog url      *** [Alexa Rank-560] [Google PR 8]
2.Subjex Submission         [Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]
3.So Much  Add site                        [Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]
4.Amfibi Web Search Submit url      [Alexa Rank-13K] [Google PR 5]
5.A1 Web Directory Submit link      [Alexa Rank-15K] [Google PR 5]
6.Scoobe Biz Submit site                 [Alexa Rank-17K] [Google PR 5]
7.Info Listings Directory submit link[Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
8.WilsDomain Blog addition  [Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
9. Blog Top List                       [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
10. add your blog [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
11.Blogrific add your blog  [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
12.Submit Biz Add your Web            [Alexa Rank-25K] [Google PR 5]
13.Blog Hub Submit a link                 [Alexa Rank-25K] [Google PR 5]                    [Alexa Rank-35K] [Google PR 5]
15.Link Centre Add url                   [Alexa Rank-13K] [Google PR 4]

Please Note: The Alexa Rank mentioned for each entry may not match with today’s(current) or latest Alexa Rank, but these have been rounded off. So,that it gives you the estimation idea that may be close enough to the actual rank and as we all know Alexa Rank is never a constant figure and they always change more frequently compared to the Google PR

Top 10 Best Blog Directory Sites List:-

  1. Best of the Web Blogs
  2. Technorati Blog Submission Directory
  3. Blog Catalog Link Directory
  4. Super Blog Directory Submission
  5. BloggerNity Link Submission
  6. Bloggapedia Blog Directory
  7. Blog Directory 4 u
  8. Globe of Blogs
  9. Blogarama Blog Submission Directory Site
  10. Blog Hints Directory Submission
  11. Blogged Directory submission
  12. Blog Universe Blog Link submission

Top 10 Article Submission directories Sites:-

  1. Google Knol-A Unit of rich knowledge(from Google) with [ Alexa rank:1] and [Google PR 7]
  2. eHow –How to articles, and more. with [Alexa Rank-149] and [Google PR 7] 
  3. Squidoo –Write about Lens(articles) on anything. with [Alexa Rank-211] and [Google PR7]
  4. ExaminerWrite ALL about local News.  with  [Alexa Rank-806] and [Google PR 7]
  5. SeekingAlphaFinancial market analysis with [Alexa Rank-1312]and [Google PR 7]
  6. Associated ContentYahoo! Group Content writers community with [Alexa Rank-1332]and [Google PR 7]
  7. Suite 101 – writer’s network and Online Magazine with [Alexa Rank-2K]and [Google PR 7]
  8. The Free Library –News, writers, books, articles community with [Alexa Rank-4.7K] and[Google PR 7]
  9. eZinearticles – Rich Quality Article Submission Service with [Alexa Rank-234] and[Google PR 6]
  10. Hubpages –Creating Hub pages (articles). Content writer’s community with [Alexa Rank-321]and [Google PR 6]
  11. ArticlesBase – A Free article directory with [Alexa Rank-790]and [Google PR 6]

7 More blog Submission Sites directory where you could add or submit your blog for free:-



We hope that all the topic were touch in deep detail and there was no problem in submitting your blog to Free Blog Submission Sites 2018. If you face any kind of problem while submitting your blog or websites do comment below or email us for help.

Blogging, SEO

500+ Low CPC Adsense List 2018 | Block to Increase PPC

Hello, bloggers, Adsense users, and Google Adwords users today I am going to share Low CPC/PPC website list with all of you. All these websites pay you less for each click. CPC is known as Cost per click the term used for the bidders. Whereas PPC is known as pay per click, it is the amount you will get paid by Google Adsense for each click you get on your advertisement. Low CPC websites are those websites which pay you very less amount on each click. Therefore you can simply block them to increase your earning. But If you are beginner blogger then I will suggest you do not block many websites.

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Top 500 Low CPC Adsense list 2017 | Block these to Increase CPC- We are back with something that will completely help our fellow blogger friends. Today we are going to share Top 500+ low CPC Adsense list that will increase your earning by 100 times than your current earning if you block these low CPC Adsense list.

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If are new for Adsense then don’t worry below are the simple steps to block low CPC Adsense list. This is not against Adsense terms and conditions. this is totally legal and working Adsense earning.

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Simple Steps:- 

  1. Simply you need to copy the below list of 500 low CPC Adsense advertisers sites and paste it into your Adsense accounts.
  2. Now in your Adsense account search for BLOCK ADVERTISERS URL tab.
  3. Now save the changes.
  4. Villa!!! Now it’s done.

