Ubuntu v17.10 is No Longer Available to Download in LENOVO: Bios Getting Corrupted

Linux Ubuntu v17.10 update bug in Lenovo bios

Everybody knows about Lenovo but it bad news for you if you are Linux user. It is a Chinese MNC that is famous for making LENOVO desktops, laptops and also some other Technical equipments. Well This news is About, Download of Linux Ubuntu v17.10 one of the most favourite OS and used by most of the MNCs. Now no one is able to download the new update because there is a issue on specific Lenovo laptop models that are causing  laptop bricking/BIOS corruption on downloading and upgrading Lenovo laptops.

From the page:

Many Lenovo users who want to update ubuntu v17.10 are reporting issue like bios corruption with latest Ubuntu Linux v17.10. It seems to stem from enabling intel-spi-* system drivers in its kernel. Which is not ready to use for any end-user machine. It is not even ossible to save latest settings for BIOS even after rebooting it. The system also start with the previous setting. And Moreover the USB booting is also not possible. USB is not recognized by the lenovo systems it is also one of the issue. That is why the problem is very serious, since our systems do not have CDROM anymore.

List of Models of LENOVO laptops Systems affected so far on upgrading Linux Ubuntu v17.10: –

  1. Lenovo model B40-70
  2. Lenovo B50-70 model
  3. The Lenovo model B50-80
  4. Lenovo Flex-3 model
  5. Lenovo model Flex-10
  6. The Lenovo G40-30 model
  7. Lenovo G50-70 Model
  8. Lenovo Model G50-80
  9. The Lenovo S20-30 Model
  10. Lenovo model U31-70
  11. Lenovo Y50-70
  12. The Lenovo Y70-70 model
  13. Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad (20C0)
  14. Lenovo Yoga 2 11″ – 20332 model
  15. The Lenovo Z50-70 model
  16. Lenovo Z51-70 model
  17. Lenovo ideapad 100-15IBY Model

Now this bug is also affecting some of the Acer laptops models:

  1. Acer Aspire E5-771G model
  2. Acer TravelMate B113 model

It also looks like acer Yoga series is mostly affected by the bugs. ThinkPads are safe and are not affected by this bug issues. And You can still download and can use Ubuntu Linux v16.10 easily. There is no issues with model LENOVO x230 which also seems safe. You can easily upgrade to Ubuntu v17.10 to lenovo x230.
Sample outputs:

What about Linux distros bugs?

Well, this bug is related to intel-spi-* drivers of the Linux kernel therefore distros is also not safel. There is a possibility that the other Linux distro might be affected too with this bugs and problems. I will suggest you to Check out your Linux distribution mailing list if you are using  lenovo and acer laptops with linux and want to upgrade it. Go for bug trackers for more information about the bugs and issues.

Bricking Linux based systems using rm command: –

It is not the first time this reminds me about the older bug in BIOS. Back in 2016 many  Linux based systems were affected by bugs: –

It is not easy task to Delete all the files from the root (i.e. rm -rf /) and is not a good advised. It is always a mistake so I will not suggest yout to go for it. But, even now if it is done for any purpose, a permanent unbootable system or a brick is not result we expected. Yes, RM command can easily cause all of your Extensible Firmware Interface (i.e EFI) variables to be cleared out; And due to some of the poorly implemented firmwares in some system, that can easily render your devices and they permanently unable to run or start-up their firmware anymore.

How to upgrade Linux Ubuntu v17.10 in Lenovo?

Well I will suggest you to wait until Ubuntu update releases get fixed. So, don’t install Ubuntu v17.10 on any affected devices. If you want to know then check the following URLs for more information:

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