How to Find High CPC Keywords for Google Adsense with Pictures

List of 500+ Low CPC Adsense Advertiser site URL:-


Low CPC Google Adsense Advertiser websites 2018:-


How to find Low Cost per click Google Adsense Advertiser websites 2018:-


How to block Low CPC Google Adsense Advertiser websites 2018:-

Top Low CPC Adsense Advertiser websites List 2018:-

Block Low CPC Adsense Advertiser website List 2018:-


These were top 500 low CPC Adsense list which we found after several testing and research. This list is 100% working and will increase your Adsense earning by 100 times than your current earning. Give a try once to the list and trust us it’s 100% working.

Blogging, SEO

Top 3 Best SEO Tips: To increase site rank 2017

Best SEO tips to increase site rank

Before telling you any of SEO tips I would like to tell you SEO is not something that works within a day or week it takes months. Building great high-rank sites is definitely something that is necessary nowadays to make your content reach more audience. To drive organic traffic to your site. You simply can’t be successful in any event if you do not have a proper time for it, It is same for SEO. I can give you SEO tips but SEO needs time to make your site rank up.

The high-ranking or lawyer websites that you are going to launch is your business card for future. People that are interested in hiring you for them are going to think about what you offer to them and You need these SEO tips to reach that goal. They want to know that what you say about your work and see who they are going to hire your work so here is the tips for top best seo tips 4 high ranking websites. You can easily make you content reach Google the First page by following these SEO tips. 

Do you know? it is very difficult to become number one nowadays when there are large competition and too many officials. But with these seo tips will help you out for sure. Read all of them carefully and follow these SEO tips for becoming #1 on Google and other search engines. It is very necessary to follow this SEO tips nowadays otherwise you may lose your ranking. In 2018 seo will become more difficult because there will be too many contents on Google. It will be a competition of keywords, speed, and content.

Top 10 sites like Alexa to check your site rank, traffic, keyword research and other details.

With your websites, you basically want to think about looking at the thing from the point of view of the interested clients. If you are hired, is it a  possibility that you would hire my employment lawyer again if in NYC? The websites can break or make the entire work that the attorney does. Make sure that you always create a website that is as effective. You can do this by using proper SEO strategies. Some of those recommended are listed below -:

Top 7 Best and Free Online Backlink checker tools to easily check backlinks of your site

1. Including Relevant and Unique Content is very important part of SEO

The most important part in search engine optimization is always going to be adding relevant content. Think about what important topics of interest are vital for the potential clients. For instance, let’s say you offer employment law service. In this case, add an article that talks about workers’ rights and similar content so that the potential clients can see that you have the knowledge to help them out.

One of the huge mistakes associated with creating lawyer website is outsourcing writing to someone that does not have a high law related knowledge. If this is your case, the article will not be great. Be sure that the quality of all the article you have on your website is as high as possible and you are surely going to have better SEO result.

List of Top 20 Free Automatic high-quality Backlink Building sites for free

2. Call To Actions AND Including Contact Forms is important as well

You may have the best possible content in the world and not have great results because of the fact that people are not in touch so people will not contact you. With a lawyer websites, the most important thing is having people get always in touch with you. That is done by convincing them that there is a very good reason to contact the lawyer. Always be sure that you add a call to actions to every single page on the website. Also, be sure that contact detail is updated and as complete as possible.

Check out these best SEO TRICKS AND TIPS TO BECOME RANK ONE ON GOOGLE and other search engines as well.

3. Making Backlinks From Relevant Sites will increase your rank quickly

A very important thing for law firm website SEO is to get a backlink from websites that are highly relevant and important. You can use guest posting technique or you can use similar linking technique.people will tell you that the only thing that you have to do is to create a great website for the law firm. That is definitely important but you should never neglect the importance of getting the relevant backlinks for your website. They are going to always help you to climb up in search engine rankings. However, only the SEO specialist can actually guarantee you will receive the best possible backlinks from a website that are highly relevant. Bad work will generate improper backlinks that could hurt your site ranking.

Click here to know How SEO is going to help you out to be Successful in Online Marketing

If you have any question regarding seo tips article please leave your comment in comment box. We will surely contact you as soon as possible. And, if you want a backlink from our site to leave a comment with your site link at we are working on data mining and data searching technique to find the best list, software, apps website and relevant and important useful data for you. subscribe to our website.

